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Rumour Has It / The Horse and the Crowd. A Quickie Story.
« on: August 25, 2009, 12:36:09 am »
/// This is the thread for those involved in the little equine affair in Haven to chat up the halfling, run around in circles, or cast spells, or whatever. As long as it's IC and you were there. The rest of you reading this thread, chalk it up to rumors you heard sometime later when passing through Haven. Hence the thread's location.///
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[SIZE=24]High adventure, low adventure, who cares? As long as it's us adventurers showing some monsters what we're made of (which is mostly fluff).[/SIZE]

/// This is really an extension of Abiorn's old adventure thread, except that I'll be around earlier. I'll be in around 8pm EDT (5pm PDT, 12am GMT).

Starts in Leringard, and from there we could head north to Khalziras or the Deep, or we could head east to the broken halls, or we could sail to Dregar or Belinara. I have been meaning to go back to a certain dungeon on Belinara near a cave full of orcs....
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General Discussion / Now's your chance!
« on: August 07, 2009, 12:14:41 am »
*posted and passed out around Mistone and parts of Dregar*

Now's your chance!
As a precurser to the Gypsy's Gala, everyone has a chance to win raffle tickets in a set of arena games in Fort Vehl. Of course, raffle tickets won't be the only winnable prizes, and you can bet the wine and spirits will be about.
Plan to be in Fort Vehl during the month of Augra.
*Stamped with the seal of the Leringard Arms, Two crossed swords overlaid with a Lily*

/// This event will occur the afternoon of this coming Saturday, at 1pm CST, 6pm GMT.///
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General Discussion / Gala Raffle Items Sorted/Requests for Absent PCs
« on: July 15, 2009, 01:21:07 pm »
LR = Level Requirement
(#) = The item quantity available

