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Trade and Market Hall / Looking For A Teacher
« on: September 29, 2015, 04:42:45 pm »
*you see a very neat piece of white paper hanging up in a few of the inns around Center. The handwriting is very neat, the script flows maybe not so much as an elf would but close.*Greetings,I am Ceviran Thangahat'azllah and I am seeking other Aerdinites, Undead Slayers, or anyone who has vast knowledge of the Undead. I have come to this area to train at the Krandor hospital. However, as I have discovered recently that there is dark magic around this area. That the undead are here, and I believe that I can be a light in the dark. I want to try to cleanse these land of the undead. I am seeking a teacher, so one who has great knowledge of the undead. Someone who could teach me thier strength and their weaknesses. I am not rich in true, but I would be willing to try and pay or trade for lessons about the vial creatures. If you are interested please leave word for me at the hospital at Krandor.-Ceviran,Safe Travels and may the Light always shine.
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General Discussion / Apology To Candy Capers
« on: September 08, 2015, 11:06:35 pm »
Sorry everyone who participated in the Candy Capers mini quest. My internet is just going in and out right now and I am unsure whats wrong. Thank you everyone for putting up with me while I was there. I apologize for me in and out because it just ruins the roleplaying. I don't if its possible for a GM to move my character so that when I finally do get internet and can log back in I wont appear in the middle of the goblin den. Again I appreciate you guys allowing me to come in late, sorry for not being able to contribute.Sincerely, aka Finn
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Trade and Market Hall / Harvester For Hire
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:56:51 pm »
*scribbles on a small page of paper in common, handwriting isn't great but you don't have to strain to hard to figure out what has been written. Posted at several taverns around Milstone*Harvester Fer HireDo ye need craftable, but dont have de time to pick dem or collect dem yeself? Can't be bother lookin' in de woods fer hours trying to find de one rasberry plant? Den look no furder cus Oi be willin' to do it fer ye! Willing to negotiate price!Right now oi collect-Cotton-Wheat-Barley-Unprepared Flatbottom pipeweed-licorice-bees wax-honey-falcon feathers-sugar cane stak-rice-raseberriesOi also be willing to collect ye wood or sand if dey price be right, or anything else you may need dat be safe fer a younger adventurer!*simply signed Finn*
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Ask A Gamemaster / Newb Questions?
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:06:34 am »
Sorry guys just have a few random questions.1. I have read the rules on harvesting, but I am a little unclear on the exact amount of time that would be appropriate to wait before to harvest. Should I harvest only one per time while I'm logged in or is it possible to do more?2. When collecteing resources such as wood or clay or worms, do you crafting xp for just harvesting, or is it just when crafting. Do you get actual XP or is it just crafting XP?3. Are there any good quest or area for solo adventuring , and if so where would that be?4. Of course I would love to adventure with others, is there a hot period of time on the game in order to try and meet some other players?
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