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* After some weeks of aiding in rebuilding efforts at Hilm Castle, helping to clear rubble and relocating those poor citizens who lost their homes in the battle, the Runic Anvil dwarves have slowly begun packing their few belongings and are taking down their camp.

Kobal surveys the busy dwarves for a while before making his way to a meeting with Alexander Fortain, Lance Stargazer and Daniella Stormhaven (and whoever else wishes to participate).

Kobal makes a brief report about the efforts of his clan, both at Audiria, the Fort of Last Hope and in the final battle at Hilm Castle. He pays his respect to the leaders of the allied forces and lets them know that he admires the courage and resolve that was shown against this overwhelming foe.

Afterwards, he asks that it be recorded what the Runic Anvil did in this war and how many troops were sent to the aid of foreign kingdoms. He asks that diplomatic ties be established between the Hilm Protectorate and the Runic Anvil, perhaps enabled through the creation of a portal between Hilm Castle and the Runic Anvil. Kobal does not say it plainly, but makes it known that should the Runic Anvil ever be in need of allies, he trusts that Hilm will be there.

Lastly, he makes his personal goodbyes and asks whether anything more is asked from him or his clan. *
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General Discussion / Resigning as GM
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:40:17 am »
It is time for me to hand my GM batch to another.

The plot is nearing its end and the remaining parts are in very capable hands. ;)

So, after more years than I care to count I am resigning from my position as GM in Layonara's amazing Team of GMs.

Before I move on to being 'just' a player I have one thing I would like to ask all you players out there:

At times on quests where you feel wronged or feel that the outcome was not fair, please try to remember why the GMs are here. They are here to make this world around your characters a living and breathing entity that provides you with entertainment and fun. That is the basic idea.

So, instead of taking the fight to the GM and/or the Team, try to consider whether the incident in question is one that your character might deal with in an IC fashion - perhaps that was the intent of the GM in the first place.

Like you, GMs are people and people will walk away if you rattle them enough. After all, they are not acting GMs for their own sake, but for the sake of others.

This was not based on a recent episode or a current situation in game. Please consider this a plea that you might consider in the future. I have seen it happen too many times over the years and it simply burns people out, which ends up making this place less colourful and alive.

Finally, I wish you all the very best of luck and hope that many of you will continue to contribute to this magical place that is Layonara. For me the time has come to move on, although I will probably be around with Kobal now and then.

Kind regards,


The Dragon Storm Campaign / Plot Finale --- Stormcry Hollows
« on: May 11, 2011, 12:15:57 am »
// My dear players :)

The finale quest, where a strike force is aiming an attack on the hidden Cult base at the Stormcry Hollows will be ran by myself. Preparations have been ongoing for said event, but I still feel the need to stress a few things before the quest on the 21st of May.

1. Come prepared. There will be no time for hourly planning sessions before the quest takes off for real. If that should happen the quest will fail. There will be a timer on the quest that is triggered by certain events. So, please, for everybody's sake, meet to plan in game or use the forums to plan a strategy before the 21st of May.
The strategy should include proposed answers to questions like: What is the scope of this mission? How do we get there? How do we plan to get in? What do we do once we're inside? Do we have all that we need to complete our mission? Which scenarios are we likely to face? What are the risks? Etc.

2. Danger level. Due to its nature this quest will be both dificult and dangerous. I suggest that only levels above 15 participate in said event (that means if you have a good reason to be there and your character is not lvl 15, then please PM me). This is open for discussion, however, and depends on the number of people that sign up for this event.

3. At some point in the quest, the party will be within the sphere of influence of a bloodpool, meaning Soul Strand loss is assured if death occurs.

4. Calendar event has been added - please sign up if you plan on joining:

5. ...
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Plot Finale --- May 21
« on: May 10, 2011, 03:05:21 am »
Hi folks,

Please mark the date 2011-05-21 in your calendars. This is the date that we are currently planning as being the day where the finale quests will take off in the Dragonstorm campaign - for good or for worse. ;)

The planning is still being finalized, but at this stage we are planning for 2 quests on 2 different servers (Hilm Castle and Stormcry Hollows). There will be a third quest, but it may be taking place at another date.

More information will be upcoming shortly. In the meantime you better start planning!

