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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: Site Update
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:16:03 pm »
Looks very nice and thanks for all the work!  Just wondering if there is still a server-status page?

Not yet, no, I'm sorry, there'll be one soon.

The Server Status is a block in the middle of the Forum Home page.
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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: Site Update
« on: February 10, 2018, 09:10:04 pm »
Looks very nice and thanks for all the work!  Just wondering if there is still a server-status page?

Not yet, no, I'm sorry, there'll be one soon.
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Important Layonara Announcements / Site Update
« on: February 09, 2018, 11:05:58 am »
Layonara has switched its forum software to Simple Machines as well as given a facelift to the front entrance. Additionally the Lore, Rules and Information will be moved to There may be a few posts that didn't make the migration over from the old forum so if you see one of yours missing please repost.

The old site will be up for some time at while we perform the migration of the lore and other features.

More to come soon.
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In Next Update / Empowered Acid Fog damage is low
« on: June 05, 2017, 05:28:43 pm »
Name of Character: Tralek RivarmarPlayer: DavidhoffReproducable: Not sureGM Witness: NoneDescription:Tralek was hunting some Trollocs in the Deep and layed down an empowered acid fog.  The base spell does 2d6+1 per caster level.  So, for Tralek (35wiz/5 rogue) it should do about 41 points of damage base on average...empowered it should do 1.5x that I think.  Well it was only doing between 5 and 15 points of damage.
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Layonara Server / New Update Coming, HAK and TLK Download Required
« on: April 23, 2017, 05:20:13 pm »
Hello everyone,A new update will be coming soon. Players will be required to download some new haks and a new tlk file. There aren't a ton of features added yet but the new haks will prepare us to put some more fun stuff in place.Here are links to those files:Update Archive with new Haks (207MB): (Extract files into your hak folder)New TLK (758KB): (Extract layonara_v30.tlk into your tlk folder)You can download them now and it won't impact your playing before the release. Once the update has been released I will let you know which old files you may delete for cleanliness.

Highlights of the Upcoming Release Version 3.70:

  • In game time has been slowed from 4 RL minutes to an in game hour to 15 RL minutes to an in game hour. Spell durations are unchanged. This time slow has been approved to be in effect to 1420 as per here so in game events will have new historical dates. The forum clock has already been updated. Includes: =c layodate for getting the current date
  • New animations (See video here for an example) Usage: =c setstyle Note: Not every single robe and cloak will work (look good) with these new animations, we tried to work in as many as possible.
  • Rangers can use more scrolls now
  • Fix Weird bug instakilling with Protection vs
  • Tweak whirlwind to not lock up player
  • Fix bugged tiles in Hammerbound Peaks
  • Fix furniture tool delays
  • Fix corpse robbing quest
  • Dragon updates
  • Fix interior lights transitioning when they shouldn't
  • Remodeled Tomb of Lost Heroes
  • Added some DM tools
  • Some Great Library lore tweaks.
  • Visual FX Removal alchemical potion added
  • New quest area added with new tileset

General Discussion / Layonara is now on Discord
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:34:40 pm »
Layonara now has its own server on Discord.
We're happy to bring you this new and improved community experience, as Discord brings many tools to our forum and chat that were not previously possible in IRC. IRC will still be working as we use a bot to communicate between Discord and IRC but we encourage you to try out Discord whether it's through the web interface, the mobile app or if you download the application.
Discord also keeps track of past conversations so you can catch up with anything you've missed being discussed. And for the brave among you we can set up some voice channels for you to discuss some things with a mic if that is your preferred method of communication.
To join, just follow this link:
Stay tuned, some more things are coming to Layonara as well!

Layonara Server / New Character Backup System
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:49:03 pm »
Hello again good friends,It's been a while again, I hope you are all well. I don't know how to apologize for the character corruption issues we've had over the past while and my poor attempts at correcting it but I've now spent 2 days on a better system and I hope it gives you the confidence to play and not be worried now. I'm truly sorry to each and every one of you for the headaches that were caused, you should have the confidence that things like this won't happen. I also want to thank Dorg from the bottom of my heart for dealing with these issues while I was in another mode.So as I mentioned above, I'm also here to let everyone know a new version control backup system has been configured. All characters are backed up hourly and controlled with version control. This means we can go back hour by hour to see where a character file may have been corrupted and find the last good .bic file.There should no longer be any more incidents of character files getting corrupted and the last known backups being way too old.The original issue of the server filling up and running out of drive space which caused these 0 byte files SHOULD be fixed but I'm not entirely sure, it's hard to test. Either way, the new backup system will keep things much safer.Always lurking,-orth

In Next Update / Long delays using furniture tool on PC-placed objects
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:47:53 pm »

Bug Report

Description: Extreme delays using furniture tool on placed furniture, that is not alleviated by resting or using from quickslot. Delays are also not limited to first interaction, but all interactions until re-entering the area.... and for whatever reason some after that? Not sure what the deal is, there.

