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Introduce Yourself / Re: New player saying hello
« on: December 28, 2020, 12:43:38 am »
Welcome to our little community.  We hope you like it,  and,  if you do,  that you'll help usher in a while new generation of players.   Let us know if you need help,  have questions,  etc.

Lane (Xiao Lin)
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Calendar Events / Storm on the Horizon
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:15:30 pm »
*Posted on boards in various towns* Are you an able-bodied, able-minded, or just a belligerent adventurer?  We need you to join us on a most important outing.  A dragon stirs in the depths of one of the caves near Audira.  We fear it will make its way to the surface and wreak havoc on the surrounding area.  Before that happens, we will venture into its lair to prevent it from doing so.  Will you help save the people and lands from this terrible menace?

Meet at the Prantz main gate if you wish to help.  All adventuring types and levels of experience welcome.  That being said, teamwork and strategy will be a key to our survival.  Protection from all the elements, espcecially fire and electricity, will be helpful.  Of course, bandages and potions will always come in handy, so bring enough to share!

Meeting time:
Saturday, Oct. 17
12:00 pm edt
9:00 am pdt
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Portal Change
« on: October 15, 2020, 01:47:50 am »
With everything in flux, this seems as good a time as any to make this suggestion.  I think it would make a lot more sense to move one of the portals up to Hilm castle.  Specifically, the portal from Arnax.  After all, practically speaking, Center and Arnax are literally two transitions apart.  Losing the Arnax portal would add a little time for some destinations, but moving the portal to Hilm would save a LOT of time when going up to the Great Forest, The Deep, etc.

Certainly, this portal shift could be tied into a plotline, so the players would have to earn this transition.  Before that, though, what do others think of this possibility?

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General Discussion / Re: Returning player - UK time zone
« on: July 20, 2020, 02:58:03 am »
I think I might remember Karn.  Your player name definitely seems familiar.  I mostly play Xiao Lin, a half-elf monk.  He was also around many years ago, and made a recent return.

I am also one of the ones who often plays with Silverblades, during the times he mentioned.  Hope to see you in-game sometime.

- Lane
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I find myself with some time on my hands, sitting in a corner of a series of caverns and caves, known as The Deep to most.  Though the light is nearly non-existent here, my reflection on recent events has proven to be most illuminating. 

I have wondered why, in spite of the fact that Fehriel has informed me that my training is complete, I have yet to fully embody what that training is meant to represent.  In contrast, my training as a monk has always been very straightforward, albeit extremely difficult.  In order to progress, there were highly specific milestones and deeds to accomplish.  I was expecting different training from Feh, to be sure, but I assumed that would only be in the specific subject matter of the training.  When he informed me that he had taught me all he could, I assumed that meant my training was complete.  In hindsight, that is not what he meant at all.  His ambiguity was intentional, and the final, most important lessons were for me to figure out on my own.

One such lesson occurred on a recent trip to the Firesteep mountains.  After an arduous journey, our party decided to rest for the night in a house previously occupied by a dwarf of some renown.  His gate was locked, and I tried, without much confidence, to open it for the group.  It seemed to be beyond my capability, so Abi called upon her pixie to perform the task.  My pride was not tarnished, for I am just a fledgling in this type of task, but it still seemed to gnaw at me that night as the party slept.

In the morning, I decided I needed to meditate on these feelings a bit more, and I let the party proceed without me.  Little did I know, the gate was locked behind them as they left.  When I was finally ready to go, I found myself locked in.  I was alone, so I had no one else to turn to.  Either I figured out a way to unlock the gate, or I might have to go into a state of deep meditation until a new party arrived.  Not wanting to be rescued, I searched my mind for anything I had, anything I possessed, which could help me in this endeavor. 

Searching through my bags, I re-discovered a belt I had found years before, which granted the wearer several benefits.  The most important, in this case, was that it helped with the task of picking a lock.  I wore all the jewelry and clothing I could to enhance my manual dexterity, but it still wasn't enough.  Then, I remembered some lockpicks Abi had made for me, after I had mentioned an interest in the ways of the rogue.  I truly thought this lock was beyond me, as I still did not embody what I thought I should to call myself a novice rogue.  Still, I had learned enough, and as I focused my mind on the inner workings of the lock, my fingers took on a life of their own, and I soon heard the tell-tale "snick" as the tumblers fell into place and the gate swung free.  Perhaps I had learned more than I gave myself credit for.

