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Ender Sai
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Character Name: Ender Sai
Current Level: 20
EXP to Level to NEXT level: None

**A confusing collection of loose papersheets, there seems
**to be no order to it. Observations and thoughts have
**been scribbled down haphazardly and oddly enough in
**several different styles of handwritings.

The So called Desert Dwarf saved mine, and other's, lives several times. A heavy debt to carry.

Some answers may be found at the highest peak among the grey peaks.

Root of the evil is finally gone. How that was accomplished I*m not too sure of. Most of us fell in the fight, save Remiel and one or two others.

Now when I look upon Yube, I'd be very surprised if I came out of this alive.

Loriandil the librarian might know something, what the one of Lucinda's priestesses told us, anyways.

Extract from a book of written by a follower of Corath:

"it is a story written from the perspective of a Corath folloewer, and relates to a tale 500 years ago. Relevant extracts relate to an action involving two swords."
"Two warriors, one of Corath and one of Toran were drawn out onto the plains near Karthy ...they had gathered a large following on recent exploits."
"The warrior of Corath had been intent on marching his army to sack Karthy, but turned his men aside to chase after a warrior of Toran"
"This nearly split his army for they wanted gold not a battle..."
"However his leadership was such they followed, and made with haste to the bloody gate where a battle began. The two leaders almost at once drew together and fought."
"Others noticed swords were alike, none could deal them a telling blow such was their skill, many others fell and eventually stood aside and watched the two fight for hours."
"Both fell unable to continue and yet unwilling to give up...unconscious seconds took up the weapons and the fight began anew"
"This continued overnight, and only when mercenaries were left standing..who lifted the the swords and fled the field did it end...there is no mention of what happened to the swords after that."
// - by mixafix

The twin sisters were actually great swords. Have little taste for that kind, so destroying them was a good move. Would have been moderately pleased facing a foe with one of those in their grasp.

Strange things seem common in this world. An old lady named Jasmin, tells the story of swamp who dreamed. She says the swamp dreamed of flames and explosions but when the swamp woke up, it woke in smoke and confusion. And in the heart of the flames was the Son of the Moon. Orn's Tear.

Orn's Tear brings chaos to the swamp, no creature seems to be left unaffected. An unsafe place like the High Moors has been even less safe.

Apparently the lizzards fought amongst themselves over the possession of the stone, Orn's Tear. Seems like the stone changed owner quite a few times among the lizzardmen. But now jasmin wants the Tear for herself and it looks like we're the ones to go fetch it. Good doggies.
The dogs being, Wei-zu, Buppi, Melkan, Yashilla, Mirren and me the puppy.


Cursed Lightning
Since the day my dumb ox followed me into the temple of Mist, I've been stalked by Lightning.
Been many close calls, but Twice I've been struck. First time Syn was accidently hit too. The second time was during bad weather while I was digging clay at Lake Alon... but there are no such things as coincidence. As if that wasn't enough, Johan the Fur Trader chased my ox out of the Crafting Hall. Bah, my lady luck must be having a heavy cold and sent her evil twin to fill in for her meanwhile.

A boy brought me a message from the Merchants Dogi and Wach, looks like they liked something I did last time I helped them out a little. They want me to get a parcel and not drawing too much attention to myself when doing so. But there's not much I can do until I get further instructions in Port Hampshire.

Another boy sent me to a new meeting place, in a very hush-hush way, in the Dinen Forest, outside a place that might be a hideout for someone or something.

Bah, got jumped only minutes after I arrived at the hideout in Dinen Forest. And to think, the day to be called stupid by an Ogre has actually come. Woke up in some dank murky storage room, with an Ogre too close for my nose's liking. The ogre grunt tried to get some names from me, but I honestly couldn't answer accurately, since his oral communication skill lacked to say the least. Well, guess his boss will question me sooner or later.

After a lot of questioning, me supposedly the one who would supply with the answers, I found out that the Boss is in Velensk. And that I'll soon end up in the cooking pot. Former is quite useful, latter is quite disturbing.

We found the "Boss", turned out it was one of my former employers, Wach. Had to put him down, he turned rabid on us when we didn't give him a chance to escape.

Some general has work that needs doing and had some new things to tell.

Apparently a curator of the king's found a strange book that she'd not seen before. So she brought it to some wizard's in the king's service, because there was a lock on it. In the book there was something about the "Horn of Storms". None of the King's people seemed to know much of use about it, though. Not being complete imbeciles, they finally got something of use from the text's, or so the general says. The location of the Horn.

Looks like it's an important artifact, since its able to blow away the storm that covers Blood's fleet.

Journey starts well, before we've even taken the first step on it, a quarrel has begun between Kobal and Caldiir. Everyone who knows Kobal knows he doesn't care much for sooty elves.

We found a temple dedicated to vipers or some viper god. The place was more or less crawling with snakes and snake-priestesses. Deep into their lair we found the champion who guarded the box we were searching for.

Our guide, who we thought was a soldier from dregar, turned out to be a Black Wizard. He made quite the fool out of us. If we're lucky he unleashed a viper god on the world. If we're unlucky, he unleashed an angry, powerful viper god on the world.

(An incomplete list)
We need grapes, hopes, elder- and cranberries, rice, aloe, walnuts, Wizard's whest Ale, glass vials,

There's a possibility the Black Dragon known as the Black Plague and the Black Death has been residing somewhere in the Battle Fens. Getting some advice from Moraken. Never -never- trust the Black Dragon. Gee, like the titles Black Death and Black Plague encourages trust.

Though Moraken later said that there was this one person who managed to make a deal with the Black Dragon, a follower of Corath. What kind of deal, he did not know. Annie the adventurer also claimed to have gotten away after having made a deal with the Black Dragon, seems like she was quite drunk when she told the tale though. Last heard whereabouts Fort Hope. When Moraken mentioned a patrol seeing the Black Dragon near Fort Velensk, I recalled Lara telling me about how she and some others tried to follow a black dragon and warned me about the area. And another group retrieved a black scale from a dragon who crashed into the Broken Forest.

When leeches crawl around in unusual amounts in Lorindar, why am I not surprised when a large group of gnomes rush by?
And people ask why when I get a headache after hearing a gnome say "An exciting new invention!".

(another list)
5 Epic chickens - Ft Velensk
5 Epic Redmushroom - deep in Berhagen, high up
3 IcebergOnion - icycaverns
a box Ultra Epic butter - haven?
havehavenbutter -
2 servings of Dawson's special epicepic Spice by Ma Dawson - Lar


What do you think should/could happen to your character during Epic Levels:

Ender achieving the title of a weapons master will be the
first sign of him becoming epic. Later, letting him find out
something concerning his fiendish heritage may be a possible
path as well.

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