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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: May 19, 2022, 05:09:39 pm »
Oak shortbow taken, 1500 true left.
Silk hood taken, 1200 true left.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: May 18, 2022, 01:29:29 am »
Merin's Bracers and Soppi's Cloak bought, 9600 true left in the payment chest. - Felcairn-
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*A simple note is left on a clean piece of parchment*
Bought - Blue boots. Aamethelia is the name on them.
Left 4000 true as your note priced them. -Felcairn-
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*A simple note is left on a clean piece of parchment*
Bought - Rings of strength, two of them, common gems but set well. One falchion, good copper make, acid coating.

Left 6491 true as your note priced them. -Felcairn-
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*hastily scrawled*
Took gold ingots, left 800 true for 8 of them.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:24:05 am »
*A poorly scrawled note is left in the greater jewelry case*

Took dragonscale bracers and left proper true per your standards.

I also took three greater resistances, electrical, fire and acid. Belt of the Battlemage taken. Do you wish true or trade?

An emerald amulet and ring taken. Unsure who they belong to. I left a few similar in their place, and some more emeralds. Hopefully they'll be put to use better than in my pockets. If a problem, or if wanting true, or more gems, or anything, send bird. I may be back within the season. Probably not. But maybe. Probably so.

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Took the Messenger Blade and left 13,500 true at the door.

-K. Agaetis-
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General Discussion / Hi
« on: December 18, 2021, 12:47:52 pm »
This game was awesome. How you all doing?
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General Discussion / Nostalgia Crawl Tonight?
« on: August 13, 2011, 06:57:51 pm »
For all those places we haven't been to in a long while and maybe even forgot?

Was wandering the desert today and completely forgot about an old area set that's a heck of a lot of fun (if it's still there).

It'd be neat meet in center maybe and try and think of those places you never actually think to go.

Center - 10 PM EST, Tonight, Levels 5-20ish?
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Development Journals and Discussion / Dusk's Litany: Haels Bryjun
« on: August 01, 2011, 04:30:58 pm »
He crept alongside the cavern walls, keeping in the middle of the pack of six he traveled with this day.  A rock brushed off his boot and tumbled towards a puddle nearby, the splash and ripple no more then a whisper - nevertheless belied by the frustration brewing in his expression.  His thoughts misdirected for a moment of useless anger...

[SIZE=10]Ain' ne'er been in worse a place dammit.  Caverns... *grunt* .... ain' no wind, ain' no way te figer if their comin' or goin'..  reckon I ain' even goin' te be right huntin' til them buggers are on top 'me.[/SIZE]

His mind calmed as Iri's hand shot up in pause.

[SIZE=10]Decent skill on that there missie.  Wit te match, save fer the wise part.  Reckon the wit's 'nough fer now.[/SIZE]

Crouching, he saw the goblins ahead.  His eyes darted between each, his mind directing them towards the armor's weight and gaps therein.  

[SIZE=10]Reckon they got some large ones in that there mix, couple bows te.  Ain' seein' the shamanfolk though.[/SIZE]

Iri disappeared around the corner ahead, Tori to the shadows behind.  A flash of his mum fogged his focus for a moment before his mind shrugged it aside.  He saw the tip of Tori's bolt out of the corner of his eye, before she was little more than shadow.

[SIZE=10]Now that there lass ain' without the wise... reckon she's righ' light on faith though.  Ain' much good will rollin' off that there tongue either.  Will got broken someplace I reckon.  Still... ain' without the wise.[/SIZE]

He crept forward to watch Iri's movement and gauge her plan... a grim grin playing on his lips as he thought of how rarely she seemed to tell the pack of her plan.  He saw a flicker of an arrowhead she had notched, but it was gone in a blink.

[SIZE=10]Right good in shadows that there missie.[/SIZE]

A clunk sounded as the Goranite's steaming arm apparently smashed up against the cavern's stone.  Haels looked towards the shadows between him and the goblins, trying to spot Iri again.  Nothing.  His eyes darted towards the goblins to catch any response to the sound.  Nothing.  He glanced back at the blue clothed man.

