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Just for Fun / funny
« on: April 07, 2024, 10:11:02 pm »
Alec in trouble..
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Character Submissions / Alec the Mute: Resubmit for Wizard Levels
« on: April 06, 2024, 07:24:14 pm »
Character Name: Alec the MuteCharacter Age: 21
 Character Class:  ClericCharacter Race:  HumanCharacter Gender: MaleCharacter Alignment: Neutral GoodDeity Associated With: AragenCleric Domain: Knowledge, ProtectionCharacter Birthplace: Outskirts near Blackford CastleCharacter Biography:
Born from a couple of peasants in the Blackford Castle area, Alec was always interested in collecting information.  Due to the closeness of Blackford Castle and its library, Alec would listen in on discussions of various subjects.  One day Alec discovered a portal in the library that brought him to another bigger library.  Alec would spend days on end in this library reading and researching for whatever caught his fancy for that day.One day, when he was about 13, while riding horse, Alec was preoccupied with his thoughts and didn't notice a tree branch was hanging too low.  When the horse galloped under it, Alec was knocked off, with severe damage to his neck.  His parents, being peasants, could not afford extensive medical treatment, but somehow, Alec pulled through.Being bookish before this accident, Alec turned to the library with its multitude of books for solace.  One day, a couple of years later, he noticed a couple of men wearing a symbol of a scroll at the library.  Being naturally curious, Alec followed them around for a while until they noticed him.  When questioned, Alec demonstrated his knowledge and proficiency with information to these men.  They invited him to come travel with them. After a while, the priests of Aragen offered to tutor Alec in the ways of Aragen.  They brought him scrolls and books on a variety of topics.  Alec eagerly read through these scrolls and books, always looking for more information.  After five years of training and tutoring, the priests presented Alec with a necklace with a scroll on it, symbolizing his devotion to Aragen.Extra Credit:Height: 5'8"Weight: 160Alec has a scar across his neck from the accident with a tree.  He remains very quiet and reserved.  Since becoming a cleric of Aragen, Alec has gotten a tattoo of a scroll on his right forearm.Alec is mute from the injury to his neck when he was younger.  // Spell-casting is done with the Silent Spell feat, since he is mute.  All spells are 1 circle higher.Dogma:Alec is fully aware of Aragen's policy of collecting information.  He is loath to let any information pass him by.  Alec prefers non-violent ways, but will use a staff or sling to protect himself or knowledge.  Alec is non-judgemental, for the most part. 

** New Information  **
What good, knowledge without the ability to acquire it? The world is a dangerous place, and one must be prepared to protect oneself to survive.  While faithfully adhering to Aragen's dogmas of non-violence, not changing or being changed by events, I have found myself bordering on heresy.  This cannot continue. Either I must change, or the ways of Aragen must change, but I know that gods change but seldom.  I have studied Al'Noth passively, only through the powers granted to me by Aragen, and I have seen people who channel the Al'Noth, and I am sure that I can apply my wisdom and experience into practicing this art.  May Aragen find me worthy!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: orc basher shop
« on: March 30, 2024, 08:50:57 pm »
As Contracted by Jeb, Charlee delivers the following resources to the guild hall

50 Branches of Mahogany
74 Lumps of Coal
72 Raw Quartz Crystals

Greater Archers Belt and Vestment of Faith  traded with 22,700 coins paid.
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Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission - Monk
« on: March 26, 2024, 10:24:57 pm »
as a side note you should know that i get we all have lives. i appreciate the staff and never have a problem waiting for replies.  you all give your time freely and i think we all say thank you for that.
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// I heard from Milty that these are not for sale, so pretend this didn't happen! I'll return the items //
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Trade Board at Center
« on: February 13, 2024, 08:06:47 pm »
// Bron pins a parchment to the board //

Seeking 50 quartz crystals - freshly mined, unwashed, not bought from a store.
50 True paid for each.
Drop off in the "Barter 1" chest in the hall of the Crimson Company Guildhouse.
186 Haven

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Barley drops off some things:

