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« Reply #80 on: February 24, 2010, 02:09:10 am »
Talia is such a blessing.

I understand that she is not one to look to do many things, she likes to keep things simple and do what she feels she needs to do. And I love her for that, for this simplicity she brings to me. While I on the other hand feel that I need to do more for those around me. Not necessarily in ways that people would understand at first or even like all the time. But it is something that I am compelled to do, in my own ways. And in such, with her support and her understanding and her help, I have presented myself for the elections of Lor.

There is two vacant seats that needs to be filled, and I feel I could bring a lot to the town, and so does she. Working with the people to improve their lives, training the militia so that the streets are much safe. Opening learning centers so that those who wishes to learn to read, write and count may learn so. Also for the children. This is something that is important. I understand now why Selaan felt I needed to receive a proper education. It was for moments just like theses, where she knew that without it, life would be much harder. And with a better education, the economy will only stand better, and Lor could become a beacon of commerce through the lands. Not just with Prantz. And if I am elected, I would also strive to better the healing needs of the people in Lor and around. I could probably work with Galathea so that her hospital could receive those too sick to be treated in Lor, and that her staff if able to, could also work  In Lor and castle mask. That's a plan I will bring to her if I am elected.

But for now, I take the time to speak to the people, simply speak with them, and give them the time to learn who I am, what I wish to do for them, with them. I hope to leave the impression in their thoughts, that I am not there to bolster dealings with my trading company, or expand my riches through the dealings of the cities. No, I wish for them to know of my beginnings, living in a near state of poverty, of the struggles I went through in life, just like most of them have and do, so that they know I am one of them. Of the bond of family and friends. The strength that comes from it. And that they know I am here to represent and work for them.

I hope I can leave that impression. And I hope that the person they choose will be at least like minded as me. The town needs people who would think about them first and not of their own interest or the interest of Prantz.

But win or loose, elected or not. I know one thing. I will have tried to make things better. And I also know that, each day that I come home, and that Talia is there, we will always be able to count on each others and love each other. Each and every day I know that she will be proud of me, because I am trying to make things better. That in it self, is a victory for me.


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« Reply #81 on: February 25, 2010, 07:45:27 am »
I kinda expected to lose, really and I think it's to the worse of the people. Either Vrebel or I would have made much better diets. We were the only two who were not flashing our trues around, with ales, flashy clothes and all, and had actual thoughts on how to help the city. But I guess that has no importance when you have the backing of a diet right away and her offering to flaunt money into your pockets.

What allegiance have they shown her? What blood have they bled for the diets, for the city? How much are they truly trying to contribute to the betterment of the lives of the people, instead of their own? And yet, despite her knowing I have done all of those for this city, she chooses one that runs and hides in fear, and runs with frivolity to women, and an other that seems to think that a rally is a moment to drink and cheers without even speaking of his motive and future plans, but since he had the backing of Argali who is a dwarf like him, and Angela, they all fell in the whole in single line. Money is truly the power, and even those who might have the best intentions like her, falls to it.

Some time you got to wonder who you are truly trying to help. And I think from now one I will have to think a hundred times more about helping her.



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« Reply #82 on: February 27, 2010, 04:01:42 am »
You start by saving a child from unfit parents that had sold her off, and end up with saving a dark elf child from his own kind and from hunters.

He's older than liliah, and doesn't seem to speak common, so that is a bit hard for Talia as she doesn't speak much elven, although she understands it well. But still we are trying our best. He has slept for a week from his injuries, and when he wake up, he was truly shocked. Even though we are able to speak, I am having a real heard time to reach through to him, and help him understand that he is safe with us, and that we don't want to hurt him. I'm not too sure what I will do to get through to him, and at the same time, would we be able to raise him and help him? That's a question that we have to be honest to each other, whither or not we want to, could we be able to raise him? Would it be fair for him to try even though we wouldn't be?

Many questions..


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« Reply #83 on: March 02, 2010, 01:22:23 pm »
Well the auction is started. I'm hoping that people will open their purse for the needee. I've seen auction for rebuilding parts of cities, or building complete cities in the forest on Voltrex, even for the tower academy. All of these were good, honorable, and I'm hoping they will see that offering the poor and the homeless a home to start a new life, will be something that is also needed. With the tsunamis that befell on Mistone, and the wars. There is people that are in need of a safe place to reside and start a new life.

That is what I am trying to do for them. So let's hope that those that have the money will loosen their purse and bids on the items I have for auction. I would be sadden to see the poor keep on suffering while they could have done something to help me help them.


