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Bron & Markyl (and Van and Gumbo I think) just bought a house: 186 Haven.

It does not look as if I have the capability to put a notice or name plate on the door of the house.

I'd like it to read:
Crimson Company


// On the bulletin board in Saddlebag is a large parchment //

Hail Friends!

If you seek craftable resources or specific gear that are not currently in the shop then please post that here.

Posting here may inspire others to acquire these goods for you! Perhaps even with a message sent to you!

~Riven Ring-Cleaver

// As usual, all purchases should be posted in the SADDLEBAG PAWN SET PRICES forum, not here. //


Bron, Gumbo, and Van may be teaming up to buy a home, since the dwarven Crimson Company caves has not been able to be created and there's no telling when it will be (actually, Hellblazer created it in the new Fort Wayfare, but he's been waiting on Orth to put that into place, and there's no telling when that will be).

So, a few questions:

1. There's a tower just west of Fort Wayfare in the Dark Peak of the Watchers. The door is locked, no address or owner. Can we purchase that and turn that into the temporary or permanent Crimson Company guild?

2. Is there a process for potentially purchasing a home from a player who has not had a presence on the server in a long time and turn that into the temporary or permanent Crimson Company home? I don't know if these players still play or not, but
176 Wayfare is owned by Kenzie (with Cherry).
189 Wayfare (the cave/home) Crimson Shield - Tod Fellow (and I see Lana Poetr and Charlie Poetr have items in it).
And the abandoned fort/tower near Fort Vehl - the Coalition. Is that still functioning? (Tyrra Dragonheart and others).
Potentially there are homes in Hempstead that have been sitting abandoned by players who no longer are on the server. Could we acquire one of those?

Thanks for considering!

Ask A Gamemaster / Bron is stuck in the "Transporter" area
« on: May 15, 2021, 08:34:51 pm »
Bron was digging sand outside Audira (after slaying the giants in that area), and something weird happened where he couldn't dig. I refreshed the area, and ended up in the Transporter area (pitch black).
Can someone rescue him?
I'm going to leave him logged in for now, and I'll check back later.

Ysheera has been accepted as an apprentice to Sehky for the study of the path of the Arcane Archer, and he has welcomed her into the Tower Academy.

Their in-game trainings and hunts have been described in this development journal here:'s-campfire-tales-(dev-journal-to-arcane-archer)/msg10456925/?topicseen#new

Prior to training with Sehky, Ysheera did have some rudimentary training from her mother, who was the Arcane Archer defender of her home clan, as described in the Dev Journal, and as mentioned in my New Character Submission, here:

Ysheera is 8th level currently, and I'm hoping for 9th level to be the first level of Arcane Archer.

Thanks for considering!


Bron Skallagrimsson's attributes appear to be permanently lowered to 16, 10, 14, 6, 4, 3.

The recent server restart did not fix it.

He is also still in a slender body type (I created him with a thick body type).

I'd like to recreate him from scratch. I'll do my best to recreate him exactly as he is (same levels in classes, same feats, etc.).  I'll change his name by one letter (or you can change the original Bron's name by one letter prior to me recreating him).

Let me know if I need to empty all the gear that he has on him into chests, to be picked up by the newly created Bron, or if that transfer of personal gear can happen in game through a GM command. I will empty his Bank Vault of coin and goods (or can that, also, be transferred by a GM?).

Lowered Attribute Thread:'s-attributes-are-lower/

Original Character Submission:

Battlerager Permission Thread:

Thank you!

Ask A Gamemaster / The Tower Academy
« on: April 18, 2021, 11:21:03 pm »
Is the Tower Academy in Hempstead an active guild? I'm not seeing much information about it in the forums or wiki.

Trade and Market Hall / Kitchen-Phobic Bowmaker Seeks Sandpaper
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:57:18 am »
// Small Note Tacked Up in the Craft Hall in Center //

Kitchen-Phobic Would-Be Bowmaker Seeks Sandpaper

Hickory and Oak to start with.
Name your price!

(that charismatic elf who just tied the bootlaces together on a sleeping dwarf by the campfire)

Link to Ysheera's bio/backstory:

Break out the drinks! Share them around. Keep those roasts turning on the fire, drip on the oil and crushed sage, sprinkle salt and pepper, we’ll be feasting soon!

In the meantime, sit yourselves down with a drink and I’ll share a bit of a story with you. Hey - no snide comments! Yes, of course the story is about me! What else matters?

OK, I know there’s something that matters more in the Toranite heart of you, SIR Hank…..of course! And I might even consider abandoning Shadon and joining your cult if I, too, could have HAIR like yours!!!

Tipsy, stop staring! Yes, Eileanóra and I look like twins, but looks can be deceiving! So pause on your fantasizing for a few moments, close your eyes if you need to, and lend me your ears!

Eilea, pause, if you are able, on the War of Religions. I know you Love the sparring (to each their own)! Let the Voraxians grunt and swig with battlefury (I don’t expect that dwarf to hear my tale, anyway, as his eyes are red misted; probably dreaming of spilling blood!), let the Toranites groom with precise lawful strokes, and let the Folians bliss out with their shrooms and pipeweed. We’re here to enjoy, not fight, and I’m here to tell a short tale! So, Shadonites - pause on pranks and ridicule, and for all other less fun-loving amongst us - savor the drinks, and lend me your ear!

