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Temple of Toran desecrated!

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*posted up in all the alehalls of Mistone*

Recent sightings report that a mummified being of incredible power has been attacking adventurers across the COntinent.  Encounters include the Hlint crypts, Broken Wood, and most any high concentration of undead.  Attempts to reason with the being have thus far been futile, though it seems to be motivated by a mission to protect all undead.  It refers to lesser forms of unlife as it's "brothers" and enters fits of rage when they are banished from the living realm.  Be alert, we may need to gather a divine force of great magnitude to banish this entity.  It is also possible that Sielen the witch may have encountered it, seeing as how she tends the gravestone in the center of the Broken Wood, one of the primary encounter sites.
It also appears capable of breaching the divine seals of holy temples, an ability lost to most undead save for liches.  If encountered... run.  Trust me.

-Farros Galdor

*reads the note and says to himself...Hmmmm wonder if it's not one of Selians' pets seeking out her beloved*

*reads the notice and clenches his fist* More undead... this will surely be worth investigating.

This mummy type undead creature is worth note as well.

He attacked the Wild Surge Inn and killed almost everyone there.  First the foul undead attacked outside of the town and then proceeded to attack the town and the Inn.  Be wary, this is no ordinary mummy, but one of swift speed and terrible power.

-Father Maylin

During the attack I was able to touch the mummy with the power of my god and it slowed it down a bit perhaps it is a tatic we could use in our defence.

-Paladin of Lucinda


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