[SIZE=10]Goin' te need te take a whip on that lads hide if we git out of here.  Reckon I ain' met anyone with a head that wears shinin' blue like that when huntin'.  Danged fool... keeps makin' noise with that there contraption.  Ain' no good in puttin' bleedin' oversized metal on yer arms.  Goin' te git Iri killed like so.[/SIZE]

As he began to turn his gaze back to the goblins his right periphery caught the sight of Iri's arrow loose down the tunnel.  She sprinted back toward them.  A loud whisper sounded on Armand's lips and the Haels saw the illusion emerge.  He knew it somehow, from somewhere.  As his memory found it, Iri faded again into the shadows.  The memory overtook him in the longest of seconds before he loosed his first arrow from his own position.

Haels honey, come on and watch again, don't get frustrated now.

*Her hand wisped again as she brushed another stroke on the canvas.  The image of the strange cloud moved along with her hand, a whisper on her mouth as she painted the single stroke.  Her hand shimmered, the young boy squinted as he lost focus of her hand and arm for a split second, the image on the canvas still shifting behind where he should have seen her arm*

Are you watching dear?  Are you listening?
The old man couldn't remember the song, he loosed another arrow and took for a new position of cover, only remembering the sight of his mum.
Watch again Haels... if you listen to the song you'll feel what you see dear.

*Again, her hand brushed another stroke on the canvas.  The painting of the cloud once again shimmered and moved behind her hand and arm and shoulder.  Then it blurred altogether as his mum disappeared in full before his eyes.  The cloud stood still, the echo of her voice still in the air.  He felt her put her arms around him from behind in an embrace, he saw her arms appear and cross as they pulled him in tight and she whispered a gentle song into his ear*

The Goranite spoke aloud again and illusion once again poured from his hands.

The old man remembered the song.  And as he felt what he saw, he felt the veil of shadows around him, reaching about the cavern.

His first arrow met its mark.  A bit more left and it would've taken to the brain.  Hael's thoughts cursed as the beast now writhed on the floor, dying slowly instead of the death a better hunter would have granted.

[SIZE=10]One down there... dagnabit that one's onte me.... best git yerself a new shadow ole fella.[/SIZE]

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Just for Fun / Level 1 Fight Scene
« on: July 21, 2011, 12:38:29 am »
‪Worst Fight Scene Ever‬‏ - YouTube
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General Discussion / Hipshot Thought
« on: July 17, 2011, 02:43:42 am »
[SIZE=10]***post theme music* Sorry if you don't like bluegrass covers.  Lonn... you can put on some Celtic Frost or whatever it is you proud deviants listen to**[/SIZE]*

I'll admit I haven't given it more then 60 seconds thought.  Probably the problem with most my posts in the past.  That and I'll spend a half hour posting on a 60 second thought, instead of thinking for a half hour before writing.  I'll take the good with the bad on that one I suppose.  Anyhow.

Can you imagine how fun it'd be if everyone started a new character in two weeks and stuck with them as their primary?  Plot quests and everything?

I know its easy for me to say.  Back after two years, the few real roleplay attachments of PC's have left or died off, or moreso they're just not around much.  The best is dead.  No offense to the dudes I always played with... especially you Milty - I know Steel's sensitive to that sort of thing.

Logged on today... got luckier with emeralds then I ever have.  Seemed fun to do.  But yeah - didn't even see Storold sitting around to maybe have a chat that's pretty much like old senile guys playing chess at a park, complaining about politics from the last four decades.  Saw Ang and Alantha on, but there was a DM there so I figured I wouldn't interrupt.  They like their European thing and usually have a conversation that's tough to break into.  Tea, gravlax, and men playing field hockey... that sort of thing.  The sophistication usually cripples me.

Back on point... holy cow it was a lot of emeralds for three veins!  Even ran so long my daughter's naptime ran over and I had to scramble out of the deep knowing I was emotionally scarring her with abandonment.

Hold on... back on point - think about it.  What if two weeks from now every player logged in with a level 1 they could be in love with?  Excited about the character... and knowing everyone else was there.  It wasn't just a microgroup based off a mini-plotline that maybe everyone isn't 100% into rp'ing (which is great - don't get me wrong, I respect the efforts)... but every active player, not a theme group.

