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Just for Fun / this should perk up everyones day
« on: March 19, 2008, 04:23:29 pm »
everyone is born a bard
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Just for Fun / everyone with a vault account prior to feb 1
« on: March 07, 2008, 09:08:28 am »
if you liked undead overrides
and colored spell icons
and open hands
and various other clientside downloads the vault provided and you did so before feb 1 of this year it means you can vote

what are we voting for

the single player module teams module up for module of the year

it gives those not in the community a little taste of what is layo

so lets get to the links and cast our vote and show our support people to the single player mod team
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Hall of Heroes and Heroines / from feral to friend
« on: February 13, 2008, 01:59:16 pm »
Full Name: Drogo
Age: 120
Class(es): Druid
Race: Wild Elven
Subrace: (If Any)
Alignment: TN
Deity: Kitharien as his parents told him the ways of the clan, had been devout though nature in her whole holds his eye and mind

Bio/Description: born to a pair of rangers who roamed through the high forest,choosing to stay within its confines to raise their only son instead of leaving with the rest of the clan when they chose to move onward in their wanderings,young Drogo was at all times immersed in the lore and mysteries of the forest,its delicate beauties and its deadly denizens.

one week after his 50th birthing day his parents took him through the woods to see Harmony Grove for the first time,and they stumbled upon an ogre raiding party tearing a herd of deer apart with gleeful joy. his parents reacted swiftly and took down two of the ogres with well placed arrows before they became surrounded and cut off from him where he watched from the foliage. in barbaric furvor the ogres quickly dispatched his parents with mind numbing torture,ripping limbs and using the trees as obstacles for the thrown body parts.blood and gore covered the small glade,elf,deer,and the three ogre dead all mixed in mangled masses.shaken by the sight he only stayed still under the cover of the thick leaves and branches unable to move had he wanted too until long after the ogres left on their way

stumbling through the forest for days after eyes glazed and not knowing where he was,a lone figure slowly led him to a hollow tree and with a soft voice enspelled him into a long and drawn out slumber.when he woke the figure was still watching over him a small fire and some food nearby....

in the months that turned to years the figure, a druid of the High Forest, taught him many ways of the woods that some came naturally to him,and yet some he had not even thought had been able to be done.animals,plants,and the all encompassing nature took him under wing and brought forth the latent ability within...

on a normal trek from tending a small glade of young saplings, he heard a loud noise and when approaching silently,an ogre was seen drinking from the small stream,a blood frenzy over came Drogo and after a swift volley of two arrows then his sickle in hand began to dismember the beast ,blood and entrails flying in his blind the sun fell behind the tops of the trees and darkness came over him,still covered in the blood of the beast that had taken his only family from him, falling into the thick moss as the frenzy ebbed from his trembling form and blissful slumber claimed over him......

thus began the free roaming path of a wild elven druid Wmeve in his native tongue, and after a brief meeting with the gold dragon Ozlo, Drogo found himself in a strange place indeed.
Hlint was like a place he had only heard in nightmares, at the story circle, wooden walls and gates to keep free ranging creatures from getting inside, and Humans, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves all roaming about as a group.
Not knowing the human tongue made things hard at first, the people about spoke so rapidly around the young elf, pulled from his forest home by the whim of the ancient wyrm. After a week roaming about getting his bearings, Drogo came across a smaller group, all elves save one, a small hooded and cloaked mage that smelt like fire.
Grem was his name , and the others turned out many knew since being called and brought by the dragon. Ari was an archer from another clan so he felt somewhat at home, while the other two he didnt know how to react. Neppayako and Cymeran were black skinned from the deep, kin yes but he had always heard to kill them swiftly.
These four became Drogos hunting pack, with whom he traveled the lengths of the isle exploring , fighting, practicing, growing in skills and becoming a well disciplined battle group.
Grem was the first to leave , for his magic came first, they always thought, and Ari went with him to guard their small friend. In that, a new face was brought into their midst, a knight in learning Sir Thomas, and with his joining Drogo learned his first human word that he could say without stammering,Pallydum
Another aquaintence taught him a few more terms though he learned they didnt mix well with any humans around
Rrrrruuunnnnn Lehmun Berk

But then what do you expect from learning a language from a hissing Tiefer named Leather tail
Sir Thomas excelled in being the head on fighting wall the elves needed to utilize their talents, Cym with his healing, Nepp with his twin blades spinning about and Drogo having learned his strengths were assuming the form of a giant cat with fangs and claws ripping their foes
Thomas also gave them the name the wolf pack, which they kept to themselves. Now gold was pouring into the hands of these young elves and human friend, and though not having real use for it Drogo buried his in an old stump sealed with leaves and beeswax.
A Couple of years pass and slowly the human tongue is coming about, but still stammers through his elven lips, he meets the six who would join the small band and give it its final members before splitting on death and personal matters.
Daniel Poetr, Ferrit and Kyle Pandorn, Exodus Stonecutter, Rain Darsus, and even in the smallest amount of time when wandering Rhynn the pacer, would wander with the pack.