Kind regards, the Plot GM Team

The Dragon Storm Campaign / Fort of Last Hope - A way out
« on: April 28, 2011, 12:43:10 am »
* Kobal calls for another meeting of those in charge - along with whatever adventurers are present and eager to help. *

Oi foun' out tha' dere be an extensive system of passages below tha' Fort.

Only thin' is we got two problems.

One - we gotta dig free tha' entrance ter tha' dungeon. It be sadly unnerneath tha' tauwer tha' Ractrafieroz wrecked.
Oi already instructed a team ter start diggin' an' movin' bricks. Oi requested a few goiants ter help *he looks to Argali* an' Oi hope tha' be foine.

Two - 'em passages were closed due ter Xandroial an' all his blasted demons. So 'em must'a come in from tha' Deep somew'ere. Once we got tha' entrance cleared we will send dauwn a stroike force ter clear 'em, send out tunnel scouts an' secure a passage away from 'ere. Oi will lead said force.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Kobal approaches Argali...
« on: April 22, 2011, 02:27:13 pm »
* In the late hours of the evening, approaching midnight, and the Fort of Last Hope has quieted down somewhat, Kobal Bluntaxe approaches Argali. He looks somewhat worn out and his beard is dotted with clotted green Myrdrach blood. He groans as he carefully places his weight on a barrel containing herrings, just next to her. *

Argali. * he smiles * Lass, I have heard of your endeavours. You have accomplished much since last we met. Vorax must look at you with pride gleaming from fatherly eyes.

* Before Argali is able to reply, Kobal's demeanor becomes serious. *

There is one thing that I need to discuss with you... your meeting with the red dragon Ractrafieroz. I have heard about it, but would hear in your own words how you judge this dragon. What kind of a mind ticks behind its scaly head?

Also, how do you judge it in comparison to Fisterion?
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Rumour Has It / A treaty between dwarven clans
« on: February 21, 2011, 11:30:59 am »
Rumour has it that a treaty has been forged between the dwarven clans of the Rhugal, located on Molten Isle, and the Runic Anvil, located on northern Dregar below Mount Norand.

Due to this treaty it is now possible for voraxian warriors to train at the best and hardest war academies in all of Layonara. No place breeds tougher and more ferocious warriors than the war academies of the Rhugal, whose warriors are used to fight Fisterion's spawn from the surface, and the hated deep dwarves ever massing from below. None but the strongest survive here.

Only voraxians, so it is said, may apply. Voraxians, however, be they dwarf, man, elf, halfling or gnome, can apply at the Runic Anvil. Every couple of months a delegation leaves on a treck to the Molten Isle. Many clans dwarves of the Runic Anvil are said to be training at the academies of the Rhugal. In turn they serve in the army of the Rhugal for an equal number of years.

The Dragon Storm Campaign / So far so good!
« on: February 07, 2011, 05:25:27 am »
I just quickly want to jump in and say 'good work' to the folks on the Blackford War Council. These guys have really put their heart and brains into this and are planning, communicating and RPing in many great ways.

A big thanks for that - it is a pleasure to watch and see things developing.

I encourage you to share whatever you can with the rest of the server community to keep folks in the loop. It is never an easy choice for the GM Team to restrict things to certain players only, but in many cases anything else would just not make sense at all. Therefore it gets so very important to share information amongst each other in game, on the forums and other media available to you. :)

So, please continue the good work!

Kind regards, Harlas

The Dragon Storm Campaign / Donations to the war effort
« on: January 30, 2011, 12:58:26 pm »
After a lifetime of crafting, Kobal Bluntaxe is able to donate the following items to the war effort:

8 Copper Large Shields
5 Bronze Bucklers
5 Bronze Kite/Tower Shields
2 Iron Small Shields
12 Iron Kite Shields
1 Adamantium Large Shield
4 Adamantium Kite Shields
1 Dragonskin Buckler

1 Bronze Helmet
11 Iron Helmets
1 Platinum Helmet
6 Cobalt Helmets

10 Copper Armors
3 Bronze Armors
6 Iron Armors
6 Adamantium Armors
2 Cobalt Full Plates
2 Leather Armors +3
1 Chain Shirt +3
3 Half Plates +3
1 Chainmail +3
1 Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
1 Mage Armor
1 Lesser Lady's Gift

