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Fixed Bugs / Inns with Bartenders
« on: September 20, 2005, 07:11:00 pm »
Presently some Inn's have Bartenders... yet you go to the Innkeeper to buy drinks.

Any chance we can get the bartenders to sell booze... or just remove the bartenders I suppose.


Feel free to move this thread to where ever... this seemed as good of a place as any.


Fixed Bugs / House Item - Weapons Rack
« on: September 14, 2005, 07:43:00 am »
Item returned Unidentafied when destroyed


Fixed Bugs / House Item - Combat Dummy
« on: September 14, 2005, 07:10:00 am »
When I destroy a placed Combat Dummy I get back an Unidentafied deed.



General Discussion / Peeks in the room
« on: September 12, 2005, 01:15:00 am »
It was good to be back tonight.... I had allot of fun talking traveling.

Ogres were trounced..... bards were tackled, bears and umberhulks wrestled, fly stew was eaten and we all learned a little about Golems. Thanks Cel I needed a story to help me get to sleep... (TEASING bud teasing)

I hope to make it back in game again soon.


CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Jack of all trades....
« on: September 08, 2005, 12:43:00 am »
... Master of none.

This is some radical thinking mind you.

What if people progressed down a more defined path in crafting?

Say woodcraft, smithing, scribing, food prep, etc etc....

This would mean that those with buffs would no longer be self sufficient crafters in nearly if not all trades just because they can buff their stats.

When you begin crafting you choose a main catagory like woodworking, smithing, tailoring etc.... then your restricted in what you can and cannot due....

Example a Woodcrafter would not be able to make Platearmor, or Scribe scrolls, or make pies (LOL)

My thinking is this could lead to more player interaction and RP (which is what everyone comes here for).

Kick it around a while everyone.


Its 91* outside and the wife had a 3 day weekend so what did we do?

We decided to repaint the house.

Not done yet... allot of paint scraping ..... ALLOT of scraping...

I think my arms are gonna fall off.... :(


Fixed Bugs / CENTRAL - Castle Raxwell - Small Town Pawnshop
« on: June 03, 2005, 10:11:00 pm »
The male hooded pawn shop merchant has a female avatar pic


Fixed Bugs / CENTRAL - Healer of Folian S'pae incorrect avatar
« on: June 03, 2005, 10:09:00 pm »
Healer has an avatar picture of an elemental... water or wind cant tell.

General Discussion / Queen of Chaos stepping down.
« on: May 20, 2005, 10:30:00 am »
The time has come that I can no longer fullfill my GM duties.

RL has me too busy and as you all have heard a thousand times RL comes 1st. Between my girls getting out of school for the summer, two vacations planned and hosting some shooting events at my local shooting club I will have next to no time to commit to my GM duties. So I am stepping down so that another person can take the position and give the players in this world what they want... MORE QUESTS!  :)

I wanted to take a minute to thank each and every player that has been on one of my quests... I am / was an improv GM, most of what I did was done on the fly feeding off you the players. I felt it gave the quest a much more unique feel and made you the players feel more into it. I had some very memorable moments as a GM, ones I will never forget... I hope some of the players I quested feel the same.

To the GM and Content team. Thank you all for giving me a chance to GM and do content for Layonara. Things like making new maps (Realm Eternal), to making new food and drink recipies. I truly enjoyed doing those sorts of things.

I hope to continue playing, mostly in my 9pm to 2am CST time slot... but even that isnt going to be as regular as it once was.

Layonara is an awesome world and I hope to always be a part of it. I am truly gratefull for all I have experienced here.

Much respect.


Trade and Market Hall / Delete
« on: May 04, 2005, 04:26:00 pm »
This thread can be Deleted

Just for Fun / Movie Quotes
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:08:00 pm »
Alright time for a new game.

Name the Movie this quote is from.

Whoever gets it right puts up the next quote.

