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Sindolin's Remains Salvaged
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After the battle the smoke began to clear and the adventurers stood dumbfounded.  They were alive.  And what more than that, they had faced down Milara and won, making him run with his dark tail between his accursed legs.  While Milara got away, his two bodyguards were not so fortunate.  Kurn and Tyra lamented over the bones of Milara's Pet, for Plen's mighty blow utterly shattered its skull into dust and nary a skull or even a salvageable tooth remained.  Then, digging through the rubble, they found it.  The remains of Milara's Triumph.  The one formerly known as Sindolin.  The dessicated corpse whithered and lifeless, free of the curse on undead at last, resting peacefully."Oi, this un should have a proper burial, lest we'd never hear the end of it from Bumblefeet!"  So Kurn and the adventurers gathered his remains and carefully placed them in a series of boxes to be later purified and interred for a proper burial.  Penning a message to Acacea and the other friends of the late Sindolin, he asks who would like to do the honors and where to deliver the body of the late hero for his final rest.
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Word 'leaks' out here and
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Word 'leaks' out here and there of a ceremony for a fallen comrade being held in Silverdell Grove: Sin'dolin, who fell to Milara's forces in the days of Blood and whose remains were only recently recovered. Apparently it is quite the serious affair, and attendees are expected to dress and accordingly.



//So sorry, I have to
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//So sorry, I have to postpone this at least a week as our power was just shut off and won't be on until next.


"Ah-ah-ah-HEM," coughs the
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"Ah-ah-ah-HEM," coughs the figure cloaked in shadows and a ghostly visage, from beneath her somber umbrella. Juggling a parchment with the other hand atop the log, she announces, "DEARLY DEPARTED..." Squinting at the page, she adds, "I mean, beloved... nono, AHEM! Ladies, gentlemen... dwarves... other..." With one last squint at the page, she crumples it and tosses it behind her. 