12 Heavy Oak Crossbows
2 Mahagony Crossbows
3 Mahagony Bows
1 Yew Bow

5 Bronze Weapons
38 Iron Weapons
17 Adamantium Weapons
1 Last Defense Sword
1 Hamaji's Fan
1 Black Kumade Spear
1 One of Many Morningstar
1 Frindahl Battle Cleaver
1 Asp Flail
1 Hammer of Justice
3 Bloodfall Swords
2 Adler Whips

1 Cloak of Protection +1
2 Cloak of Fortification +1
1 Cloak of Resistance +2
1 Cloak of Protection +2

2 Boots of the Militia
1 Ascender's March Boots
1 Boots of the Sun Soul +1

2 Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power
2 Lion Leather Gloves
1 Gloves of Swordplay
2 Bracers of the Scouts
1 Gloves of Fury
1 Mirrored Bracers
1 Greater Gloves of Spellcraft

2 Magic Books
8 Electrical Enhancement II
3 Fire Enhancement IV

12 Deadly Traps
5 Acid Bombs
5 Fire Bombs

2 Talisman of the Defenders

Potions: Bless, Haste
Assortment of bolts, arrows, bullets and throwing axes.


// Kobal is carrying most of it on his person. The rest is stashed in a warehouse. I will coordinate the pick-up with a GM.

Also, I encourage others to use this thread for the same reasons.
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All along the borders of the Kingdom of Kuhl, caravans have arrived carrying building materials. The cities have been temporarily emptied of stone masons, carpenters and smiths in order to quickly erect further strong points along the Kingdom's borders.

Especially along the border between Kuhl and Hilm further strongpoints and small forts are erected - most of these focused on the part of the border that passes through the Kuhl Forest.
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It is rumoured that envoys from the Kingdoms of Nesar, Hilm and Horn have travelled to Kuhl following the border scirmishes that claimed the lives of many of Kuhl's soldiers along the border between Hilm and Kuhl.

These three kingdoms strongly denounce said attacks and have made it very clear to the leaders of Kuhl that they had nothing to do with said attacks. Even offers of compensation have arrived through the same channels.

Also, all three kingdoms have made promises of a stronger presence along their borders, ensuring that such attacks from a foreign party will not ever occur again.
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Rumour Has It / Kuhl in mourning
« on: December 14, 2010, 11:22:34 pm »
Kuhl is mourning the loss of 186 soldiers, who fell to unprovoked attacks along the border between the Kingdoms of Hilm and Kuhl.

Lister Tremaine, Lord of Ash, made a public speach condemning the attacks and promising retaliation to the families and friends of the fallen soldiers. A quote of his speach:

"Many good and honourable men and women have fallen at the hands of vicious foreign attackers. These deaths may seem needless and in vain - but remember, good people of Kuhl, that these valiant soldiers died in defence of their home, their families and friends... their kingdom!

They died a heroe's death and rest assured that we will honour their sacrifice. Fear not - not only have our Drach Garra hunted and slain the attackers themselves, we will deliver to them the same suffering that they delivered to us."

Immediately following the speach, Lister Tremaine declared that all families touched by the recent attacks will be cared for by the Kingdom of Kuhl.

"They paid the ultimate price and so the Kingdom will repay them in kind. All their debts will be cleared and they will no longer pay taxes to the Kingdom."
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Hi guys,

I have been 2 weeks absent due to the arrival of my 2nd daughter. I am sorry for not giving a heads up before now, but my head has been elsewhere.

I will not be very much available over the next few weeks due to family and work stuff, but I will peek in now and then.

If I have missed something that requires my attention, please point me to it or send me a PM. I will browse through the forums and try to catch up, but it will be in a hurry, so I will miss things - it is a fact :) .

Have a nice day, all.

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Rumour Has It / Known faces are on the move...
« on: October 15, 2010, 04:49:29 am »
[SIZE=16]Here and there - whether on a sea voyage, at a tavern or a roadside inn - you here mention of important people journeying to the Great Forest these days.

A town guard spotted Lance Stargazer on his mount and overheard a conversation with a stable boy.

A trapper and trader in skins mentions meetings among druids that have taken place during previous months, preparing for something... something big.

A ranger whom you run into while taking shelter from a thunderstorm even mentions that the High Druid of the West is on his way to a gathering in the Great Forest.

Something seems to be going on in the Horn Kingdom, the northernmost Kingdom on Belinara. Something of import? Perhaps.

[SIZE=10]// This relates to this plot quest:[/SIZE]
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Nature faction plot quest
« on: October 10, 2010, 05:33:44 am »
Hi folks,

There is a plot quest on the calendar for Saturday:

I am not sure whether the timezone I have chosen accomodates you or not, so please let me know if I have chosen the worst possible time slot for this event. I encourage all to come - perhaps aside from those who would seek to cut down the Great Oak. ;)

Also, I trust that the Speakers will come prepared for this event - it is a one-shot quest.
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / A rustling of leaves
« on: September 13, 2010, 03:57:05 am »
Rumour has it that something is happening in the Great Forest of Belinara. The inhabitants of the forest have been stirred and messengers have left its borders, either taking flight, mounted or going on foot, leaving in all directions.

// Detailed information is available to druids, rangers and priests of appropriate deities (Katia for instance). There is information on the Druid Network forum. If you do not have access, but feel that your character would learn, please send me a PM with a short description of your character.
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Kobal ventured there on his own for the first time since the place was updated some months ago, and nearly got stabbed to death by werewolves, almost got eaten by icespiders and was very close to being exterminated by the magics of some very hostile walking cows (i.e. minotaurs).

So, if you would be so kind to come along for a trip (bringing your buffs and deathwards!) the dwarf would be very much obliged. :)

Kobal willl try to be online from around 3pm GMT (which is in approximately 4 hours). He'll be in the Thunder Peaks, north of the crossway, cuddling the yetis that hang out there. ;)

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The Dragon Storm Campaign / Plot quest on Friday
« on: May 17, 2010, 12:18:01 am »
Hi guys,

I hope you're having fun.

I have been afk for too long, but have finally gotten around to running a quest again. It is on the calendar for Friday:

Few details will be given at this stage, but feel free to come and see if it is something for your character. ;)

Cheers, Harlas
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The Dragon Storm Campaign / // Update!
« on: March 09, 2010, 06:32:45 am »
Hi guys,

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been around much for some time. The reason for this is that I am relocating to Mumbai in India together with my family. My company offered me an exciting position in our Mumbai office and we have decided to take them up on the offer.

I just arrived here a little more than a week ago and am currently coming up and running on the job as well as finding an apartment and getting to know the place (whoa - its a lot different from Denmark!). I've started out solo, until I have a place for us, and am going back to fetch my family in April.

Yesterday I moved into an apartment that has a 256Kbit/sec connection, so needless to say I am somewhat restricted internet-wise. Nevertheless I intend to try to get online sooner or later and hopefully I can at least play a little.
Plot-wise this means that I will continue the mini-series that I started - and hopefully soon. I will give you a heads up on that as soon as I've found out whether I can GM or not with my current internet connection.

I hope that Steel and his homies are currently recruiting for the next quest episode... they better be! ;)

Over and out for now. I'll keep you updated.

Cheers, Harlas

The Dragon Storm Campaign / Two upcoming mini-questseries
« on: January 12, 2010, 02:10:43 pm »
Hi guys,

I have two series of quests planned that are highly involved in the world plot, the Dragon Storm Campaign. Each quest series should not stretch for more than 3-4 sessions max. The timezone will be primarily GMT friendly, but I am willing to work with one of the two groups with regards to involving weekends.

One was initiated by a player (Miltonyorkcastle) and begins on Monday (if it suits him and those that tag along). It is much dependant on player choices and actions, so once we get to it there may be a quest and there may not be. It depends on the players involved. ;) To participate here you need to contact Steel in game (forum name: Miltonyorkcastle) or be contacted by him. If you don't your character will not know that anything is taking place. This quest has the possibility to involve actions/choices that may not suit your character. It is perfectly acceptable to walk away, even though it is a plot quest.

Another series is soon to begin and is aimed at characters that are involved with the nature faction (druids, rangers and clerics/priests of appropriate deities), at least to begin with. I imagine that it will be opened up after the first or second quest session. These quests are mainly aimed at lower level characters.

I hope to see you out there! :)


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