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« on: October 19, 2015, 11:13:30 pm »
I'd like to know what if any are the current travel restrictions (if any) to/on Voltrex.I believe travel   there was essentially closed to most everyone. Is this still the case ?Thank You
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After a discussion with Row,
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After a discussion with Row, I believe the current situation is that IC it is a customs nightmare to gain approved access and travel papers. You can spend a few days on the boat waiting for clearance... if everything is in order. I’m not aware of any posted travel restrictions though. If you want to post/apply IC in your other thread I’m willing to play the part of government officials in some forum RP to give you access.

Submit your applications:

Form 897543 Application for Group Travel Visa, Revision 23.

Processing Fee Form 92 (Fee: 5 True)

Application for Background Check (Fee: 2 True)

Form 5920 Customs Declaration of Imports

Form 2120 Health Questionnaire

Form 76 Registration of Weapons

Form 9250 Registration of Al'Noth Users


If any other GM is aware of something that I am not… please chime in.




Don't forget for a small non
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Don't forget for a small non refundable fee you can use the Thorn Travel Service who will help you through this application process to make the whole experience a little safer, smoother, and Certain. 



Is  application  made upon
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Is  application  made upon arrival in Voltrex or prior to sailing ?

If prior to sailing, is there a embassy, office or agent to contact ?  If so , in what city  or locale ?




Prior to sailing. You can
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Prior to sailing. You can find an embassy or government office in most large cities.

Travel papers are checked by the Dockmaster upon arrival.