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Horses and armor
« on: February 09, 2006, 06:56:02 am »
While the issue is not with my character there is a bag. When Chanda wears certain armor while riding her horse they end up with six legs as seen in the attached picture.


RE: Horses and armor
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Chanda on there's a funny image. ;)
  OK, my understanding of the problem is that this is something that is a model issue with some of the clothing customizations and also with the way rideable horses actually work. Mechanically speaking, you are not actually riding a horse creature, but changing the phenotype of your own PC to appear as your character on horseback. When mounted, there's one creature, not two. The some of the clothing models will work with the changes in geometry, but others will not, sadly.
  This is kind of a known issue, and I'm not sure if there's a way to "fix" it, but there are ways to work around it. The easiest way is to have a riding outfit. Long robes and dresses are just impractical on horseback anyway.


Re: Horses and armor
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*nods* Only so much we can do. This would take an artist to rework robes and new clothing. The best option (while on a horse) is to remove robes--they are the most problematic. If you find other clothings/shields etc. just remove them.

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Re: Horses and armor
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Re: Horses and armor
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Acctually, to fix this we'd have to mod the horse skelleton/animation/model (not sure exactly how they merge the horse with the existing char model) to make it so that you could ride side-saddle.

Imagine you are wearing a dress/robe.  Imagine getting on a horse.  Without hiking the dress/robes up to your waist you wouldn't be able to sit normally on the horse.

So, unless you want to ride side-saddle, this CAN'T be fixed in a way that makes any sense (without the middle and back of the robe/dress model passing through the horse's body.)



Re: Horses and armor
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Not to put too fine a point on it, but taking the example posted at the top of this thread specifically....
  The model of the robe is in this case incompatible with the horse. As can clearly be seen in the screenshot, the robe seems oriented to the ground level, not the position the robe would be if worn on the body (i.e. head/neck oriented). As such, it's appearing at ground level rather than hanging off the rider's body as one would expect.
  To repeat, the mounted horse is a different phenotype (think fat vs. skinny) for the character models. There's no way that NWN provides that I'm aware of to have one object riding another. When mounted, the rider and the horse are one creature, and that creature is the PC that has the appearance of being mounted on a horse.
  Just like some of the clothing customizations do not work on all racial and gender phenotypes, so too do some of the customizations not work on the mounted horse phenotypes.