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Author Topic: Version 3.52 is online!  (Read 357 times)


Version 3.52 is online!
« on: March 05, 2015, 10:33:03 am »

Version 3.52 is online!

Was going to do this tonight but the server was empty and despite not being able to get in game until later I've faith in my changes! (Read: everything's going to be broken) Couple of tweaks and bug fixes as the dust settles on the big update.


  • Fixed the player list showing Someone even after introduced

  • Delvers should not have been destroying weapons in the Mistone Deep

  • Fixed CNR skins not being created on occasion

  • Restored Pawn Shop to Fort Miritix

  • Added mangled titanium as a biproduct to failed arrowheads

  • Fixed a bug that was creating more RNQs than 6.



    If an RNQ NPC is awaiting a yes/no answer and the player says neither (or she doesn't understand) then re ask the question[/li][/list]


    Cleaned up a bit of the verbiage used for languages. [/li][li]

    Make sure GMs always see translated versions of language usage[/li][/list]

    Other updates:

    • More performance improvements, removed some unneeded scripts and reworked some persistent storage

    • No longer store the Layonara Date/Time on the db, instead we convert on the fly. 

    • Limit the storage log to only show the last 50 additions/removals. If more is needed for whatever reason let me know but it's a significant toll on the system.

    • The furniture system would loop through 40 times trying to add 5 new pieces of furniture, instead stop the loop at the count of furniture they have instead of the MAX 200. Bit of a performance increase.