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I sent her a letter inviting her to a picnic which she was glad to accept. She sent me back the answer with her dots and ''o'' in heart shape. It was really cute to read and it shows that her feelings are growing.
 We decided to head to the forest on alindor, my home land. I set up the area for us to eat and enjoy our moment together, and it was a fine moment. Laugher, kisses, holding each others. It was perfect. Not forgetting that she doesn'T hold herself back anymore to call me her love.
 But at one point, she fell silent, and I could feel there was something on her mind. At first she didn't want to talk about it, but at one point she did, as her talks shifted to my life span. I knew it would come on the table at one point, but I didn't think it would be this soon. At one point she whispered ''I WILL enjoy our time together.'' It had a heavy feeling of impending doom to it, still refering that she would see me grow old while she would still be relatively young. To tell the truth, I have not met any one that knows exaclty how long my kind live. And I went ahead and whispered to her, that she should not let herself fall pray to such feelings and thoughts. As untilmatly they would spoil our time and feelings for each other. She replied as if I was reading her mind. We still have a lot of time ahead of us, and I think i have manage to reassure her of that. She also reassured me that she would not leave my side. Not too sure why she added that, but it is nice to know.
 While she is helping the nearby villages near the moors, she has asked meto promise her to be careful. i did more than that. I made her a promise that I would come back to her safe and sound, every time. She didn't like that promise that much as she felt that it was a promise I may not be able to keep. But I told her that I would do everything to keep it. Even if it meant to eat a mouth full of mudd while l left the enemy pass by, until I could safely go back and report their movement. She knows how I can be when I get angry, but she also knows that I keep my promises.
 *sighs a bit*
 It is a fight on two fronts, the fact we wont be able to have children the natural way, and that we will age differently. But it is a war that I know is worth fighting for with all my strenght. Folian and Aeridin lending us their love and strenght, we will both pull through our fears, and grow stronger together.


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I get scorned, and blamed, and get attitude, when I am the one getting insulted. And all of that because I stood for myself and asked that Tim to leave the group I had brought together?

Well no more. They can all go drown in a maelstrom for all that I care. I will keep to me and my own. That being Me and Azai, Mirren and Marec and the wargpack. All the rest, can just go take a hike for all I care.

I am done organizing trips for such a bunch of ingrates.


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*A series of screams as loud thunk can be heard in the Arena of fort vale. The red eyed ranger, training his ki on the poor battered combat dummies. In each hit there is much anger and frustrations, as if he was trying to purge them onto the dummies*
 Bunch of nimbits.
 *After a few hundred more hits and shouts, he stops and takes a towel he had brought with him, and starts to damp his head and hair. After a moment he sits and takes his journal out*
 After that trip, Azai found me. I was still mad and she knew it. She told me that she understood why I had done what I did, and that she didn't blame me at all for that. Tim was being an arse after all, insulting me. And in her mind, I had all the right to tell him to leave. She was concerned about Fleur though. When I told her that I wouldn't plan any more trips and that I would stick to my own, which meant her, she smiled. But then she added and fleur, she is your friend after all.
 Is she really? Does a friend act the way she does, toward a friend? I've taken her defense in the past, but not anymore. She likes to boss the other arounds, but when the others decide to lead, she gets all itsy. Azai think she was actually embarassed because she was the one who invited Tim along. I don't think so. And quite frankly, I am rather tired of being the receiving end of her attitude when ever she feels like it. So if she want's to be a friend, well first she will have some proving to do that she regrets what she said. And second, she will have to change how she deals with me, as I am sick and tired of that. I tried to be a friend to her, but each time, It gets slapped back into my face.
 So no more.
 Azai and I stumbled on Elgon who was also heading into the spider cave, so we teamed up and made it through the cave, bringning peace in it for a time.
 I love spending time with Azai, even if there is always something that blakens our time together, mostly other people.


