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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 26, 2021, 12:02:18 pm »
Ysheera Elyndar places the following in an empty chest:

9 cow's milk x 100 =900
17 jars of honey x 50 = 850
Total = 1750

She leaves a note:
Mistress Pandorn, Thank you for the detailed accounting list you sent this morning!
I believe my credit was 1575 (with the multi-purchase discounts that I had forgotten, and the discount for the oak short bow headed to Haven's Armory). The newly deposited milk and eggs would make the credit now 3,325, if i'm not mistaken.

If you happen to find a Brawlers Belt that grants damage resistance to Bludgeoning, then I'd be interested in purchasing it.

Ysheera Elyndar
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Ysheera has been accepted as an apprentice to Sehky for the study of the path of the Arcane Archer, and he has welcomed her into the Tower Academy.

Their in-game trainings and hunts have been described in this development journal here:'s-campfire-tales-(dev-journal-to-arcane-archer)/msg10456925/?topicseen#new

Prior to training with Sehky, Ysheera did have some rudimentary training from her mother, who was the Arcane Archer defender of her home clan, as described in the Dev Journal, and as mentioned in my New Character Submission, here:

Ysheera is 8th level currently, and I'm hoping for 9th level to be the first level of Arcane Archer.

Thanks for considering!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 24, 2021, 02:31:40 pm »
Ysheera brings in 11 bottles of milk to add to her credit:
previous credit of 1191 + 1100 = Credit of 2291

Picks up 500 Fire II arrows: 333
500 Cold II arrows: 333
and an oak shortbow: 1500
She mutters, in a frustrated tone, "I'm almost able to craft this blasted thing, but not yet able!"

New Credit: 125
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Ask A Gamemaster / Re: The Tower Academy
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:16:52 pm »
Thanks, mitonyorkcastle; yes, last week Ysh connected with Sehky online, in character, and he's taken her on as an apprentice, in the Tower Academy,  teaching her the path of the Arcane Archer!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 21, 2021, 01:57:46 am »
Ysh brings in more trade resources:

41 honey x 50 = 2050
5 milk x 100 = 500
3 eggs x 140 = 420
Total brought in this day: 2970

Previous Credit 2349, + 2970 = Credit of 5319

Picks up:
Crag Cat Bags 2, x 2064 = 4128

New Credit = 1191
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She was walking under the moonlight, practising quieting her mind. Memories rose and fell, and she would relax again back to the breath and presence of the bow in her hand, feet on the earth, eyes and ears open to the subtle voice of the night time forest.

She thought of how nervous she had been when she first met Sehky, when she realized that he was an instructor of the Tower Academy, and a Master Arcane Archer. They had talked for a long time, seeking to understand each other. Then he tested her skills on a hunt. She didn’t hold her tongue, her mischief-making tongue that danced and played, made jokes, or teased. It was important to Ysh to enjoy her training and learning. But he seemed unperturbed.

Later he gave her a tour of the grand and lofty Tower Academy. Impressive! And then they journeyed to Stormcrest Crossing and trained. Again, she did not hold her tongue. It was tempting to act nice, be the model student, steal his coaching out of the fear that he’d reject her if he knew her nature. But she needed to know if she could be free, honest, and her bold and playful self with him. That was as important as the learning. And again, he was unperturbed.

At the end of the practise session he said, “You listen good and follow guidance. It is good.”

Never had her mother praised her in their training. But then, never had Ysh truly had an easy time listening and following her mother’s Bardic and Arcane Archer guidance. So why was it so easy to follow Sehky’s guidance this night, and allow the results to unfold?

After he left she fully intended to spend her first night in the Tower Academy. Fresh pie and drinks, a hot bath, and clean sheets - it all sounded divine. But she was on fire and couldn’t stop practising, training, focusing, experimenting. Her passion to learn had been ignited.

She marveled at the difference in her attitude - comparing herself in training under her mother’s judgemental eye, and this evening, training under Sehky’s casual but precise and kind focus.

