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Name:  Jimmy
Race:  Human
Age:  18
Alignment:  CN
Deity:  None
Class:  Rogue

Jimmy crouched low under the shadow of the crates piled up high in the alley.  He could almost reach it.  The man's purse was so close.  Just one snip.  Couldn't possibly pass up something so tempting as that big fat purse.  Anyone should know if they're going to walk around with that much coin in plain sight was really just asking someone to take it.  He was just doing what the man wanted.  Doing him a favor really.  That many coins on the old man's back would just make him ache in places that wasn't right.  Jimmy was younger, he could definitely carry this man's burden for him.  Alright, just a couple more inches... step back... more...more... there!  His knife quickly cut the strings and the purse was free!

Unfortunately, Jimmy forgot to hold onto the purse while he cut the strings and it fell to the ground with a loud CRASH! spilling the coins everywhere.  The young man stepped back quickly into the shadows again accidentally tripping over a can and falling back into the crates, toppling them everywhere.

"Stop!  Thief!" the older man yelled, pointing directly at Jimmy as he scrambled up and over the boxes and made a dash down the alley.  "That boy tried to steal my money!  Catch him!" the calls sounded out behind him.  

Before long, Jimmy could hear the sound of armored clanging steps behind him as he ducked quickly down another alleyway of the crowded side streets of Ft. Vehl.  He held his breath until he heard the loud footsteps run past, then finally exhaled with a sigh of relief.  Well that was closer than intended...

Jimmy quickly backed up, keeping an eye on where the town guards might return when suddenly he heard a low and vicious growl.  Jimmy looked up at the dark sky above him and whispered a silent prayer to anyone that would listen, then hesitantly glanced behind him.  The very large guard dog with the sharp teeth and drool really did not seem at all pleased that Jimmy was currently standing on his dinner.

"So sorry... good doggie..." Jimmy said as he stepped back off the dog's dinner and edged away from it.  The dog snapped and Jimmy ran.  Darting down another alley, he stopped to catch his breath.  Whew!  That was definitely not what was intended!  Well, hey... at least he wasn't being thrown in jail!  Jimmy smiled to himself.  No worse off than he was at the start of the night.  Nope!  Maybe this night would turn out just fine after all.  Smiling, Jimmy turned the corner...

And bumped right into a Rofie.

The knight looked down on the small statured human and squinted.  "Hey... aren't you..."

But Jimmy didn't wait for him to finish his thought.  He turned and ran as fast as he could.  Thank the gods he knew these streets as well as he did!  

"Stop!  Stop that boy!" the calls rang out once more.  "I think he went that way!"  Once again, the sounds of pursuit echoed behind him.  Jimmy looked behind him to see if anyone was watching.

And tripped over a cat.  

Trying to catch his balance, so as not to fall face down, Jimmy managed to twist sideways...

And bumped into a man who was talking to a woman.  The woman shrieked loudly as she realized that the large fish-gutting knife she was holding now speared through the man's chest.  Jimmy's eyes went wide as he realized the man was now dead because of him.  "Um... sorry... " he mumbled inadequately, and darted off again as the sounds of the armored men with really big swords... seriously, their swords were way too big... came running towards the sound of the screams.

Jimmy ran out into town, nearing the market place.  This was too open.  He looked around trying to find a place to hide.  

"There he is! Catch him!" the guards called from behind him.  The guards on the other side of town heard their alarm and started towards him as well.  He was trapped.  He backed up.  

"Please oh please oh please... somebody get me out of this!  If you get me out of this I promise I'll do better.  I won't steal or cheat or pick locks... just get me out of this!" he mumbled to himself, backing further away from the guards.

Suddenly, Jimmy bumped into something.  He looked up, dreading what it was he could have possibly bumped into this time.  The bindstone.  "Oh gods... I'm dead," he said quietly, and the darkness claimed him and he passed out at the foot of the stone, his hand resting against its surface.

The town guards stopped as they saw Jimmy lying in a heap at the foot of the bindstone.  "Ha!  There's justice for ya!  The bindstone's got him now, boys.  Guess our job's done," they laughed as they went back to their posts.  "The rats will have 'im off soon enough.  Leave 'im lie."

An hour later Jimmy opened his eyes.  He hopped up quickly and ducked down behind a building.  "I'm alive?  Really?"  He looked at his hands, turning them over, then feeling his face.  He was still alive!  

"Whew... that was a close one!"  He tilts his head and looks up at the stars, saluting once.  "Thanks!  Good thing I never said I wouldn't lie!"
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