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What does it take to be a World Leader?

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What does it mean to be a World Leader (WL)?
 In my mind WL's put the community first in most cases. WL's understand that it is the community that makes the world tick. WL's do not travel in the same "group/cliques" day after day after day and never alter this travel and/or adventure. WL's branch out and work with others in the community, not just their friends, to welcome them and to help them out when and where they can. WL's set the standard for role-playing and do not get carried away in hack and slash and/or doing the same routine over and over. WL's support the teams, the world, and the community, they don't tear it apart; that does not mean they can't disagree with decisions or that they shouldn't give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback because they should.
 That does not mean that:
 1) WL ALWAYS put community before fun and/or action and/or RP. But quite often this would happen as that is what a WL does.
2) WL never travel with the same group or friends. Far from it, they have friends just like all of us and should be able to travel with them just like everybody else. But when they do they allow others to travel with them when/where it makes sense and they do not allow those that are not a "friend" of the group get kicked around or disrespected by said group. They try to help the person along to make sure that individual has fun.
 It does mean:
 WL's are held to a higher standard by the GM Team and most assuredly me. They do not break community or server rules nor do they "stretch" the rules to the point of nearly breaking them. We expect them to be great RP'ers and to be constantly RP'ing and setting the standard and TEACHING others how to RP better; not meta-gaming or any of that silly stuff. They take in to account (and RP) deity relations (as they are listed), they take in to account factions, lore, history, and all of those things that would cause situations to be altered.  We expect them to take others under their reach to teach them the world and introduce them to new things, without breaking server rules of course. We expect them to support the team and the world and the community, not tear it apart and/or spread rumors and gossip behind the scene.
 WL's work to ensure others in the community stay around and have fun while helping them improve in RP'ing and making new friends within the community. They are friendly and they communicate well with others and they help out where and when they can and it does not intefere with something they are doing at that time or coming very shortly.
 With all of that said, we are going to start enforcing this definition and I hope all current WL's agree with them. If not I respect that and understand but we need to go ahead and part ways at this time (as WL status).


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