[table=header]Tier|LR|Armor|Tier|LR|Belts|Tier|LR|Cloaks|Tier|LR|Footgear|Tier|LR|Headgear|Tier|LR|Jewlery: Amulets|Tier|LR|Jewlery: Rings|Tier|LR|Shields|Tier|LR|Weapons: Melee|Tier|LR|Weapons: Ranged|Tier|LR|Other
1|22|(1) Armor of Command|1|21|(1) Belt of Agility +2|1|4|(2) Cloak of Elvenkind|1|14|(3) Boots of Hardiness +2|2|21|(2) Death's Visor|1|19|(1) Amulet of Natural Armor +4|2|1|(1) Bone Ring|1|15|(1) Dwarven Mirth|1|10|(1) Blacksoul Sickle|3|23|(1) Elite Flight of Fancy|1|13|(1) Athus' Touch
2|23|(2) Armor of Freedom|2|22|(2) Belt of the Watchers|3|21|(1) Cloak of Fortification +3|3|19|(1) Boots of Hardiness +3|2|23|(1) Enchanted Mithril Helmet|1|15|(1) Amulet of Owl's Wisdom III|3|24|(1) Dwarvish Ring of Resilience|1|20|(1) Enchanted Mithril Star Shield|3|19|(2) Blade of Reckoning|1|19|(1) Greater Flight of Fancy|1|9|(4) Bracers of Dexterity +2
3|24|(1) Darksteel Full Plate|2|14|(1) Black Hound Belt|2|13|(2) Cloak of Movement|1|12|(1) Boots of the Sun Soul +3|2|24|(2) Golden Circlet|2|23|(2) Emerald set in a Mithril Amulet|1|18|(1) Emerald set in a Mithril Ring|1|18|(1) Hearth Shield|3|17|(1) Darkbane|17|1|(1) Ilsare's Fiery Eye|1|21|(1) Dragonscale Bracers
1|18|(3) Delver's Armor|3|24|(1) Gringilian's Belt of the Shield|1|9|(1) Cloak of Resistance +2|1|15|(1) Silver Slippers|3|23|(2) Hood of the Antimagi|1|18|(2) Hliligril's Amulet|2|13|(1) Lesser Ring of Power|3|24|(2) Lost Clan Rune Shield|2|23|(3) Klinkutter's Staff of Fortitude|1|17|(1) Shadon's Trapping Bow|1|13|(1) Dust of Emerald (ten bags)
3|31|(1) Enchanted Mithril Banded Mail|1|19|(2) In Honor of Shadow|3|23|(1) Jorel's Sheath|2|18|(1) Styrbjorn's Legendary Boots of Fleetness|3|24|(1) Spirit Helm| | | |1|17|(4) Ring of Bull's Strength III|2|20|(5) Mithril Shield|2|13|(2) Messenger Blade (pair)|2|22|(2) Sling of Force|1|13|(1) Enchanted Mithril Ore
3|30|(1) Enchanted Mithril Chain Shirt|2|24|(2) Katia's Belt of Steadfastness|1|9|(1) Nymph Cloak +2|3|19|(1) Woodland Soles|3|24|(1) The Ether's Storm| | | |1|17|(5) Ring of Cat's Grace III| | | |2|19|(1) Mithril Handaxe (w/ an Acid III enchantment)|2|24|(2) The Wailing String|1|18|(1) Gloves of the Hin Fist +4
1|15|(1) Half Plate +3|3|29|(2) The Geode's Embrace|1|15|(15) Selian's Love| | | | | | | | | |1|17|(4) Ring of Fox's Cunning III| | | |1|15|(1) Mithril Quarterstaff| | | |1|11|(1) Ingot of Mithril (x5)
2|24|(1) K'ahlziras Deepsoul Armor| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |1|17|(4) Ring of Owl's Wisdom III| | | |1|15|(1) Mithril Scythe| | | |1|9|(1) Ingot of Titanium (x5)
2|24|(1) K'ahlziras Defender Scales||||||||||||||||1|10|(1) Ring of the Defenders||||1|15|(1) Mithril Warhammer||||1|6|(1) Leaves of the Great Oak
1|20|(1) Rags of Rage||||||||||||||||||||||3|24|(1) North Warden's Deepbane||||1|14|(1) Lesser Ioun Stone: Blue (+2 wis)
1|11|(1) Robe of Blending||||||||||||||||||||||1|11|(2) Peasant Dynasty||||1|14|(1) Lesser Ioun Stone: Pale Blue (+2 str)
1|19|(1) Rogue Links||||||||||||||||||||||3|23|(2) Runewood Staff||||1|14|(1) Lesser Ioun Stone: Pink (+2 con)
2|21|(2) Squire's Defense||||||||||||||||||||||2|21|(1) Mithril Handaxe (w/ a Fire IV enchantment)||||1|14|(1) Lesser Ioun Stone: Pink and Green (+2 cha)
1|14|(1) Storm Armor of the Earth's Children||||||||||||||||||||||1|9|(1) Krotan's Skullcrusher||||1|14|(1) Lesser Ioun Stone: Scarlet and Blue (+2 int)
2|18|(1) Vest of Escape||||||||||||||||||||||||||||3|6|(1) Tome of Greater Strength III
2|22|(1) Mithril Scale Mail||||||||||||||||||||||||||||2|6|(1) Tome of the Brotherhood V
2|19|(1) Copper Dragon Armor||||||||||||||||||||||||||||1|6|(1) Gloves of Entrapment
2|24|(1) Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||[/table]

OOC Notes:
  • The pricing lense gets a little funky above 24th level, so a few of the greater epic items may not be perfectly accurate as far as level reqs go, but should be between 24th and 28th level, unless already shown to have a higher level req.
  • This is the current list. Things may be added or taken away between now and the day of the Gala. This list will update accordingly.
  • Most of these items (if not all) will have a matching screenshot in the gallery to show its description. If you cannot find the item in question, let me know.
  • There are a lot of items on this list... I'm sure I made a clerical mistake somewhere along the way. Feel free to point out anything wonky so I can fix it.

More OOC:

This raffle is designed so that you can have more than one of your PCs participate. In order to do so, the PC first needs to purchase tickets from the Arms as per this notice. Second, post in this thread what each PC is hoping to get. If your number is called, and the item listed for your PC is available in the winning tier, I'll set it aside (as Steel) so you can pick up your winnings at a later date. To make things easier, don't list more than three (3) preferred items per PC.