“Ah….that’s it,” she mused aloud, abandoning the mind quieting technique for a time. “He is not judging me. He appears to accept me. ‘Inclusive’, he had said. And even though he is through and through an Ilsarian, he seemed to accept me, even though I have an affinity to frolic and play with self-centered Shadonites. And in that acceptance I could relax, and follow his guidance. And my passion to learn this art grew from the hope his mentorship instilled.”

She walked on, thinking of the Heartsong, Ilsare. Ysh resonated with much of the Ilsarian ways. Ysh is a singer, a passionate, feeling-based playful singer, who delights and enjoys the vocal play and weaving of the Al’noth with the voice and song.

“Well, I can bow to Shadon, while also appreciating Ilsare’s nature,” she thought.

Her thoughts and awareness again quieted into the surrounding forest, her own breath and being, and the oak bow held lightly in her hand. Soon, unbidden, a melody began to coalesce within her, and she began to hum. Then words formed, like curls of mist rising from a still pond. A song was being born, inspired by this night’s training with Sehky, but enhanced also by the teachings of Ysh’s mother, those hard-earned tips and wise words, torn reluctantly from the bouts of learning with her sporadically over the last years. The coaching and guidance interwove with Ysh’s experience, practise, passion, play, and prayer this night. Her walking slowed, and she abandoned herself to the unfolding delight of creation:

The Bullseye and I are One
Stance, just right.
Arm firm, not tight.
Shoulders broad, and breathe,
Allow the inner might.

Resistance, ambition, and fear,
The stubborn bullheaded mind is near.
Begone! Leave behind the bullheaded rear!
So the eye and the bullseye can be one.

Quiet the mind, worries unwind.
Will and heart, gently bind.
Take away the noisy braying bull,
And the eye and the bullseye are one.

Listen, hear the Al’noth’s song.
Harmonize with the melody, and hum.
Weave the spirit with breathe and tongue.
Now - the Heartsong comes!

Standing still or on the run,
In shadow, dark night, or bright-hued sun,
Facing foe, or in play or fun,
The Bullseye and I are One.

Song awakens the inner glow!
In effortless effort, find the flow!
Now, now is the time to bend the bow!
And unleash the shining arrow!

The Bullseye and I are One.
The Bullseye and I are One.

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So...the final leg of this tale, at least for tonight! Something surprising, perhaps even miraculous, happened last night. And my heart and spirit are buoyed with even more hope now.

In Center a mysterious elven man was walking down the road, and when he saw me, he turned invisible. Intrigued, and not to be put off so swiftly, I ran up and turned invisible near where he had, just to make fun of him and his antics. And I spoke to him, or in his general direction, pretending to see him. He appeared then, and we spoke more. Eileanora was there too. It turns out he’s an Arcane Archer! So rare! And a Master of it, too! To prove it, he cast dozens of arrows at my feet and at Eilea’s feet! All in the blink of an eye!

He said he’d teach me the secrets of the Arcane Archer, when I had crafted my “dream” bow. Ouch. I don’t even know how to wield a lumberjack’s axe! Chopping wood, shaping it, sanding it….not a craft that is easy for me to learn. Still, it gave me hope. Because even though I have learned some of the rudimentary principles of the Arcane Archer from my mother, I have not been able to put those teachings into successful practise. So….to have a guide would be excellent.

So i struggled to learn the bowyer craft, twisting Tipsy’s arm to chop wood for me, and slaving in the sawdusty craft hall, and even forcing myself into the kitchen to learn to make sandpaper. Whew! And I was successful….well…..I made a hickory longbow. I even carved the word “dream” into it! My Dream Bow! *she laughs* Nothing to be too proud of, I know. But I carried on, knowing that my true “dream” bow would need to be far more fine than hickory.

But last night something even more miraculous happened. Yesterday I was exploring Hempstead and found the Tower Academy. I inquired there as to its purpose, and left a letter for the mages. Then, by chance or fate or purpose, that very evening I met an elven man by the fire at Center. And lo, it turns out he is the Arcane Archer instructor of the Tower Academy! How is it, that I’ve met two masterful Arcane Archers by chance? Both in the space of a week?

I won’t name him at this time, but we hunted together, talked for hours and hours, toured the Tower Academy (what a grand place!) and in the end, he agreed to teach me. I’m his apprentice!