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« Reply #84 on: March 16, 2010, 12:52:50 am »
I'm somewhat turned down by the turn of event with the auction. I had some great hopes that the adventurers out there, those that have had the luck to gain wealth, would be willing to open their heart for those in need, the homeless and the poor. But I guess I was wrong. The me myself and I, what is good for me first, is very much present. Long gone are the days of those who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the weaker. It probably ended with bloodstone. I remember Selaan telling me some stories of those time, of the great people that had fought him and his general, putting the lives of those weaker.. poorer.. before their own lives. Gone are those times I think.

Should I really blame them? Am I just being disillusioned? I know there is a difference in between bloodstone and poverty, homelessness. But how hard can it be to open your true pouch and think of those that have none? I guess harder than taking continuous risks, fighting demons, and risking their lives. But yet, they gain wealth that way, for their own sake first.

So I am left with so many items that were donated by the few that really cared, that I don't really know what to do. Maybe I'll just do a raffle and sell some lottery tickets. If that doesn't work, then this world is just doomed and is not worth trying to better.


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« Reply #85 on: March 16, 2010, 07:53:13 pm »
*Feh inserts a letter into his journal to preserve it*


I would have written sooner...but with the rebuilding effort in Krandor  and Port Hempstead...I simply hadn't the time.

I have just heard of your past auction and seen the flyer.

I will pledge 25,000 trues of my own funds to The Shelter for the  Homeless and Poor.

Your friend in Mastery,
[/FONT][/I]It warms my heart to see that Kyle is still doing well, as busy as ever.. I guess we are both, but at least he is well. I'm also happy to see that he will aid me with my effort, I guess there is still hope out there of people wishing to make a real difference. It's a small step, but a good one, and one that I am sure that the people who will live at the shelter will appreciate.

I should write down the names of those who contributed as of yet.
Vrebel and Tralek, Talia, Gormungard, Jilseponie, Kyle, Kobal. All donated either time, wares or money to the cause. Their names shall be scribed on the statue of the benefactors that will be set in the living room of the shelter.

There is still much to do, many funds to gather. I think the raffle will help more than the auction did, hopefully. It may give the chance for more people to buy tickets to win one of the items. I have to figure how to plan the raffle it self, then find a suitable location to hold it.

Liliah is still being the angel that she always was, she is getting bigger with every months that goes by. Almost a year old now. And the boy.. the boy.. Folian please give me patience and strength. Trying to help a dark elf boy is no walk in the forest. If the house doesn't come down on it's foundation, it's my sanity that will. I have to figure out a way to occupy him and that will also lead him to open up to Talia and I. He still hasn't told us his name yet, nor why he was being chased out from the rift.

My sweet Talia is still as sweet and beautiful as the first rainy day we met. She is a god send blessing. Her church keeps her a bit busy, but not so much that we don't have time for ourselves.. in which well we make ample use of. Soon it will be our first anniversary. I got the urge to do something special with her.. but what.. hmmmmm..


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« Reply #86 on: May 26, 2010, 12:32:24 pm »
Well I haven't written in here in a while have I?

I'm pleased to write that the shop is finally opened, and is going well. Better than I had expected. Albeit some friction with Darthi at times, we are doing well. She respects my decision and the fact that I'm the owner, but she is head strong. Nothing to bad I guess.

Lily is growing.. so much. I can still remember her when she was so little, but now. She is just growing to fast.. I wonder if there is any kind of magic that can slow that down. Elran, the name I have given the boy, which he doesn't seem to like so we have to think of an other. Seems to be getting used to the idea of living with us. He still makes a mess, goes through my things, plays with my weapons even if he knows he's not supposed to. Jumps on Fylcilnya when ever he feels like it, which ends up with her tossing him away then chasing him through the house, with Lily giggling her heart out.

I guess I can say life is good. And now that the shop is almost autonomous in auto founding the contracts. I can finally put the money aside to get the shelter opened. I still have a few select items to sell, so maybe that will help. I can't really count on the support of the population with this. I tried to raise the money with an auction, but beside a few, no one else really took interest. It's sad, but greed and selfishness rules this world.

Talia and I are like teenagers sometimes hehe. We just can't keep ourselves away from ourselves too long. My love for her just keeps growing with the years, and I hope it's the same for her. She is becoming better with her sword also. Maybe I should take the time and train her a bit more. Who knows she might master it.

