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Just for Fun / I figured out what I did wrong, guys
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:31:57 am »
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General Discussion / Need some help with Layonara's history as a game.
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:50:29 am »
Heya guys.  Some (if not all of you) may know that I've been working on a blog lately, talking about writing, gaming, and other fun things.  With Leanthar's permission, I am going to be writing a piece on Layonara, and since I came to the party later than some, I am wondering if the old timers could fill me in on some of the game world's history.  I'm mostly fuzzy on how Layo started, how it ended up on NWN, and the people involved (or their username).  I'm also curious about what the future holds, since I haven't heard about the next gen project in quiet a while.  Any information would be helpful.  I will post the link when I finish writing the article.  Thanks in advance.  :)
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Poetic License / Come check out my blog!
« on: October 20, 2015, 03:16:40 pm »
Hello Layo friends!  I recently started a blog where I plan to talk about a novel I'm working on, as well as the general process of writing and some other things like video games and book reviews.  I just started this yesterday and have two posts up!  Come see some concept art I commissioned from a fabulous fantasy artists and take a glimpse of the novel I'm writing!  Many of my Layo characters started off as early drafts of characters from my original book idea, which is now far different (in some ways).  But I hope some of you will come take a look and feel free to comment and ask questions and even suggest things for me to think about and write about!  I'm enjoying this!  I've probably needed a creative outlet like this for a while!  I promise no politics!  (That's become my blog tagline)
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Roleplaying / Tyrra CDQ: The Mine RP Thread
« on: October 07, 2015, 06:27:25 pm »
Somewhere below Taur'en..."So Andrew, what exactly do you hope to gain from drawing that hedious thing, anyway?". . .
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Rumour Has It / Something Wicked This Way Comes...
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:05:16 am »
Deep beneath the hills of Taur'en, something is lurking.Her name is Tyrra Dragonheart.  Not that anyone was aware she was down there, apart from the two people she brought with her and the officials who sent her there.  But she wasn't the thing anyone had to worry about.  Something else was found down there, among the manticores and drakes and killer mushrooms.  Something new.  Something unique.  Something grotesque.And it had "Evil" written all over it.
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 After emerging from the caves and arriving back at Bloody Gate with others, Tyrra sees to penning a report on the events in the cave.  She addresses it to Commander Zephyros Kerry Moreau of Fort Angle.Commander Moreau,I have alarming news from the Mountains of Madness.  As I've previously reported, a group of adventurers has been investigating the implications of the strange stellar convergance.  In our efforts to solve multiple associated problems, such as the disappearances and the liquifications that have been noted around the world, we came upon an ancient task that was all but been forgetten, except by a cult of Goranites, in order to prevent Dragon Wars similar to those of the ancient past.I'd be happy to explain it all in person, but I need to deliver this message as soon as possible.  Milara has been involved and seems to have been trying to use this convergance for his own ends.  Many people have been rescued from a cave in the Mountains of Madness, and Milara attacked us when we found him attempting to make use of some sort of ancient conduit for Divine power.  The adventurers, including myself, engaged his minions and stopped his plot, but Milara escaped.Please inform the King that Milara may now find reason to renew the wars he waged for Sinthar Bloodstone.  This message should also be sent to Lusaxon.  They may be at risk of attack by Milara's allies.If my services are needed, I will be in Bloody Gate to complete what has been started here.  The Goranites are working with the machine we found.  I'd like to see what happens, and will report as soon as they are finished.Faithfully and Dutifully,
Warrant Officer Tyrra Dragonheart
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Rumour Has It / The Old Stalking Grounds
« on: August 10, 2014, 05:29:06 pm »
That night was dark and cloudy, a perfect night for stalking.She had remained at the scene, on the roof top the assassin had used to kill the halfling, looking for someone to come check the scene.  While the assassin's aim was true and deadly, her immediate pursuit did not give the assassin time to confirm him kill.  She expected someone to come investigate.But no one did.  I must be getting rusty, she thought.  It had been too long since she'd stalked Vehl.  The criminal patterns had changed and she was out of touch.  New players were moving pieces, and she hoped some of the old ones were still alive to help.After a pit stop at the One Eyed Harpy to resume being Lavender Blacklace, she made her way quickly and carefully to the Green Dragon's auxiliary entrance, only used for those guests requiring descretion.  Making her way back to the room, she met the charter captain, a fellow Tau'ren Officer."You're late," the Captain said, arms crossed and looking angry.  "You promised the King-""My promise was that I would not cause trouble."  She sighed, and checked on her make up in a small mirror from her satchel.  "I ran into a crime in progress, well a few really, and decided to investigate.  Something I recall being commissioned to do for Taur'en.""Yes, when you're in Taur'en.""Look, the King granted me leave to return to Mistone, and now I'm here."  She tucked the mirror away and looked back at the Captain.  "If you want to return to White Mouth Harbor and inform the King of my intentions here-""No, no.  I'm just urging caution.  Co'rys may be as lawless as you say it is, but a standing exile is not something to ignore from any of the realms."  He walked up to her, grabbing her gently by the shoulders.  "You are at great risk here.""I know I am."  She smiled, then stepped away from him.  "I was exiled for doing something terrible.  Before I go I have to at least try to balance that out with something good."  She picked up her things and went toward one of the suites two bedrooms.  "I need to at least try.  I do have one favor to ask, however.""What is that?" the Captain asked."Be ready to leave at a moments notice.""Aye, ma'am.""Good."  She turned to the Captain from beyond the portal to her room.  "Tomorrow starts a return to my old stalking grounds.  And I may need a quick exit."  First stop, she thought, some old friends.  
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Development Related Topics (DRT) / Updating Maps
« on: August 10, 2014, 05:21:58 pm »
Hey!  Long time since I've been around, but since I'm back, I saw something I thought we should work on. noticed that this map only shows the current methods of ship travel from various ports to others, but as represented IG.  Several notable ports, such as White Mouth Harbor, and many across the other realms and continents, are absent and show no routes between them.  Should it not show the routes between the cities all over the world, even if they're not accessible in game?I apologize if this is the wrong place to bring this up, but it seemed a plausible place.Cheers!
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General Discussion / Even though we've never met...
« on: May 06, 2014, 06:59:40 pm »
Just a shout out to all the folks I've gotten to know and play Layonara with over the past several years.  