I remember when the rest/quickslot was a thing, and thought I remembered it being fixed so it didn't matter, anymore... but I could not find a relevant changelog. In any case, items that were placed significantly longer (years) ago are unaffected and may be handled normally. If they are destroyed and re-placed, they will be delayed until re-entering the area. 

Location: Tested at 158 Silverdell Grove (Al's Place), but checked with another player before posting to make sure it was most likely anything using the furniture system.


Reproducable: Yes.

I don't have a good idea when this started, as it's been at least since Acacea returned -- setting up the baths for the plot meeting was a minor nightmare. I'd just come back and wasn't sure if it was me or I was doing something wrong, though, and afterward it slipped my mind. I've edited this with davidhoff's comment, but am not sure why taking down the meeting setup was still delayed (having left). Not sure, anymore. Regardless, this has changed at some point over the years and I don't know when. 

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In Next Update / Annie Firefly is Now her Familiar
« on: April 09, 2017, 06:14:27 pm »
Description: After the trip last night Annie Firefly was goofing around with her "sister", the pixie familiar Annette Firefly.  She summoned the pixie familiar, polymorphed herself into a pixie and the fly around, possessing the familiar back and forth.  Just noticed later last night that Annie Firefly's character sheet and server messages had changed.  She is now "Annette Firefly" according to the server messages and her character sheet!  Now both Annie and her familiar are named "Annette Firefly"Location: Character Sheet, NameVerified:Reproducable: I assume it could be.
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Fixed Bugs / invalid character player login refused.
« on: March 17, 2017, 07:17:15 pm »
Went to login today and got the return messageInvalid character- player login refused Bear, Dire I tried all my characters and they all said the same thing.I logged off completely and started game back up tried to login and says same thing on all characters. I looked at characters were were on line at the time and noticed Zigrum Frostbeard was playing which maybe somehow login was thinking that i was Zigrum and he was in bear form I have no idea, but after a few minutes I noticed that Zigrum had logged off so I exited game again and was able to log in without any problems.EDIT:  I played for about an hour then logged off then tried to log back in and says the same thing. cant login thinks I am in dire bear form. and no Zigrum playing either.EDIT: I take that back. he is playing. not sure if that matters. but hes the only one that can go bear form.
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In Next Update / Wierd spell causes instant death
« on: April 09, 2017, 06:04:12 pm »
Description: If an enemy wierd spell is cast on a player's character and that character has the protection from evil (spell) up, but does not have true sight (spell) up at the same time, then the result for said character is instant death with no saves (ie, will/fort).Location: anywhereVerified: This is a known bugReproducable: YesJust posting this to see if maybe Orth can do one of his fixes on it; also posting for those that would like to be warned/reminded about this bug.There are various threads regarding's one:,Davidhoff 
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Layonara Server / System Failure, Character Corruption
« on: December 06, 2015, 12:34:37 pm »
Hello all,I wish I was posting better news but there has been an issue as you know recently with the system acting quirky and some characters going missing and I've finally figured out why and the consequences.The servers file system was filling up dramatically with some rogue logs that would get exponentially bigger and then it would get filled to capacity. This caused the server to not save characters properly as there was no more room on the drive. I've corrected this issue but the issue is going to be a headache for some.The following characters are corrupted and there are no reasonable backups for them, the backup system overwrote both their daily backup and weekly backups with the corrupt file and I have no other known backups. It's a shame the weekly backup ran just a few hours before I realized there was a serious filesystem problem.
  • Charm2009/Raven
  • Anthony Moore/Sam Night
  • xsweetpeax/Esme Minniwyn
  • Lord Cove/Maran
  • Lord Cove/Kagen
  • MateoEll/Garadel Kamek (weekly backup never even got this one)
The following characters are corrupted but I do have a weekly backup:
  • Charm2009/Kenzie
  • Marlon55/Leon
We have been discussing the best way to restore the characters, we know how much XP they last had due to the db. We know some of the partial equipment by being able to somewhat disassemble the corrupted files but we have been trying to figure out the simplest means to restore your character exactly to how they have been. I have also been trying to find another backup from a month ago on my personal computer but it looks like I deleted it.Some of the options we're considering is:a) Just restore the character exactly to how they were by giving you the XP and the items and working on the honour system for items/gold on person.b) Give you the opportunity to create a new character (must be approved) with same XP as lost character but no equipment.c) Restore your character with the proper XP but give no equipment but a certain number of Fortune for you to decide whether to try to buy new stuff or use it for XP at your own discretion as you see fit.We are open to any suggestions you wish to make. We feel extremely bad about this and want you to have faith in the systems and we'll be happy to correct them as soon as we can. We will probably handle each of these on a case by case basis, but please feel free to discuss any other ideas you may have.The two characters whom I have weekly backups will be a lot easier to restore, especially if they haven't done a whole lot since last weekend.-orthP.S. All other things like housing/bank/storage/fortune are still on the DB and have not been lost in any capacity. It's just the physical bic file that's gone all messy. 

