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DM Name: Æther
Forum Name: Dorganath
Timezone: Central US (GMT -6:00)
Real Name: Steve
Occupation: Professional and father, not necessarily in that orderI've been rattling around in the D&D universe since the late 1970's when a good friend of mine (waves to dfiremann) told me about this cool game where you get to play wizards and fighters and go find treasure and explore and solve puzzles and of course kill nasty monsters. I was instantly hooked. Since that time, I've spent untold hours on either side of the GM screen involved in a world that was as rich as the players themselves could make it....all the while consuming massive quantities of Doritos, pretzels, chips, sour cream and onion dip and beverages of many varieties (Dr. Pepper being a steady favorite). Life went on and our group got separated by distance and the growing responsibilities of real life. NWN came along and I thought, "WOW! This would be great and we could get the old group back together...." though sadly, it never quite took shape. But then, that same good friend of mine told me about this place called Layonara, and I was hooked all over again.Since I've joined Layonara, I've been a player, GM, developer and eventually a site/world administrator. These latter duties haven't left much time for the former, but I'm still plotting behind the scenes.  When I do GM, I love telling the story and putting characters into situations where there may be more than one way out. Each way may end in success to varying degrees, or it may end in utter failure or at least a more difficult hill to climb from that point forward. The easy, obvious way is not always the best way or the right way...or even a way that will work at all. Then again, sometimes it is. *evil GM snicker*I'd like to see my players use all their abilities and skills to solve the problems I put before them, even if it is somewhat outside of what the game's mechanics can directly support. I generally welcome non-standard ideas and actions, and I'm more than willing to let the players influence my stories...up to a point, that is. Hints and such will be dropped, if you know where to look. Good playing and problem solving will be rewarded. Bad playing and general disarray will be dealt with. You will be allowed to dig your own hole, and I'll provide the shovel....just do not expect a rescue. Simply put, play smart and play your character.Overall, though, I want the players to have fun, or be challenged, or be amused....because these are the things I enjoy about the game. Constructive feedback is always welcomed, as I know I am far from perfect. As I tell my wife, I am a work in progress!I'm not generally running any quests directly. Those efforts I'm doing in some way line up with other motives I have or because I found both time and interest.  As such, many of you may not directly experience my style of GMing.  However, should such a thing come to pass, or if I decide to throw something up on the calendar, most of my quests will take place on evenings and weekends in the US/Canada timezones. Weeknight quests will be shorter, on the order of 2-3 hours at a time, to hopefully get some players involved who cannot make a typical 4-6 hour quest during the week. I generally do not run groups larger than 8-10 people except in special circumstances. Level requirements and limits, where applicable, will be somewhat flexible, with the understanding that they're suggested levels for a reason. The same goes for party size limits. I am presently more likely to run world- and plot-level events.Oh, and about the name....It was once believed to be the medium that filled empty space until science figured out that empty space truly is empty. Still, it seemed fitting and I thought it sounded neat. Oh yeah, I'll answer to "Aether", "Ether", "Dorganath" and sometimes "Hey you!". If you're really interested, hold down the Alt key then type 0198 on the keypad.