You can argue a million points, each of which have a lot of value... but there's not one of you that can say you don't get that itch with the server status when you see a bunch of folks your level.  And it's not in a two year old plotline you can't jump in or are afraid to join.  It's just folks in the same boat as you, in the same place as you.  It's a great server.  The graphics are horrible, the million and four overrides like to break people's computers so that you see stacked squirrels instead of gnomes... but it's all here.  The story is there.  The people are there.  We're just so spread out, and in our own stories, and usually not willing to start anew with the new within the mmo waiting around the difficult corner that we cling to the abandoned coffee houses of 24 timezones, viable level brackets, and character relationships.

Think about logging into Hlint, looking around, and seeing 15 people that you know are in the same boat as you on both ability... and story.  Think about that plot quest where you're not the one who's story backbone is a pelt quest you finished yesterday... standing next to Plen ---- and likewise not the 410 year old epic human who's trying to both enjoy what story and presence you've created while not drowning out the crowds you want so much to find common ground with around you.  It's hard for both sides.  Think about logging into that old Hlint.  Maybe it lasts three months, maybe it lasts a year before every old concern creeps back in... but it'd be a great time while it lasted... and it'd be better then 19 emeralds in one run, as lucky as they were.

But like I said.  Easy for me to say.

Still going to say it though.  It'd be a heck of a time.
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General Discussion / Howdy
« on: September 15, 2010, 01:49:12 am »
Everyone well?  I've been trollin' the site for a few weeks, and while listening to some old IWD tracks and couldn't help but say hey.
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General Discussion / Where I've Been
« on: April 09, 2010, 05:22:18 pm »
I just wanted to reach out to all the players that have been looking for the best roleplaying outlet available.  It is my duty as a human being.

Click Here
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General Discussion / For My 31st Birthday
« on: August 02, 2009, 01:45:27 pm »
I'm going to cut the cord for helping develop the NWN server further.

So, with a fresh new posting style, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I've had a brilliant time with a great number of you, even the ones I've gotten really into it with.  I always thought I'd make a farewell post with the list of everything I built here, because it would feel like some sort of reminder to everyone.  It's a bit silly though, as for years and years I've tried to legitimize my efforts to this community, and overly so.  I think it stems back to my embarrassing beginnings here... but I'm no pyschologist heh.  I enjoyed building most everything I built, and I'm very proud of how V3 turned out.  That's enough for me this time.

I will always support the MMO team's efforts, and I look forward to the new game.

There are a lot of reasons for leaving, and I'd explain them... but the folks I'd really want to understand probably already get it.

So best of luck, I'll still be around now and then, in game and on the forums, and Dorg, I'll try not to troll your posts on balance too much.

And with one last challenge... the toolset is easy to learn.  It just takes time if you're going to make something come out right.  Time learning all of the placeables and tile options so you know the brushes and colors to use.  But it's not technically hard.  I challenge one of you, anyone, to step it up and legitimize all of your scrutinizing comments on the way the server should or could be.  Make 10 areas to a new theme, send them to Dorg.  Someone, anyone, impress Layonara with something new for others to enjoy.  Even if you know it's ending someday, soon or not so soon, who knows... build it because you care for the server today.  Take up the torch, as I know there are some people who have wanted to prove me wrong on some things - and there's no bigger crux to it then this.  Everything else is just forum posts.

Take care all.

General Discussion / Honesty and Objectivity
« on: July 08, 2009, 11:10:16 pm »
Instead of responding to the sender, it sounds as though it would be best directed to everyone on the server.  This unfortunately degrades Milty's efforts of actually running something in a secretive IC fashion... but the reality is that if I'm actually to enjoy myself still on Layonara, this needs to be cleared up.  Otherwise, and I mean this very bluntly - the numerous individuals who seek to degrade someone's efforts, successes, and hours in game - by PM's, rumor spreading, and finding solace in the private exchange of assumptions... well, they continue to progress without actually doing anything in game.

The sender's very frank consolidation of the current questions is below.  I'll answer them in turn afterwards.

There are questions regarding the origin of these items.

