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General Discussion / Happy -belated- Birthday, Filatus.
« on: August 21, 2008, 10:47:29 am »
It dawned on me today, that there is a Leo in our midst that I don't recall seeing a birthday thread for.  I was out of town on the 16th, but, better late than never? So..

[SIZE=13](belated) [/SIZE][SIZE=24]Birthday, Filatus![/SIZE].[/INDENT]

Been through 'a lot' in the last couple years, Thijs, so I couldn't let this slip by totally unannounced ;).   I'm sorry I missed it, but I hope your day was special.

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General Discussion / Sitting out for a while.
« on: July 08, 2008, 08:34:46 am »
Hello All,

I will keep this as short and sweet as possible since I probably shouldn't be typing in the first place

I did something to my wrist, and I wasn't sure how serious it was at first, but it has been persisting for a month now, and, typing/playing sure doesn't help it any. I have a Dr. appointment this weekend and will find out more.

I have a feeling it will likely be the "well, stop doing whatever it is your doing!" and this is part of that. I''m stepping away from running quests and playing probably until August. Maybe longer.

I sincerely apologize to those of you who were looking forward to the quest tonight, since we have to cancel it entirely.  Also for the player with the CDQ in question, I'll be contacting you directly to see how you want to handle this. But, all in all, I'm realizing that I need to stop pushing this injury by thinking that I'll just finish "this one more important thing"  because the things that are important never seem to end and I can't keep putting my health in jeopardy.


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Layonara Server / Second Chance, Tuesday!
« on: July 03, 2008, 09:10:13 am »
Perhaps you remember seeing this Quest announcement.  But maybe you had some trouble getting a group together? or just don't know enough PC's yet? Well, good news! You don't have to have a group this time!

Next Tuesday, July 8th, Pyro and I are going to run the Gauntlet with whichever PC's sign/show up.

The limit will still be 6, so, if more show up we will give precedence to those who r.s.v.p. and then the dice will decide who gets to go.

Come prepared to run the Gauntlet, come see what its all about!

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Rumour Has It / The Information Market
« on: June 12, 2008, 07:52:38 am »
*Quiet chatter in taverns and Inn's in Vehl, Port Hempstead, and Fort Wayfare whisper of a colorful halfling peddling a story on relics and some sort of challenge. The price for the bulk of this tale has seemed to rise over the course of the month, thusly most common folk know little more than that.*
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Layonara Server / The Gauntlet: Quest Announcement
« on: June 11, 2008, 10:37:30 pm »
[INDENT]The Gauntlet - Quest Announcement.

Esteemed archaeologist and retired adventurer, Terrance Copper The Third, has spent most of his lifetime in and out of dungeons collecting artifacts of obscure, powerful, and rare nature for dealers, collectors, and artifact connoisseurs worldwide. But now days he is a "retired" adventurer who is purported to have felt the icy grasp of the soul mother one to many times. Meanwhile, something he has sought for years, the pinnacle of his career, and his magnum opus of finds is finally within his reach.... but simply out of grasp without aid.

His search goes out for adventures across the land. He solicits an agile, strong, and intelligent group who is willing and able to seek this item for him.

But.. there is a catch. Rather than risk the chance of a lifetime on any such group Terrance and his wife Jonina Copper have devised a trial to test the hopeful adventurers, since only the best of the best will do.


This timed quest pits individual teams of 6 (PC levels 4-17) against the clock, and consequently against one another. The winning team (The one who completes the trial with the best time) unanimously earns Terrance and Jonina's respect and The Contract to help him in completing his life's work. The Contract will be a summer quest series run by the two of us in the winning team's time zone. The Gauntlet is currently scheduled for five time slots*, spanning [strike]four[/strike] three different time zones between June 24th and July 8th as marked on the calendar by .  The time slots will be first come first serve (and yes, there is one for the Aussies!) and can be reserved by the team captain by PM-ing the two of us your 6 team member’s names. All sessions will be run on QUEST server unless otherwise noted.