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*Fehriel sits in his room, in front of the fountain he installed to meditate. Filcillnya snoring not to far by the fire. He sits facing the fountain his eyes closed until he picks up his journal and starts to write*
 My training goes well, and Kyle is pleased with the progress I have made. I've shown him what I could do with the covered water in the glass. He said it was a start, but I had to apply that with more strength in my ki, to maximize it`s efficiency.
 Since the trip to Storan, I have mostly kept to training, crafting, and seeing Azai when ever we could. I have also made a round in the battlehelms moors, but .. I don't know, I feel less compelled to help people now a days. Maybe it's just a faze, well see. I just hope my decision of keeping to me and my own, hasn't sadden Azai. But I have better things to do than to try to be friends with people that obviously miss the meaning of the word.
 *He closes his journal and goes back to meditating*


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*Fehriel sits in front of the fire, still in his costume for the ball. His wings tied up with two strings so he can lean on the cushions as he writes. On the dresser a plate of pie slices and a few bottles of ale, waits for Azaionna*

Well, things did not go as I expected... not at all.

This party, that she said she couldn't wait to go to, with me, was a perfect opportunity to celebrate our fifth year together. I waited for her there in this costume that cost me all my savings, because I wanted to have a great costume for her,as I knew she would have a great one for me. But instead.. she stood me up. I waited for hours, hoping that she would turn up, uncomfortable with the crowd there, until I decided to loosen up by drinking a bit. It just didn't seem worth it without her there so I left after steel handed the prize and the pie slices.

As I came home.. she wasn't there either. No notes, no nothing. I'll wait for her for a few days with this costume, if she doesn't come back by the end of the week I will try to go and return it. Maybe get some of the gold back. If not, well I'll have a costume for an other party I guess.

*He closes his journal after letting the ink dry and stares into the fire, half the time meditating, the other half wondering.*


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*Fehriel comes home with Azaionna after a half won battle for the lord of Haven. He takes a moment to see to Azai before she heads to reverie in their bed, then he sits infront of his fountain, to meditate a while before taking his journal and quill*
 That wench will pay, one day, By Folian I swear, the soul mother will die.
 We went to help the lord of haven that had trouble with the gnolls again. The trip went rather well going down and we easlily dispatched the gnolls. But on our way out, our strongest mage died as she was dispatching one of the rear guard patrol. Unfortunatly after that, all hell broke loose. We were ambushed and trapped against a wall, both Hanta and Azaionna died. My beloved falling pray to the grasp of the soul mother. Marec and I were left on our own, with a fleeting wizard Caesarius, hiding like a coward, shrowded by his invisibility spell. I almost fell, myself, there and then, but the combine potion of Marec and Cae and my speed, got me to move away. After calling upon the darkness, I ran to an other level only to notice that the gnolls were still pursuing me I was lucky enough to evade them. I tok the time to bandgage my wounds, but I was now left all by myself in the mines, both my team mate abandoning me to my fate. And they say that Toranites are there to protect those in needs. I say it is a lie. I made haste to get out of the mine only to find my way filled with gnolls waiting for me. Calling on the darkness two more time I manage to escape some of them, but not all. They sliced me up as I exited the cave, right in the middle of a raging battle. I think Even kit was there.
 Maybe I should have waited in the darkness for one of them to come back, but I doubt they would have. And I would have surely been spotted sooner and later with the same result.
 I have met with the soul witch for the 8th time now. Not even reaching any of my goals yet. I feel so angry. How can I trust any one but azai now, seeing that even those that call themselves brave would leave you to your fate?
 I need to think for sometime, rethink my goals, my strategies.. I don't know. But I will not leave Azai side so soon. That I swear to Folian.
 *He shuts his journal with a loud tud, exasperated. And joins his beloved after taking a long bath to try and calm down*


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To be accused of something we have not done? I think some people have no shame to put the blames on others, while they could have done things differently. But that is just me I guess. But I know someone that lost a good customer.
 In all cases my training keeps going, more drills and Ki applications, more meditation, and a few trips with my sweetie. Life in general seems good, and I am feeling that I am close to an other breakthrough. And soon I will be cleared of debt I have accumulated for a few gifts to Azaionna. This will be good, I will be able to concentrate myself on my new gear, but also maybe even a house for ourselves.
 I can't wait for the ball, I'm nervous.. I don't know if I should or not ask her then or wait more.. Six years is not a long time for elves.. I don't know. We do love each other, although I know there is some small tension when it comes to my years expectancy, but what matter is the love we have for each other.
 I need guidance I think on this matter, but who to talk to, who would be able to understand this?