In Next Update / Giant Fort Area
« on: April 09, 2017, 09:39:05 pm »
The Giant Fort Area  on Mistone   has several 'bugged tiles'  : hostile creatures cannot be targeted and they in turn do not attack. (at least until they randomly move to a 'good' tile.There are two locations  this occurs. first one encountered  is  to the right of the entrance to the 'inner' fort' .  This affects 2-3  'normal' giants.Far more serious is inside the Fort.The two 'specialmegagiants'  are affected as well as the rockthrower to the left.  Which giants here are affected seems  more random,  sometimes one, two, three ,none. I'm sure it is affected by when they spawn and the amount of time that transpires until you enter the inner part .It is far too dangerous to travel there (in my opinion) as you cannot be cetain of the behavior you might encounter  and therefor strategize appropriately. On a recent trip there one of the megagiants was my prime target to kill except he was unable to be targeted.I was then engaged by  another giant in melee.  The one that could not be targeted apparently moved to normal tile and instantly hit me with some very nasty stuff. Thank You  
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Ancients Legacy / Missives Sent
« on: July 10, 2015, 11:24:30 pm »
As a small group arrives at Bloody Gate, Plenarius takes no time to breath and immediately blows some shrill whistles for messenger falcons. A few arrive and he sends out some hastily scribed notes to friends and acquaintances.He then heads to the Bloody Gate temple and describes the situation to the leaders, not even awaiting any confirmation of aid or course of action by the dwarves his necessity to move being of the highest importance.He takes flight and heads westward and arrives at the Wolfswood and immediately heads to the headquarters of the Wolfswood Rangers. Again he describes what amounts to a very important crusade into Milara's domain and awaits how they wish to offer aid if at all.He returns to Bloody Gate and collapses for a rest. As he drifts off he wonders if it will be the last safe rest he will have for a long time.
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Layonara Server / Version 3.58 is online!
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:05:41 pm »

Version 3.58 is online!

Just a couple of bug fixes and an area update.


  • Fixed an issue with the quickbar deletion and replacing not working

  • Fixed an issue with the spellbook saving system not saving clerical domain spells properly

  • Fixed an issue with some spider cocoons not respawning



    Area update[/li][/list]


Description: If you save a quickbar with a name already in use, you will be reminded of this and told "You have already saved a quickbar named x. If you wish to overwrite it, use the replace command: =c qb replace x if you want to overwrite it." When using this command, it will say, "You replace your x quickbar," but on restoring, the quickbar will be as it was before using replace. Saving a different name works like normal, naturally. Deleting does not. Additionally, you get the "you have already saved..." message when using the replace command, even though you are already using it, in addition to the "you replace..."=c qb delete x neither prevents restoration of the bar nor removes it from the list, but gives the feedback about it being deleted.Tested with Acacea & Tori. (Finally got around to working on her quickbars. Love, love, love.)Location: 151 PH Fields (And everywhere else :P)Verified:Reproducible: Yes

(Sorry if already known or I missed something!)