Honestly, I don’t believe it still, as I thought no one would want me as a pupil. Stop snickering you, it’s not funny! But really, I’m cantankerous and like my freedom. I’m a jokester, many are easily offended by me, when I mean no offense, well, usually. And many think I’m disrespectful, when I mean no disrespect. I just speak my mind, and make jokes, and I like to lighten up the conversation. At inopportune times, sometimes, but still, it’s harmless play that seems to rub many the wrong way. But miraculously this Masterful mage did not reject me, and agreed for me to be his pupil. We’ll see how odious or delightful it is, but so far, I’m optimistic!

There! That’s what I had to share! To friend and acquaintance alike - and why I was pleased to gather you here with some xeenite wine and ale, and a roast boar! A celebration of my apprenticeship and admittance to the Tower Academy! Let’s hope I don't blow it, right? *laughs*

What’s that? Why am I not naming him? Well….because he has many enemies, he said. Many powerful enemies. And I don’t want to be targeted by them. I’ve probably said too much already, haven’t I? Anyone with half a mind could discover who my mentor is now, couldn’t they? Blast! I did say too much. Well, I’ll have to live with it….or die with it. But I’ve said all I will, for now!
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:47:17 pm »
Ysheera brings in a few goods that Ferrit had requested:

19 bottles of cow milk x 100 = 1900
6 eggs x 140 = 840
Total brought in = 2740

Previous Credit: 2225 + 2740 = 4965 Credit
Items taken a few days back: 2616
New Credit = 2349

Let me know if I'm mistaken on the math!
~Ysheera Elyndar
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Barley lugs some wood into Saddlebag:

He purchases:
Cloak of Resistance +2. 9000
Silk Hood 1200
Total purchased: 10,200 (pays 1,020 True)

He deposits:
Cloak of Protection +2  2000
24 Hickory Branches x 25 = 800
1 lion skin = 75
Total dropped: 2875

Previous Credit 38,742
38,742 + 2550 = 41,617
Minus what he purchases today (10,200) = A total credit of 31,417

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Ysh borrows two items to enhance constitution, and two items to enhance wisdom. She then returns them after some distasteful sandpaper-making.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 15, 2021, 10:42:55 pm »
Ysheera picks up a few items with her trade credit:

Gloves of Harmony: 2500
Electric Arrows I,  1000 = 125 + 125
Fire Arrows I, 1000 = 125 + 125
Silver I Arrows, 270
Total Picked Up: 3,270
20% multi-discount -654
Total owed: 2616 (to be paid by barter trade)
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 15, 2021, 02:01:14 pm »
Ysheera drops off resources for trade credit, as per speaking with Ferrit.

51 lumps of clay x 25 = 1275
19 honey x 50 = 950
Total trade credit = 2225
(let me know if I miswrote the values of the items!)
~Ysh (Ysheera Elyndar)
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...For something surprising, perhaps even miraculous, happened last night. And my heart and spirit are buoyed with more hope now. And I must speak of it before I burst!  But first, a little context, a little backstory…..

My youngest memories are those of astonishment, wonder, and admiration of my mother and her arcane powers. Her songs brought strange thrills and feelings to me until I could not stop myself from dancing, an awkward attempt in my early years to express the tingling thrill within my body elicited by her song. And I would coo and sing, trying to match her mysterious melodies.

Tireen Elyndar, she was a masterful bard, still is, and the only arcane archer of our small clan. Tireen Elyndar, the wordsmith, the lyrist, the defender. She negotiated with other clans and merchants, she healed with the Al’noth, and she protected the clan with Al’noth-infused arrows that pierced much deeper than other archer’s bows.

My youngest memories are that I wanted to be like her. I wanted to be her. “All in good time,” she would say, when I begged her to show me how to heal wounds, or stir the hearts with song. “All in good time.” But my child heart and child mind did not understand why now was not the good time. “Other things first,” she would say, and she’d sing of the legends, the history, the heroes. And at first, that was wonderful. I learned some of the ancient songs of our people. I learned about the different races of elves and of humanity, and other things. I practised the drills of meditation and focus and practised with my child-size bow.

