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Message from Fort of Last Hope

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In Castle Hilm Queen langovale, her War General and Lord Alexander have spent several days in deliberations on Jaedon Siphes request.

On the third day a messenger arrives from the Council of Druids of the Horn kingdom with a letter.

*Lord Alexander,
We have read the document forwarded to the Council, we have discussed its contents and wish to inform you that the Horn Kingdom has very little interest in the war you are engaging in south of our borders.

Since we were asked to decide in favour of one way or the other we must tell you we came to a decision rather quickly. We know nothing much of this Jaedon Siphe beyond the fact that he has distinguished himself in a number of engagements in different lands over the years and was an active adventurer prior to assuming a War mongers life. We know enough of Molvaren to know that what he has brought to the world has caused some angst and even death to the land and nature on several occassions that brings us sadness and some concern.

We had hoped to remain nuetral in this affair but your attached letter indicated we had no choice but to decide either eway.

Therefore the Council of Druids makes its recommendation that if this Jaedon Siphe keeps his promises to uphold the original tenets our forebears put in place at the time of Hilms creation we see no reason why he should not be provided with land for his people to nurture and grow with.*

The letter ends with the official symbol of the Council of Druids of Horn.

Queen Langovale seems torn by the decision to be made and eventually the meeting after the receipt of the Horn Kingdoms letter closes for the day with the Queen indicating she will make no decision until she receives word from Queen Malliard in Nesar.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles to the south of Castle Hilm the leaders of the main Hilm and Allied army prepares to assault Briardusk.

// The day that Abi and Gel find the oil supply for the trench around Briardusk which is approximately 2 weeks after the failed assault led by Vrebel against Briardusk

That morning Lord Alexander is summoned to Queen Langovales suites and leaves not long after a pained expression on his face. Upon arriving in the main war room of Castle Hilm he addresses those gathered and sends word to Sir Lance at Briardusk.

"Queen langovale has agreed to General Siphes request on the provision that he aids in the capture of Briardusk and the restoration of her to the throne in Kuhl.  I want messengers dispatched immediately to bring this to Siphe and see if he will abide by those terms for her support."

Amid the flurry of activity in the war room after his spoken words several guards arrive in the room led by his Chief of Staff. All appear nervous and flustered.

"My Lord," His chief of staff bows nervously, "You have visitors. There are several representatives here from Nesar awaiting an audience."

Lord Alexander frowns, the day had already proven to have begun with one concern after another and now this. "Show them in."

Within minutes three Nesar Elite Castle Guards enter the room, soldiers personally selected to protect Queen Maillard herself. Behind them come two Black Ravens, servants of the Dark Temple that resides within Arnax. Their appearance draws scowls and dark looks from many of those present including Lord Alexander himself. Beyond them comes a woman in a heavy black dress with red and yellow panels of silken cloth in long streaks down the length of the dress that just touches the floor making it seem as if she glides across the tiles of the room. Her long dark hair was drawn back tightly behind the nape of her neck and decorated in small glittering gems. Her eyes were cool and hard as she entered and a large dark onyx holy symbol hung around her neck. One abhorant to many of those present especially after the news of Zolinar.

The woman swept through the room and bowed deeply to Lord Alexander before straightening. Lord Alexander barely moved showing his extreme displeasure and his mouth was drawn into a tight line. Her eyes swept across those nearby with disdain then back to Lord Alexander.

"Lord Alexander, I am the Lady Hreth'lanis, Personal Advisor to the Queen of Nesar. I have come personally to deliver the Queens wishes in this matter regarding the renegade general of the Green Dragon Cult, General Siphe."

"The Queens wishes? or your own Faiths wishes?" Lord Alexanders words carried across the room sharply and full of bitterness and contempt. The woman barely gave any hint that there was anything wrong.

"Why the Queens of course. She is the rightful ruler of Nesar and can make her own decisions." She smiled without humour and matched Lord Alexander stare for stare.

His shoulders stiffened before speaking once again, his tone indicating his displeasure. "What does the Queen have to say."

"In this we have complete agreement, that is to say she has a very clear idea of what must happen here. In light of recent events it is perfectly clear that we must begin to harbour and consider the idea of, to put it delicately, greater allies. This ex general has vital information that can aid the swift removal of Molvaren and the remainder of the Green Dragon Cult. He also promises certain key advantages in dealing with him of the...draconic type. With recent events as they are the Queen feels that we may have need of that sort of support in the not too distant future."

"You mean the dragon that almost wiped out Fort of Last Hope, that burned the walls of Castle Hilm, that killed hundreds of innocents in burning and rampaging around Briardusk before it was captured, and was responsible for thousands of our soldiers deaths?" Lord Alexander's face was red with fury.

She went on, ignoring the fire building in Lord Alexander. "The very same, it would not be prudent of us to miss the opportunity of grasping the aid of such where we can."

"Of all the idiocy..." Lord Alexander reeled suddenly, his face paled and sweat stood out on his forehead. He spluttered several times and clutched suddenly as his chest. Several guards rushed forward as he started to collapse and the woman took several steps back for the first time seemingly unsure.

"HEALER! GET ME A HEALER!" The cry came up from the chief of staff who was pulling open Lord Alexanders formal tunic trying to help him breathe. Bodies rushed everywhere and in the chaos that ensued Lady Hreth'lanis stood quietly with her guards near one wall, watching the scene unfold.

Within moments several priests of Toran raced into the room along with a number of mages and other attending staff that hovered and surrounded Lord Alexander.

Within half an hour Lord Alexander was carried by stretcher from the room to his private chambers attended by dozens of staff leaving a small handful including Lady Hreth'lanis in the War room.

Soon after General Vargrin of the Northern Armies of Hilm approached her. "My lady I regret to inform you Lord Alexander will not be returning to duty today and most likely tomorrow either. I am happy to officially receive your queens declaration so that you may leave and return to Nesar."

The woman dutifully handed over the document and left, a troubled look on her face as she did so.


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