Roleplaying / CDQ Thread: Mission Impossible
« on: December 16, 2012, 10:34:29 pm »
After leaving Agent Barrow, Tyra leads her small team across the border in to Sagewald.  Crossing the stream and continuing north, she spots the farmstead hiding the supply cache she is sent to destroy.  After finding a vantage point to observe the farm from, she tells her comrades to set up camp.

"No fire tonight.  We watch and plan.  I don't want to endanger the farmers any more then absolutely necessary."
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General Discussion / Nerds and Male Priviledge
« on: April 11, 2012, 07:02:32 pm »
This is an interesting article my girl friend just shared with me regarding why women are treated differently in the nerd-world.

Nerds and Male Privilege

It is a good read.  WARNING: Contains some adult language
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Rumour Has It / Scientific Endeavor
« on: December 31, 2011, 12:01:29 pm »
A interested adventurer is looking for like minded individuals for a research endeavor in to the caves in the Silkwood Forest known to inhabit large spiders.  The goal of the expedition is to find potential applications for these Spiders' various silks, carapaces,and poisons (if possible).

Those seeking to join the endeavor could find the interested party lurking outside the cave, or in Hlint.

//A player run event to take advantage of the 2x Week and to enjoy in some good scientific RP.  Starts 7pm Eastern on New Year's Day.

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General Discussion / The Death of a Titan
« on: October 05, 2011, 07:44:21 pm »
Steve Jobs has died. . .  :(

Apple says Steve Jobs has died - The Washington Post
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Just for Fun / Female Armor Sucks!
« on: July 14, 2011, 10:05:10 pm »
Female Armor Sucks - CollegeHumor Video

I believe we know where this is going!
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Fixed Bugs / E-Mail Validations Not being Sent
« on: May 20, 2011, 03:12:45 pm »
Not that this is happening to me, but a few people I've been talking to who want to play (new and old) are having serious trouble getting started because they are not receiving an email to validate their account.  Can this be looked into?
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Ask A Gamemaster / Half Elf (or Half Anythings) Submissions
« on: May 12, 2011, 11:31:24 pm »
What is the rule now with Half-Breeds?  Are they allowed still?  Do they just need to be older than a certain year?  Or have they been cut off completely.