"Say... any of you boys smithies?  Or if not smithies perse, were ya otherwise trained in the metalugic arts before straightend circumstances forced ya into a life of aimless wanderin?"[/i]

Name the movie  :)

Development Journals and Discussion / Letting go
« on: April 08, 2005, 03:10:00 pm »
*Enzo stands in a dense wooded section of the wolfswoods forest allong side him is his companion Thornas (a wild boar Enzo rescued years and years ago when he first was called by the gold dragon)

*Enzo sits on a stump and pats his thigh*

*Thornas moves closer and nuzzles his snout under Enzo's hand*

*Enzo scratches Thornas's nose, the hairs around Thornas's nose and eyes have greyed signifficantly in the past year*

It is that time old friend.... Time for you to go back to the woods again.

*Thornas tilts his head looking up at Enzo*

Your gettin' too old to be runnin' off with me on my half crocked adventures. It's time you settled down, while you can.

*Thornas looks up and Enzo can sense he is asking why he wants him to go now after all this time*

I can't stand the though of seeing you get hurt because of the things I drag you into old friend. You know as well as I that your no match for some of the things I face these days.... hell I'm not a match for some of it even.

*Thornas looks very saddened yet he understands what Enzo is telling him*

Now don't you think I will be forgettin' you. I will come see you from time to time as I pass thru the Wolfswoods.

*Enzo slides down off the stump he was sitting on and gives Thornas a hug*

Now go on and find some goblins ta pester *he grins and scratches his head*

*Thornas snorts and rubs his nose on Enzo's face, then he slowly walks off into the forest, stopping every few yards to look back at Enzo*

*Enzo tries to muster a few words out*.... it is for the best.... good bye my friend.

*Enzo gets up and walks away vanishing into the forest*

*The following letter is addressed to the Wolfswood Ranger Headquarters in the Wolfswood Outskirts, Rilara*

2nd Lieutenant Enzo Reynolt reporting.

As you know I and others have been making strides to have a temple of Folian S'pae constructred on Dregar.

I have been tasked with ending or at least bringing some kind of truce between the Gaints of the Broken Glade, bound protectors of the Forest of Mists, who are in turn helped by The Rangers of the Glade, and the City of Pranzis who's milita have been at war with this giant clan.

King Waylend has shown interest in a temple of Folian. He beleives that if it is built on his lands that more such as myself will come to Dregar, and that they might be compelled to help purge the darkenss of the Dark Forest.

The Rangers of the Glade have recently agreed to help with this matter as well. But they need things... Rescources, mainly man power, equipment, and most importantly a leader with like minded goals as the Glade Rangers. At first I was hessitant to volunteer for taking such a role but the more I thought about it the more I convinced myself to say I would lead the way.

The ambassador for Glade Rangers seemed very pleased to hear that I was volunteering for such a mission, but she said in order for me to lead their forces that I would need to be inducted as a Ranger of the Glade, a right of passage I beleive she called it.

I reminded her that I was already a member of the Wolfswood Ranger Corps and would be for the rest of my days, and that I could not join another organization with out first speaking to my superiors in the Corps to make sure I could do such a thing.

So I ask you today if it is possible or not for me to be inducted as a member of the Glade Rangers and retain my title and commitment to the Wolfswood Ranger Corps. I will awlays be a member of the Corps, I hope that it is acceptable for me to take on another title with the Rangers of the Glade as well.

Please treat this letter with urgency, I await your responce for many future events are hanging on the outcome.

That is all I have to report at this time.

2nd Lieutenant Enzo Reynolt

Just for Fun / Invasion Iowa
« on: March 29, 2005, 10:00:00 am »
Watch the folks of my old home town get duped on national television.... hehe

Yep I grew up just 2 miles outside the small town of Riverside, Iowa. I went to Elementary school in Riverside and graduated from Highland High School (Riverside and another town Ainsworth combined)

I will be watching to see how many people I recognise and how silly they act.


Development Journals and Discussion / A letter to Folians temple.
« on: March 21, 2005, 12:59:00 pm »
*Enzo hands this letter to Plenarius shortly before he and Brisbane leave for Voltrex*

Plen,I know you will have other things on your mind *he winks*. But I ask you to please deliver this letter to Folians temple on Voltrex.

