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Forum thread created for the Mean Streets series!

Lance Stargazer:
*Aesthir speaks*  So what do we have then?*He looks to one side to Fleur then to the robe they are holding ,  but awaits the remarks of the ones present*

Fenthon, Cord and Fleur get together and paint a picture based upon the evidence and what Fleur has observed from her scryings.  Adding notes from previous sessions, they come up with a composite of the suspects and the victims.  (jpeg of sketch attached)Revenant stands human sized, very gaunt and with a withered and almost skeletal visage.  He has been seen with a ruested longsword and dark, tarnished robes with faint specks of gold peeking through.  A previous vision showed a much lighter color and signs that they were once the robes of a Rofirienite priest.  He was last seen entering the house of the Corathite cultist Evelyn Grace.  Everything he touches feels sticky and reeks of rotten flesh and incense.  He is assumed to be undead and skilled in magic.  Is a fan of hatemail and vigilante justice, always in search of "the one that got away".His Monster stands easily at 10 feet tall and according to the indentations of his tracks, must weigh over 2000lbs.  He is adorned with thick black blademail and carries a massive double axe.  Witnesses have described his movements and furious and quick, able to leap to the rooftops of buildings and strong enough to leave a small impact crater where he lands.  He was last seen jumping into the bay of Vehl.  He reeks of rotting flesh and dried blood can be seen oozing from where the armor connects.  He is assumed to be a flesh golem following the commands of Revenant, and it is possible that the flesh used for him is gatherd from the bodies of the victims of those that he has killed.  Revenant's Monster enjoys long walks on the pier, meeting new and interesting villains, and crushing their skulls.Both have strange, green glowing eyes.  They have been noted to be able to easily see those skilled in hiding.  Their victims so far include the following...Trent Ragnar: Guardsman of Vehl responsible for the brutal murders of three women who had spurned his romantic intentions.  He was found spiked up in the rubble of a burned down tower in the slums district.  The pike used appeared to be a gold-plated spire ripped from the top of the temple of Rofirien.  Given the sheer strength and brutailty of the murder and the sample of rotting flesh left behind, this murder is attributed to Revenant's Monster.  The witness was spotted by the monster but ignored by him as he left.Evelyn Grace: Masquerading as an Aeridenite charity woman, Evelyn murdered no less than 48 of the street urchins lured to her halfway house over the years.  In her basement was an altar to Corath and many cages for the children.  She was found stabbed 48 times and nailed to the wall with the onyx dagger that she used in her rituals.  Witnesses recall seeing Revenant near her house and the monster leaping into the sea, indicating that he murdered her directly.The Cutters: A street gang of thrill-killers responsible for many murders across Mistone, half a dozen cutters met their end in one of the market squares of Vehl.  A witness on the scene was also spared.  In fact, the Monster was said to have saved the girl and her infant brother from the Cutters and left her a satchel of gold gathered from the bodies of the victims.The Copycat Killer: Dubbing himself "Shadow of Vengeance" this man started his killing spree after Revenants early kills.  Likely his targets did not fit the code, as he was crushed by Revenant's Monster after the Shadow was suspected of killing a few petty criminals suspected of non-violent crimes.  It is noted that the strength of the monster was weaker back then than it is now, given that it took multiple bludgeoning blows to finish the job.

Ty visits the Rofirinite temple - after a thorough bath and change of clothes - and asks to speak to a judicar. He gives his name as only Ty Reid, not Ty Reid-Dragonheart.  If he's asked why he wants to speak to someone, he notes he is particularly interested in records or recollections of worshippers of Rofirein who have been convicted of crimes in which they steadfastly maintained their innocence and that it is in relation to the current happenings in Vehl.He will also seek permission to see the books on recent, unsolved serious crimes in Vehl. 

Lance Stargazer:
*In the meantime Aesthir has gone thru his own investigations* // Pm sent Lonn.


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