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Abigail Ruzz
« on: May 03, 2006, 10:47:58 am »
Character name : Abigail Ruzz
Level: 20 (rogue 13/ shadowdancer 7)
XP to next level: more then 11 mil

Original bio:
Name: Abigail Ruzz
age: 19
Race: Human
Subrace: Tiefling
class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Xeen (not devoted)

A young woman is sitting on her bed in the back of a jailcell. It looks like she is asleep. She has ravendark hear and a skin so pale it looks like she is sick, but in fact she has never been ill all her life.
In the back of the hallway, a door opens and a uniformed man enters the hall. "Abigail Ruzz, you are free to go". Without speaking and with almost catlike grace she stands up and walks towards the jailcell door. Quietly waiting until the jailer opens the door. With an almost childish voice she askes the jailer "Where do i need to go"?. With a harsch voice the jailer replies. "Go through the door and turn left, second door on the right is the office of the magistrate, he will sign your release papers". In an almost aristocratic way, she walk to the door and into the hall. In the office of the magistrate she quietly stands at the desk of the magistrate. When the magistrate is finished some paperwork he turns his attention to Abigail. "I hope you learned your lesson this time. Causing a riot, resisting arrest, spitting a officer of the peace in his face. This time you got of the hook easy with only 3 weeks in the cell, next time this happens, you will be locked up for much longer remember that, little missy". "Can I go now" replies Abigail coldly. The magistrate looked her right in the eye and shook his head "Yes you can".
Once outside Abigail walked slowly to the ouskirts of the town. When she heared a stream flowing there, she looked up and walked to it and sat down beside the stream. With her back to the tree, she closed her eyes and began to recall her life.
She was born.... well she had to be.. she had a childhood and parents... so she was told, she couldn't remember it. The fist things she could remeber was when she was around 6 years old and living with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt and uncle never spoke to her about the years before that and spoke never about her parents. So it seemed to Abigail, that she never had any parents. Her Aunt didn't like Abigail and her uncle was never home, so Abigail was always alone. She didn't go to school and at an early age she wandered the streets of the little town she lived in.She never played with the other children her age, and when she did it always ended in trouble. This was because Abigail could not work together very well in a group. She was to independent and she always did what she wanted to do. The other children had no say in that and this always resulted into a fight, with Abigail using her fists to beat up the other children. Agigail then got blamed for all the disturbances and her aunt severely punished her. So she learned to avoid the other children and play in the shadows. Not that she did mind, she rather was alone. At the age of 10 Abigail began to pick peoples pockets, just to have some fun. She also began breaking into houses. Not to steal something, wich she also did, but just to pass some time and have a little fun. From this time on she regularly got into trouble with the law. The magistrate o the little town tried to help her get on the right side of the law, but he didn't have much luck with that. All the interferance from the magistrate only resulted into a greater disrespect for the law and for authority.
At the age of 14 Agigail's uncle died. her aunt blamed Abigail for her husbands death and drove her out of the house, screaming that the little tiefling was to blame. This was the first time she ever heared someone call her a tiefling. She knew what tieflings were, but in a strange way she always kinda knew thats she was different then others and she wasn't upset by the harsch words spoken by her aunt. But she also didn't actually know if they were true. But then again, Why should she care...
She was 14 years old and all alone. She walked out of her hometown and never returned. The first few nights were the hardest.She asked farmers along the road if she could sleep in the stables, in return she would do some small tasks to repay them. Wich fell her hard, because she didn't like to do anything for nothing. She only did something if, she herself feel like doing it. But these task had to be done, because she had to sleep.
After 2 years a living by small time theft, she came to a town, with a large market place. Wich looked like a good place to pick some pockets. If she picked a pocket from someone wealthy, she could get a room in the inn and a good meal. But at her first try,a wealthy looking lady, she was caught. But instead of turning her into the law, the lady brought her to a large festhall run by clegy of xeen. The head cleric took the now 16 year old Abigail in and began to teach her the ways of his godess, xeen. Here Abigail stayed for nearly 2 years. It was safe, she got food and for the first time in her life, she got an education. But after little more than a year, Abigail became restless again, the rule and regulations of the order became suffocating to her and after 20 months, in the middle of the night, she left.