There are questions regarding who gets the money and why.

This is where it goes downhill...

For those who know who is supplying the items, there are questions about the methods used to obtain them.

Based on already formed suspicions of how they were obtained, further questions speculate as to whether the GM is looking the other way just to appease you (Chongo) so you'll keep working on the modules.

People are wondering if you (Chongo) are just doing what you want without any oversight or having to answer to anyone. This ties into the whole recently-raised oxing issue too, which is unfortunately bleeding over into the event as well.

One thing feeds another, and the apparent secrecy isn't helping matters, and to be quite frank, whether these things are 100% unfounded or not, it's threatening to cast a pretty dark shadow over the whole event.

I probably don't have to tell you all that jaws are dropping so hard and fast at the screen shots that they're bouncing off the floor.

[SIZE=16]So, in turn:[/SIZE]

There are questions regarding the origin of these items.

1) Creatures.  A lot of them.  I'll get into this later.
2) Unique drop chests.  I seldom visit these unless I have other people with me.  They are smattered around the server in areas of 30+ CR, often much harder.  Maybe 5 of these things come from them, and if I wanted - it could be hundreds more.  Stop assuming.
3) These do not come from the fabled 'only the builder knows where it is' item shops.  I've made one shop mistake in my past.  I took an existing idea of the 'hidden shop', and made it with high-drop rated items.  This by itself bears no mistake.  What does is that I went there before others, or rather - with others of my own choosing.  I didn't go to buy myself things - I went to buy things for friends and players that were weak builds and I felt needed a boost before they DT'd out.  The mistake is in that a) it was done in a way that unfairly distributed aid, and 2) as the only person building areas, items, and creatures for NWN, it is my general, but recent to 3.2, contract with Leanthar that whenever something new goes in - I ensure that others find it first.  In hindsight, he shouldn't have had to advise me on the fairness of this - I should've figured it out on my own prior to 3.2 (which this was).  Now - all that said, it's moot to this raffle - there's nothing in there from that chunk, and as stated, any items purchased are in hands other then my own.  On shops in general, they are all fair, they are all balanced, and they are all well positioned.  Ask PC's in game - they are not well guarded secrets.

There are questions regarding who gets the money and why.

This is a good question that Milty and I have been figuring out.  Since it's a public debate over the virtue of such an event, I'm going to spell it out.  The original agreement was that Steel would run the event in a manner where I (Abiorn) would be completely hands-off since RL is busy.  I would pay his guild, and a significant percentage would go to charity - it just wasn't yet determined which one.  Now, Milty came up with a lot of clever ideas which the questioning folks haven't been patient enough to wait for.  Ultimately this ended up yielding a much higher amount of gold then we had initially projected.  The resulting idea for where gold would go was that his costs, which are significant with all the ideas going into this and the creative leveraging of multiple players in the community, would be covered... and then some.  The raffle proceeds, which with math you can see are quite high (and they're still changing IC folks so simmer down if you're still fired up about them) would be split between the benefactor of the event, and a single existing charity, mistone defense.

So, what I'd like people to consider is if they have enough knowledge of things to objectively speak of or criticize such an event.  The initial agreement was that my PC would walk with 2.8 million gold for an IC project he's working on.  2.8 million gold you say!!!  Gods!  What greed!

Now, as I've said rather harshly and reactively to the first person to come forward with this concern... this is whole thing is a gesture of altruism.  If I wanted gold I'd just auction off 5 items and have the same proceeds I would get from these 175 or whatever it ends up being raffled.  I could even name the it the 'Rich get richer' auction as it would have no opportunity for entry by all but the folks who have played long enough, and with the intended direction, to amass such wealth.

It's interesting to me because milty's very interesting delivery in marketing should've created a lot of IC hype.... but instead it's created a lot of OOC whispering and assumptions.  And I think the reason he or I did not expect this - is because we know the rest of what's going on for this... and probably found it unfathomable for such opinions to be formed.  Looking back at what information was available - it makes sense, and confirms one of the things I dislike most about internet communities.

This is where it goes downhill...
For those who know who is supplying the items, there are questions about the methods used to obtain them.