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I sit amazed this night, looking at her sleep. Is this a dream, an illusion, the ale still coursing through my veins? Folian if this be a dream, never wake me up.

I sit looking at her, sleeping like the angel she is, a content and happy smile on her face for our night together. Here she lies the one that brings me joy, that makes me the luckiest man on this land.

Here she lays deeply into her reveries, reliving her memories, the smile on her face tells me a lot.

Here she is, my wife to be.

It is after the opening ball of the academy tower in Hempstead, that we went to the cliff near Blackfort castle. Earlier in the night I had almost asked her after we had dance, but searching into her eyes, I couldn't find my answer. Seven years we had been together and I couldn't tell if she was ready or not. Colin had often told me that in life, you have to take many leap of faith. On my end it wasn't, I had thought and searched my soul for a long time, and I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew the us, was right. But for her, I didn't. I walked blindly into the unknown. I knew she loved me, and that she wanted to cherish all the moment we would have together, to their fullest. But up until that moment, where I was kneeling down in front of her, my eyes dropping at the feeling that was coming over me, her choices of words sending chills down my spine as it felt she was about to say she wasn't ready. Something in me told me to look back up at her, with all my strength and courage she already knew, to show her there was no doubt in me, and I did. As I looked back up, a short moment happened and there she told me. Stand up my love.. my knight.. my husband to be.

This is a new journey we will embark on, and there is many things to plan ahead. I know that there is something she hasn't told me about her father yet. Something she has been holding back even when I gave her my bow. The holding back of her tears until I left the kitchen of Hlint. I could hear them. I know that her father is a ranger of Folian like Colin and I are. I can only imagine that there would be something there, but I don't want to get ahead of myself and think something that might not be. I need to talk to her about, because there is one thing sure. I need to see her father, for the man he is and for him to see me for the man I am. The one that will wed her daughter, and cherish her until my last breath, hopefully a looong... looong time from now.

I'll try to reach some contacts at the hidden temple, maybe they know where he is, maybe I can meet him myself, try to talk to him and make a surprise for Azai. But that might not be wise without knowing everything.. follow your instinct, Colin kept repeating me. My instincts tells me there is more there I need to know before I start looking for him.

And I know that there is elven traditions we have to uphold. I do not want her to push any of her traditions for me. We will go through them, what ever they are, together, as one.

Here she is, my queen, my fair lady, her smile illuminating this dark room, lite by the gentle hue of the dancing fire. My wife.. Folian, you have blessed me beyond measure, one day I shall do something that will not even come close to repay you your kindness.


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I had an other training session with Kyle the other day. I don't know I must have been still upset about the fight azai and I had, that I must have been a bit more furious in my hits. At one point I remember the look on his face as I was fleurying my two bladed sword, his eyes widening as he was taking some steps back. When his katana and my blade came into contact, I could feel the vibration in his blade and hear the ring that came from my hit. He almost drop his blade which surprised me also.
 Even with that though, I still can't get the talk me and Azai had out of my head. After that talk I gave her some space through out all our trip, even when I saw she was shaken up, taking the bow I had offered her, I left her be. It tore me appart, but I knew she needed it. And of course I came to her if I saw she needed it. But even today I can feel she is still mad about it. I had never pushed this hard before and insisted about anything, but this is something that is too important to just let slide. She has the chance to make things right, to take what is ailing her and bring closure and healing over the matter, for her and her father.. if he is still alive. But yet she stubbornly refuses to even talk about it. I never saw her like this, almost as if this was a question of pride. But this pride, is going to bite her in the arse in the long run. If she doesn't at least try to patch things up with her father, the day and those after our wedding, she will always feel an emptyness in her life and always wonder what could have been if she had tried. I want her to be happy in all aspect of her life, because I love her. But all I can do now, is be there for her, listen and support her.
 I think I will prepare a little picknick for the both of us and spend some time alone, in nature, listening to the birds and seeing ficillnya stuff herself with honey.
 Folian give me your wisdome to find a way to help her. I know that she hurts when it comes to her family. Give me the strength and wisdom to be the best man I can be for her.


