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Deverain - World Leader Application
« on: April 15, 2014, 11:25:38 pm »
Here it goes! Character Name: Deverain Current Level: 20 Original Biography:           (Note: When I created the character, I swapped the ‘I’ and the ‘A’ in his name, so the approved name is Deverian, but in game he is                Deverain.)          Alignment Shift Submission:         CDT's -                                                Lifetime Achievements: Unfortunately, school makes my play hours fall in a strange slot where I always have to log in the middle of quests, so Deverain has been unable to get involved in any long-running quests. I realize this may be a roadblock to my World Leader Development Quest Application, but I’m hoping it can be worked around seeing as how it is real life’s fault not the character’s fault.           How I see Deverain becoming a World Leader: Definitely some sort of combat/military quest, but with role play roots. I’m not talking about some purely hack-n-bash quest, but if Deverain is going to become a World Leader, I think it is going to be on the grounds of slaying a dragon or something (Excuse my use of the stereotypical knight-in-shining-armor great deed, but that’s along the lines of what I see Dev doing). Of course, it needs a good chunk of role play and/or political tie-ins. But in general, I see Deverain doing something good and pro-Toran such as protecting a village or slaying an evil beast.           What sort of title do I envision for Deverain: I don’t think Dev is really the type for any official titles (Seeing as he’s Chaotic Good in a Lawful Good church). If he did get one it as a side effect of whatever he ends up doing, it would be a benefit, but I don’t think it would be something I’d be intentionally shooting for. I saw him maybe moving up in the church to some sort of place of respect, but definitely nothing official. I figure that if a warrior becomes a world leader, he stays a warrior!           Thanks for the consideration, and I understand if Deverain hasn’t been on enough quests to qualify. If that is the roadblock to this application, I understand and I can try to get involved in more quests  -Teo
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Hello Teo.

We've recieved your request and are considering it. Could you take a look again at your text, it seems some links you mean to be there for us to look at are missing.

Thanks and good luck!




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It looks like those links should be functioning, let me know if they are still broken!



Hey guys! Is there any way I
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Hey guys!

Is there any way I could get an update as to the progress on this?


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Hello Teo.We are getting the
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Hello Teo.

We are getting the discussion going, We appreciate your interest in the process and the willingness to go with it, We are giving some time for the rest of the Gm's to give the insight and give you some reply soon.

As always your patience is appreciated.