So now for a few rules and helpful hints:

1. PC must be between levels 4-17** at the start of the quest.
2. There must be 6 PC’s in your party.
3. Your party is on a timer at the moment they start into the Gauntlet.  We will pause this for a short 10 minute AFK at an appropriate time if requested by your party.
4. Resting: Resting is not restricted*** but must be done, as a group, and it will cost you.  Each time your PC’s  “rest” it is considered a full nights rest and will add 1 RL hour to the clock (unless otherwise noted).
5. Skill checks should be put to silent (/o C toggle check_silent) at the start of the quest..
6. Emoting precisely what your PC is doing will get you furthest.  If you merely emote that your PC “Looks around the room.” We get to decide what they are looking at.
7. Think outside the box.  NWN has limitations that the mind does not. Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you have a question about the appropriateness of something, ask.
8. Please, do not spam the dm channel with skill rolls.  Most of the time if you do something that merits a roll, we will request it.  In some cases we may just take a peek at your character sheet and make the roll ourself.
9. Each player  can only have one character participate.  Nobody will be allowed to have one character on one team, and a different character on another.
10.  Keep it IC.  It is to your benefit as a player not to tell others who have yet to be tested what is on the test. (If we find out about you doing this OOC your team will be disqualified and the series is subject to being canceled). With that said however, If your PC does figure out through IC means the members of another team, feel free to mess with their heads, if your character would do so that is..
11. Your actions have consequences.
12. Finally, this is meant to be challenging, exciting, and above all.. fun.  

Interested parties please keep an eye out for in character posts, rumors,  and opportunities to roleplay into the quest, as well as more helpful hints.


[SIZE=16]Anank? & Pyro[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10]The fine print:[/SIZE]

* If the five time slots fill up we will try adding another at one of the same times listed.  Please show some initiative ~ and let us know if you have a group and still need a spot.

**We realize that in an improtu intro to the quest some parties were mis-informed that the level limit would be under 20.  After careful consideration we feel that this is a better balanced challenge for players below 17 and above 4.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope that those who this may affect have characters that will fit the level requirement as they are now.

***Resting still must be done in an RP appropriate place.  5 feet away from angry frost giants.. not a good idea.[/SIZE][/INDENT]


EDIT 6/15/08:  Due to certain circumstances and our summer/work schedules we had to remove the Sunday GMT time slot from the quest line up.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT 6/17/08
:  Forgot to mention that the quests will be on quest server.

EDIT 6/18/07
: Updated the fine print.
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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / To Feed a City.
« on: June 01, 2008, 03:57:55 pm »
*In the continued effort of helping the homeless and hungry the Leringard Arms has continued to keep its doors open daily.  Helping to feed and shelter the town's folk of Leringard while encouraging their efforts in rebuilding.*

// As a representation of the Leringard Arms efforts, we are currently donating the following:

Contained in the 8 chests in the entry hall is:

92 portions of cooked meat
20 Fish Fillets (Trout)
26 Bowls of Steamed rice
22 portions of rations

20 Roasts (10xbear, 6xFeline, and 4xpork)
14 pies (4xcherry, 5xapple, 5xruhbarb)
8 loaves of bread (4xrye bread, 4xwheat bread)

(roughly 400 servings of food thus far)

If a GM could remove these and add them to the donations list it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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****This book, bound in dark subtle leather, is the journal of Brandean Iretya, son of Hardragh and Kali. Conceived in the last months of the year 1420 before half elves could no longer be conceived and born in the peaks of the Ire Mountains on a stormy Autumn Dark eve in 1421.****

**This is an account of the world through his emerald eyes.**  
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General Discussion / Time is almost up..
« on: April 04, 2008, 11:20:00 pm »
.... This time for certain *grins sheepishly*

The Module of The Year Contest on the Neverwinter Vault ends within hours, so if you have not voted,  Vote Now!

We are now one vote away from slipping into 4th place... still respectable! But if there are any left to show your support, we can do better. :D

But sincerely, Thank you again to all of you in the Layonara Community who have shown your support for the Layonara Single Player Module.  Tower's of Dregar: Xora's Vial.  

It means a lot to me and the others who hand a hand in it to even have it on that list.

