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Author Topic: Diary of a small, sneaky ranger  (Read 355 times)


Diary of a small, sneaky ranger
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:09:39 pm »
*Written in very small letters*
So now I remember why I left before. Taking care of family is hard! Stupid orcs, if only they hadn't attacked our forest home.  So many dead including Father. Mother was so badly hurt I think it would have been better for her to move on with Father rather than linger for weeks before passing on. I never thought one could feel so sad and alone... 
It took some time but I did find and kill the ones who attacked our home. And I even managed to find a pup of the dogs they used and sometime rode, I will raise this one myself and see if it can be trusted. It chews everything but likes to snuggle up against me at night. I think I have become it's 'mother'. I hope this isnt all for nothing, It would be nice to  have a companion that I can ride!
Now that nothing is holding me here at home it's time to leave again. I think I shall venture forth back to see if I can find some of the adventurers I knew before coming home.  After this many years I don't know if any are still alive.  Certainly there will be new adventurers and maybe some fun too.  I wonder if Enzo is still around, he was always fun...
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