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    New submission - Drusilla Cruoris
    « on: August 14, 2019, 02:49:28 pm »
    Name: Drusilla Cruoris
    Age: 24
    Class(es): Wizard (for now, aiming for Palemaster when I get the appropiate alignment and manage to do so ingame.)
    Race: Human
    Subrace (if applicable):
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Will turn Lawful Evil if RP provides for it)
    Deity (if devoted): To be determined IG.
    Domains (if cleric):
    Biography and Description:


    Born to a well-to-do familly losing most of it's influence and wealth in her younger years, Drusilla was unprepared for the life of a commoner.
    Her wealthy upbringing during her childhood left her educated, moreso than most commoners and peasants, and allowed for her to study up until her familly's downfall. She will often claim that she has been trained in the Art of magic by a reknowned magician. Although it is much more likely that, while she may have served as a apprentice during the high-days, she later got dismissed and had to acquire what knowledge she has by herself.

    While she will not speak of it overly much, it is clear she is ashamed of her familly's misfortune. She is vengeful toward those which caused this. It is said her familly lost what they had at the hands of a local criminal organization, squeezing what little gold was left right out. This might explain her absolute tendency toward the lawful spectrum. She swore to see the one's guilty to justice. Be this her own or that of the law is left to be seen.

    She set to travelling as soon as she could, having left what was left of the familly home at the age of no older than 16. What became of her parents, or possible siblings, is unclear. What is known however is that this woman is looking to rebuild what has been lost, regain that which has been stolen, and establish herself as a individual worthy of admiration once again.


    Commanding, dressed in expertly tailored clothes, and blessed with a certain presence, Drusilla's only visible flaws are a slight limp and an unusually heavy tread.

    The manner in which she carries herself might indicate her having some form of militaristic bckground. She might've served in a army of sorts. Although these days she is likely to preoccupuy herself with some manner of merchanting or other civilian work.

    Makeup and good grooming help hide most imperfections. Mostly, it's her bearing and close attention to finery that maintain her attractive appearance.

    Drusilla speaks in an authoritarian voice and combining her haughty mannerism and intelligence, she goes to great lengths to reminding others that she is in charge. In her arrogance, she often talks over others and in doing so makes few friends. Anyone who offers dissent will at the very least trigger a reaction of surprise.

    She is rarely, if ever, seen without a heavy tome hanging by an iron chain from her side. Often she may be seen both reading from it and writing into it.


    Re: New submission - Drusilla Cruoris
    « Reply #1 on: August 14, 2019, 06:06:00 pm »
    Hello and welcome!

    I like Drusilla but boy her submission has had me pensive all afternoon.

    You need to understand that forced alignment shifts are not in the spirit of character submissions and the evolution to a different alignment has to be organic. You can't have Drusilla act Lawful Evil just to become Lawful Evil, the opportunities must present themselves to her and the reactions that would alter that alignment have to be sincere.

    As it currently stands I'm the only DM (though I'm more of an admin) who logs on and monitors players with any regularity whatsoever. While you may have heard that alignment shifts do happen it's not something I actively look out for while monitoring the server (not of my own accord, literally because I never think of it). The only way you're going to see this shift happen is through a journal kept here on the forum as there are not many mechanical ways to shift your PC in game.

    Lastly, and most importantly I'm not even sure I will accept Evil characters on Layonara any more. As you may have noted there's even evil character submissions sitting in this board right now that I haven't addressed. Evil characters inordinately create more administrative issues than any other things. Frustrations with other players who have trouble blending their IC and OOC knowledge, metagaming, DM time responsibility, abuse of lack of in-game mechanics are all concerns that I as the sole administrator and developer do not want to deal with.

    I understand this can be to the detriment of Layonara losing out on good roleplay but we've ran for the last decade on fumes and it doesn't bother me if great players have to move on as their desired style doesn't fit here.

    With that said these thoughts are not yet set in stone and perhaps with a larger server population of keen roleplayers who wish to try evil or returning players who already have such PCs already come back into the fold I would think an "evil  would work better as there would be an element of self-policing. So I welcome you to play her and should I see an uptick of more LE or NE character submissions of players I know I can trust then I will work on approving alignment shifts and Evil character submissions.

    As it stands however Drusilla does sound fairly Lawful Neutral so if you want to play her like that, that's fine but I understand if you want to move on if you're worried that your vision for her may not ever even be realized.

    Let me know your thoughts, this is open for discussion and not like some law set down.