Right.  I addressed where they came from save for the creatures segment of it.  So let's be brief on the age old argument.  First, I'm sticking with a major point of disgust I have with the dynamic of our forum culture on RP.  

I feel that the merits and judging of roleplay and playstyle have always been corrupted by the ego of individuals who realized that the ability to degrade someone's fair efforts in-game on the forums or via PM channels would allow them perceived progression by itself.

Reread that.  

A lot of people have fallen into this methodology by which they need not actually put forth effort in game - they simply must comment on, degrade other's efforts despite ignorance in 99% of the cases, and provide legislation by means of the loudest and most persistant or echoed voice.  This allows people to find relative power, voice, and authority - without actually ever doing anything at all.  And if they are doing anything - this is allowing them a way to bring everything back to the scale their ego is comfortable with, where they feel good about themselves, and they are still a 'presence'.  I feel, that from the grass roots beginnings, the difficult bumps and bruises of learning to manage the 'good' and the 'bad' of large internet communities has bred a culture by which forum voice and politics are the only real efforts that yield approved power.  And this is an atrocity - it is a deformed contortion of original intent.

Reread that too.  Last time I'll ask it in this post - I promise.

So, the methodology of gaining these items.  Playstyle.  My playstyle has been criticized by a lot of folks, even folks that are my peers or superiors on Layonara.  And I'll be blunt, it's uninformed for the majority, and it's idiotic for the informed.

I've made so many posts about this sort of thing that it's ridiculous to entertain the same old arguments.

Roleplay is a role that you play.  It is a character.  Not a single person on this server can legitimately denounce my roleplay.

Playstyle, and it's definition, needs to be narrowed down.  I will call it what you enjoy doing when you come home from a long day at work or school or whatever it is you do outside of this.  Are there harmful playstyles?  Absolutely.  Sadistic and meanspirited behavior, and playstyles which betray your character roleplay.  I'm pretty sure this is it.  I think most arguments to include other things belong to the body of what I just criticized above.

Abilities, both for your character and within your own playing - are not applicable to judgement of playstyle.

When I built Abiorn it began from of an argument with a Layo staffer about the lacking balance between casters and non-casters.  I was shut down in my arguments.  So I at first built him to show the fault in these arguments.  I put a lot of thought into the actual roleplayed character - because otherwise it'd be a silly waste of time.  I figured it would be somewhat temporary though as I tend to believe in the one-character per player ideal (and I don't think there's anything right or wrong with that - it's just me, I like single focuses).  I'd have fun with him for a while, it was a quirky character, and yeah - I'd point out some mechanical realities.  And I ended up really coming to enjoy the actual character behind it.  I got involved in a lot of events that actually had some gravity behind them, and moreover I found a better character medium to develop IC relationships where the conversations ended up holding more depth then I'd ever had in a game.  3+ years later - it's the character through which I've had the best roleplayed experiences in my life.  And that's the goal of everything Layo should be.

And yes - the original build is apparent mechanically.  I can talk to any one of you, all of you at once - whatever you'd like - on how things end up working out mechanically.  And in this case it's not rocket science.  You have a 600+ HP, 75% concealed, hugely damage reduced, DC 44 caster.  Things are going to die and it's rarely him, even if I do play a bit reckless.

And the question I pose: ... does this by itself represent something wrong?  Is it malicious?  Is it not roleplayed as the character?  Do I not have fun with others playing it, and they with me?  And moreover, should these facts detract from the perception of the character? Far far far too many people on this server - they do.  And I think you should be embarrassed.

And moreover - should one be motivated to intentionally take 'weak' feats to temper some balance of mechanic?  Should this be a legitmate form of peer pressure in a roleplay server?  Should your mechanical power go into the overall equation of your worth as a player and/or degrade from it?  Is there an actual power median to which one should shoot for?

My response is... as long as the decisions on stats, skills, feats... etc - as long as they remain true to your character - everything else is a load of bologne for argument towards playstyle or roleplay 'worth'.  

And while we will all lose focus to our character, be it to a bad day at work where you just don't want to have to really dig your emotional RP teeth into things or just a situation where you can't focus enough to feel it anything more then half-arsed in effort... as long as you're keeping character at the core of your intent - everyone has different days.

