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Author Topic: The Fabulous Tales of a Shadonite Priestess !  (Read 1563 times)


The Fabulous Tales of a Shadonite Priestess !
« on: March 31, 2021, 04:20:23 pm »
Settle down under your blanket little one and let me tell you the stories of the most fabulous Priestess of Shadon that ever came to be.

It all started when she decided that she had more to offer the world than being tied down to a title and temple. She was offered to become a Hight tricksters, the highest position for a Shadonite Priest, but she refused it. She wanted to live free, unburdened by the responsibilities of taking care of  temple. She wanted to make her mark on the world, to be in the history books as one of the greatest pranksters in the glory of Shadon. And such at night she left the temple and made her way to the docks where she bargained a captain to take her on as cook and healer.  Maybe it was her exuberance, or maybe she was just ditzy, or maybe she was just intimidated by the strong presence of the captain, but she should have asked more questions. Instead of being on a passenger ship heading to some town, she found herself onto a pirate ship, yes my darling, a pirate ship, and yet it did not bother her that much. The alluring nature of being a pirate roaming the seas in search of treasures, the adventures that he boat mate recounted by the soothing light of the lantern, drinking a good paint of ale and listening to the music being played, all made it worth it. Of course she knew that as a pirate ship it also meant that innocent people would be getting hurt or even die by the hands of her boatmates, but she was not taking part in the attacks herself; she remined down below tending to the wounded and or cooking for the crew. Until they day that the captain though she should try doing more. They tried to teach her to use daggers and darts, but she was much more a danger to herself and her crewmates than to the training dummy that the captain had setup for her to be tested on. But when it came to using a bow, she showed that she had promise. she continued to train with the bow while doing her other business and never saw real combat, except when it was to defend the boat itself. At least until that fateful day.

It was a sunny day on the coast near Hurm. The boat had anchored near the coast line with many other boats that bore the same banner, the Banner of the Pirate Lord Corso. The lord himself had already sailed off with his main crew to his hideout and the other crews were still feasting and having a good time off the boat before they had to sail back out again. It was very joyous and almost felt like one of the festival back at Arnax. But then the darkness came just like a nightmare in plain day. Her friends, her comrades, fell one by one to the hands of a merciless group of assassins monsters that revel in the blood of their fallen preys. She had never seen such ferocity, such evilness in all her lives. Even if she knew they weren't demons, they sure looked like it. Their eyes glowed, their swords, staff and bows bright with evil fire. Even their armors and skin were covered in stone or bark and some of them even had magical globes surrounding them. If these were not demons than she didn't know what true evil was, as for sure they were evil incarnated bringing their bloodthirst down upon her friends. She knew that she had to do something to survive else she would fall prey to their hands, and only Shadon could phantom what they would do to this poor elf priestess. And so while they were busy torturing her friends, she covered herself with the essence of those who had already fallen prey and laid on the ground lifeless, praying in her mind that Shadon would cover her and trick them into thinking that she was slain. And guess what! Shadon provided. They did not find her as she waited for them to leave. Standing up still dirty, she prayed to her beloved Deity for his protection and she made her way into one of the tents that was still standing, managing to find clothing that fitted her figure, colorful and to the liking of Shadon, but most importantly did not scream Pirate and not soiled by blood. That day with the aid of Shadon she had managed her first ever mass prank, albeit that they never knew of the prank, which is even the best ones. She finally made her way into Hurm, passing the guards incognito, and bought passage off of this dreaded continent; setting off toward hew new home, a small town that have so few buildings that people even slept in tents. A town-let called Center. And from there she started her new life.. that, my sweetest, will have to be an other story.

Now go to sleep little one, and if your good tomorrow, I'll tell you more of that story.
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Re: The Fabulous Tales of a Shadonite Priestess !
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*She sets the child into the covers for an other night sleep*

Tell me my darling, what do you want to hear as a story?

*The child clamored for an other story of the priestess*

Alright, Alright, settle down.

The last time I had told you that the prietess had finally made her way to Center. So we'll start from there.

It was soon after ariving to Center than the Fabulous Shadonite Priestess met the marvoulous Priest of Shadon, Valerius. She never really told him at first how her heart felt light and how she felt that she had  butterflies in her stomach and they quickly became friends. She also met an other human called Yendon, and a dwarf named Muar. All followers of the great Prankster. But at the same time she also met some unsavory people, like a man that values his hair more than the lives of gnomes, more on that later, and a elf who follows the wolf deity. Maybe it's because of her Elven heritage which truly she didn't know much about, being that she was raised by gnomes, or maybe it's because she was more serious about her faith than most other gnomes, but she had a hard time reconciling how the Great Prankster and other deities felt about each others and how she was to feel about them. Part of her wanted to scoff on the rules as Shadon teaches to do, but at the same time, if she gifted Shadon's blessings to his enemies would Shadon rebuke her? and that she was very afraid of. Being a priestess of the Great Prankster was all she wanted, all she new, all she aspired to be, and she would never want to feel the emptiness that would come if he turned his back on her. So she taunted them at each and every turn; refusing even to pray healings on them. Deep in her heart though, this was somewhat of a strain. The constant wish to rebuke the rules, the norms, but yet following that rule, it was very confusing for her, and also exhausting. She wanted to have fun every moment of her life, but this aspect of her faith was hard to reconciliate with having fun.

I told you that I would come back to the Toranite who valued his hair more than the life of gnomes. That is because soon after meeting these people, there was a call for help and a large group of people answered it, including those two. They made their ways through nasty dirty swamp, not to say smelly. Filled with bugs, leeches and other monsters. And finally they were able to reach a hidden gnomish village. She was so pleased to see so many gnomes in one place, but there was something strange. Not only all the guards of the village were goblins, but none of the villagers had smiles, were signing, partying or even pranking each others. It was a sad affair. After talking to a few of them they were whispered to seek out a certain gnome, which they did. And he explained to them what had happened. How one of them had risen to power and had changed so much that all were afraid of him, so much that he had had all the guards disposed of and replaced with goblins; which you have to understand little one that goblins are mortal enemies of gnomes. And throughout the brain storming that was done to find a solution to this very volatile situation, the Toranite blurted out the most absurd idiotic comment, that some might have to die for the greater good. How could someone who is supposed to be there and protect the weak be willing to sacrifice the weak was beyond me. And ever since she had trouble not being angry at him, especially that those that needed him at the moment were Gnomes.. like her parents. All in all though they were able to save the gnomes, although it required them to kill the leader of the village and his minions and to destroy his magical device. It was a grand fight, and even some fell, but were brought back by the joy of life of the Great Prankster and...

*she stops as she looks at the eyes of the little child finally closing*

And the rest will be for later my child.

*She tucks her in gently, lovingly, and gives her a kiss on the forehead before sitting back down for a moment looking at the sweet little face. Then she makes her way out of the room silently where she goes by the fire and starts playing an harp.

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