For Example:

Steel: Tome of Greater Strength III, Gringilian's Belt of the Shield, Spirit Helm
Sahala: Boots of Hardiness +3, Klinkutter's Staff of Fortitude, Darkbane

Consider what items would be useful based on your level. While many of the items are epic in nature, plenty of the items are good for lower level characters. There's no need to try and win an epic item when you won't be able to use it for eight levels. Ninety percent of the items on this list are very rare, even if it has a low-level prerequisite, which means you are getting your hands on something unique, something that can add to the personality and flare of your character. The unique nature of the items is why the ticket price is steep, in order to preserve the value of these items.

If you are absent and get a winning number, yet none of your item preferences are available, you will then be subject to choose from whatever is left available at the end of the Gala.

This is an OOC thread, though IC the above table (minus the level req notes)is posted inside the tavern at the Arms. If you have any questions, direct them to me in a PM, or use the original announcement thread. Keep this thread for PC item preference listings.

One Final Note: After the Tiers are announced, note that first tier tickets will have a 75% chance of winning, second tier tickets will have a 50% chance of winning, and third tier tickets will have a 25% chance of winning.
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General Discussion / Announcing! The Gypsy's Gala
« on: July 02, 2009, 05:29:17 am »

[SIZE=32]The Gypsy's Gala[/SIZE][/B][/FONT]


[SIZE=24]An elite social occasion demanding the best attire and entertainment.

Come prepared for a feast with a compliment of free spirits, the best in the known world. Come prepared to dance, to flaunt your excess, to demonstrate your social cunning, your grace.

A King and Queen will be chosen from among the gathered to mark the history books and reign over the year following the Gala.

The Gala's main attraction is the raffle, a shameless display of wealth and artifacts to which you can lay claim. The details of the raffle are explained below.

The entry fee to the Gala is Ten Thousand (10000) True, paid at the door.

Don't miss out on the social event of the year. All are invited -- queens and magistrates, soldiers and thieves -- provided one can pay the fee to enter. The streets will be filled to see who attends this affair.


[SIZE=24]Rules of the Raffle:

There are three tiers of goods to be raffled. For each tier there are one hundred (100) tickets, for a total of three hundred (300) tickets. Raffle tickets cost thirty-five thousand (35000) True each.

Tier One contains seventy-five (75) items.
Tier Two contains fifty (50) items.
Tier Three contains twenty-five (25) items.

You may purchase tickets in advance.

You will not be told to which tier the tickets belong until after the Gala has begun. Once the announcement has been made, tickets may be swapped during the Gala, but selling tickets is strictly forbidden, nor will you have much time to broker a deal between the time of the announcement and the time the drawings begin.

At the time of this announcement, there is a maximum of two tickets per person. Access to more tickets will be released at a later date.

Seventy-five tickets will be drawn for Tier One, fifty for Tier Two, and twenty-five for Tier Three. A winning ticket entitles the holder to exchange their ticket for a good of their choosing from the Tier to which the ticket belongs. This means the first person drawn in the Tier has the most options, and the last person drawn in the Tier must take the final item.

All winning tickets will be exchanged for a raffle item. All non-winning tickets are redeemable at the Arms for a free meal and drink.

Detailed descriptions of the raffle items will be circulated prior to the Gala, and in waves. The Tier to which an item belongs will not be disclosed until the Gala.

All requests for tickets and other feedback should be directed to Steel, Current Steward of the Arms.
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Implemented Ideas / Animal Factions
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:44:07 pm »
As if you builders aren't already in over your heads with this exponentially growing update, here is yet another request! Please don't hurt me (much).

Please-oh-please can we change the animals, with the exception of a few of the more dangerous ones like bears and lions, to a non-hostile faction so that if you want to attack them you actually have to right-click and radial attack. I know they have the factions they do so rangers and druids get the full effect of their empathy stuff, but really, is it so much to ask that they only need to use that empathy system with the known hostile animals? I'm tired of getting divebombed by owls and chased through AT's by deer.

