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As the dust settles...
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For many years now the realm of Belinara has been beset by enemies, an almost constant barrage of chaos and disharmony. But, as the dust settles from the latest engagements a relative calm appears. Perhaps it is more the case that the populations of those nations directly affected have had their full of uncertainty, of blood and of war, or perhaps its because there are few left willing to fight, or even simpler, the resources no longer remain and those nations need time to lick their wounds and recover.

Whatever the reason, once the dragon wars are declared over Hilm begins the long and arduous task of rebuilding their shattered nation. In the north the lands ruined by Molvarens vast horde from the Cult invasion are slowly but surely reclaimed and resown, vast sections of the city outside Castle Hilm are slowly rebuilt, new trade lines re-opened.

Around Briardusk Hilm establishes an active training camp, the goal to show Molvaren across the border in Kuhl that the hilmites have not forgotten their original mandate, to oust Molvaren completely and restore Queen Langovale to the throne, a goal however that seems more fleeting with each passing day as Molvaren shuts Kuhl down almost completely to any outside influences while he slowly and quietly regains his strength. So to the Raelites remain on land given to them outside Briardusk, by the Hilmite authorities for their service during the war and in protecting Briardusk from Molvaren during the Dragon War. They slowly build a settlement and keep to themselves mainly but their presence, over five thousand of them also gives cause for Hilm and Molvaren to consider them carefully.

In the south, for years to come the Hilmite forces based in Sundance will be flushing out remnants of the Orsgaunt Horde from the civilised centres of the landscape and driving them back to the mountains or hunting them down. Their predations will cause the south to rebuild slowly and often face difficuties but, pending any further incidents they will recover and begin to work towards their former levels of conditions before Molvaren tore the nation apart.

In the Siphe Principality, tensions between Lord Alexander and the fledgling nation will remain a primary source of concern that may in time be eased with the relationship that seems to have developed between the former Kuhl General and now Sovereign Lord of the Siphe Principality, Jaedon Siphe and the Commander of the Toranite armies of Belinara and Chamion of Toran's Divine Will, Daniella Stormhaven. Many hope there can be a reconciling so that all can work towards a common goal, time will tell. Certainly the actions of Sir Lance Stargazer, Commander of Hilms Armies and Second in command of Hilm behind Lord Alexander have shown that he is more moderate in his tolerance of Sovereign Lord Siphe and is trying to bring both parties to an agreement of mutual tolerance as well.

And as the dust settles over the Roughlands, all evidence of Shadrixkayl's forces fade away but there are times when travellers, adventurers or hardy merchants are crossing regions of the landscape and an odd mist will arise threateningly and forebodingly before once again dissipating as if in warning of a time to come.

Above the Orsgaunt mountains to the north east of the Principality, the lands now claimed by the Dread Red Dragon Ractrafiorez there is nothing heard of the great dragon. It was not present for the final battles against Shadrixkayl, nor seen any time thereafter. Rumours began that the dragon, severely wounded after the battle in the Cult war against the Drach Ori occupiers of Briardusk had finally succumbed to the injury and returned to his lair high and deep within the Orsgaunt mountains to rest and recuperate. Certainly any seeking the dragons treasure were met with fierce fire giants, far more powerful and deadly that any previously known to inhabit the dangerous peaks. These giants called themselves Ractrafiorens, servants of Ractrafiorez.

Slowly, surely those soldiers of other nations stationed in Hilm following the end of the war with the Cult returned to their lands around the world to welcomes of varying degrees. The famine that had hit the world following the Cult wars had faded to some degree but not entirely gone away, many did not know if it was truly gone or simply held at bay for the moment.

Many nations around the world still had their own domestic troubles to deal with;

Boyer on Dreger is struggling to recover after infiltration by Pyrtechonite cultists and a deadly plague that decimated whole villages.

Taur'en on Alindor was struggling to come to terms with its own internal upheavals.

The Golden Alliance on Dreger was suffering badly from the predations of criminal elements undermining the safety and stability of the lose alliance of cities.

Sederra on Dreger continued to struggle to rebuild their shattered nation from the debris left over from the Cult wars.

Succession on Dreger has fallen into stagnation and the nations economy barely struggles to tick over. If not for the support from Rael there are fears the nation might dissolve into civil war in the not too distant future.

Rumours from the distant Elven nation of Voltrex indicate they are struggling with a dark elven incursion in their lands and the attacks of a heretofore unknown black dragon.

But it is not all doom and gloom, some nations have rebounded strongly after the Cult wars and while Belinara was still emrboiled in dragon trouble they had managed to slowly pull themselves together.

Erilyn continued to go from strength to strength, their power growing on Alindor.

The nations within Corsain and Tilmar have built in strength and power in their region.

The nations on Mistone have recovered well since the war and each nation is stable and growing again.

Liwich on Dreger, with the greatly diminished threat of the Silver Crescent has established strong trading ties to many nations and is once again becoming a hub of sea trade for the world.

And of course Rael continues to do what Rael does and slowly but surely tendrils of influence reach out touching other nations.


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8 months on from the end of the Dragon wars in Hilm a seemingly minor incident occurs in Briardusk. It almost goes unnoticed by the rest of the world but its import to some may have wide ranging effects in the future, who can tell.

During the sitting of those ruling Briardusk to hear demands and complaints from concerned citizens of Briardusk the doors to the Hall of Questions are opened foe the umpteenth time that morning but this time those that enter cause quite a stir.