Thanks and enjoy your time away.... you two deserve it.

*Enzo smiles and pats Plen on the sholder*

*The following letter is addressed to Folians Temple, Voltrex*

Priests of the Longstrider,

The lands of Dregar and Mistone are lacking a solid presence from The Prince of Wolves.

I bring you tidings of good news this day. I have begun raising funds to have a shrine honoring the Prince of Wolves to be located on Dregar.

I have spoken to King Waylend of this matter and pending some completed tasks I believe the good King will grant a parcel of land  in the Forest of Mists. My fellow friends of the wood and fellow members of the Princes' Wolf pack seek a place to pay homage to Folian. Secondly I believe the presence of this temple will further strengthen those who seek to defeat Bloodstone and his forces.

I ask that you send a representative from the temple to Dregar. So that we can meet and discuss this matter in person, I can show you what has been planned and what needs to be done.

If you could please send a letter back to me, or verbal reply by way of this letter carrier Plenarius Ashaley, stating who would be comming and when. Then I know who to expect and will have preperations made for your arrival.

Until then, May the Longstrider watch over and protect you.

Enzo Reynolt
2nd Lieutenant of the Wolfswood Ranger Corps

Wild Surge Inn / Temple Fundraiser - Prince of Wolves
« on: March 07, 2005, 07:29:00 am »


Friends of the wood, I am pleased to announce that I, Enzo Reynolt have begun to raise funds for a temple to be constructed in honor of The Longstrider, Folian S’pae.

I will be conducting a raffle to gather the needed funds to have this temple constructed.

Myself and others have donated many fine, high quality items to be raffled off.

[big]100 chances will be sold. Any one person can buy up to 5 chances.

Each chance will cost 2,000 coins.[/big]

Here are just a few of  the feature  items you can win:

[big]Yew Compound Longbow – Made by Enzo Reynolt

Mahogany Compound Longbow - Made by Enzo Reynolt

Bow of Close Range - Made by Enzo Reynolt

+3 Padded Armor – Donated by Maddison Trenton

Scroll of Etheral Visage, and Mass Haste (1 of each) – Donated by Brac’ar Fireface

Shoes of the Swift – Made by Enzo Reynolt

Archers Edge belt - Made by Enzo Reynolt

Iron Rapier (d6 Fire) – Donated by Enzo Reynolt

Iron Rapier (d6 Elec) – Donated by Enzo Reynolt

Iron Shortsword (d6 Cold) – Donated by Enzo Reynolt

A pair of Exceptional Fury gloves - Made by Enzo Reynolt

Adamantium Half Plate Armor - Donated by Maddison Trenton

3 Raise Dead Scrolls - Made and Donated by Plenarius Ashaley

Adamantium Halberd - Donated by Triba

Adamantium Scimitar w/ d6 Cold - Donated by Rhizome

Plus many more items !!!!! [/big]

**The value of just the items listed above is OVER 300,000 coin! Don't miss out on this chance to get a fine crafted unique item, and at the same time help the forces of good to strengthen and unite for the upcoming war with blood.**

When all donations are in if I am not already at 100 items I will be adding things so that each and every number drawn wins something!!!

** I am still accepting donated items as well. If you wish to donate something please contact me as soon as possible so that I can get your item(s) added to the list. **

Enzo Reynolt

2nd Lieutenant of the Wolfswood Ranger Corps[/b]

Development Journals and Discussion / The Silverheart Chronicles
« on: February 28, 2005, 03:52:00 pm »

*the following letter is addressed to Aeridins Temple, in North Point, Dregar.*

I have reached the town of Hlint after many months of traveling.

Upon arrival it was clear I had my work cut out for me. So many citizens here are in need of aid.