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Fixed Bugs / Bird Messages not going thru
« on: April 25, 2015, 11:56:32 am »
Message sent from Sophia to Olmae - did not go thru.    Sent April 20 - Olmae in game April 21 and outside - did not receive a message.
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Layonara Server / Version 3.56 is online!
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:36:06 pm »

Version 3.56 is online!

Another small update which includes the new Map enhancements.


  • Fixed a bug with the quickbar saving system saving dual wield slots

  • Fixed a bug with the Dynamic Name system not refreshing the player list properly

  • Don't allow GMs to use the dynamic name system, this caused bugs

  • Fixed a bug with the quest system populating too many quests 

  • Fixed a bug with the quest system not creating new quests due to a certain condition

  • Fixed a bug where logging off with your ox pack off would make it unattainable



    New Map Enhancements System, type =c map and read this.[/li][li]

    Add =c refresharea command to portal you to a void area and back to faciliate reloading areas[/li][/list]

Other updates:

  • Few performance improvements in crafting


Layonara Server / Coming Soon! Enhanced Mapping
« on: April 05, 2015, 09:23:35 pm »
Another fun feature coming to the next update includes some nice enhancements to the minimap system. 

Map Pins

Let's start off first with the map pins. All map pins will now be persistent, they will save over server resets and be there for you forever. Included with the map pins update is the ability to set, list, delete and rename the map pins via commands. This can save you some time if you want to custom macro a command like =c map set Path to Fort Miritix for example and then use that key many times as you travel. The commands associated with map pins are:
  • =c map set Pin Name - This will set a map pin at your current location with the name you designate.
  • =c map list - This will show a numerical list of map pins for the current area.
  • =c map delete # - This will delete the map pin with the number you define (as revealed in the =c map list)
  • =c map rename # Pin Name - This will rename the map pin for the numbered pin for that area (as revealed in =c map list)
  • =c map save - Saves all of your map pins.
Note: You will not see map pin updates until you re-enter the area when using the commands as opposed to using the regular NWN map pinning UI. A bit more on this later.The system automatically saves your map pins when you log out but if you wish to be entirely sure you can use the =c map save command as well.

Area Mapping

The second feature is an ability to map out an area which exposes the entire black area for good. To perform this, you purchase a Magical Map Book from the Magical Vendors. Proceed to use it, then travel around in the area and you'll be notified about your mapping progress. The length of time it takes to map the area takes many things into account such as your Intelligence, your Wisdom, your Lore, your Gather Information, your Ranger levels, the size of the area, the time of day, whether it's above ground and whether it's an interior area. The minimum time it will take is 3 minutes and the maximum is 10 minutes.Just because you may be able to run around the area quickly and expose all the "black" on the minimap won't expedite the procedure. Mapping progress pauses when you rest, engage in combat or if you remain in the same general vicinity. Mapping progress is cancelled if you die or change areas.Once you complete your mapping the entire map will be exposed. After a server reset if you wish for the areas you have mapped to automatically be revealed to you then use =c toggle automap and then when you enter an area you have had mapped the minimap will be exposed.If you prefer to not automatically have the maps revealed to you but would rather expose them on an area by area basis then use =c map reveal in an area where you wish the map to be revealed.

Map Sharing

Once you have an area mapped out you can share your information about the area with other players using =c map share Plen (use their dynamic name) for example. Map sharing reveals the entire area to the other player as well as copying your map pins over to the map for the person you are sharing with. The player must re-enter the area to see the updated map pins.Note: To facilitate some of the commands that I've been introducing that require you to re-enter an area I've created a command that will portal you to a very small area then back to the location you were standing. Use =c  refresharea if you wish to use this instead of manually leaving the area and coming back.This update should be out some time this week.-orth

Forum Discussion / Forums/Web Site Moving
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:14:32 pm »
Good afternoon folks,Just giving you the heads up that I'll be moving the forums to another server some time this weekend. I will have to take down the old server temporarily for about a half hour or so to transfer the latest db over to the new server. Once this is done the web site will be running concurrently on the old server and the new server while the DNS propagates over. If your DNS is slow to update then you will probably see a bit of a performance loss as you connect to the old web server which is interacting with the db on the new server.The new web server is faster and you'll notice a speed increase while browsing the site and forums. To summarize, you don't have to do anything, but you may experience some latency until your ISP recognizes the DNS change. At the most this should be 48 hours but in general folks should be fine very shortly afterwards.-orth

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