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Aliases: The Wary Shadow, The Black Hound 
  Race: Halfling
  Alignment: CE
  Worshippers: Halflings, humans, half-elves.
  Cleric Alignments: NE, CN, CE
  Domains: Evil, Trickery, Destruction
  Governs: Stealth, night, darkness, greed, self-preservation
  Branderback teaches his followers to live their lives to their fullest extent. There should be no limit to what one may desire, and if you can obtain it, then there is no reason why you should not have it. Branderback also teaches that although temporary allegiances with like-minded groups are necessary, you should always depend on yourself. Never be caught unaware, and have a backup plan to the backup plan. If all else fails, always blame someone else; why should you take the blame for something that was meant to happen?
  Clergy's Weapons and Clothing.
  Branderback’s clerics prefer ranged weapons, especially those that can be enchanted to disable your opponents. Acid and poison are also acceptable, since they can be used to enhance arrows or darts and weaken foes. Clerics of The Wary Shadow garb themselves in black leathers to be concealed, and prefer to hide their skins to avoid having weak spots.
  Clergy and Temples:
  Temples of Branderback are rare and normally hidden from the eye. Most of them are facets of the underworld and can often be found in alliance with a local thieves guild. Rankings are very rare since most clerics of Branderback are loners, but it is rumored that every major region is under the watch of a High Silent Shadow, a very powerful and gifted cleric. Clerics of the Black Hound pray at dusk to welcome the coming of the night, and they celebrate Winter's Solstice since it is the longest night of the year.
  Noted in the sky to hold the shape of wolf’s head, ‘The Black Hound’, named rightly after its deity is a thirteen starred constellation. Following in line with Branderback’s teachings it often times disappears from the night sky for days at a time, before appearing in the same place or some place completely different. (It has even been rumored that this constellation was seen during the day, when the entire land of Layonara was covered in darkness and shadow)  Many of Branderback’s clerics are not too fond of their god’s constellation for the light it sheds in the darkness; however it is conveniently absent from the sky more often than not. It most often appears in the sky in the very early night, when Branderback’s clerics are preparing for a night of theft and pleasure. Little is known about what exactly this constellation is used for among Branderback’s clerics. Being the secretive organization that it is, there is a good chance, no one will ever know.
  While getting spells:
  "Let my acts be hidden in the shadows of the night, so that I may gain that which is rightfully mine."
  When doing something fishy:
  "I pray that wealth belong to the greedy and careless, so that I may take from them what is rightfully mine."
  Allies and Enemies:
  Allied: Shadon, Mist, Baraeon Ca'Duz, Xeen, Vierdri’ira
  Friendly: Katia, Corath 
  Neutral: Pyrtechon, Kithairien, Sulterio
  Unfriendly: Deliar, Aragen, Shindaleria, Grand, Grannoch
  Enemy: Rofirein, Vorax, Dorand, Aeridin, Ilsare, Goran, Toran, Lucinda, Az'atta, Beryl, Folian S'pae, Prunilla 


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