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Trade and Market Hall / Naldin's Account #12
« Last post by Script Wrecked on Today at 10:38:25 pm »
Unit Price
Mineral Sapphire

Old Balance:
New Balance:
10% Payment:
Trade and Market Hall / Re: Mineral Sapphire Grinder Wanted
« Last post by Script Wrecked on Today at 10:11:54 pm »
Master Daniel Poetr,

Thank you for your help. You are a credit to your guild and to your race.


*stamped with a dwarven rune*
Ask A Gamemaster / Re: GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« Last post by Riven on Today at 06:09:02 pm »
good idea! I'll think on this, but maybe that's the simplest - Riven stayed connected with the shop over the years, managing behind the scenes, and hiring shop-keepers and guards to take care of the day-to-day biz, and the cleaning and maintenance of the building. And maybe Cali is also helping behind the scenes (so if they return, it's seamless transition). Thanks for the perspective and help on this!
Layonara Server / Re: NWN Module Changelog Entries
« Last post by orth on Today at 05:54:01 pm »
A new changelog entry has been added.
Trade and Market Hall / Re: Mineral Sapphire Grinder Wanted
« Last post by cbnicholson on Today at 02:33:05 pm »
Master Naldin,

I would be happy to help the Saddlebag Pawn with such a problem.  Meet me in Center at the prescribed time.

Daniel Poetr,
Angels Guild

//I'll be online tonight 6 pm- 9 pm central time as DB in Center. Shoot me  a tell if I'm on and you don't see him.
Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Request for Description Change
« Last post by orth on Today at 02:07:45 pm »
Description updated.

Hair colour was changed but not sure how it'll look it's better to perform that change in game and see which suits the PC the best. We'll do so next time we're both on and free.
Ask A Gamemaster / Re: GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« Last post by orth on Today at 01:57:46 pm »
For now lets just have me take most of the gold out of the chest later today and log it for safekeeping, you can assume the shopkeepers and guards diligently took their cut and deposited the rest into an account and we'll go from there about what to do with it.

Aside from that the shop is yours to take back over and run as you see fit with aid from anyone who may be willing.

It could of course be managed easily if you just considered the possibility that Riven hasn't been gone, he's just been a functioning NPC who hasn't been played and PCs could just play it as though they never ran into you.

 It sounds like you have a story on your disappearance already though. If that's the case then you'd probably have been presumed dead but no one wanted to take things over completely so it just ran with the aid of some help here and there.
Ask A Gamemaster / Re: GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« Last post by Riven on Today at 01:44:34 pm »
Also, not sure this makes any impact on decisions: Cali and Riven's finance arrangement was, I believe, to split any gained funds four ways: Riven, Cali, whoever logged the purchase or donation, and then fourth - investing in the business.

And although Riven put a ton of effort originally into the shop, it's been a long time since he's been involved, so I'm not expecting much or anything from the shop during the years of my absence, and it also could make sense that it's out of my hands entirely at this point - as you GMS choose.
Ask A Gamemaster / GM decisions for Saddlebag Pawn Shop
« Last post by Riven on Today at 01:31:14 pm »
Hi Fine Folks,

It's been several decades since Riven was involved with Saddlebag Pawn. I'm reaching out to the GMs to see if you all need to make any decisions regarding the shop prior to Riven getting back involved. Such as have any PCs been running it, or has it been NPC shopkeepers and shop guards, etc. What to do with the funds (donate to rebuild X, Y, or Z, or it's been taken to compensate those who run the shop, or there's a theft at the shop, etc.).

Riven started the shop back in the day, using a mule and saddlebags. Eventually, he collaborated with Tyrian, the owner of the Twin Dragon Inn, to house the shop in the back of the inn. And later Riven joined forces with Calylith to move it and expand it in a more convenient location for folks. I also had a halfling shopkeeper character named Tinpin who helped with the ledger (only function of that character was RP in the shop, no questing, no leveling).

The info I learned on Discord was it sounds like the shop has been running on its own, with shopkeepers and shop guards assumed to be there.

I'm bringing this to your attention so you can decide what has transpired so I know how to play Riven, when he knocks on the door and inquires about the shop.

Before RL hit me and I fled Layo, Riven and Cali had discussed running it together, and getting Breanna involved. I don't know how that turned out (I've messaged Elohanna about that). Also, I just talked with Tobias on Discord, and his character Celador was in a relationship with Cali, and he has interest in helping with the shop.

At any rate - i leave it in your hands if there are decisions to be made. And otherwise, once I get Riven's description changed (as he's older), I'll log in, see if my bedroom and chests are still there in the building, and offer my services to whoever PCs or NPCs are currently "in charge", assuming they don't just say, "so long, Riven, you've been gone too long, so stay gone!"
Character Submissions / Character Submission - Jinn
« Last post by Script Wrecked on Today at 12:51:26 pm »
Name: Jinn
Age: 44
Class(es): Bard(15)/Skald(5)
Race: Dwarf
Subrace: Shield
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Vorax
Domains (if cleric): ~

Jinn sat on the edge of the quayside, pondering his reflection darkened by the fiery skies above.  He had finished his term of five years at the war academy in Metal in Rhughal's Realm on Molten Island.  It had been a journey of... self discovery, and not all to his liking.  He was initially assigned to the soldiery, but his nature had not been a good fit for the high level of drill and regimen.  This was despite his own expectations and his devotion to the Battle Father.  After several reassignments, he had found his place in the pipes and drum corp.

A piper and drummer would be assigned to a company of warriors, and were responsible for keeping the marching soldiers in-step and signalling orders during battle.  Some of the signals were vexacious to the veterans when practised on the parade ground; "fallback" and "retreat" earned looks of ire, but "rally" would seemingly summon waves of warriors ready to fight to the last.

It was during a particularly desperate battle that Jinn was inspired by the dwarves fighting so valiantly to get to the rally point that he could not help himself but break into the ballad of Thergrim Stonefist. He beat the drums harder and sung as loud as his throat could carry.  His chest was filled with a new energy, and if all the dwarves had fallen in their struggle, it would have been a glorious end worthy of its own song.

Afterwards, Jinn had been congratulated by several of the surviving warriors for his rousing rendition. However, he had a stirring sense of unease.  Recollections of his childhood surfaced to haunt him, of strange happenings, of an ignominy that he might be blighted by... magick.

Somewhat out of shame, Jinn sought the council of his company leader, his commander, and his battle priest regards his situation.  But when he sought the advice of his parents, he was caught off-guard when his mother him told him to embrace it.  She tried to put this apparent calamnity into a different context.  She told him how trial and adversity could forge a greater individual.  She explained that Jinn had been named for her inspirational friend from her younger days who had became a force for good in the world despite the insurmountable issue of his heritage.

However, when he got the full details, Jinn was distraught. Not only was he afflicted by a taint of magick, he was named for a mongrel half dark elf. His anger welled up; what had he done to deserve this?  He bellowed his frustration at the top of his lungs. In a brief moment of rapture, he felt that if he could shout loud enough, the very vault would crash down on top of him and end all of this discord.

But it didn't.

Days later, he sat on the dock, his sense of disappointment almost palpable.  He would leave this place, and, well, who knew what next.


A shocking mane of thick black hair and a beard crowns the head of this dwarf, though they are in scant measure by comparison to the dirge of bagpipes or dinn of drums when he plays, seemingly to rouse the very fallen for battle.

OOC Acknowledgment:

I hereby state that Jinn will receive no extra benefits from prior familial relationships.

~Script Wrecked
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