Well more work to do.


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« Reply #87 on: September 29, 2010, 08:44:09 am »
Things are so messed up in Lor. Angela leaving the deits, the mayors agreeing to each of the demands of Rael without even actually asking for something in retur. And now the dark elves attacking every where. I truly think I made the right decision to move my family to wayfare, and the refugee to stort. It takes me a bit more time to go and visit them and those helping to tend to them, but their safety is paramount.

Talia wasn't too happy about moving, even if it's only temporary, but as long as I am with them, she will be happy as she said. And for sure I wouldn't just have sent her away. Although if Lor needs me, I will be defending it, and so will she.

Lily.. she's and angel, growing still, it's frighting.


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How can one write what I have to? I don't know, and the worst part I do not even know how I will tell Liliah. It's been over a year now that she told me she had to leave for a mission, what mission, she couldn't even tell me, but the seriousness in her voice, I knew it was a dangerous one. A year since I have had any knews, and even her church will not tell me where she had gone, as if they didn't know. All they had told me is that she was lost to them.

It had been changing me in many ways, I was growing more and more angry, recluse, I didn't feel like talking to any one, and yet I searched and searched, it's a joint force of Melody and Breanna that finally forced it out of my mouth. Breanna doesn't understand my need to mourn her the way I do, even if, and more so, that I don't know if she's still alive or not. I truly feel that people don't understand me most of the time, and how could they, unless they were brought up like I was.

Breanna proposed herself to scry for her, and she placed  herself in great danger doing so, I am grateful to her, but even with her abilities she could not find anything, a body, a presence.. an essence. Nothing. It is like she never was.. but I know she was, the ring I have proves she was, my fond memories prove she was.. her touch at the shop and my house prove she was.. the small scar she left me.... well.. it prove she was.

In a wolf pack.. the male would move away from the pack and let himself die if he is old enough to find an other mate, but I'm not, but sometimes even if they are not old enough... they would.

I have come to the conclusion that either way.. I cannot keep going on this way, I will mourn her.. but I will not let myself perish. The prince of wolves knows what is in store for me, and I will not turn my back on him.

How am I going to tell Lily....


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« Reply #89 on: August 15, 2012, 09:42:44 pm »
Years have passed now, since Talia disappeared, Lily although still missing her, has grown to realize that she would probably never see her again. Maybe it's youth, or maybe it's because she knows that Talia wasn't her real mother, but it seems to have been easier on her than me. It took me a while to get used to .. how to put it.. be alone again. I still sometimes turn and put my arm where she would be, but she is not there and I wake up. But now it's not so much that she isn't there, more of the fact that there's no more presence there.. no more connection. And through the months that followed that realization, I have come to wonder what I missed, after all that time, was it her or the companionship?

She will always be part of me, you can't have been married for over 20 years and just say that you will have no feelings what so ever to that person. But I have moved on. If one day she reappear, I will try my best to aid her, welcome her back, but as a friend.

For the past year or so Lily has even taken upon herself to hammer down on my head that I should move on and possibly seek out someone else. I'm not sure I want to, or that I'm ready to but to at least stop her incessant pestering, I did have a small friendly picnic with Jilseponie. She is an interesting person, I have always thought so and I may well have some part of me that is intrigued by her, but neither of us are ready for something new, maybe in the future but not now. We're both fairly just out of wedlock, both our spouse disappearing without a trace, and both barely out of the stage of letting go, it wouldn't be the time to just jump into an other relationship. Not like that, not without taking a long moment to get used to it again, to really get to know the other or who ever that person would be and without feeling that connection. On the plus side she did say that she did liked me a lot, just not felt it as of yet but not to stop. So we'll see what happens if anythings ever happens. I'm not going to rush it, even less with what seems to be Sehky lurking around her like a bee around honey. And she doesn't seem to dislike it either, so nothing seems to be quite what they seem to be.

So I leave it to time and to Folian to guide my path where ever it may lead. I was a lone wolf and I am again, but with connections now, but still a lone wolf.


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The things have finally been moved from my house to Gorm's house, now I can continue my work without fearing that the wrongful lord of Prantz will stumble onto them and use them against for his wrong doing. It's almost done too, only a few more rings, and I'm happy to say that we will have done a great deal to help Wayfare. I only hope they accept it as such and that they put it to good use. I hope we have done enough too, but the information on the troops is rather vague, even so that I bassically live there and I should have been able to see how strong their forces are, I'm still very vague as their actual number. If it's not enough, we can always make more in time.