And maybe the community as a whole disagrees with this despite what's offered above, in what should be quite thought provoking for many of you.  If so... well, I think Layo as a whole needs to do some thinking on what it wants to be.

Based on already formed suspicions of how they were obtained, further questions speculate as to whether the GM is looking the other way just to appease you (Chongo) so you'll keep working on the modules.

Well, to be honest, I've had a hard time working on the modules for the past three months - so you guys can all stop holding your breath.

So, reinforcing how they were obtained, I am not using inside information - nor am I abusing any mechanic.  The notion of inside information is difficult, because yeah - I have an easier time figuring out things like what items will work best for my character - because I've been through the lists a hundred times over trying to do everything from removing darn FR-lore items.. to rejiggering overall balance.  And yeah, when you build the creatures, you know how to fight them.  But I am laughing at two aspects of this.  First - I've made so darn many between this server and my last, over such a long period of time - that my memory is just plain scattered.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen the 'do we need deathwards here?' PM followed by the response 'heck if I remember... '.  I don't remember skins, I don't remember vulnerabilities - and I sure as poop don't build things to be weak for me.  Nor do I do the opposite in making them hard for me especially.  I build to the middle ground, with variance to give perks to every end... and that's that.

The things I do remember are spawn points, and things like 'this is how this thing killed me last time', or 'this thing always trumps my spells'.  And you've all got the same shot as I do on those things.

I'm not ignorant enough to think that building it doesn't provide a little advantage - but if I'm not acting on it in a negative manner, and I'm not actively trying to remember mechanical things (read: supersupersuper boring for me at 7 years into this game)... I dunno - what would you have me do?  Anyone want to build some areas?

So onto the last silly point.  Appeasing me.  I haven't built in months.  I don't know what they're appeasing.  I can tell you all with almost disturbing certainty that the last thing people on the Layo staff do in how they respond to my playing and working here is 'appease me'.  Staffers - I don't say that to be mean... but come on - let's go through the posts and emails.

No blind eyes, and nothing to be blind of.

People are wondering if you (Chongo) are just doing what you want without any oversight or having to answer to anyone. This ties into the whole recently-raised oxing issue too, which is unfortunately bleeding over into the event as well.

I answer to Dorg in such an annoying way that any 'freelancing' ends up causing dialogues that I find so demotivating that it's a wonder I still keep trucking on with this server.  No offense Dorg - it's the only way I can explain that one in no uncertain terms to the community.  And this goes beyond the steady pings from everyone on mechanical 'problems'.  It gets into themes and stories I've tried on my own, or stories I've tried adapting from the writing team forums.  One of you try pouring that much time into what you deem a work of 'limited-graphics-available' art and having it retconned.  Now, the writing team has to do what it has to do - but I'm just saying, don't you dare say I don't deal with oversight.  Everyone on our team deals with that, from all different angles.  There are no people on the staff that just get their way, least of all me.  Heck, not even Leanthar I'd contend.  Everyone has to deal with it.

And ox'ing.  You know what...  I once had a player test ox'ing an item I'd recycled into a new item in the toolset with new attributes.  I thought changing the tag would keep it separate.  I was wrong, and the person had a pretty good item in their hands all of a sudden.  And I said 'ugh... don't throw it out - just don't let that out before the next update so I have a chance to fix it'.  Was it wrong to let them keep it?  I dunno.  They'd just lost an item I could no longer replace.  Was it wrong to not go talk to the whole GM team about the possibility of an exploit?  In my mind - heck no.  It's like shutting down congress for an hour due to a scare.  It becomes a two month ordeal.

And that there is the extent of my 'ox'ing' abuses.  I've ox'ed altered items - almost all of which went into lesser forms folks.  And this whole notion just leaves me furious.  I don't need the 'help' that your conspiracy brains are hatching.  Just because I wiped the floor with you in the arena doesn't mean I'm cheating (and in that example I exclude Alantha as we're each batting 500 heh).  Sure, that's not the most tactful sentence right there - but you do know how that ends up making me feel right?  You deserve to hear it.