The wolf pack traveled across the isles, finding treasures, gathering resources, honing skills, until each was a fine young hero of the land in his/her own right. Their skills complemented each other, and they were in perfect sync when caught in combat.

The High Druidess Brisbane would be prevalent in Drogos life as well, knowing his wild side had to be brought in control to help the Oak in the best way. Tempering his Feral nature of the clans, and showing him steps to see beyond  the scene right before your eyes Drogo saw past the small ways of the present and some of the entirety that would make the lands future.
Four years after coming to Hlint Drogo could speak common passably though some words still gave him troubles, and some of his friends in their paths began to grow away from the group.

Cym was called to his temple on the eastern coast of Dregar, and was seen only for brief times, when duty allowed him to wander with the pack.
Nepp found something he didnt think he would ever find, love in another, and he and Ash settled down to raise a family in the Forest of Fog.
Exodus was called to his homeland to return to his clan duties, and as such was only seen when he was able to crawl from behind the forge.
Rain met a young sorceress and they settled down somewhat
So Drogo kept to his path as a druid serving the Oak across the lands and traveled with his friends Daniel, Ferrit, Kyle, Rhynn, Honora, all over Mistone and the isles.
One such travel brought the friends to the bottom of the ocean, in service to the mother ocean herself, Shindelaria, to find lost items, relics and restore the balance, to that which had fallen askew.
When completed, Drogo found himself honored by the Goddesses keeper, presented with a set of bracers, and deemed worthy to tend as druid the great kelp forest of the seas. His friends also received tokens for their accomplishments, each fitting their specialties and skills.
Back on land Drogo made new friends with a bard name Katrien, who made the most magnificent jewelry and items that would aid in his tending of the Oak and the balance as a whole.
Soon though, the friends were caught up in another bizarre turn of events, aiding a small child, whose family had been killed.

A chapter soon to be told
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Just for Fun / client side haks to give a new look to old things
« on: February 05, 2008, 09:44:16 am »
Undead Redux -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault



improved ghouls -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

ghoul reskin

Improved ghouls Reskin -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

Unfortunately, the ghast isn't included, but that's simple enough to remedy:

Just make a copy of either the c_ghoul or c_ghoullord file in your override folder (whichever you prefer) and rename the copy c_Ghast and you're all set.
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Roleplaying / Evil
« on: January 31, 2008, 08:58:40 am »
The word means many things, most of all what primarily every player on the servers fight against. Yes there are the small duos and trios who keep in their small groups plotting and trying to thwart the greater good,but many who are attempting to be the very minority,perhaps dont see what it really is.

Evil doesnt have to do with dressing in black and having a sinister voiceset, and covering yourself in skulls.
By the way those are the first ways you will be found out and in the end ripped apart by the goodies.

Evil on Layo for PC's is subtle, it isnt a planned shift to evil alignment worshipping Corath.Odds are you wont be approved for the shift unless you learn the subtlties that lie within the world we have all come to love so much.

Now, this is coming from actual knowing not guessing:
   When your Evil the following will occur:
1- Clerics will know, as their god/goddess will tell them
   This means if you die in combat, unless there is a reason beyond all     matters of them being sick, whether you travel with them or not, you will be dead for a long time, Thats right no raise, no rez, and if on a DM quest, alot of laying on the floor begining to decompose.

2- Palladins will know, if the clerics havent already told them
    Something about being a Holy Warrior for a god gives them a slight insight
(not to mention severe internal pains if they wander too close-thanks Ro)

3- To survive you need to think so far outside the box, you will find it hard to be devout, to whatever god/goddess you have chosen.
   See evil means one primary thing in all aspects, they will give up prey, or coin, or divine love, for their own selfish hide, after all you cant formulate the downfall for your gods wishes if your dead now can you.

Evil on Layo is subtle. Yes im saying it again. And for those who are new it will be hard to think why or how it has to be subtle. Just because you worship an evil god/goddess, doesnt mean you are the anti-thesis of the land.

You have to earn your place, and that means you have to live long enough , to gain skill and power enough to be able to walk through the city gates and your very presense causes doom and gloom, not with any action, but with reaction from those around you.

If you try to be despicable and known when your character is starting out, chances are you will be found out rather quickly, and if you dont have a little group to run about with, you will spend alot of alone time.