Anyone else with me on this?
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A poster is displayed on the announcement board outside the front door of the Arms.

The Leringard Arms proudly presents:

The Dress like a Demon Ball!

Dress Code:
Costume or whatever brings out the demon in you and the rest of us.
Roasted meats, fresh baked bread and pies, all the ale and whiskey one can drink.
1- Best dressed contest (popular vote).
2- Open stage for Xandriel and Pit-kind stories.
3- Song and dance.
Half the proceeds from the purchase of food and drink shall be donated to Ov'dear and half to the recently burdened Tilmar in the area of the Bay of Peace.

Come one! Come all! Dress like a Demon!

First Freas of the Earth Wake.

/// Friday, April 3rd. See the Player Calender to sign up. ///
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[SIZE=24]For the first time ever, in rememberance of those great card sharks of the past- Aleister, Yardislan, and the Norseman, to name a few- the city of Leringard will host... [/SIZE]


[SIZE=18]In order to join the tournament, you must pay to the house a two thousand True buy-in.

- The First place winner receives 50% of the buy-in.
- Second place receives 25% of the buy-in.
- Third place receives one-month free rent at the Arms. /// one week RL ///
- Fourth place receives a free meal voucher at the Arms.

Tournament rules are as follows:

1) Opponents face each other in three match sets. The best two out of three takes the set.
2) Double elimination. If you lose two sets, you're out of the tournament. The winners of the first round play each other, creating a "Winner's Bracket", and likewise the losers of the first round play each other, creating the "Loser's Bracket." From that point forward, The first time you lose you play the winners in the Loser's Bracket, the loser's from the Loser's Bracket being eliminated.
3) When the opposition narrows to two individuals in each bracket, the sets change from three matches to seven. The winner from the Loser's Bracket seven match set will play the winner from the Winner's Bracket seven match set for the first and second place prizes. The loser from each seven match set will play each other for the Third and Fourth place prizes.

[SIZE=18]If you think you're a top-notch player, or just wish to meet the best players in the world, you don't want to miss this event. FREE food and drink will be provided by the Leringard Arms until we run out. That's right. FREE. [/SIZE]

Date and Time of the event.

~For questions or comments see Steel, current Steward of the Leringard Arms.~
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General Discussion / The Troll King presents: The Explorer Series
« on: December 11, 2008, 11:36:39 am »
I'm introducing a new series for the rest of this month and the next month (and maybe longer) that highlights the dungeons of Layo, and especially the new content. Primarily, the purpose for the series is to allow for those that have yet been unable or simply won't be able to explore the various dungeons/adventure areas due to time constraints, since many of the dungeon areas require a significant time committment to visit.

This series is.....

.... regular adventuring but with added GM spice/help/porting in and out.
.... an effort to give our casual/family gamers who have a hard time committing five+ hours to adventuring a peek at what's out there to be explored.
.... an effort to help people develop new adventuring groups as well as play with their current one.
.... an effort to help new players become familiar with the world and with older players.
.... an effort to allow for slower and more directed, meaningful exploration, without the feeling that "if we don't rush through these areas, this will take ten hours instead of five."

This series is not.....

.... a set of conventional quests with plots and stories.
.... a way to gather CNR.

The format goes like this:

1) Name the area we'll visit and a starting location. Most locations will require multiple sessions, so often the session will end and start within the dungeon. Therefore, the primary duty of the GM is to port folks in and out for these short sessions.
2) Give level req's (I'll aim for high, mid, and low levels areas).
3) Each session runs for two hours, two and a half max.
4) No XP will be offered, save for maybe 500xp RP bonks. The payoff is the exploration and monster XP.
5) The party closes after it enters the dungeon. The party opens again when it's time to visit a new dungeon.
6) Gathering CNR during the trip is prohibited. However, dropped loot is kept and split by the party as usual. This doesn't mean that we can't go to places that have CNR, but gathering CNR is not the purpose. Exploration and PC interaction is the primary goal here.

