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Chronology - Page 2
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471484-10-10To be a knight
481484-11-07An unfortunate accident at sea
491484-11-27A moment of prayer
501484-12-17Poison potential
521485-02-08A knight's power to act
53.01485-03-02ReDragon Knights and Golden Nights
53.1Maxamilian and Naldin are made Knights of the Wyrm
541485-04-16Something odd
55.01485-06-27Sh[THREAD=283988]Restocking Day[/THREAD]
55.1Segemek, Halforc Priest of Grand mars restocking at Kelin Inn
56.1The circus comes to Fort Wayfare
571486-02-02Death 3 (PvP)
57.1Justice and Naldin fall to (Nym'roos) in the Silkwood Spider Caves
58.01487-04-14CaNaldin CDQ - The Letter of the Law
58.1A missing woman leads Naldin into the darker activities of Vehl
59.1Orcs attack Center
60.01487-04-14CaNaldin CDQ - The Letter of the Law (pt2)
60.1Killers hunt Lord Rastimaud; Naldin misses his chance
60.2Death 4 (94 vs. DC:11)
611487-12-15WiLight at the end of the tunnel
62.01488-02-18CaWerewolf Hunt
62.1Death 5 (16 vs. DC:11)
631488-05-18NiWhat to do with a drunken sailor
651494-02-07TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt1)
66.01494-05-28TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt2)
66.1Death 6 (84 vs. DC:11)
671494-09-21TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt3)
681494-09-23ReRose Witch
691495-01-14TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt4)
701495-05-07TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt5)
711495-12-22TKPower and Prestige (pt6)
721496-02-25ReThe Path of Justice
731496-05-01BrCleaning Up the Streets
741496-08-07TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt7)
751496-11-28TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt8)
76.01497-03-21TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt9)
76.1Death 7 (71 vs. DC:11)
771497-07-14TK,MaPower and Prestige (pt10)
781497-09-15DiThe Fire Within
791498-05-01DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Weston
801498-06-21TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.1)
811498-10-14TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.2)
821498-11-01BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 1
831498-12-16Di,Ae,RoThe Destroyer's Curse: Spellgard
841499-02-13DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Westerngate
851499-02-22BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 2
861499-04-11ReNaldin's CDQ - The path of justice, Choices
86.1Naldin follows the trail the Katherian, meets Balga, murders slaver
86.2(PrC approved)
87.01499-05-28TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.3)
87.1OOC précis of Whitemouth Harbour
881499-05-28Level 11, Assassin
89.01499-09-28DiThe Destroyer's Curse: The Journey Begins
89.1En route to Lor, apprehend pirate captain Pike
90.01500-01-14TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.4)
90.1Government ball; Darin Yu, elven singer/dancer
91.01500-01-20DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Sloren
91.1Search and find Mboren lost in the desert (Good +1)
92.01500-02-01BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 3
92.1Pirate Moot Island, pirate test and goblin homebrew, Duncan
93.01500-05-13DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Audira
93.1Coranthites stealing pregnant women
93.2Death 8 (60 vs. DC:12)
941500-05-13Level 12
95.01500-09-15BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 4
95.1Ship to ship fighting with the Chumrunner and Duncan
96.01500-12-21TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.5)
96.1Planning at Jimmi's
97.01501-01-08BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 5
97.1Shipboard, Duncan, teeth, and into the Deep
98.01501-04-14TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.6)
98.1Surveying the docks and sheep
99.01501-04-21DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Megath
99.1Finding the ancient Rofireinite clasp
100.01501-05-01BrThe Razorback Syndicate: High Tides and Dark Waters pt. 6
100.1In the Deep, free the slaves, kill the Deep Dwarf General
1011501-05-01Level 13
102.01501-08-07TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.7)
102.1Surveying the docks and sheep, part 2
103.01501-10-09DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Crossing Paths
103.1Meet up with other group; dilemna of the Coranthite father
104.01501-11-28TK,MaPower and Prestige (§2.8)
104.1Chapter finale; discussions at Jimmi's; letter to King Thomas Bydell
105.01501-12-15BrThe Razorback Syndicate: Blackheart Family Reunion
105.1Into Grue's Sanitarium; illithid slug children
106.01502-08-02BrRazorback Syndicate: Web of Deceit
106.1Capturing Bork
107.01502-08-02Level 14
108.01502-09-16DiThe Destroyer's Curse: Hanging in the Balance
108.1Rescue the Coranthite's son; Sebair gets the amulet from mountain lady
109.01502-10-05PrCatch if Catch Can
109.1Undead and necromancer in Sagewald for Hermann von Trout
100.01502-12-24PrAeridintes and Toranites urgently requested!
100.1Undead rise from Sooth Moor; kill necromancer and slaad in tomb; Ryn the hero
101.01503-03-16BrThe Razorback Syndicate: Agents of Fortune
101.1Nose; prevent the poisoning of Mariners Hold
101.2Death 9 (13 vs. DC: 15); Razorback Sniper at Mariners Hold; SS + reimbursement
102.01503-04-02TK,MaPower and Prestige (§3.1)
102.1To the Taur'en Hills and Luxaxen with Bertha Stoneforge
103.01503-04-12PrTy Reid-Dragonheart CDQ
103.1Undead under Fort Vehl; Ty's bluffing
103.2Death 10 (48 vs. DC: 15); Broken Soul

Ae:Aether, Br:Brewmaster, Ca:Canislupis, Di:Diva, Ma:Master, Ni:Nimrod, No:Nova, Pr:praecurrere, Ra:Ravenmore, Re:Redeemer, Ro:Rowan, Sh:Shadow, TK:Troll King, Wi:Witchdoctor, ??
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Being a knight would require discipline, not just marital discipline, but mental discipline, emotional discipline. Each situation would have to be evaluated coolly, with a clear mind, not whilst being tossed about on a sea of emotion.

