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Fian Bearsark

another hello again
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:51:54 pm »
Once again I got lured back here. And Layo is still here! I joined almost 10 years ago and you guys have squeezed every drop of fun and RP out of the clunky ancient Aurora engine. Dorg and Onest8 and Orth and everyone else involved in building and maintaining should all be running the government with that kind of efficency hahaI was skmiming the site and saw some familiar names and missed not seeing others. I knew soooo many people like Seteece, Pathfinder, Celgar, Marainna, Brutus (yes I saw you on here you old dog), Ollom, Cole Einfall, Dorganath (shared a house haha) Bris, Plen, Rakish, Farros (oh, the kilts!) and too many others to name and try to spell. Heck I even remember an attempted server attack by a disgrunted player! I had a great time playing Fian and Drawna especially and more recently Mimir.So once again I'm going to try and get into the PW I liked the most online.Now, the uncomfortable quesion - how the heck do I log in?? All my old server addresses don't work (but I know my NWN id !) I think I need another helpful PM from Minera or somebody *whimper* 
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Hi Fian... so good to see you
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2014, 01:35:58 am »

Hi Fian... so good to see you again. Welcome back. If you don't receive the PM you have asked for, please respond here and we'll get someone on fixing you all up... :-)



Fian!I definitely remember
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2014, 08:25:25 am »


I definitely remember you.  Glad to see you back around.

As far as access goes, just look up any approved character thread and you should be able to find the information.  Probably the most significant difference (besides possibly the address) is that both West and Central are on the same server, so they have the same address but a different port (West - 5121, Central - 5122).  East was merged with Central quite a few years ago, so it's only those two game servers these days.



Woohoo! Somebody wake up
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2014, 04:20:43 pm »

Woohoo! Somebody wake up Farros!  Fian's back! Now if we could just get old "Olly" (Ollum) to jump back in we'll be cook'n with butter!! 

Well Fian, I don't mind saying, you have been missed. I'm glad you're jumping back in. If you find Mangus once you get in, he can help you get up and running again.  You know I'm terrible with all the computer stuff so I'll be of no use to you in sorting out any of the weird glitches, but Dorg and those guys are really outstanding, so I guarantee you, they will get it figured out, whatever it is. Other than that, sad to say Seteece, is still in the MIA column, and, while I have heard rumors that Ozzy tried to make a tiny little comeback sometime ago I haven't seen or heard from him. Also, sadly true for Yashillia and Talon Vlash. 

But Layonara is alive and well. Rave has been pushing some outstanding RP both in the forums )which I'm sure you've noticed) and in game. So you can more or less guarantee that an event will appear on the calendar and in some cases two or three per month.

I can't recall if you knew Lance stargazer back in the day, you probably did, well he's still here, and he is pushing some excellent RP as well.

I myself am doing as much as I can to deliver some RP where I can, and I have been gaming quite a lot lately, RL has permitted me some pretty good downtime so you should see me here a lot. I guarantee, if you bump into me, I will take you for a nice big long run! Lol!

Its good to hear you are alive and well my friend, hope to see you in game. 




Ollum Hammersong

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    **Wanders in, scratching his
    « Reply #4 on: July 06, 2014, 09:44:42 pm »

    **Wanders in, scratching his bright red and ridiculously tangled beard.  Gestures around wildly with a tankard of ale, sloshing liquid and foam everywhere**

    "Oi! Wot's all dis I hear about that mangy half-orc Brutus Clawfoot askin' fer me...mewin' loike sum wee dainty kitten?!  Bah, tis almost enuf t' put me off me drinkin'!"


    **Knocks over potted fern, stumbles back out**



    (((miss ya terribly, D --  "Fian" told me he was returning to Layonara, so if I can get this game up and running, I'll be back... We are still living in the same place btw, stop by sometime!)))



    Olly! Duh heck's ya do'in
    « Reply #5 on: July 06, 2014, 11:21:55 pm »

    Olly! Duh heck's ya do'in drink'n when dere's adventure and rich's to be had!? 

    *The big fat half-Orc clumsily shovels the stout squat red bearded dwarf off to a more secluded corner of The One Eyed Harpy. He looks at him with a familiar gleem in his eyes.*

    An' Olly...*looks around and whispers* Ah gotta map!




    //Miss you and the misses too "M'y"! I'll tell you what, a lot of these cats are even playing this on laptops these days. I'm fairly confident you can breathe life back into it with whatever computer you have currently. If you need to, you can always download a GOG version of the game if you don't have your original. They are practically free these days. You will still need to download the hacks, but it's doable. The crowd here is exceptional of these days. These are all very good people. And Ferros is still alive and well although karma doesn't play him anymore. Karma's newer characters are just as fun and interesting to be around. 

    Popularity wise, it obviously isn't as populated as it was back in the day but in many ways that's a good thing. Everyone here knows their chops. Just tonight I went for a run through The Rift (a very challenging area) with a group of 5 other (wise and seasoned) players, and a DM was present as well. So Layonara is by no means abandoned. And again I don't mean to overly stress this but these were all great people to be around. Good RP, smart, enjoyable people.

    Obviously if you do pop on, my lead PC, Mangus will gladly show you around. But if I'm not there when you chime in I would be willing to bet, more or less anyone who happens to be on at that time would likely be willing to do the same. The place has changed quite a bit. They consolidated some stuff but it is still incredibly huge, there are so many places I've never been and I get around quite a bit. They also cleaned up some mechanics as well the fortune point system is a brilliant, solution to the long distances between later levels. 

    I've been back for about six or seven months and I'm having a blast. 

    Hopefully I'll see you in game soon.


    (remember, don't hurt the Mepo!)