But I longed for the Al’noth. And “All in good time,” began to eat at my spirit. My child mind began to think she was holding me back from the magic. Maybe she didn’t want me to learn her arts. Maybe she did not want another arcane archer in the clan. The seed of rebellion, stubbornness, and anger rooted in my being, and grew, clouding my spirit so that all the studies, readings, recitations and practise became a burden to escape from. And escape I did. To the halfling clans nearby, to play with my sister Eregryn, and the halfling children.

Every anniversary of my birth I begged my mother to teach me how to spin the Al’noth into my bow and arrows, and finally I was of age, she said. But first I must learn of the Al’noth before I learn of fusing archery and the Al’noth. She put her heart and soul into teaching me, but I had become such a headstrong rebellious child, full of frustrations and resentments. And she was so demanding and critical. I tried, and she tried. But eventually the studies, recitations, and practise became more and more of a burden. I desperately wanted to learn to channel the Al’noth, but I kept getting frustrated at my mother. For no apparent reason. I just could not do it.

She passed me off to another elven bard, Olgrid Aesir’ia, and that was easier on my heart. I didn’t break into outbursts of frustration with him. But try as I could, I was unable to channel the magic. I’d do the mind clearing exercises, the visualization exercises, “seeing” the Al’noth as light pooling in my belly and channeling into my hands and voice for the incantation, but….nothing would happen. I tried to feel the Al’noth, sense it in my bones and fingers, but I couldn’t. Olgrid was a patient teacher, and I threw myself into studies, now that I was free of my mother’s high expectations and critical eye. Night and day all I thought of was to channel the Al’noth into the simplest of spells.

I failed. And fell into deep grief. My sister Eregryn tried to cheer me up. She told my mother we’d go spend a few nights with the halflings. But part way there I begged her to go on without me while I headed to the little nest hideout we’d made not far from the elven camp. Alone, I vowed to myself that I’d not leave that nest until I’d succeeded in channeling the Al’noth. I tried, and tried, and tried. Everything I’d learned I threw into that focus and effort. I tried everything I possibly could...and I failed.

I fell into such deep despair and hopelessness then. I knew that I would never channel the Al’noth. I’d never follow in my mother’s footsteps on the path of the Arcane Archer. I’d never be worthy of the respect she receives from all of the tribe. I was a failure. Not fit to be her daughter. Not  fit to be of the tribe. Not fit to be alive.

In hopeless despair I left the nest and wandered the woods, not even thinking of bringing my bow or any supplies. An unaware moment, and I’d scraped my face on a branch, and cut my lip deeply. It stung, and throbbed. Finally, I collapsed on a mossy mound deep in the woods, and was ready to die. If wolves had found me and eaten me, I don’t think I would have cared.

To this day I know not what happened. I awoke from a half-slumber feeling oddly calm. It was as if I was looking over my shoulder at my thoughts and emotions. The sun was rising, no clouds were in the sky, and my mind was similarly awakening and cloudless. The slightest thought drifted by and my gaze upon it dissipated it. I realized that I was humming, effortlessly, thoughtlessly, and upon feeling the ache and throbbing of the cut on my lip my hands made the gesture I’d practised so often and my voice the incantation, and….the cut healed.

Astonishment tossed me out of the calm. I tried the incantation again on my scraped face...and failed. Again, I lay back down and calmed, and slipped into that new state I’d not experienced before - an effortless awareness. And in that ease I realized….the Al’noth was all around me and all throughout me. My breathe stirred it, the earth under my back hummed with it, I could hear the song of the Al’noth. There were no visualizations or even kinesthetic feelings of it, but I could hear it’s hum and vibration, and miraculously, I could match it with my own silent hum and vibration. Again, the incantation and gesture, and the cut on my face healed. I tried the other simple spells that had been drilled into me, and each flowed effortlessly.

Weeping, I stood, and sang. I found the Al’noth singing through me. How had this eluded me for so long? I realized that I had been in my own way. Yet now, something had come with the deep despair an hopelessness. In giving up, I had stopped being in my own way, and the Al’noth, unbidden, uncalled for, beyond hope, was now here and flowing. It had always been here, but I had been in the way of its flow with all my pigheaded efforts.