But there was a balance to this. A knight without any emotion would be... insipid. Compassion for your fellow man, outrage at injustice, hatred for wanton chaos. These were all worthy responses, provided the spur to take action. But the execution of such action should be done calmly, in a measured fashion, in proportion to the transgression.

It would be a tricky path to walk. Naldin was aware of his dwarven heritage. The impulse to go crashing in and trample all underfoot was strong amongst his kin. To act first and think after (if at all). These things he would have to be mindful of if he was to succeed as a knight.

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Naldin was on the dock of Fort Wailing on Caesin preparing to head back to Vehl when, ahead of him, in the crowd boarding the ship, he was surprised to see the [POST=1724745]gangster[/POST] from Vehl. He appeared to be in the company of two of his cronies.

Well, well, well, Naldin thought to himself. This was unexpected. He proceeded to board the vessel.

Out at sea, the weather had changed for the worse. The sea had turned rough, and the wind was blowing to match. Perhaps it was not to be unexpected that a lubberly Vehlian might find themselves at the rail dry retching over the side. There was something about being blasted by the wind that distracted from the dread feeling of nausea when it gripped. Well, unexpected had not a few drops of spider venom been introduced to his tankard earlier.

Naldin watched and waited from his vantage point. The two goons had been fairly dutiful initially, then took it in turns to be on deck, and finally had taken to keeping an eye from the doorway. Naldin just needed a few moments while they were distracted... Now. Naldin marched across, bent to take the gangster by the knees, straightened and speared him up and over the railing. He didn't stop to watch and see, but moved to cover again. He heard the muffled wail, and what would have been the splash, interweaved with the wind.

The two goons soon noticed their master was out of sight and came out into the weather. They looked up and down the deck with some concern, before heading back below to check for him. A while later they returned, this time peering over the sides. It did not look good. It did not look good for them. They would have to make themselves scarce on return to Vehl.

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Naldin knelt at the pew in the Temple of Rofirein in Vehl, full of contemplation and reflection and... penance since the incident on the Caesin ship. It had been a year, a whole year, since the waiter had been drowned. In that time, the gangster had made steady progress, increased his prestige, and perpetrated who knows what acts in his endeavours of self advancement.

Naldin sighed. He prayed for all the innocent victims that had suffered at the gangster's hand during this time. He apologized to them and to the Great Gold for his own short coming.

Naldin snorted at the bitter irony. He had taken months, almost a year, to become versed at making lethal strikes, ready to take out the gangster, and in the end had thrown him up and over the railing.

But now, now he was ready. He pledged to the All-Seeing enact justice in a more timely fashion, that innocents would no longer be held to suffer while justice prevailed.

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It had been fortuitous that Naldin had available the vial of poison he used to spike the gangster's [POST=1725764]tankard[/POST]. Usually he carried a bottle of the weak solution with him, which was normally enough for several days. However, when he travelled further afield, such as overseas to Caesin, he would bring a vial to make up a new bottle. But it was only for his own use.

Now, he considered the potential for poison to be a tool. It might be used to weaken a tough or resilient opponent such that Naldin would be able to best them. The foes of justice were often stronger and more capable than the agents Justice was able to field. This "tool" might have the potential to level the playing field, as it were.

Naldin also considered his own mithridatism. Another year had passed. He would partake of the venom of the giant spider.

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Trying to get past the protection offered by armor to make lethal strikes was no small feat. Each armor tended to be unique in its assembly. Manufacture would vary by region. Design and construction by the same artisan varied over time, often from feedback by the armor wearers. Each individual would often make adjustments to their own armor, adding or removing pieces to suit.

All this meant that the armor of each opponent had to be evaluated each time. Not an easy thing to do in the middle of combat. This is why it was easier to make lethal strikes when attacking from the flank or the rear. While the opponent was not attacking you, you can quickly cast an eye over the armor and make the specific strike required.

The general principle remained constant; look for the gaps, strike at the joins. Some armor overlapped at the sides, others at the front, others at the rear. It was a question of position yourself to take the strike.

The pits were vulnerable; the armpit, the elbow pit, the back of the knee, and the groin. These areas were hard to armor effectively and made a natural trap for any blow aimed there.

The area around the neck was also highly vulnerable, which is why a lot of warriors made a  point of wearing heavy gorgets for protection.

So it was that Naldin practised the strikes when in combat, and practised his eye when not in combat.