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*Fehriel sits silently for long hours, contemplating his meditation fountain, holding tightly in his right hand a small piece of hide, a note. Filcillnya trying to tug at him, groaning sadly, feeling the emotions of her friend. After a while he harshly moves his arms across Filcillnya side pushing her asside, and he takes his journal where he sets the note in and starts to write.*
 My betrothed. You have given me much to think upon. I know you do not understand, but at present I am an orphan, and likely to remain so. I must decide if I want to remain an orphan forever or not. And if not, if I am willing to take certain steps.
 I find it too hard to center myself here in the place we have made for ourselves. It is too much US and not enough just me. I like that it is US. but for this, I need to hear my own inner thoughts more clearly. I am leaving for awhile to spend time alone and get to know myself. Do not let your faith in our love fail. I will return to you, as an orphan or not remains to be seen.
 May Aer *the Aer is crossed out*
 May our love keep you until I return
 She's gone.. and it's all my fault.. I only wanted her to be complete and happy .. what have I done..
 *there is long pauses of the quill on the page between the small sentences.*
 She says she will come back when she gets to know herself.. but what if she doesn't get to know.. or... what if she doesn't realize that she knows what she needs to know.. I may never hold her again, tell her I love her... never be able to hear her laugh.. Folian.. why.. why? WHY?
 So soon after she had accepted me as to be her husband.. I know she needs it.. It's what she needs.. and I pledged to make her happy.. if this .. this is what she needs to be happy then I .. I have no choice.. no choice.
 She'd want me to keep traiing, to keep living, striving and keep working within my faith. She'd want me to be strong as a pillar. So I will be.. I'll try..
 Folian.. give me strength....
 *the journal is left open on his meditation rug, as he leaves the house, his weapons in hands, but filcillnya stays behind in their room, her moan of one in pain as he doesn't call on her to follow.*


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It's been over a month since I have had any news from her. I do know where she is though, noticed a camp in the whitehorn that was freshly made. I saw her in deep meditation so I did not bother her. She needs that moment alone to be able to center her self or something.. I've been missing her terribly so I have decided that to try and refrain myself from rushing to her, I have plunged myself into hard training, meditation and crafting..trying to keep me occupied.

I just wish she would send me words to at least let me know if she needs anything. But I will try to be patient.

*as Tabris gets there he closes his journal*


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After speaking with Kyle the other day I needed a change of pace, and I knew it was my turn to go back to patrol the battlehelms, and so I went.

Things have been pretty much uneventful, barring random encounters with trolls and the usual lizard folk that call the marshlands and bogs in the area their home. But today was a bad day in the Moors. Not only was it raining, which means no mosquitoes, but for some reason the swampy water holes were full of leeches that attached themselves  to my boots and climbed towards exposed skin in order to catch a meal. Every now and then I stoped to search my body in order to rip off the small pests that often are carriers of diseases.

As I made my way toward a small hill to make another round of leech-pulling, I suddenly found myself standing in an abandoned camp site. Telling from the number of fires and the size of the area, the group that camped here must have been numbered around 100 individuals. No trolls or lizards - of that I am certain. They secured the area by using small sharpened stakes and I stepped into one of several snares that was left behind. I also found a discarded platinum gauntlet and some leather bands along with a broken canteen. The camp fires were cold and I found no clear tracks, which tells me that the place was at least several days old - most likely a week. What I could tell is that the group arrived from the south and headed north. The small hill is located in one of the southernmost parts of the Moors.