The purpose of this thread, other than to explain the new series, is to allow for everyone to make requests on dungeons/areas people wish to explore. So, with that said, request away! You've got slightly less than a week to choose the first place to go.

General Discussion / Notice: A New Hope...
« on: September 29, 2008, 10:13:29 am »
... has a good chance of not happening this week due to the server issues. So, if the servers are up, it's likely a go, but if not, well, we just have to wait. For that reason, I'm not putting it on the calender just yet. I'll post in this thread if/when I find out for sure.
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Rumour Has It / Posted in taverns, mercenary camps, and...
« on: September 16, 2008, 12:02:12 am »
... all places soldiers of fortune and adventurers are apt to frequent.

[SIZE=18]My name is Steel. Dread Blade mercenary of Leringard. Born in the demon lands of Belinara, I've travelled extensively, seen the worst and the best... Drank a lot of ale.

So I'm looking for the best. The toughest independent blades and brightest spell slingers. More importantly, I'm looking for those that are just a little crazy.

The job is one that few ever contemplate, and fewer still would dare. If you think you have what it takes, if you can stare death in the face, or if you just want to go out in a flash of glory, find me.

We will discuss the job and the terms of employment.[/SIZE]

The document is signed and stamped with the shadow of a panther.

//// While this suggests an event for PC's of higher level, if your PC feels they have what it takes, please feel free to role play that. Here's my OOC warning, however: Steel didn't suggest you needed to be a little crazy for nothing... ////
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Rumour Has It / You step onto a dock in Leringard...
« on: September 08, 2008, 09:11:26 pm »
[SIZE=32]...ambling past the working sailors and shiphands to find the ticket man. Your ears can't help but snatch up the conversation between a particular captain and one of the dock-hands. The captain is grizzled and grey-bearded, but might not be more than fourty years of age. The dock-hand, you can tell, has seen his fair share of sun and wind, skin leathery and hair stringy.

"Aye, sir. Finally got the new dock finished, all spick and span it is. Sanded smoother than a baby's bottom. And the first ship's due in tomorrow." The dock-hand points to the pier at the far end of the dockside with one hand and runs a greasy hand through greasier hair with the other. The sea captain squints one eye, reaches up to block the sun.

"Don't look so happy, lubber."

"And why not, salty? Afraid that dragon's coming back?"

Looking from dock to dock-hand, the old captain scowls and shivers. "By the Tempest I hope it don't, but that ain't my beef. No, I do regular trade between here and the port o' Hempstead."

"Back to business then, eh?"

"Back to something." The captain takes a tri-cornered hat from his head and wipes a bald brow. "I secretly wished that there new dock for Vehl trade ships would never be finished."

The dock-hand spits. "What? You been hitting the bottle a bit too hard, mate." He folds his arms. "Or stuck on land too long, maybe. That new trade route's bound to bring in some good money."

"For the likes of you, I can see why you consider it good, what with more to load and unload thanks to the extra ships. Aye, surely there be some new jobs for this city. But I tell you what, that there new dock represents competition, it does. And on top of that it signals the end of Brelin's need to aid Trelania's Leringard."

"You think?"

"I know. Ain't no need for that trading council in Brelin to keep the trading tariffs lowered anymore. They just did that to help Leringard get back on its feet. Them and the city on Alindor, Marinor's Hold. Got special treatment because of the calamities."

"Calamity is an understatement." The dock-hand slaps his knee and whistles. "Dragons and tidal waves. That stuff's just not supposed to be bothering the likes of us. This wouldn't have happened under Alluriel's reign. No sir." A wagging finger narrowly misses the captain's nose.

The captain shakes his head. "I tell you though, I've come to rely on them tariff breaks when I bring my goods into Hempstead. Now with the relief no longer needed, they're coming back, you can be certain. A drain on my pocket, bleeding tariffs."

"Well, what you expect, salty? Rich folk like staying rich, eh." Nodding as though he'd just said something profound, the dock-hand scratches at the yellow of his tooth.

"But them tariff's are going to be worse than before, mark my words."