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General Discussion / Only two days left...
« on: March 30, 2008, 12:06:01 pm »
... To Vote for Module of the Year on the Neverwinter Nights Vault.

Voting ends on April 1st.

We are one vote away from slipping down into fourth place folks....  So, if you've not voted already you can Vote here!

[SIZE=16]Thanks again to all 27 of you who have voted![/SIZE]
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Trade and Market Hall / Attention Novice Adventuerers!
« on: January 24, 2008, 11:23:03 pm »
*A poster hung in the trade and Market Hall*


[SIZE=18]Attention Novice Adventuers![/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B]

[SIZE=16]The Leringard Arms [/SIZE]would like to offer you a chance to purchase some of the things you may be seeking this Freas!

We are targeting this sale to the Novice Adventurers so there will be a range of useful items with nothing exceeding a price of over 6000 true //or above level 17 req.

There should several sellers representing of some of Layonara's finest Guilds and independent crafters, including a selection of useful equipment as sold by The Leringard Arms itself!
There are also drink specials, card readings, and a lottery all happening at the Inn ~ So there its sure to be a grand time![/SIZE]


*Flyer for the opening*

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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Card readings by Kali
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:43:42 pm »
[SIZE=16]....This Freas after Hours....
...One was told of a troubled past...
...Some heard of an old lost love and the days of their youth

..Some of a new love, and promises to come..

One heard of the dangers.. lurking on the path they chose..

Others of things they never thought would come to pass...

.. and some they already knew..




After Hours: ~ Card Readings by Kali ~ Find out what the Gypsy's cards say for you!

*1000 true for a full private reading*
*750 for a full public reading*
*200 true for a single card draw*


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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Leringard Arms Opening this Freas!
« on: January 10, 2008, 11:57:34 pm »
[SIZE=24]The Leringard Arms Inn & Tavern[/SIZE][/I]



Come one, Come all!  The Leringard Arms is excited to open their doors once more for an event that is sure to be a grand time.

This Freas will be the first of many Freas' where we will be drawing the number for our weekly lottery winner!

Additionally, The Arms Tavern is sponsoring a "Happy Hour"  with 25% off  the price of bottles of wine and whiskey! Each bottle is now only 75 true for the entire hour before the drawing!

Come, bring a friend, share a drink, and maybe hear a tale or two.  


Friday: 12:00am GMT - 2:00am GMT

    * Happy Hour with  25% off whiskey and wine!
    * Weekly drawing for the Arms Lottery! (drawing at 1am GMT)

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Poetic License / Stone: The Past's Story.
« on: January 09, 2008, 08:23:37 pm »