I abandoned my initial plans to search for more leeches and leaped off the hill, jogging north through murky waters in search of tracks to lead me in a more definite direction. I continued north for two hours before I came upon a patch of dry land. There, I found more tracks. The path they took is quite clear: North. They seem to be gone, however, and could even be out of the swamps by now. I continued onward, praying silently for luck. My prayers were rewarded. After another trek of three hours towards the north I came upon harder ground and was able to follow more easily. I only got a short way, however, before I came upon another camp site. About the same age as the last one, I found no additional clues here. One thing puzzles me, however, and that is the fact that the large group split up into two smaller groups of about the same size. Both left the camp site going in a northern direction, but slightly angling east and west. I followed one of the two groups and soon found myself on soft and boggy ground again. Almost everything was covered in water and therefore I quickly lost the group. Even a group of considerable size left little behind - and whatever they left was quickly washed away by the heavy rain that is common in these parts.

Wet, tired and grumpy, I had little choice but to call it a day. At least I found something though - something to make these trips worth it. I'm quite certain that the groups in question were part of the force I was looking for...

On my way back, my instinct suddenly took over as a loud screech followed by a lot of ruckus and beastly roaring in the distance. I approached cautiously, edging forward through low bushes like a wolf stalking his prey, flat on the ground, until I arrived at a clearing. There I saw something that made me catch my breath! A hunting party of trolls is engaging a large humanoid creature, more or less looking like a large and heavily built lizard-man. Or, actually, it is the other way around. The lizard-man, winged and armed with dagger-like talons, tore into the trolls, shredding each to pieces with only two or three blows. Only moments later, twelve trolls laid dead in the murky waters around the lizard. The creature lifted it's head towards the skies and roared out a loud screech... that was answered something from the west by another. The black-skinned lizard creature then tore into one of the trolls, feeding ferociously. Not long after another appeared - although almost out of nowhere! It must have passed near my location on it's way towards the clearing, but I heard and saw nothing. The large creatures moved with incredible grace and speed, the second tearing into another troll, ripping it into two as it begins to feed also. A third appeared and then a fourth. The two at the scene stopped their feeding and some form of communication took place between the four. I was too far away to hear or see anything, however, and soon afterwards the four separated up and headed into different directions. Were those the drachs I heard about?

I realized that I had been holding my breath as they left. And let it out and continued to lie very still for what seems a very long time. By the time I started to move birds were once more heard and rodents were rustling through the tall grass.

I decided I needed to go and warn the authorities and this is what I am heading to do now. Hopefully they won't take me for a fool, or even rebuke me like that stupid man did in Hlint.

//based on a pm received by harlas.


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She is back and things are back to normal well, as much as they can be. She told me that she had the time to find herself back and that she was happy again with herself, although she did tell me that she was now doubly an orphan. She had changed the colors of her dress, now more green and deeper green, some grey too. She says she is happy with her decision, and that makes me happy. Although I haven't talked to her about her father, I think I will just try to find him on my own. I'm not sure if I will be able to find him or even get through to him. But for the total hapiness of Azai, it's worth a shot.
 since she has come back, we have spent a lot more time together. because of her beliefs in the past, we couldn't travel together and help nature in our own ways. But since she came back, she has been more open to it, part of her being happy with herself again. So we have traveled in a few places that she wouldn't have gone before, and a few that we had. Her old beliefs still surface from time to time, but that is alright, I loved her then when she had them, and it wont chage now.
 On an other type of news, I have finally mastered the whirlwind attack. Wait till Kyle sees that. I might surprise him with mixing it up with a flurry of blows just before using it to try and take his footing down before the attack from above. Let's see how he likes that.
 Well I have more arrows to work on, I am still waiting for Arkolio to take his order.. my first arrows order. Maybe more will order some in the future.


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*Feh's head jerks back when Kyle accuses him of calling himself a master and he takes his two bladed sword into his right hand. The shaft resting on his back, one blade pointing down in diagonal from his right leg, the other coming from behind his left shoulder. He cracks his neck, never taking his eyes off of Kyle*

First of, teacher, I have never called myself a master. But if you insist.. I can prove to you that I am worthy of the title.