Something surprising, perhaps even miraculous, happened last night. And my heart and spirit are buoyed with even more hope now. And I must speak of it before I burst!  But first, a little context, a little backstory…..

Calendar Events / How about another Low Level Romp & Adventure?
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:48:37 am »
Let's plan another low-level outing! We could take on a quest or two, and roam and adventure together!

Perhaps take on the lizard tower in the swamps near Hlint? Or some other quest?

If none of the days and times I listed work for you - propose others.

Ask A Gamemaster / Bron's Attributes are Lower
« on: April 04, 2021, 08:31:23 pm »
So, something happened with my dwarf, Bron Skallagrimson.

All of his attributes are dropped by 4 or so points.
They are, currently, 16, 10, 14, 6, 4, 3.

i think it started after he died for a second time, prior to recovering from the first death (I parked him somewhere I thought was safe, took a snack break, and got back to find him dead).

He also still has the slender body type, even though I created him originally to have the belly and bulk of a strength-based barbarian/battle rager.

Resting doesn't help. Relogging doesn't help. Waiting days hasn't helped.
Hopefully he'll reset the next time the server resets?
If not, I'd like permission to recreate him.


The tunnel "Path to the Ire Mountains Cave" that is the only access to several areas with orc archers, honey, birch, hickory, oak, licorice, ivy, sand, and clay, etc., is very tough to survive for lower levels.

My 10th level monk can easily handle the areas that the tunnel accesses, but can't survive the swarm of big leeches in the tunnel. It seems to me that either there needs to be less leeches in that tunnel,  or the boat from that final area (near the oak tree) should be a two-way boat, not just one way to the shore of Lake Dantuk near the flag and near Center, so there is access to the orc areas without having to run the lethal gauntlet of giant leeches.

Thanks for considering!

Trade and Market Hall / Fear Immunity Weapon fer Sale!
« on: February 24, 2021, 05:36:47 pm »
// Bron tacks a note to the bulletin board in the crafting hall of Center //

Fer all ye lilly-livered milktoasted pansy-sniffin warriors that need a bolt o whiskey to 'ead into battle - I ave just the thing fer ye! A heavy pick that grants immunity to fear. And it's great at piercing through armor! Nothin else fancy bout it, it's just made of copper, but thick and sturdy enough! Make me an offer I can't refuse, as I'm in need of coin! Otherwise, I'll be savin' it fer loanin (whilst taunting and jeering) to me battle mates who can't hold the line!

~Bron (leave a note 'ere, or on the second bookshelf in Cailomels, it 'as me name on it!)

// copper heavy pick, immunity to fear //

Ask A Gamemaster / Body Size Changed
« on: February 16, 2021, 02:42:47 am »
I'm 98% sure that Bron Skallagrimsson, my dwarven Battle Rager, had a large body type, not slender body type.
I'm not sure why he's slender now.
I tried to change it through the customization menu and I have not seen a way to do that.
Is there a way to change him to large size, back the way he was?

Minor request -
Seeing as how the secret underground temple in Prantz is to a god of thieves, wouldn't it make sense to have a pawn shop merchant there to buy stolen goods?

and is there any way that all characters could use all resource acquisition tools? For example, the miners pick could be used by anyone, even if they don't have the feat to use fighter's weapons? Same with crafting tools (smith's hammer, etc).

Thanks for considering!


I'm finding an urgency in my play to level up to level 5 in order to get access to the ability to make my armor/clothes look the way I want. Tough on my sense of identity as a character to look odd or dressed in armor that doesn't suit the personality and outlook of my character.

Can we change this from level 5 to level 1?

Request for Lia Di'Makiir to be added to the Saddlebag Forum. Player: Chuckles_McChuck.
Thank you!

General Discussion / 32 bit vs 64 bit
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:35:11 pm »
well, folks, when the 8186 version was taken off of Steam I did update my Mac OS to Catalina, and that fixed the freezes and problems I was having on the other updated nwn server I play on. But it does not allow me to play on the 8186 32 bit server. So, unfortunately, Riven and Bron and Barley are off doing their own thing for a time. I look forward to reconnecting when Layo does end up upgrading to 64 bit. And in the meantime, I'll keep my eyes on the Saddlebag shop thread.

Calendar Events / Iron Mining in Haven Tonight, Saturday 9PM EST
« on: November 23, 2019, 01:58:51 pm »
Bron is looking to mine iron for the Crimson build-out.
Anyone is welcome to join!
9PM EST in Haven, tonight, Saturday.


Please add these folks to the Crimson Company forum:

Warrioroftheblade (Mica)
Scifibarbie (Brunhilde)
Hellblazer (Egil)
Ke'koa (Bruce the Bard)
Gilshem (Gilshem)
and whoever is playing Iron Oxide. (I'll update this post when I learn who that is).

Thank you!

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