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Naldin pushed back from the library desk and the tome thereon. The exploits of Sir Drais Mordrin were truly an inspiration to draw upon for all that cared to read them. It seemed to Naldin that the knights of old crusaded across the world bringing the bounty of the Lord Protector. What, he thought, would they make of the situation in Fort Vehl? The bastion of order and justice held at bay in the middle on a cesspool of scum and villainy.

It was easy to crusade across a frontier, at the far reaches where civilisation barely held sway, against bandits and brigands, raiders and pillagers, where the lawless elements where easy to identify. But what of a government of bandits? Could the knights crash in and sweep away all the corruption and villainy? Or would they be denounced as furthering their own interests?

It seemed that the knights were allowed to act, by popular consensus. They were called upon when people needed their marital help. But, if the people were happy with their government (or, at least, content), then the knights had no mandate to act, despite the obvious failings of said government.

But if the people called upon the knights to help overturn their government, then... then it would be a different matter.

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"In the Light of the saints of our faith, men such as Sir Drais and Saint Arnuthen, in the Wisdom of the Great Gold and in the Sanctity of Justice and Law, I dub thee... " the blade lightly touched one shoulder and then the other, "... Knight. Arise, Sir Naldin, Knight of the Wyrm.

"Stand and serve proudly, treat the title with respect as if your life goes in it."

A fierce pride unexpectedly welled up with Naldin at High Justiciar Melissa Apricont's words. It carried him effortlessly as he stood up, and seemingly would have carried him higher had it been possible.

Momentarily, Maximilian was knighted, and then the other successful candidates. Then, as one, the now knights repeated the Oath.

Naldin paused to savor the moment; passing the rite of passage with Maximilian, the congratulations of Protector Merrit, even being picked up and kissed on the forehead from Sir Justice.

It seemed he was now... validated. From this foundation, with these people, he could stride out and make a difference.

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It was a peculiar thing. A couple of times, in the middle of combat, whilst making a flanking attack, Naldin had noticed his opponent seemingly caught on his blow. Momentarily, they had become stuck, neither attaching nor defending. Naldin wasn't sure whether it was the pain of the blow, or something else. But it was interesting, and definitely worth investigating.

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The death of Lord Rastimaud had been... happenstancial. He had come to Naldin's attention through the kidnapping and slavery of a young woman from the streets of Vehl.

Naldin had never previously considered using others to affect the removal of the various cankers that blighted the lives of the Fort Vehl citizens. First and foremost, contact with another person would entail risk of direct discovery, or someone following a trail of circumstance that could lead back to him.

It seemed that Lord Rastimaud's [POST=1730090]activities[/POST] had been enough to generate enemies and adversaries, not least one merchant willing to violate Lord Kezed(1)'s "do not touch" order circulated amongst the various killers and thugs of Vehl's criminal underworld.

In such a place, there would always be one willing to take such a risk. Perhaps it was the additional risk that made Lord Rastimaud such an attractive target. However, ambition often overshoots ability. Lord Rastimaud's killing had been messy and clumsily handled; several servants were brutally killed.

So, while Naldin had been satisfied by the removal of such a high ranking blight from Vehl, the means had left a lot to be desired.

(1) Urzhrah Kezed Gran’dherm, ruler of Co'rys

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And yet another murder in Vehl

Fort Vehl: Five Sails Company Fire

Shame: Knight demoted

Naldin's explusion from the Knights of the Wyrm marks the end of part one of his story.
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Part Two
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The second part of Naldin's story occurred during the second time (coincidentally) I was on Layonara and covers the period from level fourteen to level twenty. Alas, the details of his adventures during that time have not been recorded. One can only imagine...

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Part Three
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The third part of Naldin's story begins...

NB: since Part One, Layonara's system of dating has been adjusted; each part one post title no longer matches an actual date

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Among the back alleys...
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...all through Vehl and Arnax street runners pass messages that a Lord Gronk of Vehl is looking for mercenaries comfortable with wetwork to drop a bird to the innkeeper of the Harpy or a dockworker in Arnax.

"Little scamp," thinks Naldin, as a street urchin ducks past him, having just passed the news on to a mean looking half-orc who was in the process of voiding his lunch over the flag stones of the back alley behind Miggin's Mug. Needless to say, the half-orc was not in the mood for interaction with anyone at this time, and had tried to give the urchin half his mind before heaving violently again.

"Lord Gronk, eh?" He might have a pretty penny or two thought Naldin. Yes, he was definitely going to have to find all about this Lord Gronk, and his relationships in this nest of vipers that is Fort Vehl. Who were his "friends"? Well, allies at least. More importantly, who are his enemies?

Naldin looked over to see the half-orc had collapsed flat on the floor, his eyes rolled back in his head, his tongue sticking out. Yes, the poison Naldin had dripped into the half-orc's meal had worked quite well.

Naldin pushed his trolley-cart over to the fallen half-orc. With a practised motion, he heft the half-orc's body up and into the empty cart, then drew the hinged lid shut across the top. Naldin stooped in his ragged clothes, once more becoming the itinerant rag and bone man, pushing his knife sharpening cart about the streets of Vehl.
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