*The toes of his right foot fists into the ground solidifying his position, and giving him a good base to swiftly move if needed, as his left foot distance itself from the right in a classic position. There is a growl that escapes his lips that even Kyle would be able to hear, coming from deep within him as if he was calling on his inner strength. He examines the stance of Kyle, looking for a weakness, but also waiting for him to make the first move, as he knows that his true chance is in his quickness and ability to roll away from Kyle's attack in his bulky armor that took away some of Kyle's mobility.*


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*Fehriel travels to the Minstone defense group with his ox in tow and a wheelbarrow that he pushes in front of him. When asked why he is there, he replies that he has things to donate for the defense of the continent. The wheelbarrow and ox are filled with bows, bolts and arrows. He starts to unpack them and give them to the people so they can count what the donation tallies to.

oak Longbows 9

20 iron tipped hickory raven tail
720 iron tipped oak raven tail
3900 platinum tipped oak raven tail
5800 platinum tipped oak stirge tail
400 platinum tipped oak falcon tail
200 iron tipped mahogany raven tail
100 bronze tipped mahogany stirge tail
200 bronze tipped mahogany falcon tail
700 bronze tipped mahogany raven tail

20 copper tipped hickory falcon tail

total of the donation = 314998

Fehriel watches them as they give him the total, surprised himself at the amount of work he had done.*

I will bring you more shortly, I had plans to also donate some gloves of fury to your troupes, but some browned nose hypocrites people don't know when to not dirty their nose in matters that don't concern them, so I'm sorry if I can't do that part of my plan. But I will keep the bows and arrows coming.

*He then leaves, his ox in tow, the wheelbarrow strapped on its back, now that the ox pack is empty*


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*Fehriel sits by the water near Dalanthar, waiting for Azaionna to join him. He reflects and scribes down his thoughts*

He tested me and I failed. The only time I was able to beat him was when I called upon the darkness to blind him. I was ashamed of using such tactics on him. I wanted to prove to him straight up that I was ready, but I didn't manage to beat him once, fair and square. But yet, he came to me and asked me if my blade felt natural, if it was also a natural ability for me to call on the darkness, and I told him yes. So he asked me, if they feel natural, how can it be cheating? I was stumped. I had no answer to that beside one of honor. My pride had taken a beating, but yet he was right.

He wasn't testing me to see if I had superior martial abilities than him, but to see if I knew where my limits where, and if I was able to humble myself.

When he finally called me Master, I was in awe. In his eyes, I am now a brother of arms, a friend. I am a master of the blades.


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*Once again our friendly, although gruffy at times, red eyed ranger arrives at the offices of the Minstone defense group. His ox in tow and this time an other ox pulling a wagon. He waves to the officer in charge of the donation and present to him the fruits of his hard labor.*

13 Oak longbows
12 oak shortbows
1 heavy oak crossbow
2 copper longswords
1 copper Mercurial Longsword
4 copper nunchakus
2 copper sais
3 copper katars
2 copper kukris
16 copper daggers
4 Bronze longswords
1 belt of acquisition
4 bronze daggers
25 bronze darts
1 Iron Great Sword
1 stone's boots of protection
1 cloak of Az'atta
228 bronze tipped arrows of oak and stirge tail
4600 iron tipped arrows of oak and stirge tail
200 silver tipped arrows of oak and raven tail
300 platinum tipped arrows of oak and stirge tail

*The officers take their time once again to review the goods he brought them and gives him the donation tally of 142297 trues for what he brought them. They thank if for the continuous effort he does to help them and wish him well, as he leaves the place the two ox and wagon in tow*


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*Getting home from the Mistone defense office, Feh plops flat down in a heavy hoof of the mattress, pillows and covers. Azai looks at him quizzically as he gives her a tired, but yet loving smile.*

I'm sorry if I have disturbed you hun, I am just dead tired.. all the crafting, hoarding of material, picking.. pffft..