In the quiet solitude of Beryl's temple, an Elven priest removes his gloves before kneeling to pray. When he finishes his prayer he approaches a young priestess to give donation to the temple. She greets him, silently nodding as he opens a dark pouch which hangs heavily at his side. She continues to watch, observing as he reaches into the bag producing a finely cut gem. In the dimly lit temple the clear stone sparkles with remarkable color. The young priestess takes the diamond, placing it carefully in a ornate wooden box beside her. The priest nods with respect and turns to leave in silence.
   "If I may be so bold," The priestess' voice breaks the silence of the temple. The elf turns back to face her. "Let me see your hands."
   She takes his hands in hers and looks them over.
   "These aren't the hands of a priest, Emerald Laylluanilm, or even of a Gem crafter. What have you been doing with these hands?"
   He looks back silently at his hands, worn and calloused. His tired hands. She awaits an answer.
   "Building." His reply is quiet but the meaning in his voice rings clearly in the quiet temple halls.
   "Building what?"
   "Stone." He answers while pulling his hands back from her.
   "The town?" She asks, a certain skepticism in her voice.
   "Aye." His answer is clear and simple. He has spent his time in the last seven years gathering the resources to rebuild a town that had fallen over a quarter of a century ago and with his own two hands he has been helping to erect it.
   "But, Emerald, a temple of Her Perfection has already been built, here, in the Castle Sun." She pauses briefly before continuing. "Some say you should let the past lie, move on."
   His downward gaze answers in reply.
   "But why? Why rebuild?" Her young voice resembles an innocent whisper from the past, such simple questions.
   "Hope." He closes his eyes and presses his lips together lightly. His green eyes open looking back to her. Aged beyond his years his elven features display a calm as he continues to speak. "To some, the fall of Stone was the fall of just another town. A casualty of the war against Bloodstone." He pauses briefly. "It never was that to me."
   He continues. "Regardless of any of that, in these dark times a message needs to be sent of those who won't back down against the odds." His voice resonates in the temple air. A transformation from before, he speaks with new energy that seems to command respect from the silence around him. "Stone will be the pinnacle, the crown of our accomplishments..." A glimmer lights up his eyes for a moment and he stops speaking. The words he would speak have become a natural extension of him now. He has been seen preaching for days calling out for aid. Some days his voice is but a horse whisper from repeating them so often. The words still have meaning but now is not the time to preach.
   She looks to him as he grows silent again. "What is it?"
   The tone in his voice softens. "Have you ever heard the story of its fall?" He looks back to her.
   "Of course, who hasn't. There was a big battle an-"
   He interrupts, "From someone who was there?"
   "Of course not. Everyone knows that all who defended in that battle died."
   The corner of his mouth turns up in a slight smile. After a moment of silence "That is untrue."
   She looks back to him with interest, by now several other passing worshipers have gathered around the Emerald and the priestess, overhearing the conversation, pausing to listen to the tale.
   "It began as a night like any other. A normal night on Layonara. But something was amiss in the heavens."
   He takes a seat, with a gesture bidding the others to do the same.
   "In the prior year Roldem had fallen to Bloodstones's forces and there was conflict in the heavens that caused a rift between Ilsare and Lucinda. Later that seemed like nothing in comparison to what happened in the heavens next.
   "That night, in a dazzling of lights, the stars lit the sky, the constellation of the Viper moved to attack two other constellations as Layonara looked on. It attacked Xeen's gift and then it turned on Beryl's Geode. Her Perfection's star then fell from the sky. Nobody knew what it meant at first but the wave of panic could be felt through Mistone and Alindor.
   "Quickly they gathered. Heros: the Dragoncalled of Layonara. By now, news of the strike had spread and the meaning of the stars became clear. Stone was under siege.
   "Those who had rushed to the city were pushed back, as fiendish reinforcements fortified their positions within.
   "Shortly, a plan was constructed by the Dragoncalled. Dividing into two columns, one would attack the city from the main trade road in through the Crest Hills and one would strike through the narrow pass to the northeast coming from Lan's Port.
   "When battle was entered, they fought their way through the streets of the town but they were beset by an army far more sinister than they had expected: demons and devils fighting together against them. Finally, after hours of battle, the enemy was dwindling. But through those hours, one by one, the Dragoncalled fell to their deaths as well, until few remained.
   "Those few continued to fight, drawing upon unheard of reserves of strength and endurance to deny Bloodstone the city. Some men say that for every one of the Dragoncalled who fell on that field, five fiends were cut down, but everyone else says it was at least fifteen. As the battle raged no one realized that the town had already been destroyed by the fury of the combatants. By then, there was little left to save.
   "Regardless, the battle refused to end and the enemy fought the Dragoncalled until there were but two yet breathing. A halfling follower of the Great Gold and a dark and mysterious elven woman.
