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[INDENT][INDENT]The clinking of many keys and the chiming of small, silver bells fills the shack at the crossroads as the small halfling balances on a stack of books in front of a noticeboard. She hmms at this posting or that, flipping through those notes left for guides that were looking increasingly ancient, and still unread. She smiles when glancing through some of the names here and there, from mountains to skies to forests, and at the traces those wanderers have left.

"All the same, it is a little bad for business, no?" she grins over her shoulder to the dwarf behind the bar, and irreverently rips the whole mess down and tosses them behind her, leaning forward on the wobbling stack to place a single notice (neat enough to make it impossible to have been written by herself) on the now-empty board, with a small, stylized lantern drawn beside its heading. Without noticing its slightly crooked hanging (likely owed to her standing on one foot and leaning while posting it), she hops down, satisfied, and waves a hand to Korim on her way out with her improvised stool.

In her absence, amid supplies, maps pinned and unrolled on surfaces, and small mementos from travels or exploits far and dangerous, the notice remains, legible without light and untouched by the dust of any time that may pass between travelers. [/INDENT][/INDENT]

[SIZE=32]Stormcrest Guides[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16]For every bridge uncrossed, and mountain unclimbed
For want of aid
Every road untraveled, and wilderness unexplored
For lack of a map

Find a guide

Whether for one summit reached,
Or only to journey with far-journeyers,
To know the road you're traveling...
Find a guide[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18]Leave your requests here, or watch for guides when the torch burns at the crossroads[/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=10]((Please leave this thread for IC guide requests only - use the rest of the forum for rumors and trades and character communications.))[/SIZE]

A simple white parchment is tacked under this notice. The handwriting is legible, compact and economic with not much flare to it.

Looking for a brave and willing guide to lead a small handful to the historic site where the conflict with Sinthar Bloodstone saw its end. The specific location would be the large crater found in the Orsgaunt Mountain where his fortress once stood.

Please contact me if there is any interest, a simple bird would do, though I often wander near the Stormcrest shack.

Samnyma C.

[INDENT]A short response to Samnyma after a wandering delay, scrawled in a shimmering ink.

Summer's End, Arnax. No more than a handful.

((Agreed on Tuesday, October 6th. Other than it being after 4PST, whenever your party can be there.))

[INDENT]Stuck beside the guide parchment with an old dagger is a simple notice requesting sign-ups for a diversion from the usual outing.

Novlar - The Great Oak

All those that would see the heart of the world
Witness the powers of nature unfurled

Whether x's or curls, cursive or print
Just please scribble your mark here on parchment

Douse your flames in good faith, sheathe axe or sword
Enemies beware the Great Forest's ward

[INDENT]((For next Sunday, any that are interested in a trip to the Great Oak, please either respond IC here or PM me. Due to the nature (har) of the destination and its protections we need to know ahead of time*. Even if you're not sure if you can make it, if you want to attend, just sign up so we can get it on the list.))

*Druids and those with defender passes can go their own way as ever of course...[/INDENT]


I am interested in coming along.

~ Amanda Doesscha    


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