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A grizaled old Halfgaint walks into the Inn, He seems to have on some kind of battered an old Uniform, no more poachers than Cloth, and more scars then a living thing should.  He looks around the Inn, then lumbers over to the Bar.

"wheres Sallys?" he asks the serving wench
"O lords shes no worked here in years love"

Spugs points at and old bucket held up by a nail no a rafter
"Dat mane dat is, me likes strong beer, me pays" He puts gold on the counter
"you fills it and yous keeps filling tills till me falls asleep, then me have room"
She nodes

Spugs wanders over to the fire place and sits with his back to the wall,
He places the "sword of tears" down by his side, long ago given to him by Alya.
The serving lass brings him his beer which drinks it down in one go, offering her the now empty bucket to refill it, she walks off again.
he pulls from his huge jacket one of old Ozmodeus pipes, That old rouge thinks Spugly to himself, he long gone, wile he starts to smoke, Looking around the room at the riff raff he say to no one but himself

"maybe its time me comes back"
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Re: Spuglyfuglet
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// come back. The monstrous races are out numbered :)