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News from the "Bean Counters"
« on: October 17, 2015, 09:08:52 pm »
The clerks and accountants for the Angel’s Guild begin to make some disturbing reports to Ferrit. Some of the institutions and individuals that the guild maintains lines of credit with have reported being contacted by agents of an unknown financial broker who is seeking to purchase Angel’s Guild debt at a significant discount… essentialy coin on the spot for accounts receivable.  Due to the liquidity of guild accounts and assets and no overdue payments, there is no indication of any transactions actually being made.
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Ferrit sends word to her
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Ferrit sends word to her grandson, Charlie, asking him to check with some of his fellow adventurers to identify the agents and the exact terms of their offers.  She sends Steel a similar message, asking him to have any such agent followed and his belongings discreetly searched in hopes of identifying the broker.



Charlie reads the message
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Charlie reads the message from Ferrit and gives a little shake of his head.  Bloody lawman work!  He thinks a while then makes his way to Center Tavern.  While ordering a drink, he lets it slip that he's good for a tab, he's got over ten thousand in credit at the Angels after all.  He sits down and nurses his drink watching and waiting.  After a few days, he moves on to various taverns in Hempstead and Vehl repeating the same.

Clearly, his wiggling bait is not attracting the attention he is seeking.  Time to go after some bigger fish.  After a brief recointer of one of the Angels crediters, Charlie drops in for a few 'words'.  His primary tools are his ability to bluff, but in this case, he's a law man, and he's after information on who contacted the vendor.



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Balthazaar Drummond, a silk
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Balthazaar Drummond, a silk merchant in Port Hempstead has been a long time supplier of raw goods for the Angel’s Guild.  He also purchases large quantities of their finished products for resale. Charlie puts a check mark next to Balthazaar’s name on his list with a small piece of charcoal and settles in across the street next to some empty crates. He sips wine from a flagon throughout the day while he watches the shop. Business appears to be good for Balthazaar. A lot of traffic, but nothing suspicious.

The sun is beginning to drop in the sky, and shadows lengthen.

As Charlie enters the shop, a set of bells jingle over the door. He is approached by Balthazaar, who does not seem overly concerned with any of the questions being asked of him. He explains that a female Halfling came by the shop, not more than two days prior, asking about purchasing Angel’s Guild debt, but he sent her on her way. He hands over a card, explaining she left it with him “in case he should change his mind.” It Reads:

Dunmarble Equity Partners 

18 Sternmark Street, Creedo



Charlie sends a note and the
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Charlie sends a note and the card (or its information) to Ferrit.  The note reads -

Dun me part, this card was given to supplier by a halfer lass.  I dun mess with halfers, all of em got chips the size of mastiffs on their shoulders on account of bein short.  Plus, they punch too low iffn ya follow me I'm out.



"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde