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Chakar's Will
« on: February 22, 2019, 12:01:38 pm »
This has been long overdue, but Chakar had an unwritten will of donating his house and the belongings within to his apprentice Glitch'nich Amthrmil on the time of his untimely demise (which has happened), how should I proceed with such a request?


Re: Chakar's Will
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2019, 11:55:04 pm »

Our policy (see the last point in this post) has always been that the will be posted prior to the permanent death. This was to avoid cases where players just selectively gifted whoever happened to still be left instead of a formal list and was used to avoid simplistic muling.

Do you have any logs or anything discussing this transaction from Chakar to Glitch? Can you show any examples of a bond that they had such that an entire house would be gifted?

I'm inclined to just go a bit lax in this case as you are still active with your other character and we're such a small community that being heavy handed on rules is not my style but I even wonder if Glitch really needs another whole new home and its contents heh. There's also the past where we've denied others and I wonder if that will be an upsetting point for someone else who was denied such a transaction.

I guess what I'm asking is how bad do you two want this? Heh.

Over the last couple of years, the prevalence of character wills, distributable upon the final death of a character, have become more popular and unfortunately more complex, intricate and difficult to adjudicate. There have been several in relatively recent history that have become very time-consuming for the Team to decide upon and handle. As a result, we have decided it is necessary to set some realistic limits on what can be included and distributed by a character's will.

Houses – A character can gift his/her house and all its contents as a single unit to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary must be a player character, not a guild, group or family. When multiple houses (except guild halls) are owned by the character, each house must be gifted to a different character. The GM Team will absolutely not approve or participate in any partial distributions of housing contents. This applies also to donating the contents of chests and things to various causes in-game. With the advent of our generic in-game donation system, such donations will become the sole responsibility of the beneficiary.

Bank account – A character can gift the entire balance of his/her bank account balance in True to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary must be a player character, not a guild, group or family. Any splitting of gold between other potential beneficiaries becomes the responsibility of the named beneficiary. The GM Team will not disburse gold to more than one character.

Items in possession upon death – While a will may include the stipulation that items in the character's possession at the time of death be given to one or more beneficiaries, there will under no circumstances be any items retrieved or distributed by the GM Team as a result. This means we will not be allowing a permanently dead character to be logged in for the purpose of distributing items in the character's possession to one or more beneficiaries, nor will we be creating new items from the palette and handing them to characters as a representation of their inheritance. For example, if a character wishes to leave an heirloom sword to his/her offspring (who is another PC), that beneficiary will have the RP of having received that sword, perhaps delivered by the companions who traveled with the permed character or some other reasonable explanation. The GM Team will not provide any such physical item in any way. If the beneficiary wishes to obtain a like item through other means, it is acceptable to RP that item as the same one received through inheritance, but the beneficiary is not required to do so. (I.E. purchasing or finding through looting a sword that is the same as the item given to the beneficiary from the permed PC and roleplaying that it is the same item.) It is perfectly fine to RP the item intangibly as well.

Intangible items – A character will may specify any number of intangible, RP-only items to be given away on death (i.e. a treasured book, a collection of sketches, etc.) to any number of beneficiaries. The GM Team will not, however, hand out anything as a result. Beneficiaries should assume they received these objects and RP their possession.

Donations – A character will may stipulate gold and/or items be donated to a deity or other cause. If the items are accessible, such as in chests or crates within player housing, then it falls to the beneficiary to see to the donation. If they are intangible items, then they will be considered to be donated as specified.

Timing – All wills, without exception, must be posted on the forums prior to the final death of a character or else they will be null and void.
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Re: Chakar's Will
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2019, 10:07:52 pm »
Chakar was Glitch'nich's first teacher, and Glitch'nich learned a ton about fighting from him. After the formal training in the arena, Chakar and Glitch'nich traveled many places. In now what I know was Chakar's later life, they traveled the deep together. It was only about a week between their last trip to the deep and Chakar's demise.

On the OOC side of things, I asked Chakar's advice before taking any levels.

Glitch'nich doesn't need another house, but would have been honored if his mentor would have confered an heirloom to him after the way of tea.

Glitch'nich had a lot of respect and admiration for Chakar even though he was a human and was not aware that chakar was so close to death.
Glitch'nich was shocked (as was I) to see that Chakar died (because he'd never said anything about it) and very displeased. With his mentor gone glitch has shut a part of himself down. He travels less, and creates more.

At some point in Glitch's relationship with Chakar he was told that if Chakar died he would inherit Chakar's belongings as Chakar had no offspring to give them to and Glitch was his only apprentice.

I had to remind Chazzler 12 times to post about the will after Chakar's death... so it's no surprise that he didn't actually remember to write one before his death.
I don't think about such things myself, as it's a fantasy world and most people don't think about this sort of thing until after the fact.

If such things were allowed in character here, Glitch'nich would have gone through the house to find something to remember Chakar by after hearing of his death. However that would be viewed as stealing, a bannable here.

I am not sure what the bond from Chakar's side was for glitch, but glitch would always look for chakar, and wish for him when he wasn't around. (Now I understand why he wasn't around much, SS and all.)

What ever the decision is about the will, may it be fair to all.
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