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//This thread will detail the observable movements of enemy forces. PC's are welcome to post here if they find out where other forces are or enemy camps etc. PC's who feel their character might have noticed such movements too may wish to report them to the War Council as well. If not sure please check with a Plot GM.

See this thread for initial movements:

A large fleet of Silver Crescent and other mixed vessels has departed From Westgate and are sailing west towards Sederra.

At least four dragons are circling the fleet from above.

Two Boyer Scout ships have been destroyed and another limped away to report the fleet sighting.

The farms and lands around Briardusk are burning out of control at the moment and people are running for the city as during the early hours of the morning a huge dragon breathed fiery destruction on the fields and orchards that sustain the people of Briardusk.

The massive red dragon, often seen on the Kuhl/Hilm border, circled the city again and again until huge walls of flame stretched for miles and surrounded the entire city. Militia and soldiers watched helpless as farmstead after farmstead was raised to the ground, many would have perished in the sudden attack.

Surrounded by flame the citizens and soldiery are unable to do anything until the conflagration dies down. Already people are talking about fleeing north to Hilm Castle. Surely they will be safe there?

Three weeks after the attack on Sundance and a week since the daring rescue of survivors of that attack by a large group of adventurers the Cult has begun to move again.

It has become apparent that they now hold all areas south of Hilm to the Nesar Border and as far back as the mountains.

Forward Scouts report that the front waves of the enemy are now making their way through the roughlands in two main groups. Each making a line for the Fort of Last Hope. It is expected they will arrive at the Fort within three weeks.

Even though very little has been heard at all from Vanavar during the entire conflict word is sent to the War Council eventually that the CUlt and Silver Crescent Fleet passed far north of the western edge of Vanavar several days ago.

Predictions estimate the fleet will reach Sederra within the next two weeks.

Sederra has made no move to defend against the incoming fleet further fueling belief that they have already capitulated to the Cult and will allow the Cult to establish bases in Sederra to strike at other nations in Dreger.


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