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Author Topic: Character resubmission for Assassin levels - Nate  (Read 1962 times)


Character resubmission for Assassin levels - Nate
« on: April 05, 2021, 10:47:04 pm »
Name: Nate
Race: Human
Age: 20
Classes: Rogue
Alignment: Ne
Deity: None at the moment

I was 5 when my father brought me to this dark alley, I remember it being dark and mostly empty if not for this tall man at the end of the alley. Both of them were talking in a low voice enough that I couldn't make out most of what they were talking about, but in the end at that age I couldn't understand their discussion. All I remember is the tall man offering my father a bag that looked filled and my father having this ugly grin as he looked at me walking past me. I turned to run after him but was stopped by the tall man. I was brought outside of the city to some kind of farm. There was other children there, but also adults. To me they seemed to be playing around, albeit very roughly. I didn't comprehend yet where I was or what my future would be.

Years had passed as I was trained to walk on floors that were made to creak easily. Sometimes instead of the wooden floor, they trained us on glass or spikes without any shoes. We were also taught to fight in various styles, to hide, the use of various weapons. And when the group of us were old enough, they started to train us on the use of some potions and poisons. At that time I understood that my life was not the life or a normal boy. I had been sold to become a thief, a spy, a killer.  I didn't know better because for me there was nothing else. We slept, woke, ate and trained and that was all there was to it. Of course they also trained us to read, write, count and gave us knowledge of the countries and governments. And as more time passed, the more grueling the training was becoming. There wasn't a week that would go by once we reached the age of 12 that one of the child disappeared, but no one would tell us beside saying that that child was not strong enough or something to the liking.

I had now turned 17, like most in my group. And our main master came in one day with a man that was already beaten. He told us that we were to get the information out of this man by any means although he had to remain alive until he did. The master walked in front of us examining each of us and stopped to look back at me. You, you will do it. I was brought in front where the man was sitting tied up to the chair, his ankles to the chair legs, his wrist to the arm rests. On the table next to him was a slew of tools I could use. I was looking at this man who through his gag was begging us to let him go. It was slightly loose so we could hear his words. As the screams echoed in the training hall at first I was holding back tears, as I had never imagined I was going to do that in my life, but as time passed and I had to try various techniques, my tears disappeared with the feeling of guilt. Instead, a feeling of understanding between the relation of pain and life settled in. It took a few more hours but in the end he talked and whispered to the master the information he wanted. His life ended shortly after by the master's hands. He turned to me with a certain pleased look on his face and we bowed to him as he left. This would happened a few more times during that year, but with other children of my group doing the deeds. We were also trained to pass as normal people, with various type of work and how to socialize in public so that who we were would not be known.

 Later during that year we had an training excursion out in the wilderness that would test our skills. We were made into three groups and were tasked to return with the other two groups flagged while protecting our own. This was to be a no holds bar excursion, as if we were out there acting out a contract. It was a brutal few days, my team displayed ferocity that trampled the other two teams and at one point I was facing one of the few ones I could call a friend. He was the one in my way to his team flag and I had a choice to make while he had his to make. He dashed at me slashing wildly cutting me at the arm. I responded and we both fell to the ground heaving. He was seriously injured and asked me for help. I looked at him for a moment, I could have rendered him help, but at that moment I made the decision not to. I got up and took the enemies flag and walked away. Was I betraying my friend or did he just suffer the consequences of his failures? I pondered that question for some time. In the end, in my mind, the objective was greater than a friendship, and while having friends may be desirable, they are a point of weakness and betrayal, wither it is done on me, or me onto them. It also came to my understanding that I may have to complete a contract on a friend, and as the master said, there is only loyalty to the master, all others are simple tools to be used, so in that moment I should not have any compulsion in accomplishing the contract, even against a friend.

Finally I turned 18 and I was taken aside from the group. It was to be my initiation, my right of passage, and if all went well I would finally get a name of my own. It was a pitch black night, and we had traveled to a city nearby. In total we were five men and woman who had made the travel and the master was part of the group. A top of a roof top we looked down the street, and even though it was night, there were still people busying about with the dim lighting of the torches. After a few minutes of looking about the master pointed out to a man and a woman that had just came out of a house. The master gave his orders with his hands, not one word was said, but we understood the task at hand. Before it was to be done the master pointed at me and I bowed. He had given me the honor to accomplish this task. Silently I followed the man and the woman jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until they were in a street that was void of other people. I made my way down and followed them unseen until I was close enough that I was able to push the man to the ground and yet grab the woman and stop her from screaming. As instructed I voiced what my master had commanded me to. "This is for refusing to work with us" and in a swift motion my hand went from one shoulder of the woman to the other and she fell to her knees holding her throat. Yet after looking at her hands and seeing no blood, she crawled to her husband and at that time they noticed finally that my blade was facing outward, the cutting edge never touching her throat. A simple turn of the blade in my hand with a taking a step forward was all that was needed for him to beg for his life, he finally agreed that he was going to work for the master and as quickly as I appeared, I had moved to the shadows the man still begging for his life.

Back to the compound the master gave me my first blades, and a new uniform. And finally he had given me my name. Nate. I was sent to center awaiting for my next orders. I was a man for hire. And truth be told, I have no qualm with what I did. Survive or die. Become stronger or die. Kill or be killed. Such is life, and it ends for everyone one way or an other. In the process I might as well make a living of the skills I have acquired.

It has been some years now that I have made my way into this world without news from my Previous master. Years where I have grown in strength, abilities and resolve. I have taken contracts upon myself whether it be for the kingdom of Liwich, or for Cherry the Center's bounty hunters and for others. Taking a new name for myself, one that was not handed to me, and to which I was bound. In this circle of spies, assassins, fixers, a Dread Blade; I am now Creed, as strong as my resolve is, I believe in myself and my abilities to push further than anyone else can. Not so much only physically and endure the trauma, but mentally. Being able to do what others morals would prevent them to do. I have no such blockage. I shed myself of the emotional current that flows in my heart and mind, I become a void where its sole purpose is to accomplish the mission at hand. I view the target as a simple target that needs to be dealt with, one way or an other. No matter who it is, a friend, a lover, a former master, they all are a name that I have been given to either eliminate or to make sure they understand they need to disappear. Whether it's in a gentle passing in their sleep, or as bloody and painful way as necessary to get the information, it was no more on my mind and soul than stepping on an ant.


I as a player completely understand that any action taken in character by Nate could and sure will have consequences to him or others. I also understand fully the Rules of the server regarding what is appropriate or not in regards to RP and making sure that a player does not feel greifed by the rp or action taken while playing this character.
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Re: Character resubmission for Assassin levels - Nate
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This is currently under review. We will get back to you shortly.
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Re: Character resubmission for Assassin levels - Nate
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Hey there,

sorry for the delay on this, but as you are resubmitting Nate for a Prestige Class that is considered as "complex", it will take us some time to carefully read through the original submission, the CDT and exchange several thoughts between each other before we come up with a reply. It would have helped if you included a link to Nate's journal and original submission as well.

We approve Nate for CDQ(s) to take assassin levels. Please find a GM to run this and point them to this thread. Keep in mind that taking a CDQ does not guarantee approval right away. There is always a chance of failure when trying to take on a complex PrC.
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