And yes, I know Half-Lings are still okay to submit young.  It was the least Aeridin could allow after he lost all the LingLings.
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Just for Fun / Roll a D6!
« on: May 04, 2011, 03:02:49 pm »
My Girlfriend just sent me this link  :)

YouTube - Roll a D6
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Drip. . . Drip . . . Drip . . . It had been raining, and that was the sound she heard all night, over the murmur of guards and the other inmates. By some run of luck, either from Daniel or the Gods, she had her own cell. . . at least until a trial or whatever was next for her was concluded. Daniel had come down to tell her the condition of the child before he left. She had caused her shoulder to be dislocated when trying to free her from Talia, and while the injury was healed and the healers said the girl would likely never suffer from it, Tyra's own history with pain told her the girl would never be as strong as she could have been with that arm. Those kinds of injuries never fully heal. In the morning, Tyra was awoken by the sound of a pewter plate skittering across the floor, and Aesthir's face. He had accompanied the warden on his rounds, but he did not give Tyra any trouble. Just a smug grin. Tyra lost her appetite immediately. All sorts of thoughts were going through her head. Many regarding the mistakes she made, and what let her get caught. But even that made her sick. "Have I really just become a criminal, too?" She was wondering where the remorse was. She wondered why she wasn't sad about hurting the little girl, and only upset she was in trouble. She even tried to feel bad for Horrace and his unrequited love, and Tyra's torturing of him. But it just brought up feelings of disgust. All she felt was like a criminal. No longer a person. She was more angry with herself for losing her hood and cloak then . . . And then it hit her. For as long as she had been adventuring, she was never without a mask and a cloak. Only thing that changed was her excuse for it. First it was to protect herself from her father's enemies (whom there turned out to be none left alive). Then it was make a name for herself separate of her father's legacy (which she only managed to cause trouble doing). And then it was to separate her vigilante urges from her name (which resulted in her in a cell, as a murderer). She suddenly started laughing. Fate had finally caught up with her. The moment she started to become what she hated, when she hurt that innocent man, fate stepped in. And it came in the guise of flame. With a failed attempt at catching a lit, and falling, oil lamp Tyra's old crutches were bathed in fire, causing her to throw them out the window. Tyra thought it would allow her an excuse to be there and she could reclaim her guise soon after. Instead. . . She looked down at her hands. The hands that had caused so much pain in one night. "Someone should cut -my- hands off," she thought. In her hands, her swords had become simply instruments of sorrow. Not justice. No justice was served waving around razors and spilling blood. And worse, the smell of the ether seemed to have stain them. Another tool that only brought pain. Nothing she ever earned, be it her skills or her tools, had been used properly. Instead, they were abused by a misguided woman who thought she knew what she was doing. By the next night, Tyra had not moved. Her body was sore from stillness. But she continued to be still. It was her turn to be in pain. . .
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Rumour Has It / At the Vehl Merchant Council Meeting. . .
« on: April 03, 2011, 09:25:41 pm »
Talk has been circulating in Fort Vehl about a recent meeting of the Merchant Council.  Word on the street says a certain businesswoman in Fort Vehl, the owner of the orphanage in the Merchant district and the shelter in the dock district, none other than Miss Tyra Dragonheart, addressed the Council the other night before the session officially began.  Seems she came to, according to gossip mongers, "thank Sir Arkolio Salvorre for his support in bringing shelter to those in need in Fort Vehl."  She insisted that she and her cohorts "were hoping to wait until the shelter in the Dock district was fully renovated before she revealed his involvement" in the creation of the shelter there, but could not wait any longer "to announce that it will be named the Salvorre Shelter for the Needy."  Some malcontents insist the local celebrity, Arkolio, bought his way into yet another business in the city, but the matron of the Coalition Home for Orphans insisted perfusely that "the generous nature of Lord Salvorre should not be under estimated, and that the brand new kitchen appliances that he donated were given for the soul purpose of providing for those who go without food every night."

Arkolio, who was not present for that particular meeting, has as of yet said nothing publicly about announcement, though many in the city have been watching to see what transpires between the Shelter and the Salvorre Estate.  Especially the homeless and hungry, who seem to have begun lurking around the shelter more and more, likely waiting for crates stamped with a certain politicians seal to be delivered to the shelter.

//Dezza, Psuedonym, balls in your court now.  :)
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Just for Fun / Guitar of Awesome!
« on: March 16, 2011, 12:27:39 am »
Acoustic Guitar Solo of Awesome

The artist uses a fade/echo hook up to achieve the effect, but it sounds very cool.  I like it!
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