The local undertaker a large orcish man named Erag was having problems with a darksoul in the town’s crypt. Of course I lept into action and took the Lifegivers light deep into the bowels of the town’s crypt. I encountered many skeletons that resisted the great cycle. I had no trouble doing the will of Aeridin and returned them to the cycle. The deeper I went the more I could feel the undead gaining in power as if this darksoul was feeding them with unnatural strength. Zombies and Ghouls all fell at my feet. Finally atop a flight of stairs presiding over a ghoulish horde I saw the darksoul. I gathered all the might I could and confronted the unnatural creature. As it approached the air began to get colder.... as it got closer the very air around me seemed to freeze. The darksoul was quite the challenge but in the end the Great cycle prevailed once more, I gathered the essence of the creature and presented it to Erag.

I have learned a great deal already but I know I have much to learn.

I shall write again when I have more news of importance.

May Aeridins light shine in you always.

Xantara Silverheart.

*below her name is a heart drawn in silver*

NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Demon Card Game - Grandstands?
« on: January 24, 2005, 09:07:00 pm »
If we get a system in place to port out stuck players similar to the portal in the dragon dream.

Would it be possible to set up additional portals to port people into games so they can watch?

Sort of make a area off to the side with barriers they cant pass over.

Just a thought... it would be neat for any tournaments we try and have.


Development Journals and Discussion / Torn
« on: January 15, 2005, 11:19:00 am »
//Her origional Character application

Andraia grew up in a small village near Haven. Her family lived what most would call an average live. They were not poor nor were they rich. No one in the immediate family was an adventurer or a warrior of any fame, just good honest folks. Andraia was not like her family. Every chance she could get she would sneak off to the forest to visit the the animals, or follow the adventurers through town asking them all kinds of questions.

One day Andraia met an elf by the name of Darielle. She was a powerful cleric who served Kithairien. Andraia would follow her all around town. In time Darielle got used to turning around and seeing Andraia behind her.

Andraia’s parents did not like their daughter following the adventurers like this. They forbid her to see Darielle anymore. That very night Andraia left home and swore never to return. She wanted to live the life of adventure, excitement and glory.

Darielle could see Andraias’ desire to become a cleric. So she took her under her wing and began to teach her everything she could. Andraia learned a great deal about the animals of the lands as they traveled great distances together.

About 3 years ago Andraia and Darielle were off on one of their usual adventures. This time however they were attacked by a large group of trolls. They fought bravely; together they bested most of the oncoming trolls. Some how in the fray the two were separated. It was then that a second wave of trolls attacked. Darielle screamed for Andraia to run Andraia turned to run, she looked back and saw Darielle was not following.  Darielle took the pack head on and was killed by the trolls. Andraia ran out of the swamps and hid in a near by cave. There she cried for hours…  Darielle gave up her life so that Andraia could escape.

Andraia still lives the life of the adventurer but that day in the swamp taught her many lessons. None more important than that the live of an adventurer is far from the glory that she heard as a child while listening to the bards sing of their heroic deeds.

Trade and Market Hall / Enzo's Bow Shop
« on: December 14, 2004, 08:08:00 pm »
You walk into a small one room shop, the smell of fine leather and fresh cut wood is thick in the air.

All around you see leather suits placed on manequin torsos.

The walls of the small shop are covered with all sorts of bows and other wood weapons.

You see shelves of gloves, boots, belts and bags.

A clerk speaks up from behind the counter

Welcome to Enzo's Bow Shop. Anything I can interest you in today? Please take a look around. Some of the finest leather goods and wood crafted items are here for you to see and feel.[/b]

*you feel like a kid in a candy store... all these things just crying out to you.... Buy me... Buy me....

As you begin to look over some of the leather suits... you notice they are very well crafted, tight stitching and quality materials. The bows and wood weapons you pick up and handle all look like masterpieces each one has such an attnetion to detail it is truly amazing. On every item.... bow, or staff, armor, boots or gloves you see a small "ER" written, stitched or carved into it. You say to yourself.      ER...... Enzo Reynolt.... Hmm....He sure must be proud of his work to have placed his mark on each and every item like this.

