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Missives Sent
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As a small group arrives at Bloody Gate, Plenarius takes no time to breath and immediately blows some shrill whistles for messenger falcons. A few arrive and he sends out some hastily scribed notes to friends and acquaintances.He then heads to the Bloody Gate temple and describes the situation to the leaders, not even awaiting any confirmation of aid or course of action by the dwarves his necessity to move being of the highest importance.He takes flight and heads westward and arrives at the Wolfswood and immediately heads to the headquarters of the Wolfswood Rangers. Again he describes what amounts to a very important crusade into Milara's domain and awaits how they wish to offer aid if at all.He returns to Bloody Gate and collapses for a rest. As he drifts off he wonders if it will be the last safe rest he will have for a long time.
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*Upon Plenarius’ arrival,
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*Upon Plenarius’ arrival, he's greeted by the commanders of the Wolfswood Ranger Corps Headquarters. They listen to what he has to present. The commanders look at each other nodding, knowing what each other are thinking. A few of the rangers leave the building immediately. After a few moments, the rangers return with the word that the patrols will be thinned to bare minimums, the posts will be reduce in numbers, all in an effort to free as many rangers as possible.*


*Another ranger returns and reports that rangers that have been recalled at the dropping of the Veil, fill in the less arduous duties as the more able rangers will be used for whatever is pending. Of course the elites will be used accordingly.*


*Another ranger returns stating that all of the other available rangers will be mobilized to the borders able to concentrate their forces wherever needed; either to provide aid, reenforcements, an out-right assault, or hold the borders.*


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Grog heads to Bloody Gate as
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Grog heads to Bloody Gate as soon as word is received.



*Griff accompanies Orth when
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*Griff accompanies Orth when he approaches the Bloody Gate dwarves and confirms what Orth describes to them and requests their readiness for battle with Milara or whoever is to be found by the failsafe.  He asks them to prepare a stike force and be battle ready and on-call for deployment upon immediate request.  He explains they will send word by air when the exact location is known and for their immediate charge to that location.

Griff also will try to send word to the Taur'en Dwarves of the caves (ie, by air or other means and maybe bloody gate knows how to reach them).  Griff and others had made alliances with them, and although they are a secretive and issolated bunch, he will try to reach out to them for assistance in the same regard as above (ie, strike force at the ready).*

//I know this is very late in the game to do this, but worth a shot.  PM coming.