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Author Topic: Wanted: Silk Hood, Nymph Cloak (Trade for corn, pelts, greatsword, boots & more)  (Read 1899 times)


By the pond and the road, within eyeshot of the formidable orcish gate guard of Fort Vehl, a tawny-furred wemic rolls in the grasses, hums tunes, and sings in a strange throaty language. Occasionally she leaps into the pond and comes out with a fish, which she eats raw.

Beside the road is spread skins of various animals, a bronze greatsword, a box of corn, will-o-wisp essences, spider venom sacks, a saphire bronze amulet (+2 spellcraft, +2 concentration), Boots of Cougar (+3 Discipline, +1 vs Mind-Affecting), and two copper greenstone rings (+1 vs poison).

When people journey along the road, the wemic sits down by her goods and speaks in a deep rumbling, halting, voice:

"Trade? Ashi seeks Hood of Silk, and cloak blessed by fae spirit - make Ashi voice sweeter."

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*Markyl walks by and is stunned by the appearance of the creature in front of him*
*He considers drawing his blades out but as the wemic does not charge at him, he decides not to*
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