*you spend a great deal of time looking over the suits of armor... even trying some on*

Armor Class 2 , Max Dex. Bonus 6[/big]

Cougar - +3 Tumble (Level 1)

Black Bear - +3 Concentration (Level 1)

Jaguar - +3 Search, Spot, Tumble (Level 5)

Wolf - +2 AC vs. Animals, +3 Discipline (Level 8)

Worg - +2 AC vs Goblinoid, +3 Discipline (Level 8)

Brown Bear - +1 AC, +3 Concentration (Level 8)

White Stag - Immune to Disease, +1 save vs Poison (Level 8) [yellow]**Druid, Ranger, Paladin cannot equip**[/yellow]

Leopard - +1 AC, +1 save vs Fortitude, +3 Tumble (Level 10)

Lion - +1 AC, +1 save vs Will, +3 Tumble (Level 10)

Crag - +1 AC, +1 save vs Reflex, +3 Tumble (Level 10)

Panther - +1 AC, +3 Hide, Move Silent, Search (Level 10) Popular with Rangers and Rogues etc.

Grizzly -  +2 AC, +3 Concentration (Level 11)

Polar - +1 AC, DR -20 Cold, +3 Concentration (Level 13)

Malar - +2 AC, +3 Hide, Move Silent, Search, Spot, Tumble (Level 15) Popular with Rangers and Rogues etc.

Dire Wolf - +1 AC, DR -5 Slash, +3 Discipline (Level 15)

Dire Tiger - +2 AC, DR -5 Slash, +1 Saving Throw Fortitude (Level 18)

Dire Bear - +2 AC, DR +1 5 points damage soak, +3 Concentration (Level 18)

Armor Class 3 , Max Dex. Bonus 4 "Light Armor"[/big]

Cougar - +3 Tumble +1 AC vs Pierce (Level 4)

Black Bear - +3 Concentration, +1 AC vs Pierce (Level 4)

Jaguar - +3 Search, Spot, Tumble, +1 AC vs Pierce (Level 9)

Wolf - +2 AC vs. Animals, +3 Discipline,  +1 AC vs Pierce(Level 9)

Worg - +2 AC vs Goblinoid, +3 Discipline, +1 AC vs Pierce (Level 9)

White Stag - Immune to Disease, +1 save vs Poison, +1 AC vs Pierce (Level 10) [yellow]**Druid, Ranger, Paladin cannot equip**[/yellow]

Brown Bear - +1 AC, +3 Concentration, +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 11)

Leopard - +1 AC, +1 save vs Fortitude, +3 Tumble, +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 13)

Lion - +1 AC, +1 save vs Will, +3 Tumble,  +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 13)

Crag - +1 AC, +1 save vs Reflex, +3 Tumble,  +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 13)

Panther - +1 AC, +3 Hide, Move Silent, Search,  +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 14) Popular with Rangers and Rogues etc.

Polar - +1 AC, DR -20 Cold, +3 Concentration, +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 15)

Grizzly -  +2 AC, +3 Concentration, +3 AC vs Pierce (Level 17)

Malar - +2 AC, +3 Hide, Move Silent, Search, Spot, Tumble, +3 AC vs Pierce (Level 19) Popular with Rangers and Rogues etc.

Dire Wolf - +1 AC, DR -5 Slash, +3 Discipline, +2 AC vs Pierce (Level 18)

Dire Tiger - +2 AC, DR -5 Slash, +1 Saving Throw Fortitude,  +3 AC vs Pierce(Level 21)

Dire Bear - +2 AC, DR +1 5 points damage soak, +3 Concentration, +3 AC vs Pierce (Level 22)

[big] Hide Armor
Armor Class 3 , Max Dex. Bonus 4 "Medium Armor"[/big]

[yellow]**All Hide suits replace the added AC vs Pierce that Studded Leather offers with AC vs. Slash and they have the exact same Level requirements as Studded Leather**[/yellow]

*The clerk speaks up as you head towards the door.*[/b]

Rember at Enzo's bow shop we [big]AIM[/big] to please... thanks for stoping by.

*he gives you a friendly wave as you leave the store.*


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