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Character Submissions / Nile Laanmelvmeeanla (Kai Strongroots)
« Last post by Ke' Koa on March 20, 2019, 02:39:18 pm »
Name: Nile Laanmelvmeeanla (Kai Strongroots)
Race: Wood elf
Age: 230
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Folian S’pea
Classe: Cleric/Rogue
Domain: Animal/good
Rather non-descriptive and un-extraordinary at first glance, but so well hidden it takes a second look just to see him.  A slender elf, with well maintained complexion stares directly back at you, he obviously is searching the meaning for your paths to cross.  A quiver and bow on his back, and two thin swords at the ready you know he is there to defend his territory at all costs...
I remember as a child, growing up in the wolfswood forest, tending the forest and learning to live of it. To take only what we needed and to give back to it so that it too could be sustained. I remember the teachings of the elders about how dangerous the outside world was to them, how the outsiders could not be trusted. That is why I never understood the wanderlust my cousin Lana had. I was around 120 years old when he left our village, leaving his family in shame. He was leaving the pack, the security of our numbers, our way of life, all to satisfy his curiosity. Yet, I stayed. My calling was to tend to the pack. To help them grow and understand the ways of The Longstrider. I knew it from a young age. The elders of the village knew it also. I was gifted as a young pup, I could track my pray at a young age more often than I failed. I would be able to slowly make my way to it and then mercifully and as little pain as possible plunge my fangs, my dagger, into its heart. The older hunters also taught me how to disable or apply traps as needed and I was particularly good with flanking while we fought as a group. As the years passed by my connection to the woods grew stronger, my faith in Folian even more so.
When came the time of my first hunt with the pack to quell the growing threats of the Giants in the hills near the woods, I was shown into our village armoury. There was many varied weapons waiting to be chosen, some almost as old as the Eldest elder of the village, probably even older. I was particularly interested in the katana, I took two of them and swung them around. Even though they were not the usual weapons for one who would become a healer of The Longstrider, they felt natural for me. I was also gifted my very first longbow.
It was on a hunt, one of the pack hunters unfortunately lost his footing and the pray, a poacher who was desecrating our woods spotted him. Before we could deal with him he had shot our pack brother twice with arrows. Luckily, his aim was as good as his manners that only one of his arrows pierced our hunter in the calf. Still very painful nonetheless which I understood quite clearly from his painful yells. He was dispatched soon enough, and never will he take without remorse from our lands. I ran to my comrade and broke the arrow in half, sliding it out of his calf. One of the elder pack hunters told me to put my hand on it, he was told by the elders of their intuition and told me to concentrate and call on the Prince of Wolves for his healing. I failed, but I did not let go. Instead I poured my soul into my prayer; I gave all of myself to Folian, all of my being. And it was the first time in my life that I felt his power course through me. The first time that I was able to heal an injury without the use of bandages, I felt like I was finally complete. An utter sense of peace came upon me at that moment.
I am now 230 years old and to tell the truth I wouldn’t have foreseen the need to leave the pack, leave the forest. But as it is, I am tasked with a mission to find my cousin and bring him back to the village before it is too late. His mother being on her death bed. I only hope I can find him in time and even more so convince him of coming back. If I am unable to within the time allotted, the elders have told me that my presence in the pack would not be tolerated, as I would be tainted by the outside world more than what was needed.  I must find him, and I will find him, and by the Prince of wolves, I will bring him home even if it is bound and gagged.
1.   I acknowledge that I read and understand the Dogma of Folian S’pea
2.   Kai takes the dogma of Folian to be an absolute and will follow it completely
3.   He will wear the colors of Folian and typically use the natural made armors. His Fang will be on him in constant.
Character Submissions / Timir Saux
« Last post by Olme on March 19, 2019, 01:55:57 pm »
Name:  Timir Saux

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Class: Fighter  + Weapon master

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Dorand

 Timir Saux grew up  in a small village not far from the great city of Port Hempstead. The most remarkable thing about his life was ...well how unremarkable it was.  Although his family was not wealthy (mere peasants), all their basic needs were met. The harvests had been decent for as long as he could remember.  The small home was comfortable. There was the  occasional gossip of kobold raids but they were never more than rumor.  Disease and other sickness occasionally  thinned the village  population but it was never  an epidemic.  His family  always revered Dorand as they were craftsman of a rude sort .
Timir took up work as an apprentice farrier in the mall shop owned by his father and uncles. It was a good trade as the services were always in demand.  His first duties were to shovel coal and maintain a steady supply  for the bellows.  As time went by he worked hard and was given more responsibility until he could make decent shoes himself.  Praise Dorand
Shortly after he turned seventeen  Timir traveled to Port Hempstead (although it was  not too far he had never been there alone before, and that when we was much younger ) to try and secure a more reliable source of iron for the forge.  The city fascinated him.  It seemed to glitter with promise.  Around every corner there were more delights. He had to be here.
Timir made good the iron delivery, and informed his family of his intention to leave. He was ready to defend his decision but to his surprise, there was no opposition  but  just  well wishes and encouragement. His uncle even arranged for him to work at a forge in the great city.  Praise Dorand
Timir continued with  his trade there, but now the  customers were not only farmers, but the militia and occasional noble.
He volunteered for the militia and learned the basics of armor and  fighting skills. He could handle a  sword with  adequate results but it never seemed 'right'  Still he enjoyed the combat training  and worked hard at it. He even continued with it after his militia duty was complete.
 It was probably a year later that he saw the dwarf .  Dressed as for war he stepped off a ship recently docked at the harbor.  His armor looked well worn, a shield strapped loosely to his back . But it was was what he had at his side , within easy reach that  drew his attention . A hammer, an enormous warhammer.
It was as if  he could suddenly see clearly where all had been fog before.  Of course. This was the way forward.  He was as comfortable with a hammer as one could possibly be, why not for combat ? It may not be common in these parts, but.... Yes this was it.
From that day forward  it was the hammer .. a tool . No more than a tool, not only for  trade, but also for defense. 
Praise Dorand.
Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« Last post by Ke' Koa on March 18, 2019, 07:35:07 pm »
Dylan dropped off materials for 2 more lion bags.  Will drop off true when able to pick up.
Flint Fireforge took
1 Iron Warhammer
paid 1000true
Borbre Barradok trade
I wasn't able to find prices for these so I used the lens price
1 Gloves of the lady for lens Pirce 3684 valued at 921 (25%)
1 Path of the whip acolyte Robes for lens price 8652 valued at 2163 (25%)
1 One Trick Staff 2644 Valued at 661 (25%)
Total assumed traded credit 3745
Borbre Barradok Traded
32 Coal valued at 50true each
Total saddlebag credit traded 1600
Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« Last post by Ke' Koa on March 15, 2019, 05:24:35 pm »
Dylan purchased an Iron Bastard Sword and left 1750T in the chest
//  \\
borbre barradok traded
1 silver ore valued at 100t each
4 silver ingots valued at 300t each
2 gold ingots valued at 100t each
total worth 1500t
General Discussion / What facelift are you using.
« Last post by Hellblazer on March 13, 2019, 01:45:29 pm »
Since I reinstalled non i’ve been wondering which is the best facelift that could be used to 3augment the games graphics?
Forum Discussion / Re: New messages wont stop showing as unread
« Last post by Hellblazer on March 13, 2019, 02:48:27 am »
Finally! Hope that fixes it permanently.
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