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Author Topic: The who and the what now?  (Read 157 times)


The who and the what now?
« on: November 08, 2007, 06:29:03 am »
Well, it's me, Timo! (in a Mario voice)

A 25 year old computer shop worker doing part-time there, at a small town in Finland. Very near to the Russian border, about 20km to the border-station from here.

I was born near here too, or actually at this town, but I first lived at the border-station village (village, because it harbors something like 500 residents nowadays). And moved here with my old folks. I went to the local elementary school, visited the local high school for a year, then cut that, moved away and went through vocational school (computer / electronics), then tried my hands at another vocational school (arts). Neither the high school or arts-school really worked for me, the high-school was a because of difficult times, and the arts-school because I realized I wouldn't ever get a job / living out of that stuff here in Finland.

Then I tried a higher degree of computer-technology, for about 1½ years or so, but apparently I wasn't gifted enough in mathematics and so on, so I cut that off from my plans and am going with the vocational  school's papers now.

Military training: None, and I don't need to. Even though Finland has a forced upon military duty for every male after the age of 18, medical reasons can free you from this. Women can attend to the duty with free will. (Yes, this is against human-rights, the forced upon duty. Because if you don't go to the army, you'll go to jail for a year or so.) The medical reason for me: Schizophrenia and depression. (Don't worry, I ain't the psychopathic serial killer some TV-series and films of yore have epitomized schizophrenia patients to be) Nor do I have multiple personalities, those are a symptom of split-personality disorder, which has been documented upon a 100 persons throughout recorded history or so. ;)

And I live at my old folks home, heh, poor me. But it's a big place so I get a lot of room to fidget around, heheh.

Future plans? Some, including a steady job somewhere (not likely here, as there ain't but this one place to work at, and they don't have enough budget to hire me as is.) Maybe my own place (whee, bank loans!), and so on. Maybe make an album with a friend of mine. Me as the song writer and singer, he as the composer. Of course this would be just a studio album, with mixer drums and so on most likely. But with authentic guitars and bass and synthesizers.
Would be something in the line of black metal / doom metal.
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Re: The who and the what now?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2007, 09:56:08 am »
Rock on, Timo. Rock on. My brother's named Timo too. Awesomeness.