One of the most evil characters I ever met, he was simply sick and deranged, but you know something, noone would want to take him outside for a fight cause you dont know what an evil person is capable of,(and yes thats you Czukay).But if you found him in full armor in the caves and he happen to be killing the same giants you were, you would bring him with you for simple survival.
You know hes foul, sick, twisted, and eats pieces of meat stuck to the spines on his armor, but he can fight and ,though he might not do so directly, save your collective behinds.

Evil can be many things, and those who learn how to be discreet and not show their whole hand at the table on the first bet, are the ones who will be around to win the pot.

Evil and Evil intend-tend-tobes

You have to think far ahead,outside the box, and lay your plans and have contingency plans within those plans.
Always have plans with plans, or you will find yourself surrounded by those who have discovered who you are, and you wont have the strength to stand against those who would put you under the stones and not think twice of ridding yet another Evil from the land.
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General Discussion / is it just me
« on: December 14, 2007, 11:42:26 am »
or is seeing the children of those you travelled with whether you have permed that character or not, picking up their swords and staves and wandering about, not give you a wierd sense of time progression

like when you go to a family reunion and you havent seen your little cousin since he was 8 and now hes twenty

you know what i mean?
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General Discussion / happy turkey day everyone
« on: November 22, 2007, 11:12:22 am »
i know that the whole world doesnt celebrate thanksgiving but for those that do happy turkey day to all
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Rumour Has It / natures old nemesis has been put to rest
« on: November 16, 2007, 09:11:24 am »
in murmured talk around campfires, and fishing spots the furtrader known as johan, once thought to be dead just after the war, was seen once again craving a new pelt of a rare bear

the murmurs end with johan finding ironic end in a bears maw, a druid making ammends for all those skinned years ago
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General Discussion / i know some people have been quiet of late
« on: June 23, 2007, 06:12:08 pm »
after L with the future announcement

but what we are all forgetting is we have a wonderful world still open to us and there isnt any need to panic thinking its going to leave us anytime soon

they made the announcement to give us a hey gang this is whats going on behind the scenes

not a heres whats going on the rest is dead now till then

yes some people didnt care for not be told
but as a whole this will only be much better

the announcement let us as a community know why maybe we havent seen some faces for a bit
and now its understandable

i know everyone is still reading the forums i have seen 25 to 50 people online from time to time when the server counters read 7

dont get sad
look at the new as ascension from the old
a layo without someone else saying what layo can be

but until thats ready and L and the teams have said it
we have many months ahead of ourselves to play just as we always have been

so go log in remember why you love layo so much
you love it because you can escape from the real world into the realm L has layed down at our feet to wander roam and help shape

so throw off your meloncholy and go log in
go see your friends
and remember
even after the switch  its the people you log in to interact with inside the big sand box
not just to play alone in the sand

Fixed Bugs / minor naming change
« on: March 16, 2007, 01:19:25 am »
all of freyas items are still sent and named for v2
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Introduce Yourself / im not really a loose cannon
« on: March 13, 2007, 04:55:19 pm »
though people have said i was born 300 years too late,the tall ships and pirates with the flashing blades have always gotten my attention

though i also think i could be at home in the middle ages with the knights and maidens fair

my name is Chris,and im the development director with a company that builds and operates nightclubs throughout florida
37 years old i think,yep im older the the old man and Dnd has always been around with my loads of dice and all the books,to my collection of every scifantasy trilogy published in one form or the other

but the pirate knight seems to have come out with my main char
not so feral or wild anymore,but the last of the so called wolfpack,with Daniel hanging up his sword now

hes very thoughtful but quick to act if someone is not their to temper his fervor before the action happens
im the same way
i will have a club designed and ready to go to print and then find out they have to wait for a water survey
,go figure

i found layo after wandering a bit ,i played on city of arabel for 3 years and just got tired of being 12 level with a siphon making even if you killed something outrageous you got nothing,unless of course you had tokens from the dms for perfect rp
but how do you define perfect
you dont it was politics
but heywhen you lose levels for dying its a constant cycle to get as high as you can without dying unless you find  the rare cleric to travel with

layo was an eye opener,epics you could actually talk to and learn from and adventure with and you could see how you could shape your own destiny

thats what i love
course had some pvp issues coming from a city based server where you get mugged at night in the alleys

but i think i have toned down and reshaped some in the almost year ive been here,year in may i think

Drogo is still my favorite and will always be seen,or not seen as i now have an outlet for the dark things that druids cant do

Phaeyr is my newest incarnation,and he will grow as i am seeing his path evolve each day
you may like him ,you may hate him
you may never see him,you may just think you see him
but you may get bit by the spider
who knows

we will just have to see
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