'D.B's longsword (copper, fire): 30% of lens = 1184
P.S.'s two-bladed sword (copper, fire): 30% of lens = 518
G.S. Gauntlet (SR 16): 75% of 1440 = 1080
15 spider silk x 100 = 1500
21 juniper x 15 = 315
30 licorice x 15 = 450
13 chestnuts x 60 = 780
7 raspberries x 45 = 315
11 birch bark x 40 = 440
Total dropped off: 6582

Took 2 ingots of copper: 40
Paid 4 coins

Previous credit: 41,491
-40, + 6582 = New Credit of 48,033
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Roleplaying / Re: Rebuilding the village of Vale
« on: February 07, 2024, 10:30:17 am »
/// donation chests emptied and totals updated ///
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After review, this is approved.

Just a reminder that you need at least five levels of the Fighter class (which you indicated you plan to take six levels, so we're good there), and the precedent is to take the first five levels of Fighter consecutively.

See you in game!
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General Discussion / Re: Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 14, 2024, 11:43:15 am »
Happening in 30 min.   What shall it be?  Exploring the unknown?  Lizardmen leader's head?   Suicide mission for the shadow paw leader?  Grandfather's ashes?  Bugbears or giants on Alindor?   How about Trolls or killing the Zamin?  So many choices :)   

If this is not a good time slot, please suggest another.   I really want to make this work for everybody
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General Discussion / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 03, 2024, 08:49:38 pm »
Meet by the fire in Center and we'll decide where the adventure goes depending on the skills of the party assembled

12 (noon)  EST  9am (PST)  5pm GMT

Preferred characters level 16 and under but having a very skilled guide (Uber Epics) would be nice too

A chance to get to know some of the lower characters and give them a chance to do stuff while not solo

This is a player driven event though a GM may poke there head(s) in and make it more interesting if they want to.

Want to include as many as possible that are interested, so if this time does not work - suggest another or post your name and timezone and we can see what  compromises we can come up with
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Calendar Events / Adventure's Club Outing
« on: January 03, 2024, 08:47:07 pm »
Meet by the fire in Center and we'll decide where the adventure goes depending on the skills of the party assembled

12 (noon)  EST  9am (PST)  5pm GMT

Preferred characters level 16 and under but having a very skilled guide ( Uber Epics) would be nice too

A chance to get to know some of the lower characters and give them a chance to do stuff while not solo

This is a player driven event though a GM may poke there head(s) in and make it more interesting if they want to.
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Long-running Quests / Re: Vizer's Tablet - Renamed Khnumhotep I
« on: November 26, 2023, 07:26:49 pm »
Session One complete. I'll add a general synopsis of events later this week. Session ran approximately 3 hours long. I'll update the thread, calendar, and Discord when Session Two is ready. The quest line is not closed. Additional players can find an RP way into the next one.

Mangus Crunch
Amaranth Redwood
Markyl Hufvudsson
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Long-running Quests / Vizer's Tablet - Renamed Khnumhotep I
« on: November 25, 2023, 01:11:23 am »
Town Criers in many locations have been hired to publish the following message:

Arthur Widdleford is missing! A well-known archeologist specializing in hieroglyphic languages from ancient Mistone civilizations. The curator of a small Port Hempstead Museum called the "Vizer's Tablet" is offering a modest reward."


Anthony stands outside the Vizer’s Tablet in the cool Port Hempstead evening smoking his thin cigarillo. The sound of an anvil can be heard in the distance in one of the districts many craft halls. The sweet smoke circles his head as he watches two ladies run by him. He starts to say hello, but they are out of earshot too quick. He briefly thought they were going to stop at the alleyway to his small museum, but suddenly discounted that as they passed by. He mumbles to himself “Where are you, Arthur? As he turns and walks to his museum/research shop. An exquisite bottle of red merlot from the Succession Kingdom is waiting for him.  *He does not notice the cloaked and hooded figure melding into the shadows of a nearby doorway watching him intensely. *
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Character Submissions / New character submission : Charlee Hommell
« on: November 23, 2023, 11:20:26 am »
Name: Charlee Homell
Race: Human
Subrace (if applicable):
Alignment: NG
Deity (if devoted):
Domains (if cleric):
Biography and Description:
Charlee's father always wanted a boy.  He got Charlee instead.  Not to say he didn't love and care for his daughter, he did.  He, however, didn't understand her.  Never one for the more domestic pursuits, Charlee is more at home with a sword than a needle.  She can cook but on a campfire, not a stove. She can hunt for her supper and she considers sparing as dancing.
She's left her family's cottage on the outskirts of Hlint with plans and dreams of adventure.  Only time will tell if it was the right decision.
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Character Submissions / Re: Character Submission: Valanya Godwinson
« on: October 13, 2023, 02:36:43 pm »
Hello gavinsmith2600,

