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DM Name: Leanthar Spellore Forum Name: Leanthar Account Name: Leanthar Character Names: At least one (but no names) :) Real Name (Full): Dan Scott Age: 37 Sex: Male Location: Oakhurst, Ca. Interests: Family Time, Designing, GM’ing, Roleplaying, Reading, Movies, and Writing.  I enjoy fantasy and medieval history. Hopes: That my loved ones have a long, healthy, and happy life.  That Layonara is discovered and some day I am lucky enough to be a well known designer with a world that is loved.  That the Layonara community thrives and moves to many additional levels in the gaming world. Layonara Position: Creator Layonara History: I have been designing/developing Layonara for about twelve years now, perhaps longer.  It has been a long time and many things have changed.  Layonara is in its third incarnation.  I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to GM a few different PnP players (groups) throughout the years.  They are really who created the world, not so much me, they do it through their reactions and I fill in information between sessions.  Players have a knack of keeping one on his/her toes. J  I could go on and on in this area but I will stop there for now. Now that Layonara is online it has grown by leaps and bounds and once again it is the players that are expanding and defining Layonara and its History. The GM and Content Teams for Layonara (the online version) is top notch and work many long hours to make sure players have fun.  I am very proud of them! Layonara Interests: I am a strong believer in allowing players to create their own destiny (good or bad, fail or prosper), as such I trying to make sure the plot(s) are open enough to where players truly can affect the outcome.  I have had two worlds destroyed due to player actions and they were major learning experiences…but at the same time the players realized that their deeds can have that outcome.  I have learned how to try and hedge that at times but there are many times in the plot that there is that possibility.  Layonara is my heart and soul when it comes to gaming. J Layonara Duties: I manage the day to day operations as well as create content for the world.  I have the best team that I could ever hope for and for that I am thankful.  Without them Layonara Online would not be a 1/100th of what it is today.  Oh, I also run the plot quests. Final Words: Welcome to Layonara!  Go out, have fun, treat people with respect and be a part of a great community.  Please rest assured that I, or any GM team member, can be approached should the need arise so please do not hesitate to do so. Contact me: ICQ: 201333827 Email: