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//This thread tracks the goings on in Bitterridge. At the start of this thread Daniel Benjamin and Lana are within the town. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Bitterridge. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Bitterridge, the trade town at the crossroads of Liwich and Boyer, is engulfed by the Wasting Death, much like the other towns and cities of Liwich. With it's borders locked down, the life blood of the city has all but come to a chilling halt. Rofrienites have set up neighborhood clinics to attempt to contain the spread but their resources are already spread quite thin. The mood of the place is defeated already, having gone from disbelief of what was to come, to something low and consigned to what will probably consume them all.

The only response that Daniel is able to receive directly from his letter quest is from Moraken. The rest of the letters are left at doorsteps with no verification of delivery beyond that. In the case of Moraken, a letter was returned hastily, delivered by an assistant."To Whom It May Concern:First off, thank you so much for sending potential plague bearers to my door step. I'll remember it always. Secondly, I am afraid Dragon Plagues are quite far outside my field of study. My best advise is to not bother with them at all. As well, don't bother with the dragons either. It is my experience that it really doesn't go well to march into someone's home and start punching them with wit or steel. Your historical context seems somewhat narrow, however. Plenarious did not defeat the last plague outbreak on his own. While I am certain the Great BirdLord was involved, it was a concerted effort by a large number of people. Perhaps you could go find one of the others or just bother talking to the Aeridites themselves. If they will have anything to do with you, that is. It is my understanding that the lot of you are really in deep with a number of people. Good luck Grand Adventurer!"

Daniel reads the letter with a slight frown, upon finishing he falls into a short contemplative silence that is broken by a deep rumbling laugh which draws some odd looks from any around him.  He goes to find Lana to share the letter from Moraken."At least the old crochety wizard of Hlint answered.  From what I can remember from a distant conversation he had with Storold, the grammer fits." Daniel offers with a slight smile before his expression grow serious again.  "He did answer, so despite the letters tone, clearly he still cares for this world, that is good.   Further, he offers an avenue to explore.  I believe I will seek out the Aerindites of rank here in Bitterridge and see what I can learn."  He pauses to see if she has anything to add. 

Lana reads the letter and sighs.  "Surely the Aeridinites will welcome help from any source, although I doubt they have any more notion what to do than we have.  Perhaps they still have a way to communicate with North Point by falcon or pigeon.  Do birds get this plague?  You do have some connections there through Rebecca's long residence.  Seems like if anyone knows where to look for a cure, the healers of North Point would.  If nothing else, they'd have records of the last time this happened and how the disease was stopped.""I'll go with you," she smiles wryly.  "Spread the blame, if nothing else."

"I already owe them for the treatment of my daughter, Rebecca, my dear." Daniel says slowly, thinking it through, "But yes, It is my hope they will accept my help without blame.  I must ask for their knowledge first and trust that my skills are worthy to the challenge.   As to your question, I do not know if the birds carry this contagion or not, but it seems to me something started the disease that moved fast, birds are certainly suspect.  In any event, I do not think we will be allowed to leave Bitterridge, nor do I think we must.  There must be a Aeridinite healer with some knowledge here, so we start looking."  He offers her a reassuring smile, but cannot hide the pain from all the suffering around them. //So actions: Locate Aeridinites in Bitterridge if there and start a discussion about the partial cure they are using that seems to work on very early stages of the plague. 


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