thank you for your submission. It is a solid submission, but I am afraid I have to clarify some things (if I read correctly on discord, you are a returnee and some things have changed over the years):

Due to some IG events, no half-races are born after the year 1421. As some IG time has already passed (it is already the year 1490), the starting age of a half-elven character would be 87 years old. I did a check myself and I can no longer select a half elf during the race selection screen upon character creation.

Not relevant for the initial submission, but for a possible resub I'd like to mention that paladins have restricted multiclassing ( While it is still possible to take sorcerer levels later on, Valanya may not freely take any more paladin levels after taking a level in a new class.

Also, as it is a paladin submission, I'd like you to extend the additional statements a little more ( I am kind of missing the first point.

Due to the responsibility of a character who is granted divine power to uphold these things submissions for Clerics, Paladins and Champions must contain the following three sections in addition to the standard submission:
  • An acknowledgement that the player has read and understands the dogma and expectations of their chosen deity and intends to follow them.
  • How this particular character sees and interprets their deity's dogma in the past, and how they will, in the future, reflect that interpretation. This does not mean that your character may not change how they interpret the dogma or how they embody that interpretation as they are influenced by world events and RP. Treat this section as more of a description of how your character currently plans to embody their interpretation of the dogma.
  • A discussion/explanation with respect to how closely the character follows normal practices of the chosen deity, particularly in regards to the character's choice of weapon, armor, clothing and even colors worn.

Just as a side note: The weave is now known as the Al'Noth  ;)

As I already mentioned before, I really like the submission per se. It truly is a good read and without the race (which can no longer be selected during character creation) and the missing statement regarding your understanding of the dogma, I'd approve it right away.

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Character Submissions / Character Submission: Valanya Godwinson
« on: October 13, 2023, 04:20:25 am »
Full Name: Valanya Godwinson
Age: 26
Class(es): Paladin, possible CDQ for Sorcerer in the future
Race: Half Elf
Alignment: LG
Deity: Lucinda

The family of Valanya Godwinson have always been part of the weave; generations of Godwinsons have been wizards for as long as she remembers.

Valanya was brought up by her father and other close family, for her elven mother died when Valanya was 12 on an archaeological expedition to the dragon isles, searching for magical artefacts.

Given her boisterous upbringing (she has 3 brothers); she understandably has a good grasp of fighting and finding the enemies (or older brothers) weak spots. Although Valanya has many half elven tendencies, her human upbringing has given a more human view of the world, too young to fully understand her mother’s elven influence.

Given her families dedication to Lucinda, it was obvious that Valanya would proceed down a path related to her, as 2 of her brother had already proceeded to become mages (the other is a baker).

As long as she could remember Valanya felt the weave differently from her kin. It scared her that it seemed more dominant and forceful than the magic her brothers had strived so hard to master through years of intense study. Many times she had nightmares of fire and explosions and awoke with singed bed clothes. She told her father, Gawain of these visions, and he understood that unlike any of his other wizard ancestors, there was a potential Sorcerer in the family. He knew little of his wife’s ancestry and suspects she inherited it from her. He was proud to have such magic potential in his family but feared for her safety, as only other sorcerers could nurture this intuition based gift, as he could instruct her little, only ever methodically learning from books and ancient texts.