   "The last of the fiends pummeled these two with fist, blade, and spell until just one Erinyes remained against them. The halfling kept her distance and twirling, slung stones at the fiend while the elf slipped in and out of the shadows keeping the halfling alive with healing magics that she unleashed from an array of wands, elixirs, and other obscure magical items. After ensuring the halfling's safety the elf would spring forward to distract the beast's spells, quickly dodging with supernatural weaves into the shadow, right as they seemed to strike her.
   "Their tactics proved effective until a spell of unnatural darkness blinded the two heros. In the darkness the halfling fell drawing her last breath. The elf, however, was able to step away into deeper shadows, evading the fiend's attacks in the dark. Biding her time until the moment was right, the elf sprung forth from the shadows, flying in a graceful, arching leap towards the winged fiend's head, her small axes crossed in front of her, muscles taut to slash.
   "In a precise strike the elf's axes dug into the fiend's flesh as the Erinyes clawed back. The two tumbled hard to the ground struggling amongst the flame and ruin within the city walls. Fighting in the blood and the mud, until suddenly an ear piercing shriek of pain cried out to the heavens.
   "The Erinyes fell prone to the ground with an axe fatally planted deep within her side.
   "Slowly, the elf pulled herself to her feet. Wiping blood and tears from her face she looked around at what was left of the town. Bodies of ally and enemy blanketed the ground. The streets ran red with blood as a cool Autumn's Harvest rain drained from the clouded and smoke filled skies.
   "In a choked cry the elf called out for anybody that was alive. A soft wind carrying the sound of heavy wings beating, as a pair Balor High Princes circled over head, was the only answer.
   "Knowing the shadows could not hide her from their glowing eyes of true sight, the elf closed her eyes tightly and sinking to her knees she awaited a fatal blow from above. But her death never came, and once again the town spoke a deathly silence.
        "As the elf climbed to her feet, the lingering taste of blood and realization of what was left around her caught up to her, she began to feel ill. She held her stomach as it wretched with the pain.
   "That is when she found it." He pauses a moment.
   The eyes of those looking on in the small church have doubled in number now as a group gathers listening to Quillwem's tale. The priests, priestesses, and Berylites, listen in silence. Some with tears in their eyes as the horrible battle is recounted.
   "Found what?" A single sniffly voice breaks the silent air.
   Quillwem's eyes smile warmly before he continues. He swallows slightly trying to quench his parched throat.
   "A raise dead scroll."
   He continues. "A single battered scroll, tucked away into the lining of her leather armor. Stored with a promise that it would only be used if she was left with no other choice."
   "As the elf looked around at the death and debris, she knew the scroll was meant for this time. Carefully, she searched the bodies of her allies looking for a priest. Finding an allied priest of Folian, the elf read the scroll aloud and united his soul back with his body with the scroll's powerful magics. The priest in turn, raised a second priest, until slowly one by one the priests and priestesses who had fallen, gave breath to all those who had fallen to defend Stone.” Quillwem exhales a heavy sigh gathering his thoughts for a moment.
   "Alas, the town was already destroyed, and the enemy would soon return to take hold of the emptiness that remained.”
   A quiet whisper erupts between several of those gathered, it echoes in the silence.
   "But ...” He pauses, the room growing silent once more.
   “That is how I met her." Quillwem looks up, his eyes falling beyond the group as if speaking to an unseen presence.
   "Who?" The priestess asks in reply.
   "Was she the elf who survived the battle?"
   Quillwem nods quietly
   "You see..."
   He continues with a peculiar look in his eyes as if remembering.
   "After that moment, when she saw The Dragoncalled return from dead, Lalaith understood how a single scroll could turn the tides of battle. She understood the hope it instilled. She began to construct a plan, calling forth any who may aid her in seeking resources to create as many scrolls of this nature as possible.
   "Of course, it is not nearly as easy as it sounds. To create a scroll with the magics to bring a soul back, to breathe breath into a lifeless body, is not trivial. And neither are the resources needed.
   "Persistent in her course, Lalaith learned that the most difficult ingredient for such a scroll was the mineral diamond needed.
   "Over the next months she formed several expeditions to The Great Rift offering to have a scroll made for those that would aid her. To her fortune their were many friend and ally who were willing to help.
   He smiles fondly as he speaks. "This is where I come in."
   "Maybe it was coincidence, maybe fate. Perhaps an act of Beryl."
    He turns eyes upwards in silent thanks to his Goddess. "Whatever the cause, I was asked on one such expedition, by a mutual friend named Alantha, who was going to aid Lalaith in mining diamonds, and knew they wouldn't be able to do it alone.
   "As a priest of Beryl how could i resist an expedition for such gems?
   "Simple.  I could not."