I've been thinking lately that have a lot of left overs with the wood. Sure we reuse the saw dust, but the other parts of the branches are usually not reused. So I've decided and started to make some toys out of them, that I will be offering Jil and her orphenage. I think it will honor the prince of wolf that we do not waste so much, and that what's left can be used to brighten up and maybe help raise the interest of the wood in the children of this world. I've mostly made wolves as of yet, but there's some bears too, and I will make some deers an other animals. I hope they like them, and that she likes them too.

It's unfortunately been a long while since I've seen her, I do hope that she is alright and that she is finding her path as she walks with both the beauty of the arts and the pack of the prince of wolves.

As for the pack, they are growing steadily I could say. Duchess has started to train with wood, Rag is getting stronger both with his faith and with his scribing. Breanna has kept up well with her enchanting and her scribing too, she seems to have become quite a good mage and bower. Melody is always hyper and cheering, and Gorm as always the steady one in our group, to be trusted and counted on. My life wouldn't be the same at all without them. May Folian bless them all for they are my pack, my family.


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Where has the time gone.. I don't know. But this is refreshing to have red this journal again.

First and foremost, I am still a servant of the longstrider, as ever fervent and more than my youth. And I hope that I will have honored him to the best of my abilities when with the help of many nature inclined and healers, I have led the path for the reforestation of the Hallowlights. For what was dead, and filled by the vermin of this world, is now a blooming forest growing in size and showing fruits. Also, in a way, the pack has finished the Wayfare Project and we will be offering them soon the means to better protect the budding city and it's inhabitant which have been my home now for many years, even though I still have a house in Castle Mask outskirts.

Secondly and as important as the first, Talia has come back, it's been sometimes now that she has been back, but I had misplaced this journal and had not updated it. It was an awkward moment at first as she had been back for some time while I had been on a long forest walk. But she forgave me for being away so long as I also forgave her for being away so long herself, it is strange as it is almost like we had never parted, yet sometimes I feel things are slightly different.

Lilah.. wow what to say about her. She has grown into her own woman as I was gone, becoming a healer of the longstrider, strong in faith although lately her color choices makes me wonder. For a long time she had an aversion for her mother, being at odds with her and putting me in the middle of the brewing storm. But with some time together, I think things have smoothed out.

As I came back from my long forest walk, I've seen that some had moved on from the Pack, it saddens me some, but such is life. Although there have been new pups joining also. Melaa, Nyles, Winkins, Martlet, and others. The pack is steady and strong, and we walk in common purpose for the people.

I myself have found that my connection to Nature and Folian has grown in the past few years, but I wish to be more, to do more for him. I have had some dreams that weren't nightmares anymore where I saw myself change into some kind of elder wolf in times of needs, fighting along and inspiring other Folianites. I have to understand what those dreams were, and how I could achieve this in his name. Although I know that the pack I have made is not the same as a true Folianite pack, it is as close as I could make it all in his honor. But I feel the urge to do more. I just have to figure out how now.
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A new student I now have.

Xiao lin, a monk who wish to develop his roguish side. Someone I have traveled with on many occasions and well known to the pack, but I still needed to make sure of why he wanted to use these new skills, and what he would apply them to.  I was satisfied with his answers and gave him his first training, which he is equating himself well with. Again, Vrebel would remember the endless repetition of his weapon master training, but this time to learn how to hit the weak spots, the most lethal spots. I had to do something new with Xiao as repetition is something he is used to, and I wanted to make sure that his training would bring him a certain amount of resistance. So we calculated how much weight he could support with one limb, and I made some braces and ankles braces of that weight. He is very good at not showing the strain, but it is there, and it will benefit him.

We've gone through the basic points, we'll be going soon through the more advanced one soon. And once that is done, it will be the training on how to disarm traps and locks, but as he said he already have training on those, so that I can spend less time on.


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The training continues.

It is a lot easier to train Xiao than it was to train Vrebel in some instances. His prior monk training had all of the reflexes, alertness, precision, dodging training done. So he had already a strong foundation that I could lean on. Contrary to some where you have to have them unlearn all of that they learned. This really made things a lot easier with Xiao and his progression has been unsurprisingly fast just as a monk is. It is only a matter of repetition at the moment, as he has learned really all that he can. As one once said, train and train again until you master it. It is the same with becoming a rogue. You train at it until it becomes part of you. I think the only thing really left for me to teach him is our hand sign language.