"That don't make no sense. What, they going to make up for lost time?"

"No, they going to make up for that trade that used to go through Hempstead before making it to Fort Vehl now going directly there. Thanks to that bleeding new dockside. Not to mention, them Co'rysians don't much like the Brelins; the feeling's mutual for the Brelin's from what I've seen. Just ain't sure how this new route from here to Vehl's going to go over. But I know it can't be good for my business." He lets out a sigh, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeve, pulling at his captain's beard.

"You're worse than a gloom." The dock-hand snickers and shakes his head, poking the captain in the chest. "You know Vehl's sending more trade ships up to Hempstead, aye? Vehl's opened up all new trade. That's a good thing, mate. A good thing. I'm thinking them Brelin merchant trader council fellows or whatever they are got to know that they should be helping the new trade along not squashing it with tariffs."

The captain makes a face and throws up his hands. "Bah! What do you know, lubber. You don't trail these waters. Loading and unloading crates all day and you think you understand the intricacies of ocean trading and commerce."

"I know that you married my sister so you got to put up with me. Now how about a drink to ease them worries. I know just the place. And maybe the Gypsy will sing for the crowd tonight."

The two turn away, and you realize that you had paused to take in the whole event. You move on, finally, destination in sight: a fat man with tickets. The next day you board a passenger frigate with white sails. It sets sail for Fort Vehl.[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / A New Hope- reminder
« on: September 02, 2008, 11:05:08 am »
Since I forgot to put it on the calender (until today) for this week, this is a friendly reminder that the show continues tomorrow, same troll-time, same troll-channel.
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You're still due XP, if you wish it. You know who you are. Find me in-game and I'll give you what you earned.

I probably should have done the token warning I did at the beginning of the first installment of the series. Hope your fun wasn't too ruined by a Pit-Kind ripping your character to shreds O.o .
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Rumour Has It / On your way through Blackford town.
« on: July 21, 2008, 09:59:07 am »
[SIZE=24]North of the Blackford Castle and parked along the roadside, the day's travelers noted a caravan of wagons and mules. Each wagon sported an armored escort complete with a crossbow-man and mounted militia. Two men, one on horseback, walked the length of the wagon train, from front to rear. The man on foot, a Master Bixle, carried a parchment, which he periodically studied, but only after he first studied the contents of a wagon. Lieutenant Jarro rode the horse that kept pace with Master Bixle. Finally, they reached the end of the line.

"Everything looks to be in order, Lieutenant. This is the last of it. Be sure it gets there."

"Yes, sir. After this last run to Leringard, I am due at the east coast, by order of the Queen. Since I won't be back to Blackford for some time, perhaps you could do me a favor?"

Jarro produced a rolled up letter, sealed with wax, which he held out to Bixle. The old quartermaster squinted at the object, like he was trying to peer through to its contents.

"Another note for my daughter, eh?"

"She expects no less."

"I expect a bit more."

Jarro flashed his best elite-soldier smile, the colors of Blackford showing clean on the uniform, bright on horseback. Bixle snatched the letter, shoving it in his belt.

"Get on with ye, Lieutenant. One crate from that supply train goes missing, and I'll be sure the Queen herself knows who lost it."

"I've lead all twenty-two of these supply runs to Leringard without so much as spilling a speck of sand. Should I lose the whole supply train this last trip, I'll pay for the loss out of my own pocket."

"You're bleeding right you will. Off the sweat of your back. Can't afford to lose anything these days, not with the pirate attacks, dragon attacks, and foreigners thinking they can buy into our bloody good graces by sending rotten wood every time there is even a hint of disaster."

"Thank you, Master Bixle, for reminding me of that most important understanding yet again. Now before you yell at me for starting my journey too late, I'll remind you to tell Harmony that I already miss her and that I wish her good luck in tomorrow's longsword competition."

Bixle's face steamed deep red, a snarl showing off one brown tooth.

"Tell her yourself. You already owe me for all this letter delivering, not to mention her joining the army in the first place!" Bixle spits. "I didn't name her Harmony so she would join the army."