 However, another idea struck him and he recommended the Knightly Order of Lucinda, for as powerful with the weave as she was, she was a strong, just and noble girl, full of energy and devoted to Lucinda. With the rigorous training under seasoned Paladins he hoped she could either channel her energy into the protection of Lucinda and the weave, or one day conquer her own fears and realise her potential as a Sorcerer, and honour Lucinda with the weave.

Gawain took his daughter to the temple of Lucinda and explained her plight to the    Protectors, they understood her unique problem and agreed to train her, we she excelled in the use of a rapier.

1.Valanya has a natural talent for the weave, bubbling under her surface like fire. However, Valanya has suppressed it as she wishes to take a more assertive role in defending her tenets and has pledged her self to a Paladins servitude to Lucinda. Though she has doubts whether she can suppress the bubbling raw magic it forever.

2. Valanya’s adherence to Lucinda’s laws are as much instinctive as consciously aware, although she knows them rigorously. Valanya intends to promote and defend the weave in all its forms and guises, particularly in strength and wisdom.

3.When danger looms and the weave is threatened, Valanya tends to wear full armour and a  wields a rapier and  shield, however in peace time she wears long flowing purple and white robes that dance in the wind, symbolising the ever flowing weave.
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*Cask looks thru the armors and weaponry with a bit more coin this time. Placing his armor and shield in the free donation bin hoping it will help someone else.*

         Bronze Full Plate
         Bronze Kite Shield

Sells Used:
         Irom Dwarven Waraxe

          Iron Full Plate
          Bronze Tower Shield
          Adamantium Dwarven Waraxe

          9,000 GP
          2,000 Credit

Remaining Credit: 0
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Introduce Yourself -- Game Masters / GM Ravemore
« on: May 26, 2023, 12:32:32 am »
I’m playing from the Eastern US time zone and I'm a returning GM. I was on the team back in 2011. I first started playing Layonara in 2006. I met a lot of really cool people here. I come from a long, long roleplaying background. Anyway, real life pulled me away with a cross country move for work, my master’s degree program, and later a cancer diagnosis for both my wife and I. We both beat it and I’m pushing 5 years now in the clear. The kids are grown up, graduated college, have good jobs, and are mostly on their own. I’ve been back to Layonara since last fall and I’m now ready to do some part time GM work. So… a little bit about my GM style.

1.) I enjoy putting together short impromptu quest sessions most. My ideal groups are smaller. I’m likely to limit participation to no more than 3-6 players. If I schedule a quest its usually “first come first serve.” I love dropping random monsters or encounters on players without formal quests. If you are in the Deep and start seeing weird stuff and it starts becoming much more difficult… A good bet is that I’m probably in the server.

2.) After I have had a fair amount of time re-learning the tools and lore I will run CDQ’s, but there are some caveats. Characters need to be below 10th level. You need to have a journal with enough material for me to work with. Although I will run Corath themed quests, I will not involve myself in ones affecting leadership positions in the church or other affiliated organizations. My main player character could potentially create conflicts (real or imagined.) If I get more than two pending CDQ’s I’ll shut myself off from more signups until further notice. It might be a long time too. I’m not keen on the idea of running them one after another continuously. For the time being I am closed, but I'm open to discussing future ones though now via PM's in Discord.

3.) Good RP will get you good XP… Excellent RP will get you excellent XP. No RP will get you a rust monster.

4.) Actions have consequences… some can be long lasting. Some might be awesome. Some might make you cry.

5.) I’m kind of picky about sleeping/resting. You don’t have to ask permission, but out in the wild places of the world, camps should be set up and night watches placed. Study your spell books, talk with each other a little bit, eat a little food, etc. In towns I don’t want to see you dropping in the middle of the busy street to rest. Find a place that makes sense.

6.) Loot should be split among all players at the end of the quest round-robin style. True should be evenly divided. No hiding or stealing… even if your class or alignment makes sense.

7.) Please have some patience with my use of mechanics and lore... it has been a long time since I have done this work.

8.) I reserve the right to make changes to this later.
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Bought 5x Crystal Rod IV @2500T
Paid 12500T

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