It was nice that I was able to free myself, but I still have wondered if I would be able to step up if called upon in the presence of others.  That question was answered recently in these very caverns.  We made our way to the wind orb, after some very hard-won battles.    After clearing out the guardians of the orb, Feh, who had been pointing out different sneak attack strategies to me over the course of the whole trip, looked over to me and said, "This one is yours, Xiao"

I don't know the last time I have felt so nervous.  I have run into battle against hordes of enemies, the mere thought of which would induce night terrors in the hardiest of men.  My training and self-discipline have rendered me literally immune to spells which target my mind.  Yet, how does one defend themselves against their own inner fears and demons, when faced with the proposition of disappointing all their friends and allies?  I did not want to let them down.  I donned all the same items I had used to open the gate before, but I still could not seem to open the lock.  I looked at the rest of the party, and made my plea.

"I have nearly figured this lock out, but I do not have the means right now to solve it.  Does anyone have anything in their possession which will help me in this endeavor?"  Just as I was about to give up hope, Gumbo tapped me on the hip, and held an odd looking ring in his hand.  Even though it diminished the deftness I was feeling in my fingertips, I suddenly had better insight into the inner workings of this lock.  With a few subtle and inter-connected movements, the lock clicked open, and the party let out a few gasps and cheers, as well as some heavy sighs of relief.  The treasure inside turned out to be rather anti-climactic, but the experience was more than enough reward for me.

I realize now that this new journey will not have the same well-marked milestones and achievements.  Certainly, there will still be progression, but I now see that I have already learned much, and will continue to do so.  A new set of robes or a belt may not accompany my progress, but if I continue to work with the aid of my friends around me, I will be the best rogue I can possibly be.
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Fehriel came to inform me today that he had nearly taught me all he could.  The only thing left was to share the secret language known as thieves' cant.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I am excited to be so near the completion of my training.  On the other, I must admit I expected more extensive training from Fehriel.  Upon reflection, though, I realize that skill development as a rogue relies on real-world experience.   Feh can provide the foundation, but it is up to me to develop those skills moving forward.

The fact that he is starting to teach me the thieves' cant shows he approves of my approach to his training so far.  It has been difficult, to be sure, but my early training in the monastery helped me to prepare for what Feh put me through.  I have enjoyed getting to know him through this, and I hope that our friendship continues to develop, even though it seems our training sessions will be coming to an end.

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I have just returned from some traveling, and would like to write down the experiences I have had with two very different rogues recently.  I am reminded yet again that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives.  It seems I am being granted lessons from several teachers, at the moment.  Whether that is actually the intent of each is irrelevant, for it is the wisdom I gain from my interactions with them that is of my concern.

First, I traveled with Fehriel and a few others into the Scarab Dungeon.  He had decided he would use this outing to begin to train me in the detection of traps.  I discovered that my ability to avoid traps after they have been sprung has actually worked against me, because I rarely spotted a trap, even when moving slowly, before I heard the telltale 'snick' of a spring being sprung.  Granted, I never took damage from any of the traps, but if I am traveling with a group and they are relying on me to find the traps before they inflict damage upon them, then I had better learn how to spot them more easily.

My second experience was with a very different kind of rogue.  You might say he fits most people's preconceived idea of what a rogue is.   He seems to be always looking for the angle where he can take full advantage of others, and not just in combat, to inflict the most damage, if it suits him.  I prefer to see the positive side in people, but I fear that some very hard lessons were pounded into him at an early age, and those lessons would be extremely difficult to overcome.  I can see that he is developing into someone that prove a capable ally, but I would not want to have my life in his hands if he had to choose between me and his own interests.

I believe it will be important to continue to interact with both of these gentlemen as I move forward with my training.  They will serve as sounding boards for me to use to reflect upon my own motivations, and will help me decide on the kind of rogue I choose to be.
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Hey James,

I don't know what month this will cover, but I pitched in, as well.  Thanks for keeping Layo up.  Hope you start to feel better soon, and work returns quickly.

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Calendar Events / Re: Raiders of the lost crypt!
« on: April 18, 2020, 02:45:15 am »
Not sure what we have going on at that time, but if it turns out I'm available, Xiao will be there!
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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Monk Gloves with Claws
« on: January 06, 2020, 05:26:13 pm »
I would l like to know if it would be possible for Xiao Lin to create pairs of gloves that do slashing damage instead of bludgeoning damage.   Basically, gloves with claws. 

I think if anyone in the world could do it, Xiao would be a likely candidate.  He is a 25th level monk, and one of the top tailors, as well.  Of course, he also yells out, "the rage of the red tiger" in battle, so I think claws would be perfectly appropriate for him.

If this would be possible, I would be happy to come up with however many variations of glove recipes would be necessary so they can scale with level.


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