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Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Event
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:06:40 pm »

Greetings all!Now that the dates are final for the Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (hereafter NWPAD), we are planning the server’s participation as well! Yay!The event itself runs from July 10th to July 25th. We encourage you guys to go check out the other participating servers. They have some neat little prizes and things you can do (for funsies of course!). I believe there’s going to be some postings (probably linked to from here) to tell you about all the places you can go.

Layonara will be hosting a 7-ish day event during that time period when folks from other places can come check us out. This is how that’s going to work:

  • We’re going to open up the server with a temporary password that is open to the public. (Sorry to anyone using auto dialers!)

  • No character applications will be necessary for the duration of our event. This includes you guys! If you want to just do some kinda fun thing for a couple of days, please feel free.

  • While no applications are necessary, we will purge the characters created in this time frame UNLESS, you a) state the intentions to apply in the character apps or b) apply in the character apps within 30 days of the closure of our event. For those only stating intentions, it needs to be done in 30 days, barring some special circumstances, in which case, PLEASE let us know ASAP.

  • There will be a post specific to the server explorers who might come check us out posted on the forums with the rules of engagement for our portion of the event. Please, please help new folks find that post so that they understand what is happening. Most of them will have found it for the password but we don’t want anyone who plays here to lose their character that they might want to keep and stick around for a while if they don’t see the details.

  • During this period, we will be having a non-canon period. This means, the RP that happens in this time frame doesn’t necessarily count. It frees the new folks from having to read up on lore, it frees you guys of having to worry about how to ICly react when someone introduces themselves as an apprentice of Drizzt/Elminster/Powerpuff Girls/A Rat Named Splinter etc. Just roll with it, though you’re welcome to offer lore information (in the form of where to go read up if they are interested, not the corrective/possibly finger wagging kind of way) via tell if you like. We’ll put out a few more details on this when we make the open post. It is pretty much like it sounds, though please still plan on using IC dialogs and // for OOC stuff.

  • LASTLY! There will be a funsie little collection item that we will be providing. It’s going to be located in the starting area, and you are welcome to grab one if you are participating in the event between servers etc. It’s part of an overall collection that goes between all the servers participating in the NWPAD event.


We are going to try to run some non-canon events during this time. Right now that’s not nailed down due to the time frame not having been sorted out until just recently. We would also love it if people would coordinate their own player events and post them on the calendar so folks can plan when they might want to jump in and play here. If you can hurry and get them on the calendar we will link to them on our post to the public when that goes up!

We hope everyone has fun! If you have any helpful suggestions for the event or questions about our part in it, please feel free to post below!



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Here's the Link to the New
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Here's the Link to the New Player info! Please direct people here if they are looking to participate.