General Krigart, a Deep dwarf of the Rael army encampment outside Briardusk and Lord General Laroux of Prantz, in full military garb stride down the length of the hall towards the table where Lord Amaric, Lady Sesoon Belfrey and various functionaries sit. Their boots clank in unison on the tiled floor of the chamber and commoners hurry to move out of their path.

The two pause before the table and bow before Lord General Laroux takes out a document and places it on the table before the Lord and Lady.

"Lord Amaric, Lady Belfrey," he began. "The document before you includes a deal that was made with Sir Lance Stargazer for the sole occupation of exactly 100 hectares of land north of Briardusk. The region in question is clearly indicated on the document before you. This will become prime sovereign land of Rael."

Worried faces glance about at each other until Lord Amaric picks up the document and scans its contents. "But this land is barren waste, there is nothing there?"

"Then there is no reason not to sign it is there Milord? I must point out that the terms of this deal were brokered in good faith with Sir Lance and approved by Lord Alexander." Lord General Laroux stood straight, arms crossed before him while General Krigart stood motionless beside him.

Lord Amaric went over the document twice and then a third to make sure before passing it around. Finally he took his quill and marked his name on the bottom, a deep frown on his face as he did so. Lady Belfrey followed suit.
"Congratulations on your acquirement General, if there is anything you need from us please let us know."

The Lord General took the signed document and passed it to his comrade. "Thank you Milord but Rael takes care of Rael." He bowed quickly and they about faced and marched back out of the hall watched carefully by everyone present.

Several hundred miles to the east in the Siphe Principality rumours had it that Lady Daniella Stromhaven was about to deliver a child, Jaedon Siphes child. The import of that event was not lost on many politically and religiously motivated people around the world. What that meant for the future of the Siphe Principality and the fragile political power held by Hilm was unclear.

But, one thing was certain, events were moving in the world and as yet there was no clear outcome.

Script Wrecked

Re: As the dust settles...
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There. Another headache incoming.
He sipped from his canteen and observed. Just that. Nothing more. Let the heros, the high and might handle things. Watch the others die.

Lance Stargazer

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*Lance in his study listening to a bard and the news find a bundle of letters as well, he sighs as he hears the news and inmediately dispatch a messenger to some noble houses in Hilm, apparently prepared for the eventuallity *

So it begins. ..  *said in a tired voice, with this he stands and moves down the hall to prepare for the day activities*


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Reading a sheaf of notes delivered from his informants in Katherian Arkolio does a double take on one particular piece of information.

"Daniella pregnant! Hmmm and here I thought I'd be the man of her dreams." He sighs and shuffles through the rest of the notes pausing briefly on the note about the Raelites in Hilm. A coin appears on his left hand and runs across the top of his knuckles repeatedly as he considers the implications.

"Might be time for another fire..."


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A few weeks later news starts to circulate about the news of the birth of Abigaile Stormhaven Siphe, daughter of Daniella Stormhaven and Jaedon Siphe, born near midsummer in the Siphe Principality.


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...and approximately a few hours later when word arrived in Arnax to the chambers of Queen Maillard the palace was thrown into a frenzy as the Queen went on the warpath at the news.

Orders to mobilise the army, to bring the Principality to heel, to order Lord Alexander to crush the Principality, to announce Siphe as a traitor for his treason against the daughter of the Queen, to send the army to destroy Toran etc, etc.

It was a quite impressive raving by the incensed queen but in the end it all boiled down to a very quiet and somber Queen sitting on her throne and musing.

Thus when she called for the latest in a string of lordlings who tried and failed at running intelligence operations for the queen the servants and guards knew what was to come.

They were surprised however when this one left the throne room with his head in tact and a thoughtful expression on his face.

When the queen then sent for her personal Al'nothist, they instinctively knew the queen had something in mind.

When the queen was in the mood she was currently in they knew sooner or later, it would not be good for those she had targeted.


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In what were once makeshift strings of barricades, permanent fortifications are being built at strategic posts all along the border of Kuhl. Outposts, watchtowers, forts, barrier walls, kill fields and barren earth become come into being as Kuhl formalizes its border protections and makes better use of its patrols.

Of all the various military improvements, none of them seem directed across their borders in any way, except as needed to keep anyone from crossing.

As these each fortification is finished, observers note that the massive troop deployments in these locations begins to lessen, though military analysts all seem to agree that Kuhl's border is as solid as ever.

Lance Stargazer

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*Lance hearing of the movements on the Khul, keeps working on the own preparations Hilm has been working on its own to prevent any further invasion from the Cult as well, the borders with Kuhl start to present scouts to measure all their movements as well *

*Lance is also seen alongside his wife on the field of the castle organizing the movement of the troops and securing and checking the provisions *

*In the mean time a courier has been sent towards Siphe principality, carrying a package, what it contains is not disclosed*


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Mari, having been keeping something in a box near a window for over a month since it arrived, sends a request to Commander Stormhaven for a visit several weeks after the baby is born.


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*Griff Silversand, hearing of the newest movements in Kuhl, rubs his beard in a careful stroke.  His mind contemplates and his axe hand stretches*


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Arfur Dumas, Ilsarian, tactician, and lately gentleman of leisure reviews the latest intelligence from the border. He pulls forth the doings of sketching and begins a work. Before long he has made some abstract drawings he carefully packs into a scroll case, deliberating on something before posting.