I ran like a gazelle back towards the clan. My feet were light, my heart was soaring, I couldn’t wait to tell my mother of this success! Ahead of me I saw Eregryn, my sister, talking worriedly with my mother. Eregryn held my bow. She must have gone to our hideout and seen that I was not there and that I had left without my bow, which I never do. My mother’s face was lined with worry, and she was gearing up to hunt for me. She broke into a sharp rebuke on seeing me, and  without thinking, all my frustration and resentment poured out in a shout at her. Flooded with anger, I tried to explain that I’d found the Al’noth, and I tried to demonstrate it. But the effortless ease was gone…..nothing flowed...and no spell spun from my lips.

It was months before I found the Al’noth again. I did not find that grace and ease and oneness as I had experienced that one morning, but I did find the Al’noth, tentatively, unreliably, tenuously, but it was there.

My teacher Olgrid apologized, explaining that he had failed me in his teaching. He said that most people find the Al’noth through focusing on visualizations. For those who fail, most find it through focusing on kinesthetic sensing. But a few rare individuals only find it through the auditory channel of hearing the silent Al’noth, and matching it’s vibration with one’s silent or auditory humming. I was of the rare auditory type of person, and he apologized for not recognizing that and coaching me on that path.

I demanded to be taught the path of the Arcane Archer from my mother, and would not take “all in good time” as an answer. Reluctantly, but in the spirit of trying to mend our relationship, she taught me the rudimentary exercises. She knew I would not be able to manifest the magicks until stronger in the bardic art, but she taught me the basics, and I threw myself into the exercises with a passion. But our connection had been shattered, and I could not stand being in her presence for long. I’d wander the forest singing the archer’s Al’noth threads, weaving the melodies with bow and arrows, channeling the timber of my voice into the timber of the wood. And, of course, I was not ready to manifest it.

So instead I practised the bardic arts. I studied again with Olgrid Aesir’ia, and learned the incants for many bardic spells. And even though I could not manifest the results of the incants, I knew that one day I would. So I learned the gestures and incants, and practised them in my forest wanderings.

Over the years I came and went from the tribe. The focused studies were interspersed with long periods of goofing off and play. I just didn’t have the discipline to go the distance. I also grew more distant with my mother. We still talked at times, and I still questioned her on things arcane, and of her Arcane Archer path. But I knew I’d have to build my bardic skills and apply what she had begrudgingly taught me in my own way, in my own time. Still, I had some hope and faith due to the experience that had come, unbidden, in my moment of deepest despair and hopelessness, when I had given up and was no longer in my own way. And that hope kept my heart alive and lighthearted.

When my sister fell in love and started aiming towards a life with a partner, I decided it was time to peel myself away from the clan. Throughout my childhood and teen years I had been seen by many as an irresponsible member of the clan, more interested in playing than taking on responsibilities in the clan. More interested in wandering the woods and singing, than harvesting food and herbs. More interested in making up my own songs, silly ditties that made the halflings laugh and the elves frown, than interested in learning the ancient ballads.

So it was time. Time to wander the world, and continue to grow my bardic Al’noth in my own way. And one day…..perhaps one day… the Al’noth through my bow.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: April 15, 2021, 01:10:42 am »
Ysheera purchases a few items:

500 silver I arrows: 270
500 fire 1 arrows 125
500 electric II arrows 333
Swordsman Belt 2500
2 Lessor Restoration Potions: 400
Gert Rydralles ring (acid 5/-) lens 228 x .75 = 171
Total Purchased = 3,799 T
- 15% multi purchase discount of 570 T
Total Owed = 3,229 T

Coin placed in the front chest, along with a note.
Thank you!

Update: Walked out of the shop and thought twice about it; walked back in and added more arrows to the purchase:
another 500 Silver I for 270
Fire II arrows for 333
Firfur Fenik's boots 850
Total = 1453 - 15% of 218 = 1235 T paid
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Link to Ysheera's bio/backstory:

Break out the drinks! Share them around. Keep those roasts turning on the fire, drip on the oil and crushed sage, sprinkle salt and pepper, we’ll be feasting soon!