"She's at least as ornery as you, which is why she'll do fine."

"Fine getting herself killed fighting pirates."

"She's in the Queen's army, not the Queen's navy."

"Pirates have to come ashore sometime."

"Of course they do. Farewell, Master Bixle."

Lieutenant Jarro spurred his horse to the front of the caravan, leaving the grumbling quartermaster to make his way back to the castle granaries and eventually to his daughter, still practicing her best moves for the longsword competition.[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / Warning: Whining ahead.
« on: June 12, 2008, 03:41:47 pm »
Stop tempting me to make a new character! I just don't have the time!

*grumbles about so many neat-looking quests belonging to below lvl 20, despite recalling a time when many grumbled about so many plot quests being only 17+*

;) ;)

For instance...

[SIZE=10]Disclaimer: I'm glad the GM's choose the levels appropriate to the quests they're running, and I'm especially glad there are those for lower level players, especially since we actually have a plethora of lower level characters again. Moreover, there is usually at least one open quest per week... if only I didn't need to sleep. And yes, I run open quests and quests aimed at higher levels... but if I'm running them, by default I don't get to play my character in them, heh.[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / The Thunder Peaks and the Impending Update.
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:13:20 pm »
As a direct result of the Essrantor's Veil quest series, the Thunder Peaks changed quite a bit. This change will be reflected in an update that is very soon in coming. (Thank Chongo, and wish him well. He's having his first child this week. The update will happen after he settles into that fact.)

Until the update, we ask that travel to the western Thunder Peaks be avoided. Really, traveling through the Peaks right now would be like your character is leaping backward in time to before Essrantor's Veil and its aftermath. We will place NPC reminders around the area, but even if you don't see them for some reason, please avoid the Thunder Peaks until we notify everyone that the update has happened.

Also, to clear up a few things in-character, new rumors and bard's tales are on their way. Hopefully this will help people get a better idea of what actually went on in each separate leg and how they connected in the end.

EDIT: The "Thunder Peaks" refers to a rather large mountain range. While we show off a bunch of areas in the western part of this range, Essrantor actually only rules a section of the mountains, and that is the part with which most seem to be familiar. I didn't want to say the whole mountain range is off-limits, because technically it's not. Only that part affected by Essrantor's rule, which is, in fact, the western half of the mountains. The Western half of the Thunder Peaks is also not to be confused with the Darkland Mountains. The Great Rift separates the two mountain ranges with the Thunder Peaks to the east and the Darkland Mountains to the West. Mechanically (what you see represented in-game) you can only reach the western half of the Thunder Peaks through Dalanthar, as ScriptWrecked pointed out. You can visit other parts of the Thunder Peaks, however, and again, they are not off-limits as they are not affected by Essrantor's Veil.

Feel free to comment and ask questions in this thread, so long as it stays civil and constructive (the usual requests).
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General Discussion / Done.
« on: May 10, 2008, 01:24:21 pm »
I have a master's degree. Got the piece of paper yesterday, after sitting very bored through a two hour ceremony in a robe with sleeve-wings.

I think my family was more happy than I was.

And now it's back to an 8-5.

On the upside, I'll be more consistent with Layo time now. :p

P.S. To those on the "Reveal the Storm" quest, see the layo server forums. I finally got a post in there, and yes, I pretty much just woke up.

General Discussion / Finally!
« on: April 04, 2008, 06:31:42 pm »
So I just turned in the final copy of my portfolio for approval. I'm so close to getting my master's degree I can taste it.

(And yes, that means I'm starting work on all those CDQ's sitting in my que, heh. Not to mention quests in general. Oh... and playing.)
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General Discussion / Hear Ye, Hear ye.
« on: January 26, 2008, 02:27:46 pm »
I've got me a new LORE Team. So, all of you folks that think you can find an error in LORE, or just have an idea, drop a line in the LORE suggestion forum. I do actually read through those.

I'm trying to get LORE nice and clean before the new handbook comes out, so when it does we'll be ready to add all the new...well, Lore. :)
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