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Rare Auction
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:41:14 pm »
News arrives to Sagewald of a rare auction occurring in Port Hempstead's future. The first notice to arrive at the Silver Buckle is elegantly penned on silk and reads:

Coveted treasures await your eyes! From peace to war, fortune to misfortune, their blood endures as it has over one thousand years. The Duke. Sons of Kieran. Scholars of antiquities have attempted to view the family holdings and were repeatedly rebuffed - until now. 

Announcing now, that not only is there to be an auction, but experts and scholars are invited to inspect the items before they change owners. 

Prized objects, never before revealed to recorders of history. The very blade with which Calum Elf-Friend struck down his elvish brother in the second century.

Ebony figurines of creatures unknown, made from hardwoods now extinct on the peninsula.

Reservations for exclusive access will not be arranged; all would-be buyers or inspectors will be expected at the auction. 

 *a time and day far enough in the future to allow a great deal of travel time is here*

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Paddy notes that despite the
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Paddy notes that despite the strong wording against exclusives on the notice itself, the word on the street is quite different... as is typical. Rumor has it that not only can exclusivity be bought for more than a man's life, it comes with the perk of being able to buy an item outright, ahead of the auction. The guesses as to the amount of "truth" it would take to snipe an item out of the list are staggeringly high, though some in the Buckle familiar with such events suspect they are on the low side.

The doings of the wealthy beyond comprehension aren't much noticed in the day-to-day, but it seems reasonable to assume that some fierce debate is occurring behind closed doors. 



((This will be the subject of
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((This will be the subject of a small (backdated) RP event next Wednesday. (1/11)))