*he then shows her his hands that are filled of blisters and splinters. She gently starts to pull the splinters out and massage his hands lightly, after applying an ointment on them*

You should really take a day off dear

*She replies to him. He looks at her lovingly and nods*

I guess I should. Doesn't help that I have also trained for five hours at the arena today.

*She giggles and shakes her head at him*

Really dear.. Balance is not just in your inner self, but in your personal affairs too.

*She kisses him tenderly as he smiles at her words. Once she sets herself comfortably to get into reverie, he reaches for his journal and starts to write in it.*

Boy am I tired. I have been doing a lot of crafting for the war effort. Bows, swords, daggers of all kind, arrows also. It has taken a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it. Knowing they will be used to defend these lands makes it all worth it, no matter how many splinters I get in my fingers. I am not done though, I have more things I plan to make for them, more bows and arrows, more hand weapons. Maybe I will start making them shields too, what's good in having swords if you don't have the shield to go with it.

Even though Kyle has called me a master, I still think that I should keep training as hard.. maybe even harder. He told me I was embarking on a long road. There is always something new to learn and I expect not to let him down.. but more importantly, not to let myself down. So I spent five hours training today at the arena, not counting the other training sessions I had there lately. I intend to be ready for when the war comes to our shores, and they will need the best out of me.

*He yawns as she stirs slightly*

Hmm enough writing, my hand hurts enough already.. more work.. but tomorrow.. I think I will just spend some time with my darling.

*He closes the journal and sets himself comfortably to start sleeping, Azai shifting position to place herself into his warmth*


Re: The wind and the leaf
« Reply #58 on: July 21, 2009, 02:21:11 am »
It is a strange feeling to be recognize for the hard work one has put himself through. Kyle, Tralek, Vrebel and a few others have all shown me respect. They had in the past, but now that I have finally reached my goal and became a weapon master.. they seem to show me a different kind of respect. It feels good, but at the same time strange. I am no better than them as a man. Heck Kyle is probably a far better man than I could ever be. But that doesn't matter, I am who I am and I will be the best I can. No matter how much I can feel the pull sometimes to be worst than I am. I still have those nightmares, but I know now that they are dreams only.. I hope. A warning perhaps to remind me of what I could be if I didn't pay attention and pushed those instincts away? Maybe.. I don't know. But what I do know is that I have made it this far. I can surely keep on going.

With all this training, and working, I feel I may have been less than perfect of a fiancée. We have traveled together a lot more since her own changes. But we haven't spent much time just the two of us outside of our home. I kinda miss our simple walks and picnics.. So nothing better than to take the initiative I guess. I left her a note, but as I came home I saw it was moved, which means she probably read it, but she left no replies, nor has she even touched the trues I had left her, so she could bring her own touch to the decoration. And her chest for her gems are filling up. I'm not sure what she does, and I am not the kind anymore to worry about every little thing. She will do what she can or want when she does and that is just fine with me. As long as we both love and respect each other, then all will be fine in my mind. But spending more time with her doing little things that is not necessarily hunting would be definitely nice.

I keep bringing weapons and goods to the Mistone defense force, and now I have received words that the aloe I needed is ready, so my second project can get underway. I would have hoped that Azaionna would help me with it. I knew she wanted to train to make bandages, but since she hasn't even touched the greenstones and other gems I got her, I'm guessing she is busy with other stuffs. All in good time, and patience, with all the love I can give her. Is all I can do I guess. I don't think she would expect more, if she does though, I think she knows she can tell me.

Well off to start that project.


Re: The wind and the leaf
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*After a week Fehriel takes a look at the note he had left Azai about a picnic and seeing there is no answer he sight and scrunches it up and throws it in the fire. he takes some mining gear and heads out with stinky, his ox.*

Guess it's back to work. I took some time off to spend more time with her, but she was too busy. If I take more it's my effort for the Mistone defenses that I jeopardize.

I guess we'll take our time together when she is less busy.

In the mean time I have also made a deal with Nonac and Cassius. They will help me with the wood supplies i need for the arrows. I will keep a third for my personal need, a third will go to them, and the last third to the defense group.

So back to work it is.