One of those listening mouths, "just go with your heart" as she continues, "We are gathered here to remember, at the home of the elf named Sin'Dolin..." At this, a few pairs of eyes are drawn to the nameplate beside the cabin door, where the name 'Deverain' is engraved, but she hardly pauses. "...whose fallen corpse the wretched, wretched Milsy made into some kind of strange trophy servant for... well... apparently decades."
The speaker puts a hand on her heart and is mirrored by another, who looks around to see if anyone else does the same. "Dear, Sin: Sorry we were late. AHEM! It seems at times that we can recall that souls like Sin'Dolin were powerful mages... or that they fought to free Rohden from occupation... or that they fell for the final time in an assault on Milara's bloodpool..." 
The knight in the front stands quietly at attention while listening, his hands clasped in front of him. "...but that history forgets the people they were. In light of that, I have taken the liberty of composing, a little something, to ensure that our fallen comrade receives the memory and recognition he so deserves." 
"Some have asked, but few still know, about this elf - Milara's foe..." she recites, her voice ringing solemnly out in chant. "So I'll attempt to elucidate, the path he walked to meet this fate..." The halfling's voice lifts at the last drawn-out syllable, and then it all crashes into a merrier tune more fit for square dancing or something.
Start back in the Madhouse, where you're peddling loot! 
'I've got junk, buy my junk!' is really kiiinda cute! 
She twirls in place with her umbrella, singing almost as an aside,
"That's what his salesmanship was like!"
Sure he'd sit and have a smoke,
But if it ain't Green Dragon, it makes him choke,
She shrugs, her voice reflecting her amusement in the silly doggerel.
That's just what he liked!
Name a color, I know he wore it!
Though his fellow wizards barely bore it,
Stylin'! That's what he was like!
He'd lose to Al when playin' cards,
Then get punched out 'cause he sassed Hlint's guards,
Oh yeah, that's what heeee was like! 
Yeah, he was always spewing blex,
He streaked through Hlint to prove his sex!
Eyebrows hike up foreheads as the singer throws aside her clothes and props to dance around in her smallclothes.
"Oh gods..." murmurs another.
CRAZY! is what you were like!
Ride his horse right through the door,
Hit his head, fall to the floor!
THAT'S! what Sin was like!
If your ox excretes, to your chagrin,
Inside Leringard's remodeled inn,
A fellow songstress smiles and claps softly along beside her scandalized husband.
NO WORRIES! 'cause that's what Sin was like!
A great blue dragon?? Throw a golem and run!
That was Sin's idea of fun,
So you see what he was like...
She makes a show of stroking her chin beneath the shimmer of spells cloaking her.
I wondered how he could cast a spell,
With so much sick where brain should dwell, but well...
It's just what he was like ! She winks at the echoed "throw a golem...?" and then sighs.
To think Milara had you for years,
Now ol' Milsy must be shedding tears...
She looks sadly upward in the pause before abruptly looking back down.
...of RELIEF, 'cause now he knows what you were like!
She kicks a few leaves toward the cabin's door with bare feet. 
So haunt your shack, here across the road,
From the cranky codger's old abode,
She gestures vaguely towards the treehouse across the path.
There's nowhere ELSE to go, ya bubberin' sod! 
Each deity points to the OTHER god!
She points each hand in the opposite direction across her chest.
They ALL know what you guys were like!
Demons would spit out your souls,
Did they find 'em in their bowls,
and well if you don't like it sit on a pike! She makes rude gestures with both hands. 
'cause I know what you were like. 
She hops back onto the log to take a bow and receives varying degrees of applause - the knight looking to his wife before clapping, himself. The Lana in question smiles as the halfling pours out a bottle of liquor beside the cabin. "That was wonderful, Acacea.  You made me feel I really knew him and was sorry to lose him." Acacea thanks her with a grin, and remarks that Sin and Aleister will likely now argue through the centuries. 
"Heh. Glad we were able to rescue his body from Milara," Tyrra comments as the halfling invites anyone else to speak, and Lana responds that it sounds as if it were a risky undertaking... in both senses of the word. 
Sir Daniel shifts and finally steps forward. "You knew him best, but perhaps his spirit would rest easier if his remains were blessed?"
"I doubt his spirit will do much resting if it has to sit across from Cranky's for all eternity, but I am sure you are welcome to try!" Acacea grins and moves aside once she has tugged her dress back on, making room for the knight to kneel briefly. 
"Great Dragon, you knew this elf, whereas I did not. I ask on behalf of those gathered here that you judge him worthy and guide him to whatever place his spirit belongs." As he returns to Lana's side -- the halfling clapping as though it were a performance -- his wife teases, "I note that Daniel prayed with only one eye closed, perhaps afraid of one last jest?" and he notes with a cough that it was best to keep one eye open when dealing with tricksters.
Tyra lifts a bottle of Dark Dragon. "While I didn't know you, Sin, I'm sure glad to have chipped in. Hope your having fun beyond, for many seemed, of you, quite fond. So I'm glad I took this hike, 'cause now I know what you were like." After a long swig from the bottle, she offers it to the elven woman beside her, who muses, "I'm not sure whether I should be sad that we've lost a great hero, or happy that his body now rests in a... more restful place."
Amid jokes of demon slaying in his honor, introductions are traded for the stone-bound that had never met. The quiet halfling bearing Rofirein's flag elicits smiles at her appearance, and the sleek panther beside Steel moon-eyes and waves from Acacea. Tabris is discovered to be a neighbor of Al's Place, which becomes the destination for those seeking refreshments and further conversation -- including Connor, spotted listening quietly beside the cabin before joining them.
From there, over food and drink, Lana shares a merry tribute to a Xeenite friend, and Tyrra a rousing drinking song from Taur'en. Some are boisterous, others silent and watchful, but for a time people gather again, across the road from where a halfling has decided a fallen friend will sleep nearby the house he once lived in.
Even if that house now belongs to Deverain.  
((Thanks so much Daniel Benjamin and Lana Poetr, Tyrra, Autumn, Tabris, Steel, Jennara, and Connor!))
(( Double thanks to those that hung out after crashing through the Broken Halls :) ))
((Also thanks to DMs for bringing Sin back to begin with, and to Kurn and Tyrra for recovering him!))