In the meantime, sit yourselves down with a drink and I’ll share a bit of a story with you. Hey - no snide comments! Yes, of course the story is about me! What else matters?

OK, I know there’s something that matters more in the Toranite heart of you, SIR Hank…..of course! And I might even consider abandoning Shadon and joining your cult if I, too, could have HAIR like yours!!!

Tipsy, stop staring! Yes, Eileanóra and I look like twins, but looks can be deceiving! So pause on your fantasizing for a few moments, close your eyes if you need to, and lend me your ears!

Eilea, pause, if you are able, on the War of Religions. I know you Love the sparring (to each their own)! Let the Voraxians grunt and swig with battlefury (I don’t expect that dwarf to hear my tale, anyway, as his eyes are red misted; probably dreaming of spilling blood!), let the Toranites groom with precise lawful strokes, and let the Folians bliss out with their shrooms and pipeweed. We’re here to enjoy, not fight, and I’m here to tell a short tale! So, Shadonites - pause on pranks and ridicule, and for all other less fun-loving amongst us - savor the drinks, and lend me your ear!

Something surprising, perhaps even miraculous, happened last night. And my heart and spirit are buoyed with even more hope now. And I must speak of it before I burst!  But first, a little context, a little backstory…..
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: April 06, 2021, 09:17:31 pm »
Aka'ashi cautiously enters the shop.

Items/Materials Brought in for Credit
She gently places a White Stag Leather Armor in the drop off chest, growling a sing-song prayer in the wemic language to the beast that used to wear this skin. (50% of lens is 2254)
She also deposits 42 bone fragments (x 20 = 840 value). "Does shop need bone?" she questions.
She places 7 birch bark (x 40 = 280)
and 19 corn (x 30 = 570)
"Tell Aka'ashi if no want any this."

Previous Credit: 1098
Total of items brought in today: 3944
Total Credit: 5,042

Aka'ashi purhases a Level 2 Electric Enhancement for her weapon: value 3140
Gloves of Harmony: 75% of lens = 2115
Total value purchased: 5255
Pays 50% in Coin: 2628
Pays 50% in Credit: 2627

New Credit: 2415

She marvels as the gloves of harmony adjust to her hands, and sings a wemic song of hunting, laughing at the clarity and delightful skill the gloves helped her attain. Then she follows her nose to the food shelves and devours some roast hound, purring contentedly.
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Calendar Events / Re: How about another Low Level Romp & Adventure?
« on: April 06, 2021, 03:11:23 pm »
Anyone else want to chime in on the poll or suggest other days and times?
I know I'm often not playing as late in the night as many of you, but it looks like Thursday 8pm EST would work for 4 so let's aim for that, unless more poll votes come in sooner!
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Calendar Events / How about another Low Level Romp & Adventure?
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:48:37 am »
Let's plan another low-level outing! We could take on a quest or two, and roam and adventure together!

Perhaps take on the lizard tower in the swamps near Hlint? Or some other quest?

If none of the days and times I listed work for you - propose others.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: April 04, 2021, 11:44:28 pm »
Barley picks up the last Lion Bag from the Bag Chest.
Value 4587
He pays 50% in True: 2294
He pays the other 50% in Credit

His previous credit was 2707
minus 2294
Current Credit = 413

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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Cailomel Goods and Wares (updated)
« on: April 03, 2021, 01:50:42 pm »

Aka'ashi checks the bag chest and picks up two Lion's Bags.
4587 x 2 = 9174 True value

She places 25% value in True in the payment chest: 2294 T

She heads out and gathers or crafts all the materials for 2 lion bags:
12 lion pelts
2 spools of thread
2 cloth patterns
6 enchanting oils

These items she places in the left-most "Contracts Drop Off" chest.
The materials cut 50% from the price, if she understands correctly.

2294 left to pay.

She drops off two items for credit:
Bronze Great Sword (50% of lens = 1152)
Iron scale mail (50% of lens = 2240)
Total Credit from the two drops: 3392
minus the 2294 owed gives her a credit of 1098
(and the two lion bags are paid in full)

She asks a shop cleaner to speak with one of the shopkeepers and thank them, as well as to check and make sure she did it correctly.
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