She opens her eyes and stood up from the tree. She looked around and began walking down the road, thinking about her past always gave her a peacefull state of mind, but not this time. She felt more restless then before. She thought back a minute about the lies she told to the magistrate, so he would sign her release papers more quickly and she smiled. Then her gaze became cold again...She had to find out, if she really was a thiefling and she had to make herself more than just an ordinary thief. Life was meaningless to her now, she had to make it have a purpose again.

The Quests Abi went on the last couple of months:
* the black hand - the path of ages
* Symbol of insanity
* My own cdq (run by mixafix)(pcr submission:
* my hero
* dawn
* taislin rubbik trial
* night of the living objects
* operation Blood Striker
* sorcerer of darkness and shadow
* from the depths
* lan cdq
* glokk cdq
* the hunt
* operation blood fall
* cdq thais
* covert operations
* port hamshire lighthouse
* spider infestation
* gotak cdq
* murder most foul
* walking the undead
* a cure is needed
* the call of muninn
* muninn interlude
* the tactician - for worse or worser
* pandamonium horses - the end

Things of importance:
* Abi is part of the raven trade company, the main tailor of the company. The company even turned to a real guild
* Abi is a welcomed guest among 2 clans of dwarfs (gotak's cdq/a cure is needed)
* Abi was among the defenders of Velensk when the forces of blood attacked
* Abi participated in the freedom of roldem, first to weaken the defenses and later to drive out the forces of blood.
* Abi saved Hlint from an invasion By defeating the  attacking forces outside hlint (the tactician)
* Abi is part of a adventuring group called the Bloody hands

Her story so far:
Her arrival in hlint and all that happened to her up to a certain point is discribed in her little black book.
This journal describes her life until the most important point in her life. Her becomming a shadow dancer. After thats she didn't write anymore, mostly due to the personal nature of the things that went on in her mind. Abigail though all her personal problems would go away if she achived her goal of becomming a shadow dancer but she couldn't be more wrong. From this point on her herritage became increasingly important. She lives in a daily struggle to come to terms with what she is and who she is. Friends are very important to her, the most important thing in her life, but the more she tries to keep them, the more she loses. Due to her unstable nature she embraced her religion. she now is a devoted follower of xeen and proud of being that. This also created problems because people don't look kindly to xeenites. Someone even called her a disease.
Now many months later Abigail is a depressed person that feels she is all alone in the world. She still has friends....good friends, but even with them around and near her she feels alone.

Abi wants to find out once and for all who and what she gathering information at the arcane aliance and everywhere she can find information. Finally she would have to travel to plane of demons to find out all she can. (note: she asked daeron to teach her infernal)

How does abi see herself in the future:
After finding out what she is she hope to find piece of mind once and for all, so she can concentrate to become the best scout she can be for her friends, so she can inform them about whats ahead.

didn't talk to anyone yet, want to wait a bit untill i know if i get aproved and then i start searching...i am in no rush anyway.


Re: Abigail Ruzz
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You were absent from the world for four and a half months and therefore do not meet the time requirements we have set out.  You have at least another month and a half.

With that said, I suggest you take that time to find a way to make your mark on the world.  You're the first Tiefling to apply, a good suggestion might be to define your character a little more, focussing on that area.  Take on some initiative, change the world for Tieflings, let her name be a symbol of hope for others who have endured the ostracizing, the challenges etc.  How have the shadows helped Abi?  What does being a dancer mean?

Take your time, think about it, ask yourself what makes Abigail epic, truly stand out from others who have been on the quests, what has she done alone? what will she be remembered for?  what will children hear when someone talks about Abigail Ruzz/Abi?


Re: Abigail Ruzz
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2006, 11:34:00 am »
I am sad to see that you had the character commit suicide. As requested the character has been deleted.