One thing feeds another, and the apparent secrecy isn't helping matters, and to be quite frank, whether these things are 100% unfounded or not, it's threatening to cast a pretty dark shadow over the whole event.

 I probably don't have to tell you all that jaws are dropping so hard and fast at the screen shots that they're bouncing off the floor.

I want to address the anonymous sender individually here on this, and I'd prefer that she/he not respond here and instead just think about it: "
whether these things are 100% unfounded or not"  ... this is where you and I get into it, every single time.  Either get to the point on what facts you have before you that are bugging you, or stop speaking with even-tempered indifference towards things that are very personal.  Either trust someone or come up with why you don't.

Back on point - It's sad that people are being negative about this whole thing.  You (limited) people need to wake up.  This isn't about personal gain, this is about breaking down the same junk system of 'only the wealthy' auctions and spreading out the uniques to folks that just aren't part of that crowd for one reason or another.  I don't care what reason is keeping you from that crowd - it makes no difference - the end result is that I'm sitting here and giving you a chance instead of just auctioning things off and buying an island.

And your astute observations have figured out the overall amount of gold?  Well... did you think about the economy and how finding a means to distribute non-gold wealth by way of items people need to survive better while draining the economy of a gold surplus achieves a bit more then you at first considered?  Did you consider the actual worth of the items in there?  Do you know one darn thing about the other events and perks of the event?

It's unfortunate on a whole lot of levels.  Milty's presentation opened the doors to the wolves of everything I have regarded above as the broken model of power in this community.  It's not his fault.  He was doing it IC and he had some neat marketing ideas to maintain interest over an extended period of time.

But then one of you had to start your PM's before he actually got around to speaking of the rest of it...

Fixed Bugs / Ambush Spawn
« on: April 07, 2009, 06:41:44 pm »
Misplaced spawn/ ambush in Great Forest off Ozlo's.  I'll post when I fix it.

In the meantime, watch out folks when heading east from Ozlo's.  It is not intended to be that way.
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General Discussion / A Campaign To Free Up Houses
« on: December 29, 2008, 11:13:34 pm »
This is for everyone who owns a home in game but does not play their character enough to warrant it.

I don't think the build team should be responsible for cleaning up unused homes, or rather I don't think Orth or Dorg should have to spend the time doing a manual DB edit.

A lot of us have old characters with a home.  We don't use the homes, they're just sitting there collecting dust with old junk.

Now, my hope is that my gesture starts a chain from these folks.  You know perfectly well who you are.  There are a lot of newcomers who just haven't had that chance to own a home and try it out.  We had our chance, and if you haven't played your character more then 10 hours in the past two months... I'd call that a pretty good starting sign.

I've been greedy with Ket's home for over a year now.  Time to fess up.

I'm going to put Ketil's back on the market this week.  I hope others follow suit.  (Lillian, I hope you're on board with this.  You may want to clear out your things.  Donate them!)
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General Discussion / To Harlas and the Main Plot Team
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:11:23 pm »
I've only been on three of these now, but I just wanted to say - it makes the server feel different and I really appreciate your efforts.  When you bring in a plot that has the authority to dictate world events, it really makes everybody's heads turn in the same direction.  And it's neat to have that community-wide direction.

Even if we end up killing each other.  O.o

Haven't felt like this in-game for a while.  Pretty neat stuff.  Thanks.

General Discussion / Money Where Our Mouth Is
« on: October 02, 2008, 11:31:22 pm »
Orth has spelled it out more clearly then I've ever heard it before.
Sign up as per this thread below in the following format:


Monthly donation cap

How you could come up with that amount per month if needed

At the end of that, we'll see how many names actually sign on. And you have the caveat of your cap to fall back on if the division of 255 comes out above that. This is kinda where the rubber meets the road folks. I've been hesitant to donate ever since I heard NWN was going away someday, but Orth spelled it out clearly, and if there's some manner of visibility as expressed with the assurance that if we maintain the cost of NWN - I see no reason for us to be arses about it. That and for me, I don't think my servitude/ time investment rationale works any longer.

If we don't have enough gravity in this (i.e. 10 people sign up), then I'm guessing that says enough in study of the investment in NWN.
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