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General Discussion / Chaotic Neutrality
« on: August 16, 2005, 04:01:00 am »
Dogma:[/U]  Laws of the Self  One should live in benefit of the Self. The Self is the One's well being, and the well being of the Self is the well being of the One.  One should never live in detriment of another's Self. This defies the Laws of Self. There is always an equally beneficial compromise to imposing yourself over another.  Order is a chaos that benefits only One, forcing all others to live under another set of Laws.  One's set of Laws should be in accordance with One's personal interests. One should not have a detrimental rule to One's Self, and should therefor must change One's set of Laws to benefit One's Self in the current situation.  On the matter of order and chaos  Laws are made to benefit the One who makes them. Laws will give way to tyranny of either minority or majority over those who feel free. To follow Laws is to follow a lesser life for you are giving in and subjugating yourself to another's well being.  That being said, one should only make Laws that benefit the Self. Having no others to impose One's laws over, One may change these Laws at a whim to suit personal Interest. If the Laws do not suit the Interests, then the Laws must be changed so that the Self may be benefited. No code of Laws, therefore, is ever permanent, and thus there can be no code of Laws. Living by gut Instinct and living by the Laws of the Self are one and the same for they benefit the Self.  On the matter of Morality  Morality is a set of principles that benefit the Self. To have Morality is to have laws that define the Self which are unchangable. Unchangable Laws cannot exist for then the Self cannot truly be benefited. Morality, either of Good or Evil stance, should not define One's actions over the actions of the Self. Instinct should take place over Morality.  Morality, thus, is more 'order'. Order does not always benefit the Self, and thus should not take precedence in One's life. One should be free to live by their own Laws, not Laws expected by others, or upheld by those with beliefs of Moral principality.  "Goodly" actions that do not benefit the self should not be partaken, for they are not in line with the Laws of the Self, and cause detriment to the One through sacrifice.  "Badly" actions that benefit the Self should be used when applicable. However, to fall into category as a One that takes Evil actions is to fall into a category of Morality, which is falling into a codified set of universal Laws that One should not be forced to abide by.  In English[/U]  The Laws of the Self  The Laws of the Self are simple; act in accordance with your own rules. Do not ever be forced to live under another's rules. Laws are only made to benefit the one in charge. To follow laws is to put your personal self at detriment, cramping your free spirit, so that another might be benefited.  Act in accordance with your personal best interests. If that means helping a group of rangers to track down a vile villain slaughtering innocent farm folk, so be it. If that means turning on the group of rangers to defend the vile villain, so be it. If that means staying out of the matter altogether, so be it. There is no need for discretion between morals as morals lead to laws, which are bad, as stated above.  Chaotic Neutrality should always follow the Laws of the Self: Doing what you feel is in your best interests. A lot of reliance on luck is common to these sorts of characters. An ordered plan and routine has enough variables in it that it should not be worth the time to plan out, and instead to follow the variables and act on instinct.  On the matter of order and chaos  Laws set by a governing body only ever benefit the interests of the governing body. Therefore the chaotic neutral person should not follow those laws unless absolutely neccessary, and even then should defy them if the well being of the chaotic neutral person has suffered enough.  To follow your own set of rules that you change at a whim to better suit your personal interests should be the utmost priority, not falling in like cattle to make another's life better. If the area does not suit your personal interests, change the area or move.  But don't overthrow the government, because that would be a moral choice, or the imposing of your interests over the interests of others, which is tyrannic and cramping free spirit. Best to let the world evolve as it will, and to live your life watching and taking joy in the chaotic outspurts it can have.  On the matter of good and evil  Don't follow a codified set of principles. Show no mercy if the goblin is going to be able to get up and send for reinforcements. Show mercy if the goblin will give you beef and gold and send you on your way. Defend the goblin if the goblin will give you much beef and gold and send you on your way.  Good is for those that would sacrifice their personal well being for the well being of others. This does not make sense to the Chaotic Neutral Person (hereafter called the CNP because I've grown lazy- See? An act of Chaotic Neutrality right there. :)), because personal gain is what the CNP is all about. Or, more correctly, personal interests.  Evil is for those that would make all else sacrifice their personal well being for the well being of themself. This doesn't make sense to the CNP because the CNP does not feel he/she has any business in the affair of others, making them pay for whatever, unless the CNP is protecting personal interests.  So, acting in accordance with personal interests, not the laws of another, nor the beliefs of universal agents, should be way of a Chaotic Neutral Person (hah, changed it again!).  In accordance with 3E; "Chaotic Neutral is the best allignment because radishes are red and therefore it all makes sense. Eat the radish because it's red, or throw it at a goblin because it's spicy. Up to you, really. Bye bye now."
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Wild Surge Inn / Just a few sayings penned down by a dwarf
« on: July 31, 2005, 03:21:00 pm »
-Never trust a beardless dwarf. They have something to hide along with their beards.

-Don't put all your nuggets in the forge at once.

-Don't put all your ore in one cart.

-Don't count all your ingots before they're smelted.

-Leave gnomes' work in gnomes' hands.

-You don't put a medal on a dwarf before the war is over.

-Even a failure at a forge has it's reason. Otherwise Dorand would have recycled the Gray Dwarves.

-The stone can sit in one place for centuries and will never complain. Be as the stone, and learn its patience.
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