   "Slowly, we made our way through the rift enduring the trials and the resistance laid before us. Slowly, I became interested in more than just the white gems that laid on our path ahead. Captivated by this elf, this... shadow, who fought so bravely and survived the battle at Stone, I began to see that she herself was much like a beautiful mineral diamond, raw and waiting to be defined.
   "Perhaps that is why I offered my assistance, or perhaps it was something else that pulled on me to do so. Whatever the initial thought, I found myself offering my services to use the resources she had gathered to create these scrolls that could change battles' fates.
   Quillwem breaths in quietly as he continues. "What followed were long afternoons spent laboring over a scribing table, as I struggled to scribe the powerful words and instill the proper magic onto blank mahogany scrolls. Meanwhile, Lalaith would sit, as a shadow cast on the floor, watching, waiting, silently.
   "Eventually we would talk, this shadow and I, our chance meeting blossoming into something of a friendship, then an understanding, and soon more.
   "Despite a troubled past, she took a chance on me, and I on her." Quill smiles quietly, his eyes looking around at those present in the room.
   "But that is another story." His voice takes on a different tone, his words coming at a faster rhythm.
   "Meanwhile, after the first battle at Stone had ended and the Dragon Called had retreated from the chaos, the empty town was reoccupied by enemy forces. Fortified by an unbelievable number of demons, devils, and other unworldly creatures. We realized then that not everybody had escaped when the town fell.
   "It became my turn to stand up for Stone.
   "After months of scouting expeditions by Lalaith and other scouts, no way could be found safely into the city. It seemed almost hopeless.”
   “But,  Beryl, bless her,  sent to me a message.
   "In a dream one night I dreamt of the path.  The way in which we could enter into the city.
   "And so, once more we prepared for battle.
   "First seeking aid from those more military minded than myself, I devised a plan to enter into the city.  A small army of whatever Dragoncalled I could gather.  Armed with healing potions, magical elixirs of all sorts, and of course Lalaith's raise dead scrolls.
   "On a dark night we marched down Crest hills bringing our first battalion head on against the forces that occupied the city outskirts.  With little trouble our army dispatched the guards at the camp and found the path which Beryl had shown me.  
   "When we arrived in Stone we were fortunate to have the high ground.  Taking the enemy by surprise we had a great advantage and were able to push back the forces that occupied the ruined city walls. Of course the enemy fought back with more vigor than we had anticipated forcing our only reserve battalion to join the battle. We were able to take the city and hold it long enough to dig through the collapsed temple walls and free the twenty trapped Berylites. But, then as the earth began to shake and rumble we knew that enemy forces sought to return.  We could have never expected to hold the land with out numbers so small, and we were forced to retreat.  Many would deem our losing Stone a failure, but in a way it was a small victory as those trapped were set free.
   "For a second time the city was taken back by the enemy.  Stone was now only a desolate patch of land and ruin.
   "Hope that the town would be ours dwindled. Our focus had to turn from the town, there were more pressing foe to focus on.
   "As it were, in the decade following, Bloodstone was defeated and the shadows overtook the sky.  Milara's domain on Alindor shifted and the very place where Stone once stood became... unoccupied." Quillwem looks around the room.  "Now is the time. We rebuild."
   "The contract signed with Milara just past its expiration. I had hoped to have the foundation of the city laid long before that..."
   His features display a slight tinge of doubt. but his voice reveals none.
   "But, we are still in need of more resources."
   "We have broke ground, A new temple will be the first structure erected."  He glances briefly at his hands, almost self consciously before continuing with more vigor than before.  "With the help of the Church of Beryl, the Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern, and other donator's and foundations, I have raised over two million true in donation. But still raw materials and resources are needed.  Workers to rebuild, patrons to repopulate... "
   "I feel as if I cannot rest until the town stands again."
   "Don't you see?" He looks almost pleadingly to those listening to the tale, a few of them nodding.  Most of them ready to support them how they can.
   The priestess from before speaks up.  "I do see, now." She continues. "But Emerald, to build a town with your own hands."
   Quillwem looks back to the priestess respectfully waiting for her to finish.
   "What possibly drives you?"
   Quillwem smiles warmly back. "Hope. Faith..."
   He continues. "In my Goddess" He smiles briefly "and in my shadow."
   "Beryl bestows favor granting me the ability to bring beauty into the world. I will restore her temple and town to its former glory."
   "As for my shadow...  You did not expect that the story of Lalaith and myself would end there did you?"
   "She grants me hope for the future.  A better future.  Once Stone is complete we are to have a celebration there.  A wedding."
   A few whispers echo in the temple air as Quillwem once more grows silent, his eyes traveling around the room.
       Quitely. "Stone will stand again."
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General Discussion / Attention: A Tale of Form is Cancalled Tonight.
« on: October 13, 2007, 06:55:22 pm »
To all Tale of Form would be questers:

I'm really very sorry to have to do this, and only hours before the start of the quest, but, I can not run this quest tonight.

I had initially planned to have all material prepared for the quest before today, but this week has hit me hard with Graduate School and other RL drama and I'm quite unprepared.

On top of the stresses, I really don't have the heart to put into this story to make it what I'd planned for it to be.  I've debated a while, and I hate to let you all down, but I also don't want to try to run a quest not even giving half of myself to it.

I'm sorry for the disappointment, I will reschedule the quest sometime when I can devote myself to it as you deserve.


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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / Masquerade Party at The Arms
« on: October 13, 2007, 11:36:42 am »
[SIZE=16][SIZE=24][SIZE=18]*Posted around the Inn and Tavern, and other public places throughout Leringard*[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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Introduce Yourself / The player behind The Veil.
« on: March 15, 2007, 07:44:31 am »

My name is Katrina, yes, like the hurricane... but I promise I am not nearly so destructive. I joined Layonara not quite 2.5 years ago in Dec. 2004. My gaming experience at that point, if you can call it that began with afternoons playing multiplayer simultaneous Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance ... on gamecube...  with Talan. Eventually some eight months later Talan convinced me to play BGII on the PC.  After much complaint on my part about how the keyboard was nothing like the gamecube controller I played, and was hooked. After a while he graduated to NWN while I was still doing side quests on BGII, running around telling him to *Feel the burning stare of my hamster... and change your ways* -hehe, and refusing to give the money to Galen Boyle.

After watching him play NWN enough times, on my PC! -might I add, Lalaith was born on NWN and I forgot all about BGII.  We played Talan and Lalaith at first on another server developing their story and history, but never together as we only had a pc copy of nwn and as you all know, Talan has a mac. -One fateful day however we took a trip to a suburb of Boston to find a mac store.  It was quite an adventure in itself.

Eventually one thing lead to another and we found ourselves submitting Talan and Lalaith to Layonara.  Our characters were approved and the Layonara adventure began.  

In the summer of 2005 I joined the project and writing teams for Layo, helping with icon art, history influenced items, and whatever else I could.  Most recently over the last year I worked as the Writing Lead for Layonaras single player module, Towers of Dregar: Xoras Vial. The project was a labour of love and there were times when I didn't think we would get through it.  But in the end seeing it downloaded nearly 1000 times already on nwvault, it makes it all worth it.

So, I play Lalaith Va'Lash- The Veil (hence the thread title ; )) and The Gypsy of Leilon (Leringard now) Kali.

When I am not playing my elves Im usually at school.  I am in my first year of graduate school in a Masters/certificate program.

I currently have my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with a dual degree of a Bachelors of Art in studio art.  What can I say? I am the perfect combination of left brain  - right brain.  I like art, science, music, sports, and of course rubber ducks (Who doesn t, right?)

I was an active athlete for many years including swimming for a D2 college my freshman year, but that was given up after nearly wrecking my shoulders and deciding to focus on school.

The Red Sox are my favorite baseball team, and I will never forget how they won the world series ON my 21st  birthday (Do the math : P)  Did I mention how our old Boston apartment overlooked Fenway Park? Amazing.  What a weekend that was...

My favorite food is icecream and my worst habit is eating the whole pint and then suffering from the bellyache it causes.  I am currently listening to a lot of Aimee Mann and Elliot Smith.  Both great while working.

Well, that is really about it.. hehe, anything else would just be TMI.  Oh! Though, I should mention.  I AM an elf.  *nods* and if Talan tells you differently, just remember, he lies.


EDIT: As